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Data Sheet

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator

A single security management platform for systems, networks, data, and
compliance solutions for organizations of all sizes

McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator® (ePO™) software is the first and only security management
platform to centrally manage systems, networks, data, and compliance solutions across
any size organization. McAfee ePO software helps more than 35,000 customers manage
World-Class Protection. Actionable
Visibility. Dramatic Efficiencies. security on nearly 60 million nodes, reducing costs, improving protection, and increasing
Optimize your security architecture visibility into security and compliance postures. With its multi-tiered architecture,
with McAfee ePO. powerful automated response system, and the ability to view and control enterprise-wide
security through a single web-based interface, McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator is the most
advanced security management platform available.
Centrally manage enterprise security
• Single
platform manages security
for systems, networks, data, and Today more than ever IT organizations are taking Integration and workflow highlights:
compliance solutions
a strategic approach to security: optimizing • Integration within and between endpoints,
• Open architecture integrates with
McAfee SIA partner portfolios and management architectures and security portfolios networks, data, and compliance
existing IT infrastructure to improve protection while becoming more agile solutions reduces security gaps and
and cost-effective. McAfee ePO is the foundation management complexity
Reduce complexity and
strengthen protection of the optimized security architecture.
• Open APIs help you future-proof your security
• Single web interface with user-

defined views and automations architecture by extending security management

Integration and powerful workflow
increases visibility and reduces to include a large and growing ecosystem of
security gaps capabilities unlock value in existing and
certified partner products
• Workflows across third-party system future investments
• Closed-loop incident response with leading
management solutions eliminate McAfee ePO allows IT administrators to centrally
boundaries between security, system management solutions including HP
processes, and people
manage industry-leading security for systems,
Service Desk and BMC Remedy provide faster
networks, data, and compliance solutions from
Scale for enterprise deployments response time and better visibility
McAfee and McAfee Security Innovation Alliance
• Enterprise-class
architecture • Built-in product deployment capabilities and
manages hundreds of thousands of (SIA) partner portfolios. The only platform to
devices from a single server provide open APIs to certified partners, McAfee automated policy enforcement secure your
ePO helps companies leverage their IT investments environment quickly—and keep it secure
Increase confidence
to meet the security and compliance challenges of • Rogue system detection identifies new systems
• Centralized
control of policy
deployment, enforcement, and today and tomorrow. that gain network access, enabling faster time
reporting increases efficiencies to protection
and confidence in security and McAfee ePO provides powerful workflow
• Integration with Active Directory simplifies role-
compliance posture
capabilities to increase administrators’
based administration and automates the addition
effectiveness so they can more quickly define
of new systems requiring security
and deploy security as well as respond to events
and issues as they arise. With McAfee ePO,
Centralized control and visibility enable fast
administrators share information, create escalation
response times and confidence in security and
paths, and automate remediation tasks. McAfee
compliance posture
ePO eliminates boundaries between security,
For companies of every size, McAfee ePO provides
processes, and people to drive down the costs of
a central point of reference for an organization’s
managing security, while strengthening protection.
entire security environment. A single web interface
leverages security data from multiple points across
the enterprise, surfacing issues that are not visible
using a siloed approach.
Data Sheet McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator

Platform Support Administrators can tune McAfee ePO to streamline Enterprise-class architecture dramatically
Server O/S: 32- or 64-bit their jobs: customizing interactive dashboards, reduces costs with proven scalability
• Windows Server 2003 Enterprise, automating actionable reports, and adjusting the As the industry’s most scalable security
Standard or Web with SP2 or later
UI itself in order to spot issues quickly, reduce management platform, McAfee ePO reduces
• Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise
or R2 Standard with SP2 or later
response times, and maintain compliance. Role- the operational and capital costs of security
• Windows Server 2008 based permission sets in McAfee ePO ensure management. McAfee ePO allows enterprises
that each administrator has only the appropriate to manage up to hundreds of thousands of
• Firefox
controls and access to support business needs devices with a single server, dramatically reducing
3.0, 3.1 Patch 3/3.5
• Internet Explorer 7.0 or 8.0
with speed and confidence. costs associated with enterprise deployments.
In addition, multi-tiered architecture, failover
Network Support: Centralized visibility highlights:
support, and load-balancing capabilities with
• IPv4
• Singlepoint of reference for enterprise security McAfee ePO help reduce bandwidth costs
• IPv6
enables you to quickly identify and understand and ensure reliability of the management
Virtual Server: relationships between security events throughout infrastructure.
• VMWare ESX 3.5.x your environment
• Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 Scalability highlights:
• Web interface provides flexibility to manage
with SP1
• Highly
scalable server allows you to manage
• Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V security enterprise-wide
• Customizable dashboards and user interface more with less
• Multi-tiered
architecture helps reduce network
• SQL Server 2005 Express (included) provide personalized views of the security status
• SQL Server 2005 and trends bandwidth and ensures that critical data and
• SQL Server 2008 Express • Automated reports and dashboards provide clear, updates are always close to the systems that
• SQL Server 2008 current role-based visibility into security status need them
across the organization • AgentHandlers allow management of end
• Role-basedpermissions ensure appropriate systems, even when off network
• Policy
sharing across servers and roll-up reporting
access and control for all administrators: by
product, region, and function reduce administrative time

ePO’s configurable dashboards enable users to monitor their security infrastructure at a glance.

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