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MODEL: LT2500, LT 3000(LT3600), LT3800, LT5000,(LT5500) LT6500, LT7500




Thank you for choosing our Gas Generator. Our company always strives to meet the
needs of their clients and believe that you will be satisfied with our products!

For proper and safe handling of gasoline generator, as well as its maintenance and
service, please use it before you read carefully and be familiar with these instructions. If
you miss this may lead to cause injury, damage to machinery and / or environmental
contamination, in which case our company is not liable for damages incurred.
This guide introduces the information available based on current work. We reserve the
right to make changes at any time. Unable to reproduce the information without the written
permission of the company. This manual is an integral part of the cultivator. We pay special
attention to the following warnings.

Warning: Failure to comply with the instructions for operation and maintenance of
generator set in this manual may damage the generator and cause injury to people
exploiting it.
If you are experiencing difficulties please contact us, our dealers or repairers for further


2.1. General description, parts list.

1. Tank 2. Muffler 3. Output Ground 4. Power input

5. Carburetor 6. Starter 7. Input for fuel 8. Air filter

9. Framework 10. Sparkplug 11. Fuel tank cover

12. Electric switch 13. Oil stick 14. Starting switch

2.2 Purpose: gasoline generators maintain the efficiency of electrical appliances,
equipment and machinery in places where no established grid, as in the case of
interruption or diversion of power from the standard values. Generators convert the
combustion of fuel heat into electricity. Generators of this type are characterized by low
weight and dimensions, greatly reduced noise, high efficiency, minimum fuel consumption,
durability, trouble-free operation and easy maintenance. Generators of standard frame
construction and regulation are intended for severe operating conditions.


These signs warn you of potential hazards that can lead to serious accidents.
Plates and read this guide carefully.
If you drop a plate or hard to read, contact us or our dealer for replacement.

Flammable Moving parts Fuel Poisonous Slow motion


Explosive Danger of Rejected fuel Oil Fast motion

electric shock

Backstroke Wear safety ON-OF STOP


Hot surface Choke Read manual

Petrol generator is designed to ensure safety when operating and servicing if you are
working in accordance with this Instruction. Read and make sure you understand the
operating manual before operating. The generator must be used and operated by persons
over 18 years, trained to work with him and briefed in advance for safety and health at
DANGER: Do not operate gasoline generators indoors. Security Ensure good ventilation
because of the danger of poisoning by exhaust gases.


Caution: For your safety and the safety of others please pay special attention to the
precautions listed below:
Duties of operator:
Keep the generator in good condition. Dealing with the machine when it is in poor
condition can lead to serious damage and injuries;
Before use, make sure that all safety devices are well placed and will provide reliable
Make sure you are aware of the management and the most you are able to stop the
generator during an emergency;
Do not allow children or other persons who are not familiar with the operating instructions
to handle the generator;
Your clothes should be comfortable to work and prevent grip from rotating parts;
Be careful! Using the generator when you're tired, sick or after using alcohol or other
substances affecting attention and mind can lead to serious consequences;
Do not allow people or animals in the area of the generator;
To prevent short circuits or electrical shock not touch the generator if elements moistened
with wet hands. Not allow the generator to operate in areas directly exposed to rain, snow
or water jets. In use, the generator must be grounded by a cable.

WARNING: Accidental arcing can cause fire or electric shock. Accidental

launch could lead to engagement, traumatic amputation or laceration. Before making
adjustments or repairs:
Disconnect the spark plug and keep it away from her.
Use only the appropriate elements.
When checking for spark Use approved spark plug tester. Check for spark with spark
plug removed.
Obligations concerning the protection of children:
Protect and keep children at all times while working with the generator. Young children
are very curious and agile, can quickly turn into a danger zone of operation of the machine
and irreparable to happen;
Never assume that children will remain where you last saw them. Be cautious and turn
off the engine when they come near the danger zone;
Do not allow children to handle the generator, even under parental supervision.
Dangers of fire and burns.
Gasoline is extremely flammable and the vapors can cause explosion. Handle with
extreme caution with gasoline and keep it out of reach of children;
To prevent fire or explosion, the generator is loaded with fuel when stopped and cooled.
Charge engine outdoors, and as appropriate in well ventilated areas. Keep away from fire
engine and / or heat sources. Do not smoke when refueling. If you spill fuel on the motor -
please dry before putting into action;
Before you reload, allow engine to cool. Vapor or spilled fuel may ignite;
Never touch the motor or muffler during operation or shortly after shutdown. Contact with
hot engine can cause burns or damage to certain materials;
Allow engine to cool before performing any maintenance on the generator or storing it in
a room.

Danger of poisoning by exhaust gases:
Exhaust gases contain carbon monoxide which is colorless and odorless and is highly
toxic. Inhalation leads to rapid loss of consciousness and death. Do not operate
generators in enclosed spaces without proper ventilation!


1. Level of engine oil

Note: the generator in the lower oil level can cause serious damage.
Before starting the generator check the oil level and for this purpose:
Install a horizontal generator;
Remove the stopper of the oil filter and clean the area around the hole for pouring oil.
Remove the oil dipstick and wipe with a clean cloth;
Replace the dipstick, then remove it

Make sure the oil level reaches the MAX mark on the dipstick.
If the oil level is low, add oil until the level MAX.
Place the oil dipstick, tighten it and serve the stopper of the oil filter.

Use high quality engine oils, suitable for four-stroke engines, category SG, SF, such as
Shell, Castrol and others.

Warning: The use of poor quality oils shortens engine life. Oils of Shell and Castrol is
recommended for use in any temperature.

2. Fuel level. This generator is certified to work with gasoline. Do not use unapproved
petrol do not mix gasoline with oil, do not modify to work with alternative fuels. This will
damage the components of the generator and VOID warranty. To check the fuel level:

Remove the filler cap. Check fuel level

If needed topping up fuel fill to the mark level.

Gasoline is flammable and explosive;
Adding only when the engine is stopped;
Do not dilute with fuel when the engine is running and if there is spilled fuel must be
cleaned well with dirty fuel surfaces;
Be careful not to pour fuel vapor can be ignited;
Avoid prolonged skin contact or inhalation of vapors.
Put the cap of the tank.

3. Check air filter

1. Remove the ring and remove the air filter lid or unscrew the nuts and remove the lid.
2. Remove the nut and the clamp and release the filter element

3. Take the filter element

4. Clean
5. Shake the filter element gently several times

PART 6 Motor Generator

1. Starting the generator:

1. Disconnect all loads from the generator and close the switch.
2. Turn the tap on fuel.
3. Open the choke

4. Include Start Key

5. Pull the handle until the start of mechanical feel resistance, then release gently.
6. Once started the generator close throttle.

2. When working with generator:

Do not run two or more apparatus simultaneously, and one by one; If the generator will
power more than one consumer, turn them one by one, starting from the most powerful;
After starting the engine, you need to leave a minimum 3 min work excluding consumer
Ensure that any electrical appliance is working properly before you connect it to the
generator. If the generator starts to not work in normal mode / run slowly or stop / turn right
startup key generator. Then disconnect the generator and try to understand the cause of
abnormal operation. If the circuit is overloaded and the fuse is excluded, adjusted
consumption of the circuit and wait a few minutes before you start working again. If an
indication of the voltmeter shows a larger value, stop the machine. The generator works
correctly with an indication of the voltmeter on the dashboard 230 V + / - 10% / 50 Hz /.
Do not use both devices for direct and alternating current. DC power can be used only to
charge 12 volt batteries. Do not change the places of power cables on the battery when
charging it with the generator - it can cause serious damage to the generator or battery.
When connecting the generator to an appliance in your home, consult an electrician.
Improper connection of equipment to the generator can result in damage to the generator
or appliance and / or fire.
NOTE: If the generator must be connected to the network of power supply turn off the
main electrical switch. Otherwise, the sudden release of the current network can cause
damage to the generator, electrical or cause a fire.

3. Stop the generator.

- switch off electric - off key - turn off

key generator tank

NOTE: If you need a sudden stop of the generator, turn the key generator!


The purpose of maintenance is to provide the best working condition of the generator.
Inspections and servicing at are given in the table below.
Warning: Turn off the engine before performing maintenance. If the engine has to work, it
is necessary to make sure that safe evacuation of the gases. The exhaust gases contain
poisonous gas - carbon monoxide and are dangerous to your health.

CAUTION: Use only original parts or their equivalents. Use of substandard and non parts
can cause damage to the generator.

Table for maintenance

Service in that month or Daily First Every Every Every
period month or three six year or
20 h. months months 300 h.
Part / item / or or
consumable 50 h. 100 h.

Engine oil
level check


Air filter

check air filter cleaning
Court of oil - cleaning
Oil Filter - Cleaning

spark plugs

Check valve adjustment

Cleaning the cover of the

tank cleaning
line for the fuel level inspection
(replacement if necessary)
Every two years

(1) more frequent service, when used in contaminated areas;
(2) these types of services performed in authorized repairers who have specialized
equipment. See the list of representatives or the celebration of the warranty.

Engine Maintenance
Check oil level before each use or every 8 hours.
Change oil after first 5-8 hours work. Change the oil while the engine is warm. Fill
recommended oil grade.
Check spark plug yearly or every 100 hours.
Clean air filter.
Keep the engine and machine cleaner.
Check engine and machine for loose nuts and bolts and tighten them if necessary.
Oil change
Change oil when the engine is warm, to ensure rapid and complete draining of the oil:

- turn and remove - remove the drain plug - put

drainage and empty the oil from the engine
stick of oil

- Pour oil to the mark spot - put the stick of butter

Note: Please avoid the use of motor oil in a manner not compatible with the environment.
Collect the spent motor oil in a container and transmit your service for recycling. Do not
throw in the dirt and do not pour motor oil in the ground.
Service air filter.
Dirty air filter restricts airflow to the carburetor. To prevent the carburetor from malfunction
periodically clean the air filter. When working in a dirty environment cleaning is done more
often - 10 working hours.

CAUTION: Never operate the engine without air filter. The result is rapid engine wear.
Warning: Never use gasoline to wash or other flammable liquids. As a result you can get
ignition or explosion.
Service fuel filter.
Warning: Gasoline is highly flammable and explosive. Do not smoke or allow sparks and
burn in the work area.
Insert the tap off in gasoline (OFF) and unscrew the cap with the filter, remove and seal.
Wash them in solvent, dry them and place them carefully in reverse order. Put the new
rubber seal on the cap for the filter.

Check the plug after setting the fuel valve in on position

Service spark plug.
Recommended spark plug: BPR5ES (NGK)
To make sure that sparkplug no scaling is needed to remove it.
Caution: If the engine has worked recently and is heated, the pipe and the candle will be
very hot, therefore use gloves.
Remove the pipe of the candle;
Unscrew and remove the spark plug;
Clean it;

Visually make sure that insulation is not healthy or micro cracks.

Measure the distance between the electrodes, which must be in the range of 0.7-0.8 mm.
If necessary, adjust;

Put the puck on the candle and then turn the hand to the cylinder head, and keep the

Tighten the tool with a half turn to compact the puck. If you use an old candle made from
one quarter to one-half turnovers.

Note: The candle should be well tight. Incorrect tight plug can lead to overheating, and
hence damage to the engine. Never use a candle with another day of heat indicated by the


Caution: When transporting the generator, place the fuel tap off (OFF) and keep it from
spilling fuel. Vapor or spilled fuel may cause fire.

When not using the generator for a long time, do the following:
a) Ensure that the storeroom is not too humid and dusty;
b) Drain the fuel;

Warning: Gasoline is very flammable and explosive. Do not smoke, burn and do not induce
sparks in the area of fuel storage.
When you tap the fuel in the closed position, unscrew and empty the petrol from the fuel
filter cup;
Replace the fuel tap in the open position (ON) and drain fuel from the tank into a suitable
Turn the cup and place the filter for fuel;
Empty and other fuel from the carburetor through the plug.
Unscrew the cap of the oil filter and drain plug and empty the remaining oil in the engine.
Put drain plug back. Fill with oil to max level on the dipstick for oil.
Pull the lever to mechanically start until resistance was felt.

Part 9 potential problems and correct them

Reason Decision

Engine not starting insufficient fuel Fill fuel

Not switch ON switch

insufficient oil Fill oil to mark

Speed and power of pulling Observe for proper startup

the starter is insufficient of the generator

Sludge has accumulated on Check and clean

the sparkplugs

Not producing electricity Main switch is not ON main switch

Relationship with the Fit socket
contact is not good

Unable to reach the normal Adjust as necessary

speed of the generator


GENERATORS MODEL: LT2500, LT 3000, LT3600, LT3800, LT5000, LT5500.LT6500,

LT7500 have the following specifications:

LT3000 LT5000
Model LT2500 LT3800 LT6500 LT7500
(LT3600) (LT5500)
air-cooled air-cooled air-cooled air-cooled air-cooled air-cooled
4-stroke, 4-stroke, 4-stroke, 4-stroke, 4-stroke, 4-stroke,
Engine OHV, single OHV, single OHV, single OHV, single OHV, single OHV, single
cylinder cylinder cylinder cylinder cylinder cylinder

Model LT160 LT200 LT240 LT340 LT390 LT420

coil or coil or coil or coil or coil or coil or
Starting electrical electrical electrical electrical electrical electrical

Tank L 15 15 25 25 25 25
g system 0.6 0.6 1.1 1.4 1.4 1.4
110, 120, 110, 120, 110, 120, 110, 120, 110, 120, 110, 120, 220,
AC out
220, 240, 220, 240, 220, 240, 220, 240, 220, 240, 240, 110/220,
110/220, 110/220, 110/220, 110/220, 110/220, 120/240
120/240 120/240 120/240 120/240 120/240
AC Freq.,
50 60 50 60 50 60
Rated AC
power, 2.0 / 2.3 2.5 / 2.7 2.8 / 3.3 4.0 / 4.5 5.0 / 5.5 6.5 / 7.0
Max AC
power, 2.2 / 2.5 2.8 / 3.0 3.1 / 3.8 4.5 / 5.0 5.5 / 6.5 7.0 / 7.5
Dimensio 685x485x55 685x485x55 685x485x55
590x433x508 590x433x508 685x485x550
ns, mm 0 0 0
43.5 44.5 62 77.5 80 79.5