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Its time for a new

AVEVA Experience
Using Cloud technology to keep your skills at the cutting edge

A simple step-by-step process

Staying competitive in the fast-moving, technology-intensive engineering industries means keeping abreast of new software
developments and the capabilities they offer. AVEVA Experience provides an effective and easily accessible way to gain hands-on
experience of the latest AVEVA technology, wherever you are. For employers, it makes it easier to train and upskill your engineers
and designers.


Register at AVEVA Explore the self-training environment and the cloud-hosted Log back in at any time to:
Experience. Log on deployment of AVEVA Everything3D (AVEVA E3D). Work z complete an unfinished exercise
at www.aveva.com/ through easy-to-follow, well-structured exercises at your
z move on to the next exercise
experience to create own pace, with 20 hours of free self-training. You can
your unique user profile. exit and return as often as you wish within this time limit. z periodically refresh your skills
Once your registration is During the training your progress will be saved, enabling z learn the latest new features of
confirmed youre set to go! you to resume from the same point when you log back in. AVEVA E3D in the Cloud.
Need more information?
AVEVA Experience perfectly complements AVEVAs range of standard,
scheduled training courses as well as bespoke training for your staff on
your own premises.

For more information about training options, you can:

z Watch for news of the latest additions to the AVEVA Experience
programme at www.aveva.com/experience
z Download the current product training programme for your region
at www.aveva.com/training

AVEVA Experience:
z Gain new skills for new employment opportunities
z Train new staff for tomorrows business opportunities
z Retain essential cutting-edge skills in your engineering and design teams

There are a number of prerequisites that you need to be aware of

before you register for AVEVA Experience read about these at
AVEVA Solutions Limited
High Cross
Madingley Road

Tel +44 (0)1223 556655

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