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Week 6: Creativity and Motivation Help

Week 6: April 2 April 8

Creativity and motivation: Motivation is an essential element in creativity as we know creativity is
affected by many influences including exercise, diet, and environment; if we are motivated, we can be
more creative. The type of motivation is also important; external motivation is not very effective either
in the short term or long run; paying people to be more creative is not as effective as many believe.
However, internal motivation, our own self-drive to be creative or explore is much more effective and
can be supported. We also need to develop habits and a lifestyle that encourages creativity. the
importance of internal and external motivation; the value of failure.

Homework, due Tuesday, April 8, 23:59 PM CDT(-005) : complete DSD 6 [Give], Complete evaluations for
DSD 5[Other], complete Originality Assessment exercise and 2 Epstein inventory assessments, Quiz 3.

Note on grading for DSD 6 and the reflective essay: submissions are required for both; peer evaluations for DSD
6 are optional. Both of these assignments will be evaluated by the instructors.

Lecture 6.1: Creativity and Motivation, value of failure (4:51) [Script PDF]
Lecture 6.2: Play in Problem Solving and Non-Verbal Creativity (7:17) [Script PDF]

Activities and Exercises

Exercise 6.1: Epstein Creativity Competencies Inventory: ECCI-i
Exercise 6.2: Epstein Motivation Competencies Inventory: EMCI-i
Exercise 6.3: Originality Assessment Engine [Now includes capability for checking your
scores from throughout the semester.]

Both Competencies Assessments are for your personal measurement of creativity and are
intended to be used as a tool for self-assessment and improvement. The ECCI-i includes
additional links to a Spanish version of the test. A forum for discussion of Epstein's method is
set up in the lecture section.

Do Something Different Assignment

Live Review: DSD 5 "Other" Live Review (7:50)
Evaluation Submission 5: DSD 'Other' Peer Evals
Forum 5: DSD 'Other' Best in Class poll
DSD 6.1: Give Something Different
Examples: DSD Give Something Different
Assignment Submission 6: DSD 6: Give Something Different

Reflective Essay Assignment

Reflection essay (Due April 15)
Quiz 3
Quiz 3: Where Good Ideas Come From (This quiz covers content discussed in the 3 Steven
Johnson videos provided below)

Watch: 3 Steven Johnson videos from Where Good Ideas Come From
Steven Johnson Video RSA
Steven Johnson Coffee House TED Talk
Liquid Networks

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