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We Strive for perfection being united by leveraging brand, global community and marketing
infrastructure and targeting to settle excellence.

The goal is to bring Manchester United to its previous glory by undertaking business challenges
faced by Malcom Glazer and accumulating management styles led by Sir Alex Ferguson. The
motive is to bring financial flexibility and become the top performing team in Europe.

SWOT Analysis
Strength Weakness
1. Strong brand image
2. 127 years of history
3. Global fan base
4. Top performing team in EPL
5. Manchester United Youth Academy 1. Inexperience in football business of
6. Strong revenue generating ability Glazer
7. Malcom Glazers success with a sporting 2. High debt of 540 million pound
team (Tampa Bay Buecanears) 3. Lack of star players
8. Malcom Glazers successful business 4. High maintenance cost of
background and network stadium/properties
9. Major League trophies 5. Lack of coordination between team
10. Charismatic leaders and managerial players and management
team- Alex Ferguson
11. Own Stadium
12. Many subsidiaries
13. Strong marketing campaign ability
Opportunities S/O
1. Popularity of football- the most famous The club has strong brand value and popularity
game on earth and thus can reach profitable sponsorship
2. Spreading fan base and brand image agreements. (S1+S2+O7)
worldwide 1. Through licensing franchises and
3. Media interest expanding business, the club can create
4. High potential for scouting revenue. (S7+O12)
5. Popularity of English Premier League 2. Recruiting foreign star players to
6. Recruiting foreign star players perform better and enter into new
7. Getting more sponsors market. (S3+S4+O2+O6)
8. High demand for match day ticket 3. Malcom Glazer has the potential to use
9. Generating more revenue from outside the clubs success to scout young
sources players. (S8+S10+O4)
10. Treating and enlisting fans as customers 4. Media interest could be raised by
11. Champions League victory results in limiting the exposure of match videos,
massive fund addition practice videos etc. to generate revenue.
12. Licensing franchises 5. The youth academy and the charisma of
Alex Ferguson could help develop
players and sell them at high prices to
other clubs (S6+S11+O5+O9)

Threats W/O S/T

1. Competition from other 1. Ongoing debt and 1. The competition could
establishes clubs shortage of cash could be be eliminated by
2. Star players willing to minimized through charismatic leadership
join clubs that offer licensing franchises and quality of Alex
high wages attracting sponsors. Ferguson and Malcom
3. Emergence of new (W2+W3+O7+O12) Glazers strong
football teams 2. The additional fund from business background.
4. High cost of winning Champions (S8+S11+T2+T3)
transferring players League could be used to 2. More revenue could be
5. Replica merchandise buy overseas players and made to gather fund to
6. Fans against takeover fill up the lacking. buy star players and
(W4+O6+O11) transfer more players.
7. Decline in attendance 3. More tickets could be (S7+T1+T4)
due to high ticket price sold to overcome the 3. Although there is
maintenance costs as availability of replica
there is high demand for merchandise, strong
tickets. (W5+O8) marketing campaign
4. Although there is can be done to sell
inexperience in more subsidiaries to
management, it must be the global fan base.
kept in mind that football (S3+S13+T5)
is the most popular game 4. Through strong match
on earth and EPL is the performance other
most famous football in teams could be
the world. (W1+O1+O5) outperformed. (S4+T2)
5. By selecting broadcast 5. With proper marketing
partner lots of cash could strategy and
be gathered and increase implementation more
profitability. fans could be attracted
(W3+O3+O9) to watch the matches
and thus attract more
sponsors to generate
more revenue.

1. The management should be more cooperating to each
other to increase coordination and take steps to
minimize the effect of replica merchandise. (W7+T5)
2. More star players should be included in the team to
outperform competitive teams. (W4+T2)
3. Debts should be minimized as much as possible to be
able to buy players with handsome amount of money.
4. Maintenance costs should be minimized to contribute
to profitability to be able to transfer players. (W5+T4)
Manchester United should increase their promotion to get more fans under their
They should focus on buying some top level players from other leagues to increase the
Potential players should be retained to increase team performance at a maximum level.
As their ticket price is so high, they can focus more on quantity rather than price.
Glazer should increase the amount of investment to keep the trust of their fans.
Youth development program is very important for a top level football team and
Manchester United should take good care of their youth team.
They can utilize their extra players by sending them on loan to other clubs, by this they
can be benefited financially and also the players will get the opportunity to be
Lastly, Manchester United should focus on increasing their brand image.