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Career Success Comes Easier When the Brains Bio Environment is Improved,

Said Emmy Winner at Oct. 17 Leadership USA Colorado Event

Emmy winning television writer and producer, best-selling author, and speaker Scott Halford, told
business executives yesterday in Greenwood Village, Colorado, how they could activate more of the
power contained in their brain to achieve greater success at work and in life. He spoke at a meeting
of Leadership USA Colorado, a group that helps companies in the greater Denver region inspire
their top executives to be more successful.

Highlands Ranch, CO, October 18, 2017 --(PR.com)-- The more you improve the quality of your brain's
environment, the more likely you are to achieve success in your career, marriage, friendships, or life in
general, said Emmy winning producer-writer and best-selling author Scott Halford yesterday in
Greenwood Village, Colorado.

Speaking to Centennial State movers-and-shakers gathered at The Landmark complex for a meeting of
Leadership USA Colorado, Halford offered neuroscience-based tips on how to get the brain to
consistently and energetically - rather than sporadically and lazily - work to attain success.

The topic of the full-day seminar -"Activate Your Brain: Using the Power of the Brain to Advance Life
and Business Strategies - was based on Halford's Wall Street Journal bestselling book, Activate Your

Brain activation, he explained, is crucial in order to perform exceptionally and with longevity, while
escaping the trap of mediocrity into which people too often fall when they conduct their daily lives
without intention and knowledge of how their brain operates.

Halford said he was drawing on his extensive knowledge in the area of achievement psychology (which
includes brain-based behavioral science) in suggesting to the audience that there are quite a few things
they can do to improve the environment in which their brain operates, thereby activating aspects of that
vital organ for high performance and emotional management. Some examples:

* Concentrate on a single important task for one 50-minute hour without interruption. The same task
attempted while pausing to take phone calls, check email, and answer questions by colleagues who poke
their head in through the door is comparable to approximately four hours of distracted time, Halford said.

* Ease up on what your brain must remember. Do this by, for instance, putting your daily to-do list down
on paper rather than committing it to memory, Halford proposed.

* Get a good night's sleep but also give your brain ample daytime rest. Halford indicated this means steal
several long moments to let your mind wander and reflect, or sit un-tethered from technology.

* Eat complex carbohydrates. Halford's list included sweet potatoes, brown rice, grains, nuts, and fruit
and vegetables.

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Halford, who is a member of the National Speakers Association's Speaker Hall of Fame, introduced
attendees to the notion that the brain can be thought of as three distinct brains in one. He labeled them the
human, mammalian, and reptilian brains.

Halford likened the interaction between the human and mammalian parts of the unified brain as a dance.
He said that the better you're able to guide the steps taken by these dance partners, the greater degree of
success you'll experience in the world.

The mammalian part of the brain is where your feelings initiate, he said. The human part is the home
of your intellect.

Someone who is effective, he clarified, makes sure these two partners show themselves at all times to be
well-coordinated dance partners.

Leadership Arises from Emotional Intelligence

Halford said this dance has a formal name. It's called emotional intelligence, or E.I. for short.

"E.I. lets you navigate the challenges of day-to-day living, overcome obstacles, put your emotions to
effective use, and even engender proper emotions in others, he said. E.I. is measurable - and it's a better
standalone predictor of workplace success and well-being in life than IQ and expertise."

One way you can exert control over the relationship between the mammalian and human brains is by
intentionally activating the architecture and neurochemistry that allows you to access deeper insights,
better decision-making and more pro-social behaviors, Halford suggested.

Attendees were impressed, according to Laura Stack, founder and CEO of Leadership USA Colorado's
national organization, Leadership USA, Inc.

Scott shared some of the latest and most useful neuroscience research touching on how we can each
create conditions most conducive to making better decisions, being more innovative, and achieving goals
faster and more successfully, said Stack.

Denver Water's Lucy S. Basaldua, director of learning and organization development, said, "Science has
yet to unlock all the mysteries of how our brains work, but today's presentation shed a great deal of very
helpful light on the subject. I'm eager to implement some of the strategies for brain activation I gleaned
today from Mr. Halford."

Andrew (Andy) Lawrence, vice president of enterprise learning and personal development at SCL Health
in Broomfield, Colorado, said, "A lot of solid, practical advice - I learned a lot and am very glad I came.
It reinforced how much power we possess to improve our situations and position ourselves for greater

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On Nov. 14, Leadership USA Colorado hosts its next monthly learning event titled "Influence Your
World: Leading in the Spotlight" by Connie Dieken, CSP, CPAE, and on Dec. 5 a seminar titled "Leaders
Ought to Know: Earning the Right to be Heard" by Phillip Van Hooser, MBA, CSP, CPAE. To reserve
seats or for more information, call (303) 471-7401 or email Laura@LeadershipUSA.biz.

About Leadership USA & Leadership USA Colorado

Leadership USA, Inc. is a national membership organization for business and community leaders who
seek high-quality executive education. Programs offered by Leadership USA are designed as a
supplement to the leadership programs of large corporations and to provide small-to-medium-sized
companies an outsourced leadership development resource. Leadership USA Colorado is one of seven
Leadership USA regions, including St. Louis, Chicago, Cleveland, New York City, Raleigh, and Silicon

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