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Smart E-Verify Validated Integration with PeopleSoft

Human Capital Management 9.2

Smart E-Verify for PeopleSoft Human Capital Management

4683 Chabot Drive

Suite 380
Pleasanton, CA 94588 Automate the Department of Homeland Securitys E-Verify
Tel.: +1.925.271.0200 employment eligibility compliance.
Fax: +1.408.521.0918

Company Overview
Smart ERP Solutions, Inc., provides innovative solutions and services to automate,
streamline, and simplify enterprise resource planning (ERP) business processes.

Integration Overview
Designed and architected as an add-on solution for Oracles PeopleSoft, Smart E-Verify
integrates directly into a customers PeopleSoft Human Capital Management
application to automate employment eligibility for new hires and candidates using the
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) E-Verify system. By interfacing directly to
the DHS E-Verify system over the internet, the solution automates the employment
eligibility process to help employers efficiently comply with US law requiring
companies to employ only individuals legally authorized to work in the US

Smart E-Verify automates the manual activities typically required to collect personal
data from the new hires or candidates, populate Form I-9 information, and log on and
re-enter data into the DHS E-Verify online system, which can be inefficient, time-
consuming, error prone, and manually intensive and costly for employers. Embedded in
Oracle Validated Integration gives
PeopleSoft Human Capital Management, the solution collects Form I-9 new hire and
customers confidence that a
partner's integration is candidate information from PeopleSoft Human Capital Management or via direct entry
functionally sound and performs into the solutions I-9 features in order to automatically perform the DHS E-Verify
as designed. This can help
customers to reduce deployment employment eligibility confirmation.
risk, lower total cost of
ownership, and improve the user
Smart E-Verify:
experience related to the partner's
o Integrates directly into your PeopleSoft Human Capital Management
integrated offering.

o Automates Form I-9 completion and DHS E-Verify processing

o Offers DHS E-Verify case management functionality

o Supports all DHS E-Verify case responses including tentative nonconformance

Integration Details
As an add-on solution to PeopleSoft, Smart E-Verify leverages the native integration
Availability features within PeopleSoft applications, including PeopleSoft Integration Broker, to
Smart E-Verify is available perform automated employment eligibility verifications by interfacing with the DHS E-
directly from Smart ERP
Solutions, Inc.
Verify internet-based system via published web services.

Being integrated directly into a customers PeopleSoft Human Capital Management

application enables Smart E-Verify to automate the DHS E-Verify employment
Support eligibility verification process by collecting any information required for the
verification directly from PeopleSoft application including recruiting information from
Tel.: +1.925.271.0200
Candidate Gateway or the new hires personal data. As responses are returned from the
DHS E-Verify system relating to each submitted employment verification case,
information is automatically logged and presented by the solution to facilitate the new
hire and employer through the required employment verification process.

Smart E-Verify: Form I-9 PDF Printout and Employer Verification Page

Smart ERP Solutions, Inc., Environment
Smart E-Verify version 3.0
Oracle Environment
Oracles PeopleSoft Human Capital Management 9.2
Oracles PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.53
Oracle Database 11g Release 2
Oracle WebLogic Server 11g

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