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all about predicting death

Sarajit Poddar
Jyotish Guru, Sri Jagannath Center

Causes of Death
Serial Combinations Cause of Death
1 The Sun in 10th and Mars in 4th Fall from the top of a
2 Saturn in 4th, the Moon in 7th and Mars in 10th Falling into a well.
3 Both the luminaries in Virgo aspected by malefics Own Kinsmen/ Poisoning.
4 Both the luminaries in Lagna happened to be a dual sign Watery grave.
5 Saturn in Cancer, the Moon in Capricorn Dropsy.
6 The Moon in Martian sign hemmed in between malefics Weapons or Fire.
7 The Moon in Virgo betwixt malefics Vitiation of blood or
8 The Moon in Saturnine signs in betwixt malefics Hanging, Fire or fall.
9 5th and 9th occupied by malefics without benefic aspect Captivity/ Prison.
10 Decanate of 8th house be Sarpa (Serpent) or Pasa (Noose) or Captivity.
Nigada (Fetters)
11 Virgo happened to be 7th (Pisces Lagna) occupied by the Moon Die on account of a
along with malefic, Venus in Aries(2nd), Sun in the Lagna woman.
12 Sun or Mars in 4th, Saturn in 10th, weak Moon conjoined with Impalement.
malefics in the 1st or 5th or 9th
13 The Sun in the 4th, Mars conjoined with weak Moon in the 10th Beaten with wooden
aspected by Saturn clubs.
14 Four planets mentioned above in 8th, 10th, 1st and the 4th same result.
15 Above four planets in the 10th, 9th, 1st and 5th Suffocation\ Fire\
Imprisonment\ Beating.
16 Mars in 4th, the Sun in 7th and Saturn in the 10th Weapon\ Fire\ Royal
17 Saturn in 2nd, the Moon in 4th, Mars in 10th Wounds or Worms.
18 Sun in 10th, Mars in 4th Fall from a Vehicle/
Injuries received from
stone throwing.
19 Mars in 7th, the sun, Moon and Saturn in the Lagna Machine.
20 Mars in Libra, Saturn in Aries, the Moon in Saturnine sign Death in between filth
and night soil.
21 Weak Moon in 10th, the Sun in 7th and Mars in 4th Same as above.
22 Weak Moon aspected by strong Mars, Saturn in 8th Worms\ Tumour\
Instruments\ Fire\ Disease
of private parts.
23 The Sun in Lagna, Mars in 8th, Saturn in 5th, the Moon in 9th Fall from a precipice\ Fall
of thunderbolt or of a
24 Mars and Saturn afflicted Suffocation
25 Lagna be a watery sign or Amsa aspected by the Moon and In water.
Venus, 8th and 12th occupied by malefics
26 Birth during the Visa ghatis, 8th occupied by malefic Poison/ Fire/ Weapons.
27 The Moon in the fatal degree of Lagna or 8th or 12th Water or Machinery.

28 8th lord in the Navamsa which is termed as visa, and be Snake poison/ by vultures/
conjoined with malefics by wild boar according to
the name of particular
Navamsa. The first
Navamsa of Aries, Taurus,
Virgo and Sagittarius
called snake poison; the
middle of Gemini, Leo,
Libra and Aquarius is
called Vulture poison.
29 The Sun and Mars in each other’s sign and also Kendra from the Impalement on account of
8th lord royal displeasure. [This
also happens when Mars
and Saturn are in each
other’s sign or Amsa, in the
sign or Amsa of the 8th
house (or in the fatal
degree) and at the same
time in Kendra from the
8th lord].
30 The Moon in Lagna, weak Sun in 8th, Jupiter in 12th and a Fall from the couch/
malefic in the 4th Attack by hunters at night.
31 Lagna lord in the Navamsa of the 8th house, is eclipsed or in the Hunger in a place far
6th away from kith and kin.
32 1st and 8th lords weak, Mars conjoined with 6th lord In battle/ Weapon.
33 Lagna or 7th lord conjoined with lords of 2nd and 4th Indigestion.
34 Lord of Navamsa of the 4th house in dusthana or conjoined Poisoning.
with Saturn
35 Above lord with Rahu or Ketu Hanging.
36 Weak Moon conjoined with Mars or Saturn or Rahu in the 8th Ghost/ Fire/ Water.
37 Weak Moon conjoined with Mars or Saturn or Rahu in other Epilepsy.
38 Weak Sun or Mars in the 8th, Malefics in 2nd Bilious disease.
39 The Moon or Jupiter in the 8th (Watery sign), aspected by Consumption
40 Venus in 8th aspected by malefics Rheumatism,
Consumption or Diabetes.
41 Rahu in 8th aspected by malefics Heat blisters/ Snake bite/
Small pox/ Mental Disease
42 8th lord aspected by Venus, the Sun or Saturn conjoined with Head chopped off.
Rahu posited in a Krura Shastiyamsa
43 The Moon conjoined with Saturn, Rahu and Mandi placed in a Violent death.
dusthana and aspected by Lagna lord
44 Benefics occupy 4th 10th or 1st
45 Mars in 8th, Malefics occupy Trikona from Asdt. or the Moon Captivity/ Hanging.
46 The Sun and Mars in the12th, Rahu and the Moon in the 7th, Far away from home in a
Jupiter in any Kendra temple garden.

47 Saturn in Taurus in conjunction with a malefic Hanging
48 Saturn aspect rising Sun or Moon Prison.
49 The sun in 4th, Mars in 10th aspected by weak moon Crucifixion.
50 Saturn in 8th with weak Moon aspected by strong Mars Surgical operation, Piles,
51 The disease with which the native suffered before dying can be
ascertained from the diseases indicated by the planets
occupying the 8th house. If there is no planet in the 8th then the
8th lord have the say on it.

⇒ In the absence of aforesaid conditions the nature of death is to be judged from the 22nd Decanate
which falls in the 8th house.
Sign First Decanate Second Decanate Third Decanate
Aries Water, Snake-poison, Bite Water, worms, Snow, Forest. Falling into the tank or well
Taurus Elephant, Horse, Camel Bile, Fire, Wind, Thieves Fall from a vehicle, seat or
horse or through Weapons in
Gemini Cough, Asthma Buffalo, Poison, Typhoid wild animals, Mountain,
Snakes or elephants, Forester
or forest
Cancer Crocodile, Liquor, Thorns, Blows, Drinking poison Birds, Diabetes, Tumour,
Sleep Blood vitiation, Sleepiness.
Leo Water, Poison, Disease of the Dropsy, Diarrhoea, Forest Poison, Instruments,
feet (Operation), Curse, Fall
Virgo Head or brain disease Wild Elephant, Snake, Chasm, Food & Drink,
Forest, Mountain, Prince’s Woman, Weapon, Water,
displeasure Donkey, Elephant
Libra Young woman, Animal, Fall Stomach disease Snake, Water
Scorpio Poison, Weapon, Woman, Clothes, Load, Fall, Disease Pain caused by Clods and
Food stones, Fracture of the shank
Sagittarius Disease of Anus, wind Poison, Wind disease. In water or water complaints,
complaints Stomach diseases
Capricorn Torture at the hand of King, Fire, weapons, Thieves, Women
Tiger, Breaking of Thighs, Fever, Piercing by a non-
Aquatic animal, Poison, human agency
Snake, Animals of uncloven
Aquarius Woman, Water, Stomach Woman, Venereal diseases Sexual excess, Quadrupeds,
complaints, Savages Facial Diseases
Pisces Tumour, Diarrhoea, Ship-wreck Fell Diseases
Diabetes, Young woman,
Disease of the Shanks and
Water Elephant, Evil spirit

Timing Death:
Maraka Dasa & Bhukti:
Primary Determinant:
1. The planets, especially malefics, associating with the 2nd and the 7th lords.
2. The 2nd and the 7th lords.
3. The occupants, particularly malefics, of the 2nd and 7th houses.

Secondary Determinant:
1. Benefic planets in association with the 2nd and 7th lords.
2. Lords of 3rd and 8th.
3. The lord of the 3rd or 8th house associating with the 2nd or the 7th lord.

Tertiary Determinant:
1. Saturn in conjunction, aspect or association with any of the primary or secondary determinants of
2. The lords of the 6th or the 8th house.
3. The weakest planet in the horoscope.

Chidra Graha Dasa

The following are called the Chidra - grahas and the strongest of them can cause death in his period:
1. The 8th lord.
2. The planet occupying the 8th house.
3. The planet aspecting the 8th house.
4. The lord of 22nd Decanate.
5. The planet in association with the 8th lord.
6. The bitter enemy of the 8th lord.

⇒ The 8th house is the house of the life and if afflicted terminates life. If the 8th lord is in the 6th,
8th or the 12th house, death of the person can occur,
1. in the dasa and bhukti of the 8th lord or
2. in the dasa of the lord of the sign occupied by Saturn in the sub-period of the 8th lord, or
3. in the dasa of the 8th lord and the bhukti of the 9th lord

1. When Saturn Passes through the house occupied by the 8th or the 12th lord from the lagna, Death
occurs. Passage of Saturn through these houses or their trines reckoned from any other house result
in destruction of that house.
2. Saturn’s transit of the sign or the trine occupied by the lord of the 22nd Decanate or Mandi brings
about death.
3. When Saturn passes through the rasi and Navamsa or their trine obtained from subtracting the
longitude of Saturn from that of Mandi, Death is likely.

4. Saturn’s transit through the sign or the trine obtained from the sum of longitudes of 6th, 8th and 12th
lords brings death.
5. Saturn’s transit of the sign as far removed from Mandi as Mandi is from the 8th lord is also a fateful
6. Add the longitudes of the five upagrahas headed by Dhuma, and note the Decanate of the resulting
sign. When Saturn arrives this Decanate of the sign, the death is indicated.
7. Add the longitudes of Mandi and Saturn. Multiply the sum by 9. Note the resulting sign and
Navamsa. When Saturn arrives this sign and Amsa, the event may take place.
8. Find the weakest of the three sets of planets, viz.(1) Lords of the 8th houses counted from the Asdt.
and the Moon (2) Lord of the 22nd Decanate (3) The Moon and Mandi. Note the Navamsa occupied
by that planet. When Saturn arrives at this Amsa or its trine, death is likely.
9. Note the sign which happens to be the Navamsa occupied by the lord of the Asdt. See how far it is
removed from Aries; count so many signs from the 8th lord. When Saturn comes to this sign, death is
10. For the Night birth death is likely during the transit of Saturn through a trine of the sign occupied by
Mandi at birth; and for day birth it is 7th house from above.
11. Again for the Night birth the event may occur when Saturn passes through the sign and Amsa
occupied by the Moon or Mandi; and for Day birth, when she passes through the sign and Amsa
occupied by the Sun or the 5th, 7th or 9th from that.
12. Count the distance of Mandi from that of 8th lord in signs and count as many signs from Mandi.
When Saturn arrives at that sign, death occur.
13. Jupiter’s transit through the sign occupied by the 8th lord or its trine.
14. Jupiter’s transit through the sign or the trine obtained from the sum of longitudes of Lagna, the Sun
and Mandi causes death.
15. When Jupiter crosses the rasi indicated by the sum of the longitudes of Jupiter and Rahu or through
its trines, death can be expected.
16. When the Sun comes to the sign and the Amsa obtained from the longitudes of Mandi and the Asdt,
death may happen.
17. When Sun transits the Dwadasamsa he occupies in Rasi or the Navamsa occupied by the 8th lord or
the Navamsa occupied by Lagna lord or the Trines of any one of these signs, death may be
18. Passage of Sun through the 6th, the7th or the12th house from Venus indicates death.
19. The solar month of death would be identical with the sign occupied by the 8th lord.
20. When the Moon crosses the Rasi or Navamsa by the 8th lord or the Sun or their trines, death is likely.
21. Moon’s passage through the sign indicated by the sum of Mandi and Moon.
22. Moon’s passage through the sign occupied by the lord of 22nd Decanate reckoned from the Moon or
through the trines of these houses.
23. Transit of the Moon through the Lagna, the 8th or the 12th house also causes death.
24. Find out the Navamsa, Dwadasamsa and the Decanate occupied by Mandi. The transit of Jupiter
through the sign indicated by the Navamsa; of Saturn through that of Dwadasamsa and the Sun
through the one or its trine indicated by the Decanate indicates death. The Lagna denoted by the Sum
of the Lagna, the Moon and the Mandi indicates the time of Death.
25. The Asdt. at the time of death will be the sign obtained from the sum of the longitudes of the Asdt.,
Mandi and the Moon.

Place of Death:
1. If the 8th house is a movable sign, death occur in a foreign place or country i.e., far from the home; if
it is fixed sign, death takes place in home; if it is a common sign then death takes place nearby home
or way to home.
2. Place of death is indicated by lord of the sign occupied by the lord rising Navamsa as follows:
• The Sun - Temple, Forest or a Religious institution.
• The Moon - A fertile place with green vegetation and garden.
• Mars - Hospital, Operation room, Special wards.
• Mercury - Playground, Sports club, Gambling den.
• Jupiter - Theatre house, Public office, Court, Lawyer’s house.
• Venus - Rich flats and apartments, Nursing homes.
• Saturn - Dirty places and Dens of Prostitutes.
Planets occupying the Lagna, or the rising Navamsa or the Lagna lord or the planets aspecting the Lagna
or the Lagna lord have their say on the place of death