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ISIDRO, April Mae G.

LABOR LAW REVIEW Wed 05:30-07:30


Post Employment


Article 279, LC
*Separation pay and backwages can be awarded simultaneously.

I. Definition
i. Distinguished from Separation Pay
ii. Distinguished from Unpaid Wages
II. Labor Code, provision art 279, R.A. 6715
III. Relevant laws
i. Omnibus Rules Implementing the Labor Code (1976)
ii. Guidelines governing labor relations (1987)
iii. Amending Certain Provisions of the New Rules (2002)
iv. The 2005 Revised Rules of Procedure of the NLRC (2005)

Basis of Awarding Backwages to an Illegally Dismissed Employee

*Rationale, history, constitution

Computation (incorporate laws jurisprudence)

I. Full Backwages
a. Components of Backwages
i. Mercury Drug Doctrine (1974)
ii. R.A. 6715 (1989)
iii. Bustamante Doctrine (1996)
b. Regular Employee
c. Probationary Employee
d. Employee Even After the Closure of Business
II. Limited Backwages
a. Rule on Backwages for Dismissed Employee
i. General Rule
ii. Exception

Period Covered by the Payment of Backwages/Reckoning of Backwages

I. Related Doctrines from Jurisprudence
i. Wenphil Doctrine
ii. Serrano Doctrine (2000)
iii. Viernes Doctrine (2003)
iv. Agabon Doctrine (2004)
II. Backwages Up to Retirement age only
III. Reinstatement
i. Possible
ii. Not Possible

I. Complainants Failure to Order Backwages
II. Labor Arbiters Failure to Award Backwages
III. On Inflation

Circumstances that Prevent Award of Backwages


1. To lay down jurisprudence covered within pertinent doctrines

2. To be able to see how the Court considered the computation of backwages
3. To verify whether or not such computation is relevant to the status quo