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*kalimat yang ditebali (BOLD), adalah jawabannya.

1. You can view applicants short profile in order to gain quick overview of applicant
a. True b. False

2. During outbond delivery document creation the following activities can also be
a. Transport order c. Good receipt
b. Good issue d. Credit memo

3. Default values for SAP transactions are set on the following level
a. Client level d. Repository
b. Application data e. None of the above
c. Customizing

4. The infotype that contains work schedule which employee is assigned to is known as
the following infotype
a. Organization assignment (IT c. Planned working time (IT
0001) 0007)
b. Absence quota (IT 2006) d. Attendances (IT 2002)
e. Absences (IT 2001)

5. Depreciation area data is Asset master are derived from default value which are set
previously in asset class
a. True b. False

6. When a job requirement is compared with employees existing qualification, the result
is stored in
a. Profile c. Employee performance
b. Appraisal d. Development plans

7. We can assign link to files to Favourite Folder in SAP Easy Access Menu
a. True b. False
8. Material Document is created in the background upon completed the following
a. Purchase requisition d. Invoice verification
b. Purchase order e. Outgoing payment
c. Good receipt

9. The folloing is NOT a true statement in regards with System Wide Concepts
a. Organizational elements, c. Sales are contains sales
master data, and transactions organization, division, and
are the basic elements designed distribution channel
and utilized to represent a d. Master data is created centrally
companys enterprise structure and available to all aplicants
and business process in SAP and users
b. Several plants can be assigned e. None of above
to the same company code

10. When executing a hiring action, user requires to at least maintain the following
infotypes, except
a. Operational assignment c. Adreesses (IT0006)
(IT0001) d. Travel privellege (IT0017)
b. Personal data (IT0002)

11. It is possible to create link to an external application in the SAP Easy Access Menu
a. True b. False

12. As Outbond Delivery can created without any reference

a. True b. False

13. Internal Reporting is typically established by General Accounting Standards for

instance GAAP
a. True b. False

14. The followings are the basic procurement cycle, except :

1. Demand determination 4. Invoice verification
2. Good issue 5. Supplier selection
3. Source determination

15. Product Cost Controlling provides an external view point of the companys
a. True b. False
16. Upon invoice verification, the system automatically carry out the payment process
a. True b. False

17. During good receipt process, user can use the following document as a reference
1. Purchase Requisition 4. Invoice Verification
2. Purchase Order 5. All of the above
3. Inquiry

18. Development is a client that is used for real transactions

a. True b. False

19. A CO document consists of the following information

1. Date 4. Controlling Object
2. Amount 5. All of the above
3. Cost Element

20. The following is the element that you need to set in subledger master data in order to
connect between subledger and general ledger
1. GL Account Group 3. Reconciliation
2. Customer/Vendor Account
Account Group 4. Company Code

21. The Central store for all ABAP workbench is known as :

1. The Client 3. The Repository
2. The Layer 4. The Cross Client

22. Personnel files are master data records in SAP Human Capital Management. The
followings are TRUE statements in regards with object in Organizational
Management, except
1. Jobs are the 3. An organizational unit
assignment of is assigned to a
individual employee in company code
the enterprise 4. A position is assigned
2. Person occupy positions to an organizational unit
that inherit the job 5. None of the above

23. Below are information provided in Sales Area data provides below informations,
1. Shipping 4. Sales
2. Billing 5. Partner Function
3. Dunning
24. Distribution Channel is used to define how different products reach the customer. One
example of Distribution Channel is
1. Wholesale 4. Shipping Point
2. Plant 5. Sales Area
3. Division

25. Following statement are TRUE in regards with Company Code, except:
1. Only one chart of account can 3. The smallest organizational
be assigned to a company code unit that represents the tax law
2. It can generate or display the view of the company
profit and loss statement 4. It represents a foreign operation
according to cost-of-sales that carries inventory

26. SAP ERP HCM supports payroll functions and regulatory requirements for :
1. 50 Countries 3. No more than 50 countries
2. More than 50 Countries 4. None of the above

27. The majority of the views in material master are at the following level:
1. Plant 3. Controlling area
2. Company code 4. Client

28. The highest level of organization elements in SAP system is:

a. Org. Unit d. Client
b. Company code e. Sales Group
c. Plant

29. Billing hasnt an interface to financeial Accounting

a. True b. False

30. A controlling area includes only one company code in the same controlling
a. True b. False

31. SAP library is used to find online documentation for the current application only
a. True b. False

32. Invoice verivication is the final step in the procurement cycle:

a. True b. False
33. Training and event management has an initiative menu that enables user to acces
individual functions of the applications directly via the objects in the business event
catalog. These menus are know as:
a. Dynamic action d. Attendance menus
b. 2.Personnel action e. Dynamic menus
c. Day-to-day activities

34. It is possible to add me delete transactions and folder from the SAP menu
a. True b. False

35. SAP R/3 Accounting system consist of several components, except :

a. Financial accounting c. Profitability and sales
b. Corporate finance accounting
management d. Investment management
e. None of above

36. Jose Karmel, then HR Director give best performers a compensation adjustment of
200 USD as a result of their performance appraisals. In this case, the appraisal
function in personnel. Development module has integrated with the following module.
a. Strategic enterprise c. Personnel cost planning
management d. Business information
b. Compensation warehouse
management e. None of the above

37. A process that distributes transaction loads according to first in first out (FIFO)
principal is known as.
a. Dispatcher c. Work process
b. Buffer d. DB process
38. The following are the advantages of posting good receipt by referencing to purchase
orders, except.
a. Data from Purchase Order movement is automatically
is copied automatically to posted
the Good Receipt d. Material Document is
transaction automatically created
b. Purchace Order history is containing material
updated upon the delivery information and quantity
c. Accounting document e. None of the above
relating to Goods

39. Asset acquisition can only be proceeded by a purchase order in SAP R/3 purchasing.
a. True b. False

40. What is the smallest organizational units in the organizational structure?

a. Position d. Manager
b. User e. Finance Manager
c. Finance Departement

41. Any changes in parameter setting in client 100 shall automatically change the setting
in client 200.
a. True b. False

42. Ms. Cathlene will be assigned to another location. Therefore her personnel data such
as location, address, salary, work schedule should be changed. In this case, the HR
administrator should update the employee data through.
a. Single screen maintenance c. Fast entry
b. Personnel actions d. Applicant data

43. Account payable is posted to accounting upon creation of the following document.
a. Purchase Requisition d. Invoice verification
b. Purchase Order e. All of the aboves
c. Good Receipt

44. To allow integration and data exchange between different SAP and non SAP systems,
the following service is required.
a. ALE d. Business Object
b. BAPI e. Business Framework
c. Method

45. Finance director may be intersted in looking at the accounting from an internal view
a. True b. False
46. The following are capabilities of controlling, except.
a. Internal Orders d. Consolidation
b. Activity Base Costing e. Product Cost Controlling
c. Profitablility Analysis

47. Capabilities of enterprise controlling is known as.

a. Cost Center d. Product Cost Controlling
b. Internal Order e. Profit Center
c. Activity Based Costing

48. Customer master consists of one of the following data, except.

a. Client c. Company Code
b. Sales Area d. None of the above

49. The Function of Sales Oeganization in SAP system is:

1. To negotiate price and 3. To manufacture product
controls sales term to 4. To describe the various
the customer business units in an
2. To distribute different enterprise
types of products to 5. To represent a legal
customer independent accounting

50. We can perform picking during the creation of delivery document

a. True b. False

51. During the process of your first ever logging on, you should enter a new password
after initial password entered
a. True b. False
52. The following are TRUE statements in regards with Personnel Cost Planning, except:
1. The results of time Personnel Cost
evaluation can be used Planning
as a data source for 3. You may create a
Personnel Cost training budget once a
Planning plan has been released
2. Payroll result and 4. You may transfer data
planned payment for to mySAP ERP
position in Organization Controlling once a plan
Management can be has been released
used as a data basis for

53. Issuing credit memos are part of functions in billing

a. True b. False

54. A standard program for accessing almost all of SAP solutions is known as:
1. SAP Help 4. SAP ERP
2. SAP Easy Access 5. None of the above

55. Client that is used for training can should be created in the following SAP system.
1. Development 3. Production
2. Quality Assurance

56. To access help information for a specific field in a transaction, users can press the
following key on the keyboard:
1. F1 4. F4
2. F2 5. F5
3. F3
57. The calculation of gross payroll and legal shall comprise:
1. Employee 3. Time Data
remmuneration 4. None of the above
2. HCM Master Data

58. A formal request requesting a vendor to supply certain goods or service is called
1. Purchase Requisition 3. Vendor Evaluation
2. Purchase Order 4. None of the above

59. ABC company has organization structure with Finance, Operation, and IT
departments. In SAP, these departments are known as the following object:
1. Position 3. Division
2. Job 4. Organization Units
5. None of the above

60. ABAP dictionary is one of several development tools that provided within the SAP
a. True b. False

61. The convention of transaction code for deleting the current transaction is
1. /n 4. /i
2. /o 5. None of the above
3. /oXXXX

62. When multiple logon occurs, SAP system shall display the following warning, except
1. Continue with this logon and end any other logons of this user in the system
2. Continue with this logon without ending any other logons in the system
3. Continue with this logon and start any other logons of this user in the system
4. Terminate this logon

63. Application layer is one of the 3 layers that consists in three-tier system
a. True b. False
64. You have to assign Group Account Number if you use Group Chart of Account
a. True b. False

65. It is possible to enter a website address in Favorites

a. True b. False

66. Several Plants can be assigned to the same Company Code

a. True b. False

67. The followings are ways to record time data, except

1. Self Service Applications 3. Cross Application Time Sheet
2. Time Recording Terminal 4. Payroll Administrator

68. You may access a transaction by entering a transaction code in the command field to
go directly to a transaction or function. The convention of transaction code for
cancelling the current transaction is
1. /o 4. /i
2. /n 5. None of the above
3. /oXXXX

69. Mr. George Vega holds a position as Finance Manager whereas Ms. Catherine
Camino as an IT Manager. Both of them have same object which is known as
1. Position 3. Division
2. Job 4. Organizational Units

70. Daily document postings are posted by using

1. Country Chart of Accounts 3. Local Chart of Accounts
2. Group Chart of Accounts 4. Operational Chart of Accounts