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Example 7 Determining lable NPSH by gauge reading. SP alba ie i This pump is handing 100 gpm of acid with tie of acid with a specific gravity of 1.7 nda vapor pressure of 0.20 pala at pumping temperature, A srereur manometer connected to the’ inch pipe atthe tcton nol reeds 7 inches, vacuum and the barometric pressure e798, ml it P 736 millimeter of Find the available NPSH as follows: Example 6 Maximum suction litt doe rraure 57 “The above pump is handling 200 gpm of acid with a specific gravity ‘of 13, and a vapor pressure of 0.50 psia. The barometric pressure is ‘760 millimeters of meréury. ‘The 3 inch suction line consists of 12 feet Of horizontal pipe, one 90 ° flanged elbow, one flanged gate valve and ® vertical pipe whose length, L, has not yet been determined. A min- lam auction inlet submergence of 2 feet is required. The pump requires 10.0 feet of NPSH at 200 gpm. Determine the maximum suction lift that this pump will support without cavitating. re Example 5 Flooded suetion and boiling liquid. FIGURE 56 It is required that the above pump handle 800 gpm of water at 160°F. ‘The liquid in the suction tank is at its boiling point,that is to say that the pressure on the liquid equals the vapor of the liquid. The 4 inch suction line consists of 10 feet of pipe with one 90 ° flanged elbow and one flanged gate valve. Example 3 Determine the total head for a system exact! y like that of Example 2 except that the discharge line has a vertical leg inside the discharge tank that extends downward 10 s a distance of 10 fe the tank. There is an additional 12 feet of pipin, and another 90° flanged elbow. Example 2 FIGURE 4.3 Determine the total head for the above system at rated flow. The pump is to transfer 1000 gpm of weak acid, specific gravity 0.9944, viscosity equal to water, from the vacuum receiver to a storage tank. ‘The discharge line rises 50 feet vertically above the pump centerline and then runs 400 feet horizontally. There is one 90° flanged elbow in this line. All of the piping is 6 inch, Schedule 40, steel pipe. The pump takes its suction from the bottom of the vacuum receiver through a square edge inlet, four feet of pipe, one gate valve. and one S0° Hanged elbow, all of which are 6 inches in diameter. ‘The minimum Iovel in the vacuum receiver is 4 feet above the pump centerline, The (itEsure on top of the hauid in the vacuum receiver is 20 inches of mercury, vacuum Example Determine the total head for the above system at rated flow. “The pump in ts transfer 100 gallons per minute of heavy acid. 1c? specific ‘The liquid level in the suction tank is & feet below the centerline of the pump. “The friction loses in the suction line area fect at the rated Flaw?’ The liauid level in the discharge: tank in 100 feet above the suction nose centerline. ‘Friction lomes in the discharge line are