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Public Voting Awards

Favourite Television Ad
Ministry of Education - Why?
Creative Agency DDB Group Singapore
Media Agency Maxus Singapore

Favourite Radio Ad
IKEA - Everything you need for CNY
Creative Agency BBH Asia Pacific
Media Agency Vizeum Singapore
Ms Christina Chua (second from left), Senior Vice President, Trade Marketing and Solutions at Mediacorp, Mr Tay Guan Hin (third from
left), Global Executive Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson and Jury President of The Laurels 2017, Mediacorp artistes and personalities Favourite Print Ad
with members of the creative industry. Civil Aviation Authority Singapore -
Fly Your Drone Safely
As an iconic local beer made for Singaporeans by Creative Agency Goodfellas Consultancy
Singaporeans, Tiger Beers campaign shone a spotlight on P1 Media Agency Starcom Media
the current generation of hawker heroes. Through emotive
storytelling, the campaign aimed to deepen Singaporeans
Winners of The Laurels 2017 with Mr Parminder Singh, Chief Commercial and Digital Officer at Mediacorp (last row sixth from right). Favourite Outdoor Campaign
appreciation for street food, and to encourage them to show
Singapore Airlines -
gratitude to their favourite hawkers.
Other winners included Favourite Radio Ad Everything
THE LAURELS 2017 you need for CNY by BBH Asia Pacific for IKEA; Favourite
Creative Agency TBWA\ Singapore

Celebrating Singapore audiences favourite ads

Favourite Digital Ad and Best Transmedia Campaign Winner: O4 Media Agency Performics
Print Ad Fly Your Drone Safely by Goodfellas Consultancy Singtel representatives with creative and media agencies
for Civil Aviation Authority Singapore; and Favourite Outdoor Mediacorp Youth Unit and Havas Media, with 987 radio deejay
Ms Sonia Chew (third from right) and Mr Tay Guan Hin.
Campaign #singaporeairmoments by TBWA\ Singapore for Favourite Digital Campaign
Singapore Airlines. Singtel - Travel Bravely
Creative Agency Mediacorp Youth Unit
Ministry of Education Why? A new award category was introduced this year to D3

is local audiences Favourite TV Ad allow consumers to vote for their favourite digital content. As The Laurels shines Mr Parminder Singh, Chief Commercial and Digital Officer
Commenting about the newly added Favourite Digital Professional Awards
of Mediacorp, expressed his heartiest congratulations to all
BY MICHELLE XU Campaign category, Ms Christina Chua, Senior Vice the spotlight on creative winning advertisers and agency partners for the great work Best Transmedia Campaign
President of Trade Marketing and Solutions at Mediacorp,
SINGAPORE The Laurels 2017 award said We put forward this new category to showcase excellence and effectiveness, that won the hearts of the Singapore audiences.
As The Laurels shines the spotlight on creative excellence Favourite Television Ad Winner: Ministry of Education
Singtel - Travel Bravely
Creative Agency Mediacorp Youth Unit
Mediacorps commitment to continuous innovation, and to representatives with its creative and media agencies DDB
ceremony held at Resorts World Sentosa earlier
this month drew a stellar turnout of guests be an omni-channel powerhouse that helps brands reach Mediacorp will continue and effectiveness, Mediacorp will continue to bring these ideas
to life with our multiplatform environment and innovative
Group Singapore and Maxus Singapore, with Mediacorp artiste
Mr Pierre Png (fourth from left). D3
Media Agency Havas Media

comprising advertisers, creatives and media

professions who were there to celebrate winning
their target audiences effectively.
to bring these ideas to life solutions, helping advertisers and agency partners capture
the hearts and minds of the consumers, said Mr Singh.
Best Homegrown Award
Tiger Beer - Uncage Street Food
work that won the hearts of local audiences. WINNING LAURELS with our multiplatform Creative Agency BBDO Singapore
Organised by Mediacorp, the annual
Media Agency Starcom Media
award show recognises Singapores favourite Voted Singapores Favourite Digital Campaign, Singtels environment and innovative Main Sponsor
advertisements and honours outstanding creative Travel Bravely was created by Mediacorps Youth team to
work. Winners from the Professional Award raise awareness for Singtels ReadyRoam service. Through solutions, helping advertisers Best of Show Award
categories were determined by a panel of creative a travel webisode series featuring 987FM deejay Sonia Tiger Beer - Uncage Street Food
leaders from the industry, while winners from the Favourite Chew that highlighted key features and benefits that the and agency partners capture Favourite Radio Ad Winner: Ikea representatives with
Creative Agency BBDO Singapore
Award categories were determined entirely by Singapore service brings to travellers, the campaign garnered 680,000 its creative and media agencies BBH Asia Pacific Media Agency Starcom Media
audiences who casted their votes in support of their Singapore views across Toggle, Facebook and Youtube the hearts and minds of the and Vizeum Singapore, with 987 radio deejay Ms Sonia Chew
(third from right).

favourite commercials. within a short span of one month.

Public voting award categories included Favourite TV The same campaign also bagged the Best Transmedia consumers
Ad, Favourite Radio Ad, Favourite Print Ad, Favourite Campaign Award for raising the sales of ReadyRoam by
Outdoor Campaign and Favourite Digital Campaign. Mr Parminder Singh, Chief Commercial
50 per cent within the first two months of launch with
Professional Award categories included Best Transmedia and Digital Officer of Mediacorp
its amplified marketing efforts through television, radio
Campaign, Best Homegrown and Best of Show. and print.
The Favourite TV Ad category was hotly contested this Emerging the biggest winner of the night, Tiger beers
Congratulations to the winners of The Laurels 2017 Public Voting Contest.
year, and with a 30 per cent increase in submission entries, Uncage Street Food created by BBDO, picked up both the
the jury decided to shortlist top seven finalists instead of Best Homegrown Award and the Best of Show Award. Beer 10 Consolation Prizes of $500 each:
the usual five. Lauded as Singapore audiences Favourite goes hand in hand with Singapores hawker food. However, Grand Prize How Siew Kiat SXXXX 907G
Television Ad, DDB Group Singapores film for Ministry of with fewer young hawkers than ever before, Singapores Pak Siew Chun SXXXX 692Z
Education was an inspiring success story told in reverse.
hawker culture is at risk of disappearing fast. Angelia Ng SXXXX 886B Chen Jing Yong SXXXX 864Z
Titled Why?, the film is a touching reminder to all students
that with a teachers encouragement, there is no need to 2017 5 Secondary Prizes of $1,000 each:
Law Koon Huat
Muhammad Zaidan Khan
fear failure.
Ong Kwang Seng SXXXX 485E Chin Pui San SXXXX 250E
Lim Wei Boon SXXXX 762E Toh Ding Xiang SXXXX 614D
Phua Hock Meng SXXXX 691I Guan Yue SXXXX 916E
Poh Ping Ting SXXXX 576J Chia Tee Hiang SXXXX 534I
Tan Yi Ming SXXXX 759G Hysen Lim SXXXX 252E
All winners will be notified by phone and post. All decisions of the contest are final and no correspondence will be entertained.