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Lax/La Lax/Ana First Each per mile Palm Springs Evening dinner
3 hrs 3 hrs Five Add with Or San Diego (4 hrs)
Max. Max. Hour Hour Pax - Empty 12hrs/300 mile After 7pm
24 pax $355.00 $365.00 $470.00 $75.00 $3.60 $3.30 $950.00 $430.00
38 pax $395.00 $400.00 $535.00 $90.00 $4.00 $3.50 $1,000.00 $490.00
42 Transit- ADA- No luggage $470.00 $75.00
47 /56 pax $425.00 $435.00 $600.00 $100.00 $5.00 $4.50 $1,200.00 $550.00


TRANSFERS: 3 hours maximum, no stop between airport and destination. We charge five
hours minimum for all the transfers between 11.30p.m. To 05.30a.m. We are not
responsible for flight or traffic delays. Coaches must wait in the holding area at
Lax until baggage is at curb. Please call our dispatcher when your group is
ready: Call 1-800-960-0650

All prices are subject to change without notice. Prices will be higher on
New Years day and during special events.
For multi-day or multi-coach charter please call for quote.
2- Step on guide: first five hours $400.00 each additional Hour $70.00/hour.
3- Meet and greet at Lax airport: $300.00 per flight.

TAXES 1- California PUC: 0.25%

2- Lax arrival Tax $8.00 per bus for each arrival.

OTHER CHARGES:1- On all out of town trips, the customer will provide suitable accommodations for
the driver or $120.00 per night (higher in some cities) will be charged.

2- Tolls and parking fees must be paid by the person chartering the bus at the time
the fee is incurred.

3- There will be a cleaning charge of $300.00 if the bus is returning excessively

dirty or alcohol is served.

4- No deadhead will be charged for pickup or drop off within a 25 miles radius of
Los Angeles.

5- Drivers gratuities are NOT INCLUDED in our charter coach tariff.

In case of the high increase in the gasoline and diesel fuel, we will charge fuel
surcharge, 10% or more (based on cost of fuel).

LIBILITY: TourCoach will make every effort to maintain the schedule you have requested,
however TourCoach is not responsible for any delay including, but not limited
to, delays caused by acts of nature, authority of law, unexpected traffic and road
conditions. TourCoach is not responsible for any items left, lost or damage on
the coach including, but not limited to luggage, clothing, jewelry, cash, cameras

CREDIT POLICY: 1- Unless prior arrangement are made with our credit department a 25% deposit is
required to confirm your reservations and full payment of estimated charges is
due 14 days prior to departure.

2- Estimated charges are based on information provided when the reservation is

made. Actual charges will be based on actual number of miles driven and hours
the bus in service. Any balance due is payable upon receipt of the invoice. After
10 days subject to 1.8% service charge per month, 20% per year.

The following charges will be applied per bus order if notice of cancellation is
not given:
Less than 72 hours-25% or $350.00 whichever is higher.
Less than 48 hours-50% or $450.00 whichever is higher.
Less than 24 hours-100%.

Sales & Reservation: 323-201-0115- Dispatch 323- 201-0114 FAX 323-201-0847

2130 S. Tubeway Ave,
Commerce CA 90040-1614
Email: info@tourcoach.com