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Lesson Plan 2

(Design Phase)

Experience: Peppa Pig Puppet Show Date:

Participating child/ren: Foundation 3-5 years old Timeframe: 40 Minutes

Learning Outcome:
Recognise that texts are created by authors who tell stories and share experiences that
may be similar or different to students own experiences (ACELT1575)
Explore the different contribution of words and images to meaning in stories and
informative texts (ACELA1786)
Explore ideas, experiences, observations and imagination to create visual artworks and
design, including considering ideas in artworks by Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander artists (ACAVAM106)
Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners
Outcome 5: Children are effective communicators

Dancing Shapes Dance Video
Peppa Pig: Chlo's Puppet Show. Cartoons for Kids/Children
Art materials for ESL and learners with special needs i.e. Colouring pens, ruler,
papers, pencils and rubbers)

Ask the children to name the different shapes
For mastery purpose play the video of the Dancing Shapes. Let the children
imitate to dance the steps.
Lesson Proper
Ask the students if they know Peppa Pig. Let the children share what they
know about Peppa Pig in the class.
Ask children if they are familiar with a puppet show. Let the children share
in the class what they know about puppets and puppet shows.
Tell them that the video that they are about to watch is Peppa Pigs puppet
show. (Play the Video).
Activity- by Group Lets Do the Planning!
Instruct the children to look for 5 members to form a group.
Distribute the Puppet Show Planning Sheet to each group.
Let each group do the Puppet Show Planning Sheet
Collect the completed worksheet.
Strategic Intervention
ESL and Learners with special needs & Aboriginal Students
Do distribution of materials and do the colouring
Assign to be the drummers, designers and other roles of their capabilities
and interest
Worksheet Puppet Show Planning Sheet