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This is a listing of many of the Bay Area companies that received venture capital financing from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31. Most of the data was compiled from a survey
conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, Thomson Venture Economics and the National Venture Capital Association in conjunction with the Mercury News.
For some investments there may have been other participants in the round who are not credited. Also, the amounts listed may not include all venture funding
the company received during the quarter.

Business services Consumer goods/services

Recipient/ Primary venture capital Product Recipient/ Primary venture capital Product
Amount investors Amount investors
Blue Horizon Foods ATA Ventures * CMEA Capital Supplier of branded and private AlikeList Focus Ventures * Sequoia Capital Online personal directory
Aptos label seafood Sunnyvale
$737,000 $5,000,000
Blue Jeans Network Lightspeed Venture Partners Service provider Bella Pictures Alloy Ventures * Siemens Venture Wedding photography and
Palo Alto San Francisco Capital * U.S. Venture Partners videography services
$2,638,000 $10,299,900
Branders.com INVESCO Private Capital * Online seller of promotional items BookRenter.com Draper Fisher Jurvetson * Draper Online textbook rental service
San Mateo Investor Growth Capital * New San Jose Richards
$5,000,000 Enterprise Associates $6,000,000
Chegg Gabriel Venture Partners * Insight Online textbook rental service Credit Karma BlueRun Ventures Consumer credit scoring services
Santa Clara Venture Partners * Kleiner Perkins San Francisco online
$57,000,000 Caufield & Byers * Undisclosed $2,100,000
Curse Atlas Venture * Benchmark Capital Online games
CleanFish Accel Partners * BV Capital * Duff Sources and distributes seafood San Francisco * DFJ Esprit
San Francisco Ackerman & Goodrich * Khosla $6,000,000
$2,000,000 Ventures
eCast Crosslink Capital * DCM * Escalate Digital entertainment media
CloudFlare August Capital Management Enables Web site security San Francisco Capital * Foundry Group *
San Francisco $17,000,000 Undisclosed firm
iCiX Panorama Capital * U.S. Venture Online compliance information
CloudShare Granite Ventures * firstVentury Virtualization technology San Mateo Partners * Venrock Associates * exchange
Menlo Park $5,775,000 VentureTech Alliance * Walden
$10,000,000 International
kaChing Group Draper Fisher Jurvetson Investing talent marketplace IngBoo CMEA Capital * Menlo Ventures * Internet utility enabling users to
Palo Alto Sunnyvale Redpoint Ventures organize Web activities
$7,500,000 $800,000
Progress Financial Draper Fisher Jurvetson Consumer loans Jingle Networks Grazia Equity * Sequoia Capital * Callers with alternative service for
Mountain View Menlo Park Sigma Partners * Southern Cross directory assistance
$15,000,000 $6,751,000 Venture Partners * Swisscom AG *
Venrock Associates
Square Mission Ventures * Sierra Ventures Payment service company
San Francisco Kakai Draper Fisher Jurvetson * Trinity Electronic reading devices
$10,000,000 Santa Clara Ventures
Vizu Columbia Capital * GGV Capital Online opinion polling and market
San Francisco * Global Catalyst Partners * research Life360 Granite Ventures * Keynote Family safety and security Web site
$6,750,000 U.S. Venture Partners * Venrock San Francisco Ventures
Associates $750,000
Working Equity Coral Capital Management * Real-estate related financial Milo.com Domain Associates * Essex Online shopping engine
San Francisco Menlo Ventures services Palo Alto Woodlands Health Ventures *
$5,000,000 $3,999,900 Scale Venture Partners * Synergy
Life Science Partners
Biotechnology/health MyFit Duff Ackerman & Goodrich * Information for college admission
Mountain View Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
Recipient/ Primary venture capital Product $1,000,000 * Menlo Ventures * VantagePoint
Venture Partners
Amount investors
NetPulse Benchmark Capital * Insight Entertainment tools
23andMe Granite Ventures * Intel Capital * Genetic information services San Francisco Venture Partners * Institutional
Mountain View Tallwood Venture Capital $3,100,000 Venture Partners * Morgan
$14,200,000 Stanley Venture Partners * Spark
AcelRx Pharmaceuticals JK&B Capital Drug-device therapy for the Capital * T. Rowe Price Threshold
Redwood City treatment of pain Partnerships
$14,814,000 Outright Azure Capital Partners * Bookkeeping services
ACT Biotech Chevron Technology Ventures Therapeutic tools for cancer Campbell Foundation Capital * Menlo
San Francisco * Flagship Ventures * Khosla patients $5,500,000 Ventures * Riverwood Capital *
$500,000 Ventures * Lightspeed Venture Sprout Group * St. Paul Venture
Partners Capital

Apieron New Enterprise Associates Biosensor products for the Plato's Forms Undisclosed firm Communication platform
Menlo Park management of asthma San Francisco
$700,000 $545,000

Artemis Health Bay Partners * Hummer Winblad Technologies for analyzing Playdom Lightspeed Venture Partners Social, online gaming
San Carlos Venture Partners maternal blood screen Mountain View * New Enterprise Associates
$9,000,000 $42,999,900 * Norwest Venture Partners *
Steamboat Ventures
AtheroMed Greener Capital Partners Treatment for peripheral arterial
Menlo Park disease PowerReviews Masthead Venture Partners Online interactive shopping
$2,360,000 San Francisco services
Aviir Catamount Ventures * DBL Diagnostic tests for cardiovascular
Palo Alto Investors * NewSchools Venture disease RepairPal Norwest Venture Partners * Online auto repair site
$999,900 Fund Emeryville Sequoia Capital * Storm Ventures
BioImagene DCM Digital pathology solutions
Sunnyvale RiseSmart Essex Woodlands Health Ventures Online job portal
$12,000,000 San Jose
CardioKinetix Blumberg Capital Ventures * Medical devices
Menlo Park Bullet Time Ventures * Draper Rock You Softbank Software
$1,600,000 Fisher Jurvetson * Institutional Redwood City
Venture Partners * Quest Ventures $50,000,000
* SoftTech VC Sezmi Index Ventures * Legend Video entertainment platforms
Corthera JK&B Capital * Quicksilver Biopharmaceutical company Belmont Ventures * Morgenthaler
San Mateo Ventures $24,966,000 Ventures * Omni Capital Group *
$15,002,100 Telecommunications Development
Fund * Undisclosed firm
Corventis Accel Partners * Goldman Sachs Medical devices
San Jose Spigit Draper Fisher Jurvetson Social productivity/networking
$10,000,000 Pleasanton tools
Crescendo Bioscience Draper Fisher Jurvetson * Quantitative and objective
South San Francisco Inventus Capital Partners * Quest diagnostic tools StockTwits Draper Fisher Jurvetson Information service for
$7,600,000 Ventures Oakland investments
EBR Systems Comcast Interactive Capital * Devices for use in the treatment of
Sunnyvale Palomar Ventures * Sequoia cardiac arrhythmias Watercooler Greenmont Capital Partners Entertainment applications for
$15,000,000 Capital Mountain View social networks
EmSense Battery Ventures * BlueRun Scalable physiological and
San Francisco Ventures * El Dorado Ventures brainwave measurement
$9,000,000 technology Energy/industrial
Fluidigm Alloy Ventures * EDB Investments Integrated fluidic circuit systems
South San Francisco Pte Ltd * EuclidSR Partners * Recipient/ Primary venture capital Product
$18,532,800 InterWest Partners * Tenaya Capital * Amount investors
Undisclosed Firm * Versant Ventures
Cambrios Technologies Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Electronic materials for the display
Fountain Medical ARCH Venture Partners * Altitude Contract research organization Sunnyvale industry
Development Life Science Management * OVP $3,500,800
Menlo Park Venture Partners * Sevin Rosen
$300,000 Funds Coulomb Technologies Carmel Ventures * Greylock Recharging tools for electric cars
Campbell Partners * Opus Capital
Intuity Medical Emergent Medical Ventures Medical devices $7,500,000
Sunnyvale * Investor Growth Capital *
$64,000,400 Investor Growth Capital * Intematix Brandon Capital Partners * Phosphor materials
Thomas McNerney & Partners * Fremont Playford Capital * Terra Rossa
U.S. Venture Partners * Venrock $3,999,900 Capital
Associates * Versant Ventures
Oorja Protonics Accel Partners * Foundation Alcohol-based fuel cell systems
KineMed Alta Partners Drug development Fremont Capital
Emeryville $1,100,000w
People Power Undisclosed firm Energy consumption monitoring
Microchip Biotechnologies Domain Associates * In-Q-Tel Microfluidic and nanofluidic Palo Alto solutions
Pleasanton * Inc. * Samsung Venture technologies $850,000
$18,100,000 Investment Corporation *
Undisclosed Firm * Western Redwood Systems Otter Capital Commercial building energy
Technology Investment Fremont conservation tools
Nellix Kodiak Venture Partners Surgical devices
Palo Alto Renewable Funding Norwest Venture Partners * Renewable energy and energy
$105,000 Oakland Sofinnova Ventures efficiency financing
NeoTract Frazier Healthcare and Technology Medical devices
Pleasanton Ventures * Pappas Ventures * RWI Serious Materials De Novo Ventures * Novo AS * Eco-friendly materials
$4,374,900 Ventures * Synergy Life Science Sunnyvale Thomas * McNerney & Partners *
Partners $4,095,000 Vaekstfonden

Neuraltus Pharmaceuticals Spectrum Equity Investors Pharmaceutical company SolarCity Draper Fisher Jurvetson * Solar power energy installation
Palo Alto Foster City Undisclosed firm
$3,000,000 $24,000,000

NGM Biopharmaceuticals Fidelity Ventures * Venrock Biopharmaceutical company SunLink Carmel Ventures * Sequoia Capital Engineered solar mounting
South San Francisco Associates San Rafael * Tenaya Capital systems
$9,600,000 $1,800,000

OncoMed Pharmaceuticals Panorama Capital Series of therapies for solid tumors Tioga Energy Draper Fisher Jurvetson * Renewable energy
Redwood City San Mateo NGEN Partners *Nth Power *
$999,000 $20,000,100 Undisclosed firm

Precision Light Amazon.com * Bay Partners * Medical devices XOJET TPG Growth * Undisclosed firm Private aviation company
Los Gatos Benchmark Capital * Duff Ackerman San Carlos
$1,850,000 & Goodrich * New Enterprise $100,000,000
Associates * Presidio STX
YottaMark DoCoMo Capital Security products
ProMed Amicus Capital Medical devices Redwood City
Santa Clara $8,000,100


Hardware/instruments Semiconductors
Recipient/ Primary venture capital Product Recipient/ Primary venture capital Product
Amount investors Amount investors
Bigfoot Networks JAFCO Ventures * New Enterprise Gaming network technology Alien Technology JAFCO Ventures * Kleiner Perkins UHF Radio Frequency
Redwood City Associates company Morgan Hill Caufield & Byers Identification products and
$8,000,000 $9,477,000 services
Cloud Engines Meakem Becker Venture Capital Device that helps users access Aquantia Greylock Partners * Lightspeed Physical layer transceivers
San Francisco their files anywhere Milpitas Venture Partners * New Enterprise
$3,000,000 $34,999,900 Associates * Pinnacle Ventures *
VentureTech Alliance
Data Robotics Undisclosed Firm * Walden Storage hardware
Santa Clara Venture Capital Canesta ABS Capital Partners * Sprout Electronic perception technology
$9,975,000 Sunnyvale Group
Hint Polaris Venture Partners Flavored water beverages
San Francisco Discera ATA Ventures * Adams Street CMOS MEMS resonator
$800,000 San Jose Partners * Argonaut Partners * technology
$5,228,000 Barry Financial * Carlyle Group *
Kidlandia Norwest Venture Partners * Web site for creating and selling DuPont Ventures * Global Catalyst
San Francisco Sequoia Capital fantasy maps Partners * SMAC Partners * Saints
$735,000 Ventures * T-Venture Holding
Ocarina Networks Menlo Ventures Storage optimization solutions DisplayLink Rising Tide Fund Semiconductors
San Jose Palo Alto
$3,000,000 $8,000,000
Personal Web Systems New Enterprise Associates * Web browser Element Labs Draper Fisher Jurvetson ePlanet Light-emitting diode technology
Palo Alto Quercus Equity * Westly Group Santa Clara Ventures * EDF Ventures *
$1,200,000 $4,017,000 Foundation Medical Partners *
Johnson & Johnson Development
PowerFile GrandBanks Capital Online archive solutions Corporation * New Leaf Venture
Foster City Partners * Spray Venture Partners
$11,720,000 * VantagePoint Venture
Raydiance vSpring Capital Commercial laser technologies EoPlex Technologies Kaiser Permanente Ventures Devices to manage energy
Petaluma applications Redwood City
$3,100,000 $3,789,900
RPO Allen & Buckeridge Pty * Optical touch technology Fangtek Menlo Ventures * Mohr Davidow Integrated circuits
San Jose BASF Venture Capital * JAFCO Cupertino Ventures
$19,300,200 Investment * Jolimont Capital $3,000,000
* Neo Technology Ventures *
Undisclosed firm InnovaLight Cardinal Venture Capital * Optoelectronic applications
Sunnyvale Highland Capital Partners *
ShotSpotter Greenhouse Capital Partners Gunshot positioning systems $15,000,000 Worldview Technology Partners
Mountain View
$250,000 LedEngin U.S. Venture Partners LED Components
Santa Clara
VeloMedix Morningside Venture Investments Therapeutic device for $6,013,000
Menlo Park hypothermia
$3,500,100 Link_A_Media Devices Itochu Technology * Inc. * Keynote System on Chip tools
Santa Clara Ventures * Lightspeed Venture
$18,000,000 Partners * SunAmerica Ventures *
Networking/telecommunications Undisclosed Firm

Recipient/ Primary venture capital Product PINC Solutions Greylock Partners Real time asset visibility solutions
Amount investors Berkeley
1020 INVESCO Private Capital * Campaign management and
San Francisco Norwest Venture Partners * reporting tools Quantenna Communications Apax Partners Worldwide * Semiconductors
$5,000,100 Sequoia Capital * Tenaya Capital Fremont Challenge Fund - Etgar LP *
$5,000,000 Evergreen Venture Partners *
Adchemy August Capital Management * Internet marketing services Stage One Ventures * Trilogy
Redwood City Mayfield Fund * Undisclosed firm Equity Partners
SandForce DCM * Darwin Ventures LLC * Flash drive processors
Aperto Networks Battery Ventures * U.S. Venture Broadband wireless access Saratoga Storm Ventures * TransLink Capital
Milpitas Partners systems $20,999,700 * UMC Capital * Undisclosed Firm
$1,069,000 * Undisclosed Firm

Bizo DCM * El Dorado Ventures * Online B2B marketing Santur HLM Venture Partners * Integrated optical components
San Francisco VantagePoint Venture Partners Fremont Morgenthaler Ventures * Skyline and tunable source lasers
$6,000,000 $4,291,000 Ventures * Three Arch Partners *
Venrock Associates
BridgeWave Communications Borealis Ventures Markets wireless access
Santa Clara technologies Suvolta Benchmark Capital * Duff Semiconductors
$2,418,000 Los Gatos Ackerman & Goodrich * First
$3,000,000 Round Capital * Founders Fund *
Brilliant Telecommunications Sofinnova Ventures GSM base station timing hardware Shasta Ventures Management *
Campbell Sherpalo Ventures
T-RAM Semiconductor Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers * Memory components and IP
Cc:Betty Flagship Ventures * InterWest Web page to have discussion and Milpitas SV Life Sciences Advisers
Palo Alto Partners * Panorama Capital share contents $480,000
$500,000 * Prospect Venture Partners *
Sofinnova Ventures UPEK Menlo Ventures silicon-based fingerprint security
Emeryville solutions
Chelsio Communications New Enterprise Associates Scalable protocol offload chips $6,157,000
Sunnyvale and adapter cards
$8,000,200 VeriSilicon Holdings Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Silicon products
Santa Clara
Conviva Draper Fisher Jurvetson * Draper Internet video distribution $7,784,000
San Mateo Richards * Greylock Partners *
$2,000,000 Tugboat Ventures Xceive AllianceBernstein L.P. * Alloy RF-to-baseband transceiver
Santa Clara Ventures * Blackstone Group
Cyan Optics Azure Capital Partners * Norwest Communications service providers $500,100 * Duff Ackerman & Goodrich *
Petaluma Venture Partners * Tenaya Capital Intel Capital * Kleiner Perkins
$22,000,000 Caufield & Byers * Maverick
Capital * Mohr Davidow Ventures
Dilithium Networks Wellington Partners Venture Audio and video communications * Monsanto
Petaluma Capital
Flurry First Round Capital * Founders Next-generation mobile Software
San Francisco Fund * Maples Management applications
$7,041,200 Recipient/ Primary venture capital Product
Amount investors
GlobalMotion Media Khosla Ventures * Sigma Partners GPS community for trip sharing
Palo Alto Aggregate Knowledge Azure Capital Partners * Hummer Internet search software based on
$1,000,000 Foster City Winblad Venture Partners behavioral patterns
HyTrust Foundation Capital * IDG Ventures Virtualization platform security
Mountain View SF and compliance Ansca Bay Partners * Redpoint Ventures Platform for creating native iPhone
$10,000,000 Palo Alto applications
IPWireless Spark Capital * Undisclosed firm Wireless technology for wireless
San Francisco Internet access Aravo Solutions Big Sky Partners * Cisco Systems Management software
$15,500,100 San Francisco * Individuals
Joyent Johnson & Johnson Development Cloud computing technology
Sausalito * New Enterprise Associates Asana August Capital Management Enterprise focused collaboration
$4,000,000 Menlo Park software
Kaazing BRM Capital * Opus Capital Real-time Web communication
Mountain View solutions Assia Braemar Energy Ventures * Software products for digital
$730,000 Redwood City Catamount Ventures * Intel Capital subscriber line service providers
Mollyguard Rho Ventures Online event management and
San Francisco ticketing services Atieva Bay Partners * Madrona Venture Battery charging generators
$6,464,000 Mountain View Group
Ooma August Capital Management And markets domestic phone
Palo Alto * DCM * Emergence Capital systems Azuro GSR Ventures * Khosla Ventures Electronic design automation
$713,000 Partners Santa Clara software
Ooyala Allegis Capital * Worldview Online video company
Mountain View Technology Partners Blazent Battery Ventures * DCM * Information technology software
$9,999,900 San Mateo Globespan Capital Partners * services
$6,000,000 Trinity Ventures
Palantir Technologies Founders Fund Data analysis software
Palo Alto Bling Nation Balderton Capital * CampVentures Mobile payment solutions for
$34,989,000 Palo Alto * Lightspeed Venture Partners * community banks
$20,000,000 Undisclosed firm
Palaran First Round Capital * Foundation Internet services
Sunnyvale Capital * Mayfield Fund Bump Technologies ARCH Venture Partners * ATA Mobile application
$856,000 Mountain View Ventures * Vista Ventures
Pancetera Software Bessemer Venture Partners * Virtual storage solutions
Santa Clara Cardinal Venture Capital * Coral C3 Hummer Winblad Venture Partners Software for business use
$2,000,000 Capital Management * Focus Foster City
Ventures * Ironwood Capital * $10,000,000
T-Venture Holding * Worldview
Technology Partners Clarizen CMEA Capital * U.S. Venture Enterprise-grade project
San Mateo Partners management services
Plastic Jungle Cheyenne Capital Fund * Web site for trading gift cards $8,000,100
Mountain View EnerTech Capital * Foundation
$1,188,000 Capital * Mesirow Private Equity CubeTree Benchmark Capital * Charles River Enterprise collaboration suite
Investments * Navitas Capital Redwood City Ventures
* New Enterprise Associates * $8,000,000
Rustic Canyon Partners * Saints
Ventures * Staenber EcoFactor Granite Ventures * InterWest Managing residential energy
Redwood City Partners
ResponseLogix ARCH Venture Partners Online automotive sales leads $2,400,000
Sunnyvale platform
$5,600,000 Evernote Undisclosed firm Information capturing
Mountain View technologies
Rocket Fuel Altos Ventures * DCM * Online advertising services $10,000,000
Redwood City SBI Investment * Syncom
$3,000,000 Management Evolv Bay Partners Hiring management tools
Daly City
Rondavu Cardinal Venture Capital * Selby Online event marketing services $8,247,000
San Francisco Venture Partners
$1,000,000 Fanfare Group Unavailable Software tools to high-tech
Mountain View equipment vendors
SnapLogic CampVentures Open-source Internet data $7,085,000
San Mateo services solution
$2,300,100 FlightCaster Foundation Capital * Sequoia Algorithm that predicts flight
San Francisco Capital delays
Sonoa Systems ARCH Venture Partners * Alloy Enterprise IT infrastructure $1,300,000
Santa Clara Ventures * Oxford Bioscience products
$1,307,000 Partners Genius.com Scale Venture Partners Web analytics
San Mateo
Teneros Channel Medical Partners Continuity tools for applications $6,500,000
Mountain View
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