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Before applying for a visa, you are invited to do the following:

1 Check whether your passport is valid to apply for a visa

2 Check whether your photograph is valid to apply for a visa
3 Check the amount of fees to be paid: No other fee may be requested; in case
of request for payment for services not indicated in the list and of visa fees
over the amount indicated, please contact:
with a copy to visas.manille-amba@diplomatie.gouv.fr
4 Download a Visa Application form according to the length of your stay in the
Schengen area and select the visa category and the main purpose of stay to
know what are the required documents.
This will minimize risks of rejection of your visa application due to incorrect or
inadequate documents.
For an airport transit visa or a stay of no more than 90 days within any period of
180 day within the Schengen area
1 Download a Short Stay Visa Application Form either in French or in English:
Short stay visa application form in English
Short stay visa application form in French
Checklist for Airport Transit and Short Stay Visa
Select Forms
Select Forms
-- Private visit or tourism: Checklist: Tourist
Airport transit visa: checklist
Family purpose:

--Checklist: Marriage with a French national

-- Checklist: Parent(s) of a French national or parent(s) of the spouse of a French
Professional purpose:
-- Checklist: Business trip
-- Checklist: Household staff employed by French or foreign national

Engagement Employeur Form

-- Checklist: Seamen (short stay/ transit visa)

Short studies: Checklist: Student
Checklist: Short Stay Scientist Researcher
Checklist: Internship Visa Short Stay
Questionnaire: Internship Visa
Applicants renewing a Court Sejour Circulation Visa issued at the French Embassy
(still valid or expired since less than one year) may present a shorter list of
required documents:

5 BOOK AN APPOINTMENT The Visa Application Centre is open to submit an

Monday to Friday from 07.00 hrs to 14.00 hrs.
6 It is mandatory to book an appointment to submit your application at the VFS
Visa Application Centre:
Click here to schedule an appointment
7 When booking an appointment , kindly take a print of your appointment
letter When booking an appointment, you may opt for the PREMIUM
Click here to get information about VFS Premium Services
8 GOING TO THE VISA APPLICATION CENTRE You must arrive at the Visa
Application Centre a few minutes before the time of your appointment to
go through security checks. Click here to display the Address of the Centre
Submission in person / Personal appearance:
Each visa applicant must come in person to submit his/her
application.The visa applications of children below the age of 12 (including
forms, photographs, individual passports, visa fee, documents for each
child) must be submitted at the visa application centre by the
father/mother of the child
Only visa applicants are allowed to come in the Visa Application
Centre. No visitor is allowed to come in.
9 Do not forget to bring along with you
The appointment confirmation letter (to be printed);
The file containing all the required documents sorted out in the
order of the check list of the documents;
The means of payment for both the visa and service fees.
11 Security Waiting Area Submission Counters Courier Service Payment
of the visa and service fees
12 Biometrics
13 Security At the entrance of the visa centre, the security guards must
Your appointment confirmation letter
You passport: your passport number mentioned in the appointment
confirmation letter and your passport number in your passport must be
14 Anyone entering the Visa Application Centre is subject to security
check When entering the Visa Application Centre, you may opt for the
PREMIUM SERVICES if you have not opted for such service already when
booking an appointment
Click here to get information about VFS Premium Services
15 Waiting Area Upon arrival at the waiting area, you must take a token
number and wait to be called with that number. In the Visa Application
Centre, VFS offers the following optional services (for a fee):
Photo booth;
16 Submission counters:
At the submission counter, a VFS officer checks if the contents of
your application corresponds to the required list of documents provided
by the French Consular Authority;
VFS officers are not allowed to express an opinion on the quality of
the file, nor on the decision to be taken by the consular authority;
If the content of your application does not match with the list of
documents (missing documents), you can decide not to submit your
application, leave the Visa Application Centre to complete your
application, and return to the Visa Application Centre another day, after
booking another appointment; if you decide not to submit your
application, you pay no visa fees and no service fees;
If you want to go ahead and submit your incomplete visa
application, you will be asked to sign a document that will indicate that
your application is incomplete and indicate the missing documents;
Submitting a complete file does not necessarily mean that the
Consular Authority will grant you the requested visa.
17 Courier Service The agent at the reception desk will ask you how you wish
to retrieve your Passport:
Either yourself or through another person (see "step 3: I get my
passport" which specifies under what conditions an agent may retrieve
your Passport);
Or by courier service: in this case, you will be charge an additional
18 After verification of your visa application and your choice for passport
retrieval, you will be invited to proceed to the cashier counter for
payment. Payment of the visa and service fees At the cashier counter:
You will be asked to pay the visa fees and the service fees; and
when applicable the optional service fees
You will be given a receipt: you must keep this receipt for the
retrieval of your passport after your visa application has been processed
by the Consular Authority.
Biometrics After paying the visa and service fees, you proceed to the biometric
booths. Your picture will be taken, and your fingerprints will be collected.

19 Track the Application
20 Collect Your Passport
21 Understanding the Visa Sticker
22 Immigration Controls to Enter France
23 In case of Visa Denial
After the submission of the application, each visa application is
transferred to the Consular Authority for processing and decision making;>
You can track your application (check if your passport is ready for
collection at the visa centre);
To track your application, you need the reference number
mentioned on the receipt that was handed over to you when submitting
your application.
3 Click here to track your application
4 COLLECT YOUR PASSPORT When the VFS Visa Application Centre receives the
envelope containing your passport, you will receive automatically:
An e-mail
And, if you opted for this service, an SMS at the phone number
5 If you have opted for the return of your passport by courier, the envelope will
be sent to you directly to the address you indicated. If you have not opted
for the courier service, you can:
Either collect the passport yourself by presenting your payment
receipt and an official ID document;
Or collect it via a representative.
6 Opening hours for the collection of passports:
Monday to Friday
From 14.00 hrs until 16:00 hrs.
7 To retrieve the envelope containing the passport, the visa applicant must
A copy of the passport data page;
The payment receipt handed over by the visa centre.
A letter of authorization signed by the applicant
8 UNDERSTANDING THE VISA STICKER Click here to consult the webpage of the
French Ministry of Foreign Affairs How to read your visa sticker
10 Click here to consult the website of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Controls to enter France .
11 IN CASE OF VISA DENIAL The decision to refuse or grant visas is taken by
the Consular Authority. In case of refusal, the VFS Visa Application Centre:
Cannot provide any explanation;
Is not allowed to forward appeal to the refusal to the consular