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Narrative Writing Rubric 2017 - 2018

Task: Compose a powerful narrative text that conveys a deeper meaning about life.
Purpose: To engage the reader; to get him / her to think about your deeper meaning; to convey a meaningful experience.
Audience: Yourself and your peers.

Exceeds Meets Approaching Partially Meets

meets + use well-chosen Use narrative techniques in writing: Use narrative techniques in writing: Use minimal narrative
details and advanced narrative Dialogue Dialogue techniques in writing:
techniques: Cut to the bone (pacing & focus) Cut to the bone (pacing & focus) Dialogue
suspense Plan out the narrative arc Plan out the narrative arc Lacks elements of the
Text Types and changing of pace Creative, symbolic title Creative title plotline.
Purposes smooth transitions Lacks some focus (too
Show; dont tell (purposeful imagery) Show; dont tell (some imagery)
I can apply the multiple POVs
Write about a pebble (focus) Write about a pebble (focus) many ideas; not
mini-lessons to my innovative structure
Rule of So What? (theme) Rule of So What? (theme) enough development)
writing to make it
Consistent and purposeful point of Consistent point of view Title
more engaging.
view Begin inside the action (but Minimal imagery
Begin inside the action (develop the background is not developed) Lacks universal theme
background throughout the story)

meets+ Compose multiple complete (3) drafts. Compose multiple complete Compose multiple (2)
Production Compose more than three Seek focused peer and teacher critique drafts (2). complete drafts.
I can master the complete drafts to improve writing. Seek peer and teacher critique to
writing process: Seek additional, focused Use rubric and mini-lessons to improve improve writing.
planning, drafting, critique from teacher,
writing. Critique peer work.
seeking feedback, peers, and outside
revising, and sources. Critique peer / own work effectively Critique own work.
polishing. and respectfully.

meets + Use a variety of rich literary devices to Use literary devices to create an Use detail to build
Use advanced literary create an accurate connotation. accurate connotation. imagery in readers
devices: imagery Eliminate ineffective repetition. mind.
I can use figurative symbol simile / metaphor Use a thesaurus purposefully to Some ineffective
language and irony personification improve some weak verbs and repetition.
literary devices to allusion alliteration vague descriptions. Some weak verbs and
paint a picture in the foreshadowing Use strong, specific verbs (actions). vague descriptions.
readers mind. flashback Use effective repetition.
Exceeds Meets Approaching Partially Meets
meets + Capitalize proper nouns. Capitalize proper nouns. Capitalize proper
Use colon, semicolon, Spell words c orrectly. Spell words c orrectly. nouns.
hyphen, dash, or ellipses Convention errors do not take Spell words correctly.
Conventions accurately away / distract from the Convention errors
I can make Use unconventional
purposeful choices meaning of the text. take away / distract
decisions (italics,
about when to use from the meaning of
indentations, odd
writing conventions. the text.
line/stanza breaks, etc.)
symbolically in writing.

Successes Areas for Improvement

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