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Class Observation Report

Class or Course Araling Panlipunan: Grade/Year Level Grade 10

Observed Kontemporaryong Isyu of Class
Date of Class August 29, 2017-10-12 Inclusive Time of 8:20am 9:20am
Observation Observation
Name of John Edcel Verdejo Signature of
Observer Observer
State your purpose/s for observing a particular class. Specifically indicate the theme you
wish to observe. Your theme may focus on learning and motivation.

The focus of the observation was on the behaviour of students, specifically on how
students react or respond to the activity that the teacher gave. Also, what the teacher
gave before proceeding to the activity. The teachers assessment is observed also how
students respond to the feedback or evaluation of the teacher during the activity.

Values and teacher student communication also be observe.

Write down your observations with substantial details about the theme you observe. Just
describe everything you observe, without interpreting any aspect of it.

Today they had their last day in the topic about Suliraning pangkapaligiran. Like the
other day, the resource teacher is very enthusiastic in teaching, she always keep the
students at pace and ensures that they are learning. After discussing the teacher
conducted a group activity in which students are observe to discuss their learnings or
understandings Suliraning Pangkapaligiran. It is their culminating activity for the topic
they had.

The teacher discussed the remaining topic in just 10 minutes, she make sure that
the LCD she uses will not defy or overpower the discussion.
After the brief discussion she asked her students to group themselves in to 5
groups to do the activity.
Gave the instructions before disseminating the class
Group the class according to their numbers and start discussing the activity for 15
After the activity, the class were given 3-4 minutes to discuss their presentation.
The teacher gave her feedback and comments afterwards then had a short quiz
for the remaining time she conducted a short quiz.

Think about the benefits of the behaviors you observe in terms of what might be learned
from it that is/are useful in defining your own teaching philosophy and in rethinking the
way you should teach. Briefly discuss those prospects in this section.

My own perspective about the teachers activity is that it gives the students to collaborate
effectively and work as a group. Learners who are not able to participate should give
more attention.

Collaboration, dissemination of task should also observe during group work/activities. Be

able to explain the responsibility of individual and purpose of the activity. In teaching it is
not just about giving informations thoroughly, but it is also how you give it creatively and

Discuss the issues you see in the class you observe, particularly those that are directly
associated with the theme of your observation.

These are the issues that surfaced from the observation:

1. The use of technology in teaching
Today, teaching with technology is very essential in transferring information to the
students, but it has also disadvantages like; it can divert the attention of students
in teaching learning process.
2. Authority of the teacher
This may be not new to all teachers, especially those who are new in the
profession. My resource teacher is quite not strict but can handle the class
accordingly. There some points during discussion that the students overpower the
3. Timeframe
We accept as educators that time is very important for us, but then we have to
ensure that the given time should be enough to cover the planned discussion. In
the case of my resource teacher, she has this tendency to give more time in
preparing and conducting the activity, so it led to a very noisy class.
4. Establishing communication
This is very crucial for as educators, because we may be communicating to our
learners but we do not sure that the information we give is retained or accepted
by the students.

Reflect on your observation experience and focus on the new understandings you have
drawn from it. Report your new understandings or new insights in this section. Your
insights may be focused on the prospects or issues you discuss above.

Student diversity should consider in giving activities and assessment also. In this
observation, it helps me to understand deeper the behaviours of the learners in creating
or implementing group or individual activities.
Also, the objectives must be followed strictly and be observed during the discussion. Be
able to relay the purpose of the activities given.
Student Behaviors Checklist
Name:____________________________ Subject:__________________ Date:_______

1. Describe the classroom setting and the students behaviour during discussion.


2. Please select frequency in which the following behaviors are displayed in your
Hyperactive: Very Poor Okay Good Very
poor Good

Out of seat

Constant movement in desk

Cant remain in line to and from classes

Constant verbal behavior

Seems generally unhappy

Stares blankly into space

Rarely asks for assistance even when work is too difficult

Does not attempt work

Apprehensive about committing self to a response

Weeps or cries without provocation

Avoids calling attention to self

Does not follow lessons on board or visual materials

Rarely completes any assignments

Demands individual explanation of assignments

Easily distracted from task by ordinary classroom stimuli (minor

movement, noises)
3. Feedbacks

Observed inappropriate behaviour Actions