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You can find Main ideas by :

Paying attention to repeated vocabulary ,which may be key words

Looking for words in the headline or title of the text

Reading subheading and captions of any graphs or illustrations

Watching for words that introduce conclusions and main ideas , such as therefore , as a result , so ,
finally , importantly ,

Focusing on words in bold , italics or different colors


There are different ways of organizing information : (genre of writing )

1.Academic writing : is dividing into paragraphs that usually contain one main idea . the main idea often
start near the beginning of the paragraph and summarized at the end so read forst and last sentences of
each paragraph(near the end of the introduction ) .

2.news articles : they frequently use headlines and subheadings to give main ideas .

3:business communication : brief , efficient,persuasive . main idea started early and repeated at the end
. bullet points , bold txt and repetition are often use to draw the readers attention .


Process essay describe how s.th is done

Introduction : contain

Why the topic is important

Why the process is done (the reason )

Who does it

What situations it is done In

The opinion of writer

Thesis statement : names the process , shows that there is a seties of steps

Each of the main body :

Describe one of the major steps in the process

Uses time words to make the sequences of the steps clear

Common time words :

1.transitition : afterward , eventually,the first step,gradually,later,now,then

2:subordinators : after,as soon as , before, by the time ,once , when . while


The conclusion :

Restates the main idea of the essay

May remind readers why the process is important

May encourage readers to try the process