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The Solar System

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Multiple-Choice closest star to Earth at a distance of List, Order, Fill-in-the-Blank,

about 150 million km. The next
closest star - Proxima Centauri - is and Matching
nearly 268,000 times farther away.
1. A B C D There are millions of similar stars in
18. A. New Moon
the Milky Way Galaxy (and billions
of galaxies in the universe). Our Sun B. Waxing Crescent
2. A B C D E F supports life on Earth. It powers C. First Quarter
photosynthesis in green plants and is
D. Waxing Gibbous
ultimately the source of all food and
3. A B C D fossil fuel. The connection and E. Full Moon
interaction between the Sun and the F. Waning Gibbous
Earth drive the seasons, currents in
G. Last Quarter
4. A B C D E the ocean, weather, and climate.
The Sun is some 333,400 times H. Waning Crescent
more massive than Earth and
5. A B C D E F contains 99.86 percent of the mass
of the entire solar system. It is held 19. A. 8
together by gravitational attraction, B. 4
6. A producing immense pressure and C. 9
temperature at its core (more than a D. 5
billion times that of the atmosphere
on Earth, with a density about 160 E. 3
7. A B C D E
times that of water). F. 7
G. 6
At the core, the temperature is 16 H. 1
8. A B C D E million degrees kelvin (K), which is
sufficient to sustain thermonuclear I. 2
fusion reactions. The released
Short and Long Answer energy prevents the collapse of the
20. A. spacecraft
Sun and keeps it in gaseous form.
The total energy radiated is 383 B. Galileo
9. Mars billion trillion kilowatts, which is
equivalent to the energy generated
by 100 billion tons of TNT exploding 21. A. i
10. Nitrogen and oxygen.
each second. B. a
C. b
11. 300,000 kps (186,000 mps)
D. d
E. c
12. Jupiter
F. g
15. A B G. f
13. My very excellent mother just sent H. j
us nine pizzas.
I. h
16. A B J. e
14. Our Sun has inspired mythology in
almost all cultures, including ancient
Egyptians, Aztecs, Native 17. A B
Americans, and Chinese. We now
know that the Sun is a huge, bright
sphere of mostly ionized gas, about
4.5 billion years old, and is the


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