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Mendoza, Ronel A.

CCE/3 SW2; Oct. 15, 2017

Topic: God Said, I Made a Man There was also a part where God as the name of the regal head;
Sir! Genius
1) Interpret the poem in 10 sentences only ( one paragraph). The man was aiming the bow to God yet he called God Sir. The
2) Why is the poem an example of irony? In your discussion, quote term Sir is mainly used for respect but in this situation the man is
lines to support it. not being respectful. The man used Sir in an ironic manner. The
poem ironically refers Genius to the one who spun Himself to
Answer: brightest day till he was all shining gold. There was a concealed
meaning about the term Genius. The term Genius was not used
1) The poem mainly focused on the creation of man and on the
with its literal meaning which is intelligent but the present day
man-God relationship. It is said that a higher deity, God, molded
human beings. Also, the poem was ironic in describing the regal
man out of clay. Man was able to use his skill to advance civilization.
head as Genius.
Humans were just ordinary beings until humans started to aspire for
a God-like power and pride. God, the creator, was shocked to see
his creation questioning and measuring the concept of God as
portrayed by the aiming of bow to God. The poem portrays how
the evolved form of humans, which was described as Genius by
the poem, are now having a hostile view on Gods power. The term
Genius implies us, the present generation of human beings. It was
also stated in the poem that God questioned the identity of the
regal head, Genius. It is clearly obvious that God isnt sure if this
Genius is his original creation since God did not expect his creation
would be hungry of kingly-like power. But even if His creations were
too demanding and being arrogant to Him, he still obeyed His
creation and did not act in an arrogant, Godly-like manner.

2) One of the emphasis in the poem that shows irony is the line;
I will not
Murder thee! I do but
Measure thee.
The term measuring God is a cover-up of the term murdering,
depicted by the aiming of the bow to God.

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