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Year 2: Term 2 Week 6 12 th February 2017

TOPIC: Roots and Routes

We will be covering the following work in Numeracy, Literacy, Science and Social Studies.

Numeracy We are still learning about doubling and

halving. This week some groups will try News:
do double and halve numbers mentally.
Others will still draw groups. We will link Please note that Mr. Liams email address is in
halving to fractions and make sure function now. If you need any information about
children know that halving means cutting English, Maths or any other subject, please use this
things in halves. address liam.kelly@diyafahinternationalschool.com

Please send some fruits (apples,

bananas, oranges etc.) on Thursday. Reminders:
We will make fruit salads with halves
of fruits. Please dont send too much. Please write the names of your children on their
jackets, jumpers, water bottles and pencil cases. We
Task: Give your child an apple and ask have too many items in lost and found and too many
them to halve it for you. Pretend you are children who dont wear their Diyafah jackets and
upset if your part of the apple is smaller jumpers. Please make sure they always come in their
than theirs and let them realise on their full Diyafah uniforms (including black shoes) and
own why you are upset. You can also tell PE uniforms on PE days.
your child you will cut the apple in half
for them and make a mistake on purpose. Please be reminded that reading books need to be
Let them tell you what you did wrong. handed in on Sundays. If your child doesnt bring it
on Sunday, they might not get a new one for that
Maths homework will be sent out on week.
Sunday. Children are expected to bring it
back on Thursday. Encourage them to Make sure your children bring healthy food to
complete it over the week, not on one school. We still have too many children who bring
day. sweets, jellies, chocolate, Nutella etc. These are not
allowed except on Thursdays when we have our
Golden time. Thanks for your understanding.

These are some useful websites you can Our CCAs are still held on Tuesdays from 2:50-
use to support your child at home: 3:50. Bus children have to be picked up by their
http://resources.woodlands- parents after the clubs.
Please note that our e-mails have changed. Use our
new e-mail addresses since the old ones wont be in
http://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths- function anymore.
2A Mr. Liam
Literacy There will be no RWInc lessons this liam.kelly@diyafahinternati onalschool.com
week due to reading assessments. 2B Ms. Liani
Children will have Literacy lessons with liani.theron@diyafahinternationalschool.com
their form teachers. We will do some 2C Ms. Lois
lois.conley@diyafahinternati onalschool.com
general Literacy activities such as reading
2D Ms. Ana
and comprehension, handwriting, ana.korac@diyafahinternationalschool.com
punctuation etc. There will be no spelling 2E Ms. Delia
words and spelling test this week. RWInc delia.aguiar@diyafahinternati onalschool.com
lessons will resume as normal next week. 2F Mr. Padraig
padraig.devine@diyafahinternati onalschool.com
Please note that children do not need to
prepare for this reading assessment. It is Please ensure that you have downloaded the
an ongoing process and we want to make communicator onto your computer, tablet or
phone to receive ALL up to date information
sure all our children are making progress
from school. Any personal queries please feel
in English. free to contact the class teacher via email.
These are some useful reading and
comprehension websites you can use at
home to support your child:




This week children will about the

Science importance of flowers. We will also talk
in depth about how water travels through
plants. We will do a celery experiment
where each child will have a celery stick
and a cup of water. We will put some
food colouring in the water and observe
how celery sticks suck up the water.
Please send one celery stick with your
child tomorrow. We will provide food
colouring and plastic cups.
Task: Ask your child to explain the
celery experiment in detail to you.

Social Studies We are still learning about the four

seasons. We will brainstorm the
vocabulary related to the seasons and talk
about childrens favourite season. They
will be expected to explain why a certain
season is their favourite. At the end of the
week we will make huge posters about

Task: Ask your child what their favourite

season is and why. Google some
destinations where you could take them to
enjoy their favourite weather.