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Corrpro Rectifiers

Automatic Air-Cooled Rectifier


The Corrpro Automatic Series of custom air-cooled rectifiers combine top quality components and
manufacturing methods, with a wide variety of features and available options, resulting in an industry
leader for Cathodic protection. Available modes of operation with this series are constant current or
constant potential control with voltage limiting. The AC input supply is isolated by a step-down
transformer before being applied to a fully controlled, SCR, full-wave bridge assembly. This controlled
and rectified voltage is filtered by a choke and capacitor combination (optional) to yield a low ripple DC
output. The low ripple has the advantages of increased efficiency, no communication interference, and
more precise control of the output. Rectifiers are constructed in natural convection, air-cooled, rugged
steel enclosures rated Type 3R or, optionally, Type 4 or 4X. Enclosures are typically finished with a
white, fusion bond, polyester powder paint. The Corrpro Automatic Series of rectifiers provide the best
choice for automatic control of your Cathodic protection current & potential requirements.

Slide out chassis with easy access for field servicing.

Full-wave silicon controlled rectification (SCR).

Constant-Current control mode with regulation to within 2% of full output rating.

Constant-Potential control mode maintains structure potential to within 50 mV of set-point.

High energy AC input surge protection.

High energy DC output surge protection.

Secondary AC surge protection.

Separate continuously reading 3.5 DC meters.

Transformer constructed to Class H (180C/356F) temperature requirements with a minimum efficiency of 95%.

All brass/copper hardware finished in electroless nickel plate for superior corrosion prevention.

Wall or pole mounting.

One year warranty, from date of purchase against defective components, and faulty workmanship.

Full complement of options to tailor the rectifier to the specific installation requirements.

Optional floor stands.

Optional 3-door enclosure available.


Single phase inputs: 115, 115/230, 230, 230/460, 460 & 600 VAC., 60 Hz (50Hz optional)

Three phase inputs: 208, 230, 480, & 600 VAC., 60 Cycle (50 Hz. optional).

Potential sensing of up to (2) Reference Cells (more than two reference cells can be added as an option).

Magnetic trip input circuit breakers and secondary fuses for full overload & short circuit protection.

Optional 25-steps of tap link bar adjustment

Corrpro Companies
7000 B Hollister
Houston, TX 77040
Phone: 713-460-6000
Call: 1-866-CORRPRO
Aegion Corporation
Output voltage range from 8 to 100 volts DC.

Output current range from 4 to 120 amperes DC.

Special output or input ratings available on request.

Metering: 2% meters, temperature compensated.

Cooling by natural air convection.

Operating ambient: -40 to +45C (-40 to 113F).

Cabinet rated Type 3R; constructed from 12 or 14 Ga. mill galvanized steel, finished in 3-5 mils, fusion bond polyester powder paint, white.

Stainless steel hardware.

CNC cut, fully engraved front panel, or lamicoid labels.

Ordering Information


Corrpro Companies
7000 B Hollister
Houston, TX 77040
Phone: 713-460-6000
Call: 1-866-CORRPRO
Aegion Corporation
Corrpro Companies
7000 B Hollister
Houston, TX 77040
Phone: 713-460-6000
Call: 1-866-CORRPRO
Aegion Corporation