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Ou GMAT couse is much than clever techniques and powerful computer
score reports; the reason ou results great is that ou teachers so much
about their students. Thanks to all the teachers who have made the GMAT couse
so successful. but in particular the group of teachers and development people
who helped get it off the ground: Alicia Ernst. Meltzer. Paul Foglino. John Shee-
han. Mark Sawula. Nell Goddin. Teresa Connelly. and Phillip .

Thanks also to Editorial Director Melody Marcus. Editors Briana Gordon and
Wendy Voelkle. Production Editors Katie Q'Neill and . Tighe Wall. and Production
Coordinator Kim Howie.

Special thanks to Adam Robinson. who conceived of and perfected the Joe Bloggs
approach to standarized tests and of the other successful techniques used
The Princeton Review.
Foreword '" VII

Exclusive ools viii

Part 1: Orientation........ 1
Introduction........................................... 3
2 How to Think About the GMA 11
3 Cracking the System: Basic Principles 15
4 Cracking the System: Intermediate Principles 23
5 Cracking the System: Advanced Principles 31
6 Taking the GMAT 41

Part II:How to Crack the Math GMAT '" 49

7 GMAT Math: Basic Principles 51
8 and GMAT Math 63
9 Arithmetic..... 73
1 Algebra '" 109
11 Applied Arithmetic 131
12 Geometry 149
13 Data Sufficiency 185

Part 111: How to Crack the Verbal GMAT..................................... 217

14 Sentence Correction............................................................... 219
15 Reading Comprehension 253
16 Critical Reasoning 279

Part IV: How to Crack the Writing Assessment 313

17 Analytical Writing Assessment................................................. 315

Part : Answer to Drills 345

Part VI: The Princeton Review GMAT

Warm-Up and Explanations 351
18 GMAT Warm-Up Test 353
19 GMAT \'/\/arm-Up Test Scoring Guide 369
20 GMAT Warm-Up Test: Answers and Explanations 373
Part VII: The Princeton Review GMAT Practice Test
and Explanations :.......................... 397
21 GMAT Practice Test 399
22 GMAT Practice Test: Answers and Explanations 451

Part VIII: Appendix 575

23 Ouick Math Review 577
24 Applying to Business School 583

About the Author . 591

" glad you bought this book.

Primarily " glad because you've heard good things about The Princeton
Review. Ou tutors and teachers carefully chosen and supported, and ou tutor-
ing and classroom couses continue to produce unmatched gains in GMAT scores.
And we attract people like Geoff Martz, who is of the most insightful and artic-
ulate instructors I've met, to make sure this book reflects everything we've learned
about the t8St and the best ways to for it.

" also glad because it means you're going to raise you GMAT score, and you're
going to do it without memorizing dozens of math theorems the complete rules
of English grammar. The information needed to do well this test is surprisingly
limited, and we'lI concentrate small number of crucial concepts.

Students who feel that their standardized test scores do not reflect their college
grades business acumen SlJSpect that there's to mastering of
these tests than just honing rusty math and verbal skills. At their root, these tests
trying to measue you 10. They do so with of tricks, of which lead you
to wrong answers (called, fittingly, distracters). Some of ou techniques address those
tricks; I think you'll find them fun and useful every standardized test you take.

Despite Geoff's great skill, this book can't mold itself around your strengths
and weaknesses as effectively as our instructors online programs. For this
reason, we've created supplementary online tools that you access at
PrincetonReview.com, you've registered the serial number at the back of
you book. Using the online exams, we help you spend you time wisely to
achieve the best results possible.

So good luck the G! And if you need help, just want to

find the right business school the best way to for it, please stop
PrincetonReview.com/mba cal1 us at 800-2REVIEW (international students
should call1-212-874-8282).

John Katzman
Founder and

Foreword I vi i
N ow Playing: The Princeton Review
I dit! f ll di, ig!-tid ' istllts-jt tlle

el1c!osed clisk it cliv yolI llt l1till1l ss get sd!


Engaging video insrllcrion 111 it I{evie\v isruts

guidance the b-schoo! dissis ss rips [ tig oursranding


DLl~dstgic advice ~l1 sornc of rllC SJim aspccts

Part 1
1 Introduction
2 How to Think About the GMAT
3 Cracking the System: Basic Principles
4 Cracking the System: Intermediate Principles
5 Cracking the System: Advanced Principles
6 Taking the GMAT
Part 11
How to Crack the
7 GMAT Math: Basic Principles
8 and GMAT Math
9 Arithmetic
10 Algebra
11 Applied Arithmetic
12 Geometry
13 Data Sufficiency

About the Author
Geoff Mart'Z. attended Dartmouth College and Columbia University before
joining 1he ri Review in 1985 as teacher and writ:er. Geoff headed
the development t:eam that designed 1he ri Review's GMAT course,
now taught in more than50 cities around the country. is t:he author or
coauthor of Cracking the , Paying for College Without Going Broke, and
Cracking the GED.