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Pohl's Pendulum

Instructor in charge: Dr. Satyajit Banerjee


Working formulae:

Natural frequency: =

Damping Constant: = ( )

Least count of stop watch:
Table 1: Natural Frequency (4 data points)
No. Total time Time Period Frequency
Of oscillations (s) (s) ()

Average frequency:
Table for Resonance Frequency:
Damping Current: 0.3 A
(16 to 18 data points, max near the resonance)
Voltage Total time Time Period Driving Amplitude
(V) for (s) Frequency (A1+A2)/2
10 () (unit)

Graph: Amplitude vs driving frequency

With Proper label, title & max. Points near Resonance
Encircle all data points & draw a smooth curve
Indicate Resonance frequency and Bandwidth
Natural Frequency
Resonance Frequency & Band Width
Damping constant
Error Analysis
Resonance Frequency & Band Width from Graph/Formula
Damping constant from formula
Summary all the results with errors: