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Student Name: Julia Longo Course Code: ECS 4070

Age Group: Kindergarten Date: October 2-6


1. Children will: The children will enhance their representation of numbers (4.15) as they place as many apples
as they wish on their page and count them
2. Children will further develop their peer group entry skills (1.3) by observing the environment before
entering play and entering play by assuming available roles
3. Enhance their fine motor skills (5.3) by using their fingers to look for sight words
4. Children will improve their recognition of patterns (4.18) as they create patterns with the materials

Centre or Learning Experience #1: Math Activity- Ten Apples Up On Top

Purpose: The kindergarten children are in the Modifications:

process of learning the numbers one through ten.
The first week they were introduced to the
numbers 1, 2 and 3. Last week they were Stabilize:
introduced to the numbers 4 and 5. This week I
wanted to continue with numbers so I decided on
another math activity. I introduced them to the
story Ten Apples Up On Top last week. Following
the story I have prepared an activity for the
children to complete where they will decide how
many apples they have on top.


Ten apples up on top book

Worksheet with apple cut outs
Pencils Tweak:

Centre or Learning Experience #2: Pom Pom Drop

Purpose: Modifications:

The children thoroughly enjoy playing different

games in the classroom. For this today I decided to
create an activity called the pom pom drop. There
will be a variety of pom poms in a bin varying in
colour and sizes. The teacher wanted to assess the
students on their colours therefore she asked if I
would be able to complete an assessment sheet on Simplify:
each child while they complete the activity. For the
board I will glue different colour tubes varying in
length on a presentation board and have the
children drop the pom poms inside the
corresponding tube (colour and size). Once the pom
poms are dropped through the tube they will end
up in the corresponding cup ultimately sorting all
the pom poms

Presentation board
Paper towel rolls covered in construction paper
Pom poms varying in colour
Assessment sheet

Centre or Learning Experience #3:Squish & Seek Sight Words

Purpose: Modifications:

I noticed the children love trying new experiences

and new ways to perform certain activities. The
students are in the process of learning their letters
and different sight words. I decided to provide a
unique experience where the JK students will
squish and seek upper and lowercase letters and
the SK students will squish and seek sight words.

Ziploc bags filled with paint

Sight words
Letters printed Enhance:

Centre or Learning Experience #4: Patterning Activity

Purpose: Modifications:

The kindergarten teacher informed me that for the rest

of the week as well as next week the students will be
introduced to patterns. With todays activity I will Stabilize:
introduce the children to patterns with colours and
leaves extending on the theme of fall. Once the children
are introduced to the topic they will have an
opportunity to create their own patterns using leaf
cutouts and markers. The children will identify the
number of leaves in their pattern as well as the colours.

Materials: Enhance:

Leaf cut outs

Construction paper

Centre or Learning Experience #5: PA DAY (Day to be made up)


Role of the Educator:

Teaching Strategy #1: Modeling

Children learn by imitating others. For all the activities presented above I will show the students how to complete
them first. For the apples math, I will provide them with an example of the worksheet I completed and will then have
them complete their own. For the pompom drop, since an assessment is involved I will take one student at a time and
explain what to do. I will then show them the orange pompoms go down the orange tube, the pink down the pink etc.
For the squish and seek activity I will set out the Ziploc bags on the table during learning center time. I will then call
over a two students at a time to complete the activity. I will show them how to move their fingers around the paint
in order to find the words or letters presented on the page. Finally, for the patterning activity, similar to the apple
activity I will create an example of a pattern and have the students identify it. When the students are creating their
own patterns I will have the example close by if they want to have a look.

Teaching Strategy #2: Scaffolding

For all the activities presented above I will provide as much support as the children need. Some students may require
more support than others when completing certain tasks. The support will be both physical (hand over hand when
writing numbers) as well as verbal. In the beginning I will provide maximum support and gradually remove myself as
I see that the children are able to perform the tasks on their own. This will help children move from assisted
performance to independent functioning.
Overall Full-Environment Set-Up Evaluation

What worked during this learning experience? Why?

What did not work during this learning experience? Why?

What might you do differently in the future?

What theory might you use to support these changes? (Optional)

Site Supervisors Feedback

Provide the student with constructive feedback on his/her Group Learning Experience
Indicate aspects the student did well
Comment on aspect the student could keep in mind when planning and implementing future experiences

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