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${Olt AtL rftftl BY THESX FEESE}ItrS:

I}{lS SOt{?fiACT Of IEASE execuied in $urigoo Ciiy. Ph$ippines, h enl*red intc h,y

q*d hetween:

JO}IN O- VAILOCEI. of legol cge, HUPlNgond a residen't of CEBI CITY.

Philippin*s, hereinsffer refe.ned io cs ihe LESSOR.


JUASI-fEfi!*&}{SG J. lAt$tll$. of togal oge, ftt*ftl{S cnd a resident of C&S$TA"

Cagnieg, $urigao City, Fhilippines, hereinafler refened lo crs ihe LESSIE:


I"] Thaf the LESSOR 'rs lhe sbsolute owner of c* i?ORI? CS$nfiEnClAL tultDlt{G

situuled cl ?S,}lT& elL4ltIG &Il"At{S 3T


B*(}I" IArr" SU-tLGAS SIIY" covered by Tax

2.) Tttot the LE$SIE

shsli use the psri of th* 2

stor*y br,rilding s5 qnfl$*,, *Xq

S$A*illllG HOUSE rstl* q nxEmrecrssl4J{B*a. f,{S,I*q

3.1 Tl"rtrt th* LFSSOR is willing to iecse lhe cb*ve-rnentioned spcce to ihe LESSEE who

lik*wlse desir*s to leqse lh* <:f*rementi*n*d bvilding. subiect l* such conditi*ns" $rrd csven&nts mulualty heneficial l* baih p*rfier.

4.1 ltOW WHfRffOSS, far ond in consider*tion of the fcreg*ing gx"emis*s nnd of lhe condilions snd ccvenanis und slipulation hereirr bel*w set fmth, the pariies

hereby egree *s follow:

A. ?gnH- Thotlhe terrn af lhis ceinfr*cl i* far o perbd of Two


YEAR/S, storting

$ep*err&er *I-".&ifgnd *xpiring*ugueisfulgg renewoble upon frgreernenN of

both r<xt!ee"

i'iorrv*ver, this contrsct may be pr*.terrninct** on ihe fdkluring gr*uncls cnd condifbn::

l. treach *f contrscf of eilh*r parly:

2, for*tr muleure nr buslness reverses, bul lesse* rnust gcve pr!*r n*tice of *l

le$st ihllty {30i doys fo iNre leasor

3. ony ather recron suhiect 1$ concufi.ence by b*th p*rlb5

B. *t$t-$|ttT Xeilf&l *$e FAYI*EHTI * Iha pxties herein *gnee th{:l ihe mffithty

rant(}lo{ ihe teased prernises shall be TE}'l I}ISUS&il} ffg(}$ 6HtY [fIS.0m"&]

fhil;pp{*e cl,nency iexcluding VAT snd Withholdlng lax"}, . Foyment \a/*ll be

rnnde every First tiYeek of ihe month. t-ess*r witl requfe yesrly pqlstdoted checks

to be dqled the first d*:y of each rn*nth slurting Sepleruber O!- 20r&. rhe cnnount exch;des electricul *nd wcler bills, publb utilitles. rncintencnce, qnd

telec*mrrutnicsfion incr:ned by the Lessee wilhin the le*sed pr*rnites" Bouncing check is io be reploced irnrnediately ond any chorges thereof wiil be paid by


C" BEfOffi - Upon execution of this conlrcct. the LESIEE:holl p*y into lhe LE$SOf:

t. Twenty tr}tou$ond Pes*s {Fffi"S0O"IO} Fh$lppine Cunency equivolenf lc

fum t*) rnonih* renlsl u* Securily Sepudt the $ecurily Deposlt shr:llbe

held by the LESSOft without li$biaify fcr interest {:nd ss sa*urity for ihe ped*rmonce by lhe tESSEf sl ils coyencnis snd *bligctions under_ih'is

conlract. lt is understnad thr:i this depcsil is nol lhe limit of bssee'$ ldbinty in the eve*l thot lhe lessee dses incur liobilily lo the Lesor in

ffcccrdsnce wilh lcw, cnd os an lncident io this son,ract- Ih* l"essee

cpply fhe deposit cs rentcl during lhe

r*rnr:ining term

rem*lning b<:lanc* thereof cft*r d*.ducii*n *f cny *np*id utitriti*s *r

fixtures upan fermination shcll be return*d by th* LESSOR to the

*l the leose" The 2 m*nlhs $ecurity Deposif s firly

shall nat In any giv*n lirne.

LES$EE within lhirty l30l dayt after the d*te trf expift,fion or Srre-

farrrrlncli*n of this leose witho*l cny delay whuts*eyer.

n Ten }heusond Per$s {Fl0,000.00}

{1} mon*h crdvnnce

Philippine Currency.*qLlivfilsnt ta one

*pplied upon

ren}cl pcyrnenl ta be

c&rntrnencerneni of the leose. Therecftsr" lhe agr*ed mr:nthly renkrls shcll be pr:id promptly wilhin th* monlir by the LESSEI rrith*ut need of p*or Demand by the LfSSOR.

11 usf on fiI*FosE * lh* LEssf* sholl use the teased prernises for otFicE AND s*A($lFlG HOU5r.



C&f,E ;Ih* LE$SEI :holl diligently preserve, ke,*p, cnd rnaintoin lhe lecsed

premises" Frop*r disp*sci of garbage ond cleunline$s sir$u:d b* *hs*rved *l (}H

tirnes t*

cvoid comploints from n*lghbmi*g *ress. c*aking cnd other

opplicnces m,Jst 5e provided wir* propsr

keep hundy nl ell lirnes s fir*

exiinguisher of sr.rilable size. $pecial cff*nlion should be give* ,p the plvr*blng

fixlures tc uvoid clogging as p{umbing repoirs ore very casfiy. He sh*lt shoulder

safegu*rds *gainst fire hnzcrd; in ihis


ccnn*ction, Lrs$(}R requirel ths LrssEr

hir own wcfer, telephone, and eleciric bills. Iaxes cnd <rsre*sm*nt* due ta the

g*ver*:rrrentr areentirely the l*sspr's respcrrsibilifu

f. P**CEfUL F6$$ES$|OH - fhe LESSSH wsnunh ihe Lesxee's ps*cetul possession

a*d e*joyrnani of the kcsed premises far lhe enike durction *i the contreict *f

le"os,B. flo\#eysl', wl*enever lcsseg {ex, Fir*, e*rthguakes, lhett etc"} ure lncuned

dt;ring the tirne of +ccupqncy, ihe less*r will *st be held r*sponsibl* !n cny vr*y"



the instntrlt:t:ion af

electricul he$ter, t*lsphone. feletype a*dlor g&s conn*ctions in the

l-eer*ed Premises shcrll be fi:r the r:ccclxnl <rnd expense af lhe LTSSEX wh*

is her*by nulhoriaed lo mcke the rorne. The inslallctkln should b* rrurde in

such s wsy as to couse no moteri*l injury *r cicmcrg* io lhe Leased


Ihe LE$SEE shcll *mplely fhe seruic*s o? licensed electriciotf *r

lechnici<rn *approved by lhe U$St)f, ga th$l uddiiion*f t*od *f cunent

shatl be witlrin the power copocily l*cd o{ lhe Lecsed Prenrircs lhereby minir*ixing fire hszr:rds. Further, such i*stollcti*n *hall c*rnply with ihe

requirernents of the fire Deportment ond/or the City Elerki*ion.

H" PtlBLtc t T[lx$/11,]J$]*Il]lJt]lcE. * All fe*s for ulililier such Qs el*ct*cify.

wclen ielephone <rnd olher public sarvices sholl be fi:r the exclusive

ihe s*rvice syst*m including water

pipeslgutten, toil*t, qnd electriccl ccnnections shull be Lindedsl(en by the IH----------------$$EE withaul fr.fiy *biigoti*n on ihe p*rt +f the Lf$*$ft l*reimburee

ih* cost fhereof.

ccco**f af ih* tf$EE. Repcirs


t" At?EXAIISItIS/AtrslTlSNSflJ&fnA\JfiiflIT

- lf ne,eded, lhe LE$$3f shnll

make a divisiCIn *r parly wcrll rnqrde of strong and r*liqble msteriels" The

LE$Sff shall nal mske any olteration or cddition *r imp,ravemenf *n fhe

ler:se prernises wiihcut the pdcr consenf of ihe tESSOf,. lt is express{y

cgreed ihct *,1 p*rmcrrenf improvern*nls, nltersfi*n or cddilion

introduced by the tE5tff shsll b*come ilre pr*perly of the LE$SOR*nd

sh*ll be sunendered with the prenris*s as pcrri fiereof sl fhe terrr,incli*n

cf ihe contruct wilh*ut *ny ohilgatian nn th* pcrt oi the LESSOR fo

reimbun* the ccst th*reqrf

M*reoyer. !t is *greed that cll mE:vabl*

imprsv*mentr inlroduced by fhe IE$5IE on the premises may be rerncved by lhe LI$SEE upon lenninotiorr ol ihe l*e:s* contrcrct f*r uny csuse herein prcvfd*d s, {Jpon vcccting the lee}sed premises prinr ta cr sn lhe

eNpircrfinn *f this cgreement.

J. IttlSPECTlOt{ Sf PIE&fiSES - Wilhot"tt intruding upon tes:ee's privocy, the less*n is tree to inspect st reosoncble iIOURS Of THf DAY \i/ith pri*r noiice

lt: lhe lesses, for ptxsible terrrrile inleslcfion or wsuld not" *nd t* rn*ke necesscry repcirs. Unless p*cr onongement hac b*en rncde with lessor,

no repcir, structursl olterelicns cr impr*vemen? undert*ken by the lessee

rnoy be done or set aif ngainst ren{sls.

$lGll$OAfD RE$IIXCI|Oii - The ffi$$Ef moy put up $n ideniilying sign

ndve*isemenl in .find oround the msin doar ol fhe prernises lessed, p:cvlded thst lhe sorne does n*t spail lhe generol cppecrcnce of or ccuse dcrnoge to the leosed building. No olher identt$ng sign *r

odv*rtisement shall be put - up, poi*ted or inscribed in the le*ssd premises w{!h*ui the previous wrillen cnnrenl sf ihe t8S$Sn-

nEffInN SF P*EUI$E$ AfIEk USt. - The l.lS$fI, at th* expircfi*n t:f the term

of ths LfASE or its concellslion, cs l-rerein provided, sholl promplly deliver the scid premises to the *.fS$O[ in g*od and teneintcbl* cqrndiiion, os

they firsl occupied,


reersonoble wecr cnd

fecr occept*d. d*void of oll

fumiture's articles and eflect *f ony kind" The tt$$flsholl

noiifu ths LESSS* within o*e mErnth frorn expiration of the contrqct cs fs his inlention tc r*new *r nct tttis lecse over ifrs pr*rr*ises" tf no notice is

mcde withln the suid period" it is undarstocd thci TSIIEE is no longer lnterestecJ lo renew ond ihe LESSOR con olfer the spoce lo anolher

inleresied psrty.

M. Vl*LAil*N$ *F TEBttg AIID *ONDIIISII$ - Greiss vicliotion erf any lerms cr

condili$ns of this lesse as herein prnvided shcll be sutti*ienl gr*und for ihe

,ermin{}tionof the }*ose. The resclssi*rt or }errnination sf thls c*ntracl af

le*s* pursusnt to lhls provision nnqy he *ffscted bythe ffiS$OR ar the

Lf$Sff - ql$ ths cose m$y be.

N. BA&A.A&E$- Ihe p*rties ogree thct oll c*vensntE ond cgr*emenls her*in

contsined stroll be deerned essenticl conditions c*d th*f ll defsult cr

Uecch be rnod* of cny such conditi*ns. ihen fhis lesse, c:l,ftre directi*n

of fhe aggr,ieved pcrfy, n'rcy be ienninated cft*r pricr written notic* to

'lhe guill pprty, wht: slrsll be lisble fcr cll damcges. aclu*l *nd

c$nrequentiol, r*sulting kcm such d*fcr:lt or lersinotion.


o, TA)GIB - Lersee ir

rqquked trr :ubmit lo the t,fSSOE tNre forrns upon requesl

by the LES[On't <lccounlon] ct the end of the yeor for tw purposes the

poyment sumrnory of the VAT ond Withholding poid by tl're LESSEE.

P. tlll0t {G EfFfCf - all the lerms qnd conditions of thk Eonlrfict of l*cse

sholl be binding upon the heirs, succe$sors ond osigns of the porties


N W$ilAlS HfifnE$f, the porlies hove hereunto set ihelr honeh this

doy of ------4

20'l-, ot CeLu Cily. Fhilippiner"

,*t lslNH 0. yAt[ocEs









Signed in lhe presence cf:

;*ts, c*tlrE$l{E v- rEYrs

ifr*" StTcH* $, rs*r$s


rcF$BUC Or THr $ff Urilrdfs)

Pnouilcr or ctB$


Sefsre rne, fl

ldctory Public for

dcry of

in Cebu Ciry, this


Personclly sppesred the oforementioned pers*nls who


is/ore personolly known to me

{c} eompetenl evidence's" $f

And lcrcwn to me to be the soille personls who exsc*led the

forgo*ng inslrument which csnsists af

L--*---*J poges

including lhe poges an which lhe scknowledgement ore written, cnd

sig*ed ot the leff rnorgin of eoch doy every poge by tFre porlies excluding

ncloriol seol ond

this inrtrumenl ond lheir witnesses

ond seoled with rny

she/he/hey cckno\irledged lo ffrs that hislher/their signature in


?nstrument was/were freely ond voluntorily sffixed by himlher/lhenr tor

purps$er stoled therein.

Hel$heflhey further declared thst helshe/ihey har/heve the

outhority io sign in behalf of the principcl thoi he/she/they represeni/s).

ffifilf$i ifiY tl.AND AND SIAL on the dote ond on the ploce firsl

cbove mentioned.

soc. Ns.