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Hanley Dream Job 9/6/17

The dream job that I would like to peruse would be to work for I Heart Media as part of

their street team staff. For this career, you help with daily activities and promote events and

the radio station. There are many responsibilities that you have to follow while working as a

street team member you have to update the main websites social media, have a voice in

meetings to promote events. Also, you have to promote many events by using photos, videos,

audio, and text. The education that is required for this position is a 4-year college degree in

communications, advertising or marketing. (iheartmedia, n.d.)

I believe that believe that my current education level will help me in this potion as a

street team member. I think this because I am taking various classes that will help me become a

street team member. Some of the classes that will help me are intro to communications which

will help me learn to communicate with others by learning vocabulary and speaking in front of

others. Another class that I am taking is a leadership class which will help me be more confident

and it will teach me how to become a better leader. After researching my dream job, I found

out that the salary is $30K which is a good amount for the work that is completed. After

calculating my annual pay it came out to 62,400,000. I will keep track of my money very

carefully. I will only spend money on things that I need and splurge a little bit and not go crazy.

For parties, I will split money with others and same with living situations. (Dijick, n.d.) (Average

Salary, n.d.)

1- $800 on a birthday bash

2- $300 on a monthly car payment

Julia Hanley Dream Job 9/6/17

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