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Appendix 1 - Character Creation:

Starting Equipment and Money
All factions grant their members some basic equipment. Some factions are more
All starting characters begin 5000 REM with a quantity of equipment purchased using their restrictive in how they expect their members to behave and may have more strict entry
starting cash. Any remaining money becomes cash a character can spend at a later date or requirements. To offset these penalties, some factions give greater joining benefits
on missions. than others -those that give less offer greater freedoms in the long-run. A Referee can
give more information on your chosen factions equipment bonus.
During the game characters can earn more money through:
- Completing paid missions Money
- Salvaging equipment or discovering caches of money during missions.
- DT salary: between events character all automatically earn money All money within 5000 REM is represented as New British Pounds (NBP), this currency
through what can be consider to be their day-jobs. replaced Sterling that had become meaningless following the disruption of 2022. The
- DT overtime: in addition to automatic DT pay, a character can opt NBP began as a revalued currency, distributed by order of merit in the times following
to spend their DT action completing an earning-action this earns the restoration of government a sign of the changed times that people were living
them further money, but prevents other DT actions (further details in. NBP exists only as whole figures; divisions were deemed to be unnecessary,
will be covered in the DT Appendix). especially in the times of great cost after years of resource shortages and rebuilding.

Equipment Classes
Characters gain 65 for character creation. Equipment classes dictate which skills are required to use that particular piece of
equipment. Typical examples are: Light and Heavy for Armours, Short or Mid for
Additional starting cash is available to characters with the Income background skill: weapons. Some items may have multiple class requirements due to their nature. A
common example of this would be an Armoured Hazmat suit which would be defined
- Income 1 +25 (total +25) starting money as Heavy and PPE Suit, which means both Armour-Use and PPE skills would be
- Income 2 +25 (total +50) starting money needed.
- Income 3 +25 (total +75) starting money
(The income skills also grants other benefits. Refer to background skills in the players
handbook for more information). Characters can purchase equipment from a standardised list; specialist equipment is
also available to characters depending on their position, status and actions within an
organisation. A black market also exists for restricted items, and a search for particular
Character equipment there are no restrictions to the types of equipment a character can goods might be accomplished with a downtime activity. The list included here is
gain during character creation. It is assumed that a determined character could have obtained considered to be the base price list and which newly created characters may purchase
any manner of equipment during the time before the game begins. However, some equipment goods from (as it is assumed that starting kit is acquired over time rather than all being
is more useful to particular character types. 5000 REM is designed so that the standard bought in one go). Equipment purchased by an existing character should be made
starting cash a character receives should allow a character to undertake 1-2 tasks during from the current price list, which may fluctuate during the game or include non-standard
their initial missions (Fighting/healing/engineering etc.). items.

Other Technologies Medical & Scientific Equipment
Due to the turbulent of the first half of the 21 century in 5000-REM, in-game technology is Due to the publics point of view and possibility of interaction, some items of equipment,
similar to current day products (in many cases it is a 2010 product which has been repaired particularly medical and scientific, must be used and carried with an increased level of
and looked after for the last decades resource wars quickly dispensed with a modern care. The primary rule of this is what would this item look like to the public if it was found
consume society). As far as practical, all in-game devices are represented by their real-world without further explanation? Items that require particular care are syringes (obviously
counter-parts. Some items, however, cannot be easily represented and instead in-game never with needles) and containers baring warnings of hazards. If syringes need to be
alternatives are offered. The most common of these are: carried, it is recommended that they should be of a larger size (>25 ml) and only a few
should be used at anyone time. Players must always keep track of their physreps, and
Mobile phones are available to characters (though any OOC cost must be covered by the losses should be reported and searched for. To reduce the chances of incidents with the
player). Referees will advise before events as to the level of reception available. Camera general public, players should use the in-game system of warning labels rather than the
phones are also available but at the increased cost listed in the prices. As characters phones traditional standards.
may not always be used by that character it is recommended that players should not use
their main OOC phone as a physrep, or if they do that no sensitive information is stored upon
it. At some events, NPCs may possess phones allowing players to attempt to call their

Two-way Radios are available, but with a short range (typical of most cheap portable
radios). Referees may advise further on their use depending on in-game conditions.

Television &Radio exists, but normal programs are clearly not IC, for larger events, suitable
media may be made available. Due to the interference from Anomalies, wireless transmissions
have ceased, instead being replaced by cable broadcasts.

Music all current music is still available within 5000-REM, though all is obviously fairly old.
Truth-Radio is known for a particularly retro playlists -even reaching back to the 20th century.

Sensor Devices (Geiger Counters etc) these are physreped with a suitable in-game
alternative. Consult a Referee for more information.

Computers exist, but the difficulty in their manufacture limits their use. It will not be required
for players to supply a computer physrep of their own during game time. Email is a common
form of communication, and all players (with the possible exception of Fringers) have access
to a basic public-nodes. Faxes are also a common method of transmitting information. The
internet barely exists in a recognisable form -common websites have disappeared, the majority
of bandwidth restricted to Government or Military applications, though forums and news-
groups exist to a small degree. The Government News website is the only other constant
website in this current system. There is no communication access outside of the Isles, and
the level of Government observation is unknown. Phones, radios, satellites and sub-sea
cables all were severed by the 2025-Event.

Cameras exist in any current format, though players need to be responsible for the safety
of their physreps as allowances will not be made for people carrying them in combat. Old
and expendable cameras are the best as physreps.
Drugs and Alcohol
5000-REM is intended to represent a dark future world and, as such, alcohol and narcotics
are regarded as a part of life. However, such things are intended to be separated from the
real worlds drugs and narcotics. Instead, 5000-REM includes a range of in-game narcotics
with defined effects that are available as part of the game aesthetic. Alcohol is acceptable
at 5000-REM events, but only with moderation. When combat is less likely characters should
feel free to drink and socialise, but indulging to excess is not recommended and should be
avoided. In no way does 5000-REM encourage or sanction the taking of narcotics, and
players found engaging in such activities will be spoken to by Referees.

Armours exist as either manufactured or basic. Manufactured armours are considerably
tougher and more durable than their primitive counterparts, but, in general, both offer the Shields in 5000-REM are modern and effective against the threats that the current age
same degree of protection. Each armours Armour Value (AV) is defined, but its nature can has produced. The only variation in the nature of these shields is their size, and in a
be found in the armour section of the equipment lists. Manufactured armour is durable and small part their shape -though rectangular is by far the commonest. Modern shields are
only requires maintenance every couple of months, this is covered as standard downtime produced from composite fibres and ceramic plates to withstand the riggers of 21st
action and can be accomplished by any character with a repair skill or by paying the appropriate century combat. Shields of wood and metal are too delicate or heavy, respectively, to
fee to the characters parent organisation. Primitive armour is crude and poorly constructed, have any place in this new battlefield. Shields are designed and employed by the military
it must be repaired after every time it has been worn due to natural wear and tear (e.g. at and police for riot situations and close-quarter fighting; their usefulness has seen them
the end of every day). be readily taken up by martially-minded Zoners who value their added protection even
over their weight and cumbersome nature.
If either armour is not repaired it is considered to be degraded. This means it is falling apart
from use and needs maintenance to support it. Degraded armour always has one less AV Physreps should appear to be of a modern design, and reflect the styles and setting.
than it would do normally. Every time armour is not repaired, it become further degraded. Overtly historical shields are not appropriate physreps. Shields are intended to be made
If its base-AV reaches -1 the armour is permanently destroyed. from composite materials, within the game-world the physreps themselves maybe
wooden. However, it should not be visible in the completed version. Shield physreps
should safe and suitable for LRP combat. For further information on these requirements,
Note: armour can only reach -1 AV from degradation, not from weapon damage. Some please speak with a Referee.
special effects may also result in armour becoming degraded. Furthermore, special protection
qualities of armour are instantly lost should the armour become degraded i.e. if as armoured
rad-suit becomes degraded it gives that character no protection from radiation.

Armour types and physreping -armour physreps should be appropriate to the period and be
safe. The skills to produce historical armour are practically forgotten and the majority of
existing pieces were consumed for scrap metal in the resource short years of the 21st centaury.
Armour physreps should match (or reflect) their description in the pricelist. A general rule
of thumb is as follows:

Manufactured armours should appear industrially and professionally produced. They share
similar characteristics with current body armours and protective gear.

Primitive armours are knocked together by semi-skilled craftsmen using whatever materials
are to hand. They are often custom jobs to fit their current or previous owner, and tastes and
styles often reflect this. They are a chance for a player to show off their creative styles. Most
are not yet the wasteland barbarians from Mad-Max -their owner still need to blend into
regular societies- but they are heading that way.

Weapons are broken into three categories and all must be represented by a suitable, in-
character weapon designed for safe use in LRP. Most weapons are tools of some sort as
the skill to make professional fighting arms has near totally disappeared from the world.
Additionally, during the early part of the 21st century, police forces cracked down on ownership
of these dangerous curiosities and following that most existing historical replicas were melted
down for metal during the growing resource shortages. If it was not for the unpredictable
nature of the Zones, most people would never even consider melee combat as necessary
-only the unreliability of fire-arms in the Zones make it so.

The three categories of weapons are:

Small short blades of between 6-30. Commonly knives, hammers, hatchets or machetes
they are the most common form of weapon in the Zones.

Medium weapons of between 30-42. Commonly axes, bats, crow-bars or hammers they
are typically wielded with two hands by regular fighters.

Large weapons of over 42 in length. Generally, staves, felling axes or sledge hammers
all require a greater degree of skill or training to use efficiently.

All weapons regardless of the type do the same damage. It should be noted that there is
no subdual damage in-game other than what is covered under the damage calls section.
Thrown Weapons
Thrown weapons should be designed especially for LRP and be in a safe condition to use.
The two divisions of thrown weapons are small and large.

Small weapons are under 12 in length and maybe be thrown in any safe manner. They
should be coreless and without rigid weighting. The overall weight of any weapon will be
assessed by a referee before events. This weapons deal normal damage.

Large weapons are greater than 12 in dimension. They should carry a light core and feature
a back-stop construction if they are thrown javelin style. They should also feature appropriate
flight-dynamics. Weapons that do not feature a core may be allowed, if are entirely soft foam
construction, or are suitably light and safe large weapons like this are typically objects and
should not be used by characters without referee permission. All large thrown weapons
ignore a targets AV no call is needed for this.
Bows and crossbows
These may be any appropriate modern era bow. Compound bows are subject to review and
acceptance by referees. All bows must have a maximum draw strength of below 30lb at 28
or maximum draw-length -whichever is smaller (generally in the case of crossbows).
Compound or non-standard bows will be reviewed individually.

Crossbows can be of any type subject to the above regulations. Crossbows not built purely
for LRP will be assessed individually. Crossbows with live prods (arms) are accepted in
principle, but will be subject to additional checks by a referee. Inline bows will be assessed

All arrows and bolts should be of safe construction and be suitable for LRP use for further
information on these requirements, players should contact a referee. The use of damaged
projectiles is forbidden.

All arrows and bolts ignore a targets AV no call is needed for this.

Firearms Equipment Characteristics
Firearms are an available resource for any character, as is appropriate in any modern-era Equipment may have the following characteristics:
game. However, they are restricted for two primary reasons:
Hardened hardened armour ignores the armour piercing qualities of projectile weapons
Out-of-character security many games take place in or near public places. To avoid issues (arrows, bolts and large thrown weapons) instead all hits are counted as a normal
with the public and law-enforcement, the use of fire-arms is restricted. weapon impact, any additional effects granted to that weapon are not prevented. Hardened
has no effect on Ballistic (bullet) or Strike-down hits.
System mechanics running firearms in any LRP setting is always difficult to minimise
complications. The use of firearms is limited in regular play. Armour Piercing hits from this weapon ignore the AV value of the target.

To counteract and for a degree of believability, the firearm rules of the game are quick and Impact once per scene, a character can use this weapon to cause a knock-back hit in
simple with the potential for damage fairly high to ensure firearms are suitably lethal when addition to any effects player may already be able to call.
they may be used in combat. The primary restriction of the use of firearms will be the in-
game nature of the Zones, when certain technologies (in this case, guns) are excluded due Shield this piece of equipment functions as a shield. It will stop all blows impacting upon
to the presence of in-game effects. Event information will include whether firearms are allowed it (including any associated damage calls) except for knock-back and strike-down effects
at that event or not. -these are treated as special cases.

Firearm physreps are required to be high-quality cap-guns. Other similar guns maybe accepted Firearm this piece of equipment follows the rules and restrictions on Firearms.
depending on review by a referee. Airsoft guns are not allowed as acceptable physreps due
to risks associated with their use. Nerf (and similar) guns are not acceptable due to the nature
of their action. Physrep quality should be high, and poor or particularly obvious toy weapons Electronic this piece of equipment is electronic in nature and is affected by any instances
will not be accepted on grounds of game-aesthetics. As with all matters, players should where calls are made against electronic items.
consult referees for clarification on any particular individual query. Main gun-requirements:
Subduing - without limit a character may use this weapon to call the subdue damage call.
All physreps should meet the 2008 Legal requirements for the sale of replica firearms.

Should use caps or similar effects

Must not have any open barrel capable of expelling a projectile.

Must be possible to mount a safety tag at barrel tip to represent toy/prop gun if needed.

Must be of a sufficiently high quality.

Must have a reasonable appropriate reloading method/mechanism.