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Chapter 3



This chapter focuses on the methods used in conducting this study. It's goal is to know

new methods of upgrading the lighting facilities of the Palawan State University

buildings. Use low maintenance and low electricity consumption but works effectively.

This study includes gathering data which consist of analysis so that the proposed project

works accurately and effectively for safety measures.

Figure 3.1 Conceptual Framework



3.2. Pre-Site Work

First, we sent a letter of request to Palawan State University Admin Project

Management Office for the copy of floor plans. Second, we sent a letter of request to

Palawan State University Finance Department for the copy of electrical bills from

January 2016 up to present. The researchers already have the copy of Price List from

Sky Tunnel ( SG Eco. Industries Inc. ). Upon the collection of the electric utility bill, the

researchers will review and record the data on the spreadsheet. This will help the

researchers understand how the energy is used in Palawan State University .

3.3. Site Visit

During the site visit, our letter was approved by the admin Finance Department

and Project Management Office and finally we receive the copy of building floor plans

and monthly electric bills. After we receive the copy we still decided to conduct a

survey in all the buildings inside the Palawan State University campus. We observed that

some of the buildings are in low light condition even if it is daytime.

3.4. Post-Site Work

After we collect all the data, we will going to record it and transferred to a

spreadsheet. We will going to determine the estimated energy consumption . It includes

energy consumption of a room and calculate the energy consumption of lighting system.

The equation will be used is shown in equation

W = Pt x n eqn.
where: W= energy consumption in kilowatt-hour per year
P = power rating of lights in watts
t = annual operating hours (hours/day x 365 days)
n = number of lights

Cost of Electricity = Energy Consumption x (P 9.00)

3.5 Cost Analysis

Common Price of Sun Tunnels based on SG Eco Industries Inc.

Flexible Type: Rigid Type:

Diameter: 343 mm
Diameter: 343 mm
Flashing Title or Slate
Flashing Tile or Slate
Dome Acrylic
Dome Acrylic
Type: Rigid-tube
Type: Flexi-tube
Kit Price based on Length:
Kit Price based on Length:
1.5m PHP 13, 635. 00
1.5m PHP 7, 875. 00
2.0m PHP 15, 605. 00
2.0m PHP 8, 025. 00
3.0m PHP 19, 695. 00
3.0m PHP 8, 325. 00