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Based upon various views of knowledge acquisition, trainers who can apply self directed learning is
determining the following: (a) know what they need to learn to be able to teach the subject, (b) know
what they already know about the subject, and (c) know what they need to do to acquire the knowledge
necessary. (Hiemstra Roger , 2006 International Journal of Self-Directed Learning )

contain bibliographies or reference lists and sources cited

written for a specialized, academic audience
uses terminology or jargon of the discipline
often lengthy articles
little or no advertising
only necessary graphics
list of review board members (for the journal, not for each article)
author and review board credentials and affiliations are given (A.C Buehler, 2016)

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8. advantages:

a. giving higher education to a wider audience and at the same time the diversity of the student

b. Students become more active, reflective learners

c. Students and teachers engage in learning through the use of technology and become more familiar with
technology by using it.
dis advantages:
a. traditional patterns of teaching with books sre difficult to maintance at wider area at the same
b. parents concerns on cyber-culture anxiety (MIA MUE : Teaching and Learning Online)


a. 12. Books
b. Digital
c. DVD
d. Online (Internet) (Prince Edward Island: 2008)