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BD/EOD Related Books

3-2-1 Bomb Gone, Fighting Terrorist Bombers in Northern Ireland, Steve Smith, Sutton Publishing,
England, hard cover, 256 pages, 2006.

Achtung Minen Danger Mines, Antoon Meijers, Uitgeverij Aspekt, 2013, soft cover, in Dutch, 239

Aftermath, the Remnants of War, Donovan Webster, hard cover, 279 pages, 1996. Clean-up operations
in France.

All Mine, Memoirs of a Naval Bomb and Mine Disposal Officer, Lt. Noel Cashford, Alister Lofthouse
Design & Print, July 2002, soft cover, 136 pages.

All Theirs, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Men Who Risked Their Lives to Render Safe Bombs and Explosive
Devices, Lt. Noel Cashford, Alistair Lofthouse Publishing, England, soft cover, 150 pages, 2004.

Americas First Frogman, The Draper Kauffman Story, Elizabeth Kauffman Bush, Naval Institute Press,
Annapolis, MD, hard cover, 221 pages, 2004.

Amrj H Krig, Sweden, booklet on munitions and bomb disposal operations, 1993.

An Engineer in the War, Major A. S. Turner, soft cover, Onyx Publishing, 104 pages, 1998.

Bomb and Mine Disposal, WWII Transition, John W. Reese, Dog Gear Publishing, soft cover, 212 pages,

Bomb and Mine Disposal Officers, Anthony Loveless, Crabtree Publishing, NY, soft cover, 32 pages, 2010.

Bomb Development, Dud Disposal and Disarming of Delay Fuzes in WW2, Walter Merz, Picatinny
Arsenal, NJ, soft cover, 36 pages, June 1962.

Bomb Disposal and the British Casualties of WW2, Chris Ransted, soft cover, 133 pages (no publisher or

Bomb Disposal Germany, Compiled by Fred H. Prebble, UK, soft cover, 21 pages (no publisher or date)

Bomb Hunters, in Afghanistan with Britains Elite Bomb Disposal Unit, Sean Raymond, Harper Collins
Publishing, London, hard cover, 282 Pages, 2011.

Bombs and Bombings, Thomas G. Brodie, Charles C. Thomas Publishing, hard cover, 1973.
148 pages, 1986.

Bombs and Booby Traps, Capt. H.J. Hunt, hard cover, Romsey Medal Centre

Bomb Squad, A Year Inside the Nations Most Exclusive Police Unit, Richard Esposito and Ted Gerstein,
Hyperio Press, hard cover, 335 pages, 2007.
Bomb Squads, S. F. Tomajczyk, MBI Publishing, WI, soft cover, 198 pages, 1999.

Bomb Squad, Defining & Defusing Terrorist Explosives, Paladin Press, soft cover, 35 pages,1990.

Bomb Squad Specialist, Jil Fine, Childrens Press, soft cover, 48 pages, 2003. Childrens book.

Bombs Gone, Wing Commander John A. MacBean & Maj Arthur S. Hogben, Patrick Stevens Limited,
England, hard cover, 318 pages, 1990.

Braver Men Walk Away, Memoirs of the Worlds Top Bomb Disposal Expert, Peter Gurney, Harper
Collins Publishing, hard cover, 229 pages, 1993.

Captains of Bomb Disposal, 1942-1946, T. Dennis Reece, Xlibris Corporation, soft cover, 197 pages, 2005.

The Civilian Bomb Disposing Earl, Jack Howard and Bomb disposal in WW2, Kerin Freeman, Pen & Sword
Military, hard cover, 240 pages, 2015.

The Coffin, Jason Miller, War Writers Campaign, Inc., soft cover, 86 pages, 2014.

A Cold Blooded Business, S/Ldr A. E. Haarer, Staples Press Limited, London, hard cover, 208 pages, 1958.
WWII RAF History.

A Cold War Story, Jim Conkey, Libris Corp, USA, soft cover, 518 pages, 2008.

A Concise History of the NYPD Bomb Squad, Dynamite, J. E. Fishman, Verbitrage Publishing, soft cover,
257 pages, 2013.

Cook, Baker, Candlestick Maker, Frank Skinner, Strategic Book Publishing, NY, soft cover, 351 pages,

Courage Beyond Duty, Stories of Courage by Allied Bomb Disposal Operatives, Lt. Noel Cashford, USA,
soft cover, 218 pages.

A Danger to Himself and Others, J. E. Fishman, Verbitrage Publishing, L.L.C., soft cover, 330 pages, 2014.

The Danger of UXBs, Collected Stories of Bomb Disposal Heroism in World War II, Lt. Col E.E. Wakeling,
BD Publishing, UK, hard cover, 251 pages, 1996.

Danger UXB, M. J. Jappy, McMillan Publishers, England, hard cover, 192 pages, 2001.

Danger UXB, The Heroic Story of the WWII Bomb Disposal Teams, James Owen, Little Brown Publishing,
England, soft cover, 364 pages, 2010.

Defusing Armageddon, Inside NEST, Jeffrey T. Richardson, W. W. Norton & Co., New York, hard cover,
318 pages.

Demo Men, Harrowing True Stories from the Militarys Elite Bomb Squads, Gary R. Smith, Simon &
Shuster, soft cover, 252 pages, 1997.
Demolition Angel, Robert Crais, Doubleday publishing, hard cover, 386 pages, Fiction, 2000.

Designed to Kill, Bomb Disposal from WWI to the Falklands, Patrick Stevens Publishing, England, hard
cover, 272 pages, Maj Arthur Hogben, 1987.

Disarming Hitlers Weapons, Bomb Disposal, the V1 & V2 Rockets, Chris Ransted, Pen and Sword
Publishing Co., England, hard cover, 260 pages, 2013.

Dont Call Me a Hero, R. Ernest Olson, Trafford Publishing, Canada, soft cover, 453 pages, 2002.
Fictional use of real facts and names.

Duty Status Whereabouts Unknown, Jonathon Cody, Mill City Press, Minneapolis, MN, soft cover, 325
pages, 2009.

Eight Lives Down, Chris Hunter, Delacorte Press, hard cover, 351 pages, May 2008.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Websters Image and Photographic History 1997 to 2006, Websters on-
line dictionary, ICON Group International Publishing, CA, soft cover, 124 pages, 2010.

Explosives and Bomb Disposal Guide, Robert R. Lenz, Charles C. Thomas, US, hard cover, 303 pages,

Explosives and Homemade Bombs, MAJ Joseph Stoffel, Charles C. Thomas Publishing, hard cover, 304
pages, 1972.

Extreme Risk, A Life Fighting the Bombmakers, Maj Chris Hunter, Bantam Press,
hard cover, 354 pages, 2010.

Fetch Felix, The Fight Against the Ulster Bombers 1976-77, Lt Col Derrick Patrick, Hamish Hamilton, UK,
hard cover, 183 pages, 1981.

Get Some In, The Life and Times of a Former Airman in an RAF Bomb Disposal Unit, Mervin F. Base,
Woodfield Publishing, England, soft cover, 127 pages, 1999.

Highly Explosive, The exploits of Bill Hartley, RE, John Frayn Turner, White Lion Publishers, hard cover,
208 pages, 1974.

History of U.S. Navy Bomb Disposal, soft cover, 126 pages, 1992. (no other data)

History of U.S. Navy Mine Disposal, soft cover, 194 pages, 1995. (no other data)

Janes Explosive Ordnance Disposal 2007-2008, hard cover, 694 pages, gift from the author Colin King.

Living With Danger, The Memoirs of a Bomb Disposal Officer, Capt. H. W. Beckingham, soft cover, 88
pages, 1977. British WWII.
The Lonely War, A story of Bomb Disposal in WWII by One Who was There, Lt Col. Eric Wakeling, BD
Publishing, England, soft cover, 242 pages, 1994.

The Long Walk, Brian Castner, Doubleday, hard cover, 222 pages, 2012.

The Longest Walk, The World of Bomb Disposal, Peter Birchall, Arms & Armor, London, hard cover, 223
pages, 1997. British EOD in Northern Ireland.

Malice Aforthought, A History of Booby Traps from WWI to Vietnam, Greenhill Books, London, hard
cover, 270 pages, Ian Jones, 2004.

Memories of a Bomb Disposal Man, Win Firman, Lightening Source, LaFergne, TN, 93 pages, softcover,

Nine From Aberdeen, Col Thomas J. Kane and the Genesis of US Army Bomb Disposal 1941-1945, Jeffrey
M. Leatherwood, Thesis, Western Carolina University, hard cover, 214 pages, 2004.

Nine From Aberdeen, Jeffrey M. Leatherwood, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, hard cover, 375 pages,

A Photographic Story of War Time Bomb Disposal, Lt. Col Eric. E. Wakeling, BD Publishing, England, soft
cover, 80 pages, 1995.

Practical Bomb Scene Investigation, James T. Thurman, Taylor & Francis, NY, hard cover, 465 pages,

Practical Bomb Scene Investigation, James T. Thurman, CRC Press, NY, hard cover, 494 pages, 2011.

Proximity, A Novel of The Navys Elite Bomb Squad, Stephen Phillips, Xlibris
Corporation, soft cover, 271 pages, 2007.

RAF, The Untold Story UXB, Jim Jenkinson, Woodfield Pub., England, 1999.

Recollections of a Mustang, Robert W. (Ike) Eigell, self-published, 213 pages, 1994.

Red One, A Bomb Disposal Expert on the Front Line. Captain Kevin Ivison, Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Publishing, hard cover, 242 pages, 2010.

A Short History of Royal Engineer Bomb Disposal, LT. Col. E. E. Wakeling, BD Publishing, England, soft
cover, 20 pages, 1997.

Situations Explosive, RAF Bomb Disposal Work 1939-1946, Bernard C. Westbrook, Insigne Press,
England, soft cover, 112 pages, 2003.

Some Get In, The Life and Times of a Former Airman, Mervyn F. Base, soft cover, 127 pages, 1999.

A Special Kind of Courage, 321 Squadron-Battling the Bombers, Chris Ryder, Methuen Publishing Co.,
soft cover, 334 pages, 2006.
Stopping the Clock, P. G. McDonald, Clarke, Doble & Brendon, Ltd., hard cover, 159
pages,1977. General EOD history, emphasis on Cyprus and Northern Ireland.

Sut My (Never Happen), Gary Pool, self-published, 2009, soft cover, 372 pages, stories of EOD in

Service Most Silent, The Navys Fight Against Enemy Mines, John Frayn Turner, George G. Harrap & Co,
England, hard cover, 200 pages, 1955, RN in WWII.

Tread Lightly Into Danger, International Experiences of a Bomb Disposal Expert, Anthony Charlwood,
Woodfield Publishing, England, soft cover, 184 pages, 2001.

UDT Explosive Techniques, Paladin Press, soft cover, 25 pages, 1988.

Unexploded Bomb, The Story of Bomb Disposal in World War II, MAJ A. B. Hartley, WW Norton & Co.,
NY, hard cover, 272 pages, 1958. UK Royal Engineers BD history.

U.S. Navy Bomb and Mine Disposal, Japan, Report of Activities 1 Jan 46 1 Jun 46, War Department,
hard cover, 274 pages.

UXB Malta, Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal 1940-44, S. A. M. Hudson, History Press, England, hard cover,
256 pages, 2010.

UXB, Unsung Exploits of R.A.F. Bomb Disposal Veterans, compiled by Jim Jenkinson, Woodfield
Publishing, West Sussex, England, soft cover, 198 pages, 1999.

UXB, Vol II, Further Exploits of RAF Bomb Disposal Experts, Jim Jenkinson, Woodfield Publishing, West
Sussex, England, hard cover, 327 pages, 2001.

XC MY (Never Happen), Gary Pool, self-published, soft cover, 371 pages, 2009.

You Only Blow Yourself Up Once, Confessions of a World War Two Bomb Disposaleer, J. Frank Durham,