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1 Progress Test 40 minutes Name Score 100

1 Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition. 3 Write sentences 111 in reported speech. Use
1 My company exports tea to the UK. these verbs.
2 What do you do a living? promiseremindadviseofferdenyaccuse
3 We have a lot of work this month. suggestwarnapologisethreatenadmit
4 I must stop chatting and get to work.
1 Ill definitely pay you back, Tim.
5 Ive just gone business with a friend.
Wendy promised to pay Tim back .
6 Tim never relaxes hes always the go.
2 I didnt break Erins mobile phone.
7 Its been a pleasure doing business you.
He .
8 Gabis been out work for six months.
3 Why dont we visit the art gallery?
9 These toys have been imported China.
Fiona .
10 Which project are you working ?
4 You should do more exercise, Mr Lee.
11 They lost so much money they ended up going
The doctor .
of business.
5 Im sorry I was late for class.
10 She .

6 Ill give you a lift to the station, Jo.
2 Fill in the gaps with the correct form of these Alan .
7 Dont go into the park after dark, Tina.
workwork freelancego bankruptset up I .
make a losstake overrun a chainbranch
8 I stole my cousins laptop.
expand make a profit be made redundant
He .
Daniela Roberts used 9 Youve been lying to me, Molly.

to 1 work for a bank, Frank .

10 Dont forget to get some milk, Kath.
but she 2
Richard .
eight years ago when
11 Ill call the police if it happens again.
the bank closed a
Harry .
number of 3
around the country. 20

Her husband, Ian, 4 Choose the correct words.
was a photographer, 1 I did a course in advertising /adverts.
but he was fed up 2 Can you draw me the companys new logo/slogan?
with 4 for lots of different newspapers. So 3 How much do you want to spend on the
they decided 5 their own business a pizza advertising budget/campaign?
restaurant called Danielas Pizza in their home town. 4 I see that Jim Carreys new film is getting a lot of
The first year was very difficult and their company good advertising/publicity.
nearly 6 , but after 7 in the first 5 Excuse me, can I give you this leaflet/free sample

year they managed 8 in the next year. Soon to read?


6 Were designing/launching the new range of

the restaurant was so popular that they felt it was

childrens clothes on May 1st.

time 9 the business. Two years ago they
7 Fast food companies spend a lot of money on
another restaurant, and now they
of restaurants all over the south of
8 Most slogans/logos are less than six words long.
England. 20

258 face2face Second edition Upper Intermediate Photocopiable Cambridge University Press 2012 Instructions p236
5 Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form of 7 Fill in the gaps in this conversation with these
the Future Continuous or Future Perfect words/phrases.
1 What will you be doing (do) at this time
got an ideaworth a trywe could domakes sense
tomorrow evening? sounds likego overI wonder ifknowsuch
2 By the end of next year he should avoidId ratherright in thinkingabout
what youre saying
(complete) his pilots training.
3 I hope that I (retire) long a  hat are we going to do about the presentation?
before I reach 70. b Ive 1 got an idea . How 2 asking Jack?
a Personally, 3
we didnt ask him. He
4 I certainly (not work) here in
10 years time! wasnt very impressive last time.
b 4 itd be a good idea to ask Sally.
5 Im afraid that Roberta cant see you on Friday
a Yes, thats 5 . She knows the market
morning. She (travel) to a
and shes very keen.
conference in the south of France then.
b One thing 6 is ask George to help her.
6 I (not finish) decorating the
a Im not sure thats 7 a good idea. Theyre,
house by the end of the week. um, not exactly friends, are they?
7 This time next week Christopher and Adela b So 8 is that they dont get on very well.
(lie) on a beach in Goa. a E xactly.
8 Do you think your cousins b OK, so maybe we 9 asking them to work
(arrive) by the end of this week? 7 together.
a I 10 ! Why dont you give her a hand, Pat?
6 Complete these reported statements, questions b Yes, that 11
. Youre really good at
and requests. presentations and you know the audience.
1 Have you got time for a coffee, Maria? a That 12 a good idea.
He asked Maria if she had time for a coffee . b OK, if you like. Am I 13 that the
2 Where did you put the scissors, John? presentation is only half an hour?
She wanted to know . a Yes, and its just before lunch.

3 Can you pick me up after work? b So, can we just 14 the conference
Peters wife asked . plans again? 13
4 Youve already borrowed 50 off me, Val.
He pointed out .
8 Tick the correct sentences. Change the incorrect
5 Could you take my suit to the dry cleaners?
I asked her . 1 Everyone needs to do a living.
6 When is he leaving? 2 Theyve been living there for years.
She wanted to know . 3 Ill be on the middle of a meeting at three.
7 You must be home by ten oclock. 4 One thing I love about Paul is his smile.

Bob told his son . 5 Shes the best headmaster Ive ever met.

8 What have you been doing all morning? 6 Everyone in my family love soap operas.
7 Im having a new boiler put in next week.
Jack asked her .
8 Are you going to get someone help you?
9 Are we going to stay in a hotel?
9 I havent seen neither of these films.
Sandra asked him .

10 I get my car service every year.

10 Im not going to call them until Sunday.

11 The plot was so far-fetched.

Kevin explained .
12 This tyre needs being changed.
11 Will you fix my computer?
13 I dont feel up to going out tonight.
Gillie asked Richard .
14 What I like about this house its close to the park.
10 15 Ive got such a lot of things to do.

Instructions p236 Cambridge University Press 2012 face2face Second edition Upper Intermediate Photocopiable 259