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Supply Chain Management V3

Assignment A

1. Define supply chain management and its role in increasing a retailers

2. Discuss the fundamental requirements for an efficient supply chain.
3. Discuss the layout that would be suitable for a supermarket and a department
4. Distinguish between these two terms; logistics and inventory management. Give an
example of each.
5. Supply chain management is a progression in the value chain from sourcing to
satisfy customer needs. Discuss.
6. Explain the following concepts:

a. Value Engineering/ Analysis

b. Benchmarking Global Supply Chains
c. IT enabled Supply Chain Management
d. Vendor Management & Development

7. Explain the key documentation involved in an efficient warehouse management

8. Discuss the advantages of retail automation in supply chain management.

Assignment B


Cross-docking in the Retail Supply Chain

Wal-Mart is said to use the concept of cross-docking efficiently and company

delivers about 85% of its merchandise using the cross-docking system. The system
runs in such a way that shipments typically spend less than 24 hours in the
distribution centres, sometimes even less than 24 hours in the distribution
centres, sometimes even less than an hour. Goods are continuously replenished to
Wal-Mart stores within 48 hours by using the cross-docking system without having to
store merchandise anywhere. The company-owned transportation systems also help Wal-
Mart in the speedy replenishment process which facilitates just-in-time
replenishments where goods from the warehouse are moved to the store in less than
48 hours every time. The cross-docking locations are also planned in such a way
that distances are managed with ease to achieve such time- bound goal for
replenishments. Cross-docking allows Wal-Mart to replenish their shelves 4 times
faster than its competition.
Wal-Mart has invested a great deal in this unique cross-docking inventory system
which has enabled the company to achieve economies of scale and reduce costs
considerably. The company also has invested in state-of-art technology that can
track stocks and movement of merchandise. This keeps the organization up-to-date
with information pertaining to sales and inventory. Wal-Mart had implemented a
satellite network system which enables sharing of information among the companys
wide network of stores, distribution centres and suppliers. Cross-docking
techniques adopted in Wal-Mart have been delivering optimal efficiencies and
results for the organisation. The implementation of cross-docking at Wal-Mart has
become a model globally for other organizations to follow.

1. Explain the cross-docking system and its applications in supply chain


2. What are the benefits of cross-docking?

3. How does cross-docking help Wal-Mart in achieving efficient replenishments?

Assignment C

1. A(n) __________ is a sequence of firms that perform activities required to

create and deliver a good or service to consumers or industrial users.


effective response system

demand channel
materials handling requirements
supply chain

2. Supply chain manufacturers balance total logistics cost factors against customer
service factors. Which of the following is an example of one of the customer
service factors?


order processing

3. The four key logistical functions in a supply chain include transportation,

warehousing and materials handling, order processing, and:

communication between buyer and seller
inventory management
Order cycle time.
on-time delivery of product
4. What is the first step in choosing a supply chain?


developing an umbrella mission statement

understanding the customer
creating a unifying inter-organizational strategy
determining what the competition is doing

5. Supply chain management is becoming a necessity, especially for large companies,

for all of the following except:


The need to improve operations

Increasing levels of outsourcing
Government contract requirements
Competitive pressures

6. Which of the following is not a supply chain strategy?


Negotiation with several suppliers

Short-term relationships with a few suppliers
Vertical integration
Virtual companies

7. According to Marshall Fisher, which of the following types of products need to

be delivered with efficient supply-chains?


Custom products
Innovative products
Cheap products
High technology products

8. According to Hau Lee, which of the following types of products need to be

delivered with efficient supply-chains?

Custom products
High technology products
Responsive products
Grocery products

9. Supply-chain response relates to the following


How quickly a customer order can be filled

How quickly a company can react to a new competing product
a & b
How inexpensive the product is?

10. The inventory turnover is mathematically the inverse of the


Gross margin
Cost of goods sold

11. In the fixed-order quantity model, stock-outs may occur during:


The lead time

The order time
The holding time
The setup time
12. Supply chain manufacturers balance total logistics cost factors against
customer service factors. Which of the following is an example of one of the total
logistics cost factors?


convenience costs
stockout costs
communication costs

13. Lead time is:


also called replenishment time

typically more important to resellers than to consumers
defined as the time that passes from ordering an item until it is received and
ready for use or sale
also called order cycle time

14. Which of the following results is not a benefit of JIT?


Lower Inventories
Work Cells
Lower total setup costs

15. Modes of transportation are typically evaluated on the basis of all of the
following criteria EXCEPT:


16. Which of the following statements about railroads is not true?


Railroads carry bulky items over fairly long distances.

Railroads apply the unit train concept to intermodal transportation
Railroad routes are more extensive than water carriers or pipelines.
Railroads are a relatively high cost mode of transportation

17. Which of the following statements about air carriers is true?


One advantage of air carriers is there is door-to-door delivery

There are space constraint limitations as to what can be transported in planes.

This method of transportation is especially effective for goods that are time-
Air carriers are commonly used for perishable flowers, clothing, and electronics
18. With which customer service factor are quick response and efficient consumer
response delivery systems most closely related?


inventory costs

19. The objective of logistics management in a supply chain is to deliver maximum

customer service and to:


minimize employee productivity

minimize relevant logistics costs
minimize shareholder's return on investment
maximize employee wages

20. The major purpose of a trailer on flatcar (TOFC) is to:


attract freight that would normally move by boat.

implement a JIT transportation strategy both domestically and internationally

combine the economy of rail carriers with the flexibility of motor carriers
eliminate the need for containers.

21. A warehouse that emphasizes timely movement of goods:


is a storage warehouse.
is a freight forwarder.
is an inventory expediting center.
is a distribution center.

22. The idea of the Value Density calculation is:


Determining how a product should be shipped considering its weight and val
Finding a carrier that can handle the weight
Matching the weight of the product with an appropriate carrier
Finding the minimum cost carrier

23. Dramatic cost savings are possible when efficient transportation systems and
information technology can be substituted for __________ costs


personal selling

24. Which one of the following can have a negative impact on inventory velocity?


delayed differentiation
the bullwhip effect
bar codes

25. The bullwhip effect is most closely associated with:


Late deliveries from suppliers

Demanding customers
Demanding suppliers
Inventory buildup

26. Reasons to outsource include:


To increase costs
To focus on new and different areas or activities
To reduce investments in assets
To increase investments in asset

27. Which of the following is the best candidate for outsourcing by a telephone
company which currently performs the function in house?

The company's cafeteria

The company's telephone operators..
The company's telephone installation department
The company's bookkeeping and accounting functions

28. What factors the companies do not need to consider when sourcing product?


Material cost
Companys overhead costs
Transportation cost
Outsourcing cost

29. Functional products are:


Staples people buy in a range of retail locations

Products that change over time
Do not include products in gas stations and grocery stores
Products with short life cycles

30. Supply chain management:


Means procurement only

Means delivery to end customer only
Means transportation of good only
Means linking the supplier to the customers

31. Which of the following is not one of the ways that Wal-Mart created a
competitive operations advantage?


Through the systems that they developed to manage their warehouses and their stores
Location advantage - competing head-to-head in large urban areas
Focusing on implementing total quality management system
A culture of supporting values, skills, technologies and approaches to motivation

32. Which one is not included into the scope of Quality assurance :

Failure analysis
Trouble shooting
Product design improvements
Corporate Planning

33. Quality is defined as:


The degree of excellence at an acceptable price and the control of variability at

an acceptable cost
How well a product fits patterns of consumer preference?
The totality or features and characteristics of a product or service that bears on
its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs
Cannot be defined

34. Which one of the following is not a true statement?


Employee behavior is an important issue for quality service

More attention to employee training and self- management must be paid in service
The management of quality is easier for services than for manufactured goods.

Quality characteristics are more difficult to define for service organizations than
for manufacturing firms.

35. To ensure success in implementing quality initiatives, the most important

factor is


A reward and recognition program

A training program to explain and promote the quality initiative.
Upper management support
An empowered work force

36. QMS is the achronym for


Qulity Maint Service

Quality Monitoring Supervision
Quality Measurement System,
Quality Management System

37. Which of the following is not consistent with the concept of TQM?


Organizational leadership
Quality control departments
Continuous improvement
Customer focus

38. Performance measures concerned with specific work processes that are virtually
the same for all industries refer to:


Internal benchmark
Competitive benchmark
Functional benchmark
Generic benchmark

39. Value Analysis is a technique about


Root cause analysis

Pareto analysis
Cost of external failure
Optimizing Materials Cost

40. EOQ is the order quantity that over our planning horizon


minimizes total ordering costs

minimizes total carrying costs
the required safety stock
minimizes total inventory costs

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