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Actividad de aprendizaje 5

Evidencia 5: Workshop Translation and guidelines

En ocasiones se considera que traducir texto en ingls es un asunto sencillo,

tanto como hacer uso de un traductor en lnea y nada ms; pero por el
contrario, para traducir un texto del ingls al espaol se requieren
conocimientos acerca de cmo interpretar el mensaje transmitido desde el texto
original y saber comunicar su intencionalidad.

Basado en lo anterior, para esta evidencia debe desarrollar un workshop donde

se presentan situaciones de lecturas de trminos en ingls, traducciones y
construccin de oraciones en este idioma.

Lea cada uno de los textos ubicados en la tabla y escriba en una oracin en
espaol, al frente de cada uno de los prrafos, la idea general de ste.

The 3PL industry is currently at a

juncture where stakeholders are
being forced to reconsider the way
they do business. The year on year
increase in customer dissatisfaction
of logistics outsourcing has pushed
many players into a defensive corner.
But the picture is not all that bad. The
costs of logistics and inventory are
decreasing, contract renewal rate for
logistics outsourcing remains good,
and the emergence of cutting-edge
technologies like 3D printing, drone
delivery and augmented reality is
opening up a wide vista of
Outsourcing in the supply chain of
logistics teams may sound
farfetched. After all, outsourcing
typically refers to sending jobs
overseas. Yet in outsourced logistics
simply refers to hiring a third-party
logistics service, 3PL, to handle the
logistics services. From securing
inventory to transporting goods from
Point A to Point B, 3PL are taking
over as in-house logistics teams fall
Throughout the supply chain, the use
of metrics to track and understand
processes provides an invaluable
resource for ensuring increased
production and customer satisfaction.
Additionally, the use of metrics
fosters positive relationships with
coworkers and adherence to rulesets
and best practices for the respective
third-party logistics provider (3PL).
Technology has always been the
driving force behind logistics and
even more so after deregulation of
the transportation industry as 3rd
party logistics providers offered
technology solutions to customers. In
the past centuries, people looked for
ways to move goods faster, in
greater bulk and more economically.
The problems were solved primarily
by the invention of the railway,
automobiles (including trucks),
modern ships and airplanes.

Utilice cada una de las siguientes palabras para componer oraciones. Tenga
en cuenta que debe elaborar la oracin en espaol y realizar la respectiva
traduccin al ingls.

Inventario Presupuesto Capacidad Tasa

Demanda Eficiencia Pronstico Diagrama de flujo
Inventario Lnea Minorista Proveedor
Suministros Mayorista Estrategia Curva

Lea las definiciones de los trminos de la siguiente lista y busque su

correspondiente palabra en ingls en el crucigrama. Para desarrollar este
punto de la evidencia debe tener en cuenta el vocabulario disponible en
material de formacin Strategic framework: developing guidelines.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7








1. The act of producing more of something than is needed, or to produce

too much

9. Movement of goods or services along the value stream from raw

materials to the customer without backflow, stoppages, or waste.

12. A party that supplies goods or services. A supplier may be

distinguished from a contractor or subcontractor, who commonly adds
specialized input to deliverables. Also called vendor.

13. Basic substance in its natural, modified, or semi-processed state,

used as an input to a production process for subsequent modification or
transformation into a finished good.
14. An estimate of costs, revenues, and resources over a specified
period, reflecting a reading of future financial conditions and goals.

15. Department, facility, machine, or resource already working at its full

capacity and which, therefore, cannot handle any additional demand
placed on it. Also called critical resource.


2. Study of capabilities and limitations of mental and physical work in

different settings. Ergonomics applies anatomical, physiological, and
psychological knowledge (called human factors) to work and work
environments in order to reduce or eliminate factors that cause pain or

3. A business or person that sells goods to the consumer, as opposed to

a wholesaler or supplier, who normally sell their goods to another

4. Desire for certain good or service supported by the capacity to

purchase it

5. Highest sustainable output rate (maximum number of units per month,

quarter, or year) that can be achieved with current resources,
maintenance strategies, product specifications, etc.

6. An itemized catalog or list of tangible goods or property, or the

intangible attributes or qualities.

7. Estimate of expected demand over a specified future period. Also

called forecast demand.
8. The comparison of what is actually produced or performed with what
can be achieved with the same consumption of resources (money, time,
labor, etc.). It is an important factor in determination of productivity.

9. Work arrangement (or rearrangement) aimed at reducing or

overcoming job dissatisfaction and employee alienation arising from
repetitive and mechanistic tasks. Through job design, organizations try
to raise productivity levels by offering non-monetary rewards such as
greater satisfaction from a sense of personal achievement in meeting
the increased challenge and responsibility of on1e's work. Job
enlargement, job enrichment, job rotation, and job simplification are the
various techniques used in a job design exercise.

10. Non-productive time (during which an employee is still paid) of

employees or machines, or both, due to work stoppage from any cause.
Also called idle time, allowed time, or downtime.(businessdictionary.com)

Organice cada una de las siguientes oraciones, luego realice la traduccin

al espaol de cada una de ellas.

a. is business import/ - creativity an export

b. be logistics- simple must

c. study soldiers logistics professional


d. every logistian behind greater was even leader great

there an

e. logistics through win leaders


f. lies the order between line logistics and disorder in

BusinessDictionary. (s.f.). Diccionario de trminos. Consultado el 31 de agosto de 2016, en:
Escriba una conversacin en ingls, cuyo tema sea el de la planeacin
logstica de una empresa. Debe utilizar expresiones de cortesa y por lo
menos 10 de las preposiciones de la lista que se encuentra en el material
complementario English Prepositions.

Elabore este taller en la herramienta de su preferencia y enve el archivo al

instructor a travs de la plataforma virtual de aprendizaje.

Pasos para enviar la evidencia:

1. Clic en el ttulo de la evidencia.

2. Clic en Examinar mi equipo y buscar el archivo previamente guardado.
3. Dejar un comentario al instructor (opcional).
4. Clic en Enviar.

Nota: esta evidencia es de carcter individual. Recuerde revisar la gua de

aprendizaje con el fin de verificar que ha realizado todas las evidencias
propuestas, saber cmo desarrollarlas y entregarlas correctamente.

Criterios de evaluacin
Saluda en ingls utilizando expresiones de cortesa de acuerdo con el
momento del da.

Puede relacionar textos en ingls con imgenes o con ttulos que le sean

Ubica al interlocutor en un punto geogrfico especfico empleando

preposiciones en ingls.