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INTE 102 Fall 2016-2017 Project

Dear All,

Hope this finds you well.

Enclosed is a detailed description of your project.

Topic: A Prominent Educator

Choose one prominent local, regional, or international educator who has contributed to the development of
his /her field, university, or country. Prepare a poster in which you introduce that person, give a brief
summary about his/her life, education, and talk about his/her achievements.

Points to be tackled:

1. A brief personal introduction of the figure

2. Education
3. Current Occupation
4. Achievements
5. The importance of his/her achievement(s) in the field of expertise
6. The figures main quotes, pieces of advice, motto.

Format: Poster

Size: A2


1. People have to read it. Use text that is large enough for the audience to see/read.
Use big letters, suggested fonts are 36 or 48 for text and 72 or bigger for titles. As a rule people should
be able to read your poster from four feet away, and the title should be able to be read from at least ten
feet away.
2. Dont challenge peoples eyes. Select colours/backgrounds that are easy for the audience to see and
If you choose to use a background, use a light colored background and dark letters for contrast. Avoid
dark backgrounds with light letters - very tiring to read. Dont make small pictures really big, they will
show the pixels instead of the image, and its distracting. Dont use funky font; theres a reason Times
New Roman and Arial fonts are used commonly; they are easy to read.
3. Setup is important. Balance the placement of text and graphics making it visually attractive. Use
white space creatively to define the flow of information. Column format makes poster easier to read in
a crowd. Your graphs should look professional and have labels.
4. Take time in your creation. This is a poster about something you have taking the time to study, take
the time to present your information professionally. Spell Check. Proofread. Get feedback before
printing. Take time to make a practice poster (maybe not even about the subject your presenting on),
this will help you get used to the tools of making better posters. If you take the time to make your
poster interesting, people might just get interested.
5. If youre presenting your poster don't read the poster to the audience. Instead, give the big picture
of what you did, explain why the subject is important, and use the graphics to illustrate and support
your key points.
6. For more help on poster design, check this website:

- The poster should include the following:
1. Appropriate information
2. Pictures
3. Figures
4. Labels
5. Titles
- In order to create the poster, you should:
1. Know the person the poster is about!
2. Avoid the same old.
3. Make sure all the relevant information is included.
4. Try to make sure your poster will have a great effect on the audience.
5. Choose a memorable image, slogan or anything related to the figure.


1. At the posters back, you should write the following information:

a. Beirut Arab University
b. Language Centre
c. Semester & Academic Year (Fall 2016-2017)
d. Course Code, Number and Section (INTE 102 Section #)
e. Full Name & ID Number

2. All posters should be submitted in class on Monday - Tuesday 14-15/11/2016 according to the class

3. Projects will be presented in class starting 21/11/2016 according to the instructors schedule.

4. Each student will be given THREE to FIVE MINUTES to present his/her poster in class.

5. The project constitutes 7.5% of the course grade. The 7.5% will be divided as follows:
5% = Poster Content
2.5% = Presentation

Please contact your instructor should you need further assistance.