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Define Number Range

In this step, you maintain the number ranges for inspection characteristics and inspection methods.

You must define independent number ranges for each plant.


In the previous sections "Inspection Characteristics," "Inspection Methods", you determined whether or not an external number
assignment is necessary.

You have defined the plants.

Standard Settings

The following number ranges are available for inspection characteristics and inspection methods:

o 01 for internal number assignment

o 02 for external number assignment

No other number ranges are allowed for purely numeric names of inspection characteristics and inspection methods; you
can only define the number interval.

The system checks the names of alphanumeric inspection

characteristics and inspection methods to make sure they are explicit.

SAP Recommendation

For purely numeric names, use internal (automatic) number assignment.

Use a predefined nomenclature for externally assigned mnemonic numbers.

Use the SAP standard settings.


For each plant, define the ranges for the externally and internally assigned numbers.

Further notes

Number range objects can be transported as follows:

On the initial screen, select "Interval - Transport."
All intervals for the selected number range object are first deleted in the target system, so that only the exported intervals will be present
after the import. The number levels are imported with the value they have at the time of the export.