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World Religions PowerPoint

Your group has been assigned a world religion to research. You will create a PowerPoint explaining key
points about the religion. Your PowerPoint must have at least 11 slides, at least 11 pictures, and some
animations/transitions. Each slide must have at least one picture!

1. Title Slide: Name of the religion, group members names, and one appropriate picture
2. Demographics: What are followers of this religion called? How many people practice
this religion today? Where do most of them live today?
3. Historical background: How and when did the religion begin? Where did it begin?
4. Key person or people: Who founded the religion or was an important prophet?
5. Spread: How and to what parts of the world did the religion spread?
6. Basic beliefs: How many gods do they believe in? What are their basic beliefs? Do
followers of the religion believe in reincarnation or a final judgment day? What is the
code of behavior that they live their life by?
7. Sacred text or holy book: What is the holy book or sacred text of the religion called?
8. Sacred place of worship: What is their place of worship called?
9. Symbol(s): What symbol(s) represent the religion and why?
10. Celebrations, festivals, or holidays
11. Interesting facts: What is special about the religion OR what are some other interesting
facts about it?

*Please, do NOT copy and paste information. Read it and then write it in your own words!

Be ready to present your information and PowerPoint to the class!

Name____________________________________________ Period____

Mrs. Tolens
7th Grade Social Studies
World Religions PowerPoint Rubric
Criteria Beginning Developing Advancing Score
1-3 4-7 8-10
PowerPoint PowerPoint met few PowerPoint met some PowerPoint slides
of the requirements or most of the met all of the
requirements requirements and
expectations (slides,
pictures, and
Content Misinterpreted the Some of the All of the information
information and or information was was relevant and
did not include the relevant and accurate, accurate
necessary information some was not

Participation Barely contributed to Contributed Exceeded

the project and something to the expectations, worked
wasted some or most project and used hard, and
of class time some of class time significantly
contributed to the

Presentation Presentation lacked Presentation lacked Presentation was

most of the some information and informative and
information and or the PowerPoint was included the use of
was missing the only partially used the PowerPoint
PowerPoint throughout it