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TTC 400 Quick Reference Guide

Valid for v 2.0 and later. For detailed description of the TTC 400, see the TTC 400 Instruction manual (857-164788).

TTC 400 system Connectors Pushbutton functions Example

The Transponder Test and Conguration Unit TD - Transducer for transponder test and By pressing the up / down arrow the operator
conguration Arrows
- the TTC 400, contains all the necessary SELECT the main menu, and then pressing the
functions for testing and conguration of a AC IN: Move the cursor upwards in the menu right arrow the TTC 400 will ENTER the main
transponder. - TTC 400 power (100 - 240) Vac Increase the required selection menus submenu.
- Ac power for battery charging - Press the button: one step at a time A second level menu will appear on the display
The TTC 400 is based around a splash-proof,
RSP - for responder cable (responder trigger - Press and hold the button: Fast count and the TTC 400 operator can SELECT the
small "all in one" and portable unit with carry-
signal) for responder function test. - SELECT the required menu input submenu. When pressing the LEFT button the
ing-handles and internal battery supply.
Move the cursor downwards in the menu TTC 400 will CLOSE or "Abort" the prepared
The transducer with cable connects to the front Transponders
Reduce the required selection command.
of the unit, and this is all what is required to The TTC 400 can be used for test and congu- - Press the button: one step at a time
perform a test / conguring of a transponder. ration of the MPT / SPT transponders using the Menu
- Press and hold the button: fast count
30 kHz band (MF). - SELECT the required menu input MAIN MENUS
NOTE: The ROV Positioning Transponder (RPT) and ---------------
Select the Main Menu states TTC PARAMETERS
the Mini SSBL Transponders (MST), can be checked by
INTERROGATE the TP channel. No other function or Move the cursor to the right TRANSPONDER
ENTER, next menu level appear TP FUNCTION
command can be used against the RPT / MST because
these transponders have no telemetry interface. CLOSE, go back one menu level TTC PARAMETERS
POWER OFF (no submenu) -----------------
Returns the control to previous state RESET TO FACTORY SET
Transponder safety TTC SETUP
level ABOUT
Due to safety rules, the "Safety information for
transponder and transponder battery" must be
read before handling transponders or separate Dedicated buttons TRANSPONDER
transponder batteries. NEW TRANSPONDER
POWER Switch ON the system (TTC 400). SELECT TRANSPONDER
Refer to the respective transponder instruction To switch OFF the system you must use the INTERROGATE
manual / Transponder Safety Data Sheet (859- menu function POWER OFF. SET PARAMETERS
The TTC 400 is normally used for test and If POWER OFF is not used, the system will be
conguration of a transponder on deck. Channels switched OFF automatically after 10 minutes. TP FUNCTION
-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Optionally use: The TTC 400 applies for: LIGHT Background light, toggle ON / OFF. SCAN FOR CH W/RESET
Responder function The High Precision Acoustic Positioning The background light will automati- SET TP MODE
TTC 400 can be used to test responders - cally switch OFF after 1 minute if no
(HiPAP) channels. RELEASE
dedicated responder cable must be used.
The Hydroacoustic Position Reference operation. Press LIGHT to toggle the
Dunking transducer
(HPR 400) channels. light ON.
859-164844 / Rev.B /January 2004

TTC 400 can be used together with a READ TP SENSOR

The Hydroacoustic Position Reference HELP Short information on how to use INCLINOMETER

Kongsberg Maritime dunking transducer for DEPTH & TEMP
(HPR 300) channels. the TTC 400.
test and operation at sea. COMPASS

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TTC 400 Quick Reference Guide
Valid for v 2.0 and later. For detailed description of the TTC 400, see the TTC 400 Instruction manual (857-164788).

How to use the TTC 400 with transducer Operation

Getting started Page content Set-up of a new transponder Select a transponder
1. Connect the transducer cable to the TTC 400 Bat% Indicates remaining battery capac- Before any command can be given to the trans- From this page you can select one of the 20
unit (A). ity for the TTC 400 unit 100-0 % ponder, the serial number and channel must be latest used transponders.
SNo Serial number - the default serial selected. The last used / selected transponder will be
number is 2000 If the transponder you are going to test / cong- shown.
Ch Channel - the default frequency ure has been congured in the system (used be- 1. Select SELECT TRANSPONDER and
channel is B12. fore), you can use the SELECT TRANSPONDER press ENTER .
Channels available see page 1. command to activate the transponder. You just - The system moves to the serial number
select the transponder from a list.
A Org Original channel, ref channel input eld.
TTC The TTC 400 unit 2. Select the required transponder serial
TP Transponder 1. Select TRANSPONDER in the main menu number TP SNo <xxxx> from the list and
and press ENTER . press ENTER .
vXX Transponder software version
- The channel and original channel for the
Tx Power Transmit power TTC 400 MF Bat% 93
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - selected transponder is displayed.
TTC PARAMETERS The selected transponder is now active.
Rx Gain Receive gain
B Acoustic status field
TP SNo: 2000 Ch: B12 Org: B12
Status eld State of status TTC TP v65
ACK OK Acknowledge / Ok Rx Gain : HIGH HIGH
NO ACK No Acknowledge / No replay CLOSE SELECT ENTER
2. Place the transducer face to face with the "Count down" while waiting for 2. Select NEW TRANSPONDER and
transponder transducer (B). transponder reply. press ENTER .
C - The system moves to the serial number
3. Press the POWER button (C). Active function / command
input eld.
The following applies when a function / com- 3. Select the required serial number TP SNo For more information about the
- The MAIN MENU page is displayed. mand is executed: <xxxx> and press ENTER .
- Only three menu selections will be test and conguration of
The system counts down XX in the status - The system moves to the channel input
presented in the window at the same time. eld, while waiting for reply. a transponder / responder, see
When the reply from the transponder / 4. Select the required channel Ch B<xx> and the TTC 400 Instruction manual.
This applies for both the main menu and the responder is received, ACK OK is written
submenus. The selected command is always pre- press ENTER .
sented at the same menu line (the middle line). in the status eld. - The Org (original channel) will be up-
If there is no reply from the transponder / dated accordingly.
4. Select the required menu. The selection is responder, NO ACK will be written in the
The selected transponder is now active.
displayed in inverse video . status eld.

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