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N= 15+1/2(N'-15) -> Peck , Hanson &Thornburn equation for adjusting SPT

-unit weight of the soil ( 18 for clay, 20 for silt- Tieyuan Zhu, Ph.D., Stanford
University ,"Some useful numbers" )

po- unit weight*depth (Dr. Lanbo Liu,University of Connecticut, "Weight -Volume Relationships")

Ce Donut Hammer , Safety Hammer , Automatic Hammer after Roger A. Failmezger : " In-Situ
Soil Testing: Correcting SPT Blow Counts to N60 Values"
N60= N'*Ce*Cb*Cs

N1,60=N60* Cn* Ce

Cn= 0.7 log10(1915/po) , where po in kN/m2 , (after Cheng Liu, Jack B. Evett, "Soils and
Foundations" 5th edition )

N1= N'*Cn ( "Geotechnical Testing Methods II",Ajanta Sachan,As. Prof,Civil Engineering-N1

corresponding to an effective overburden stress of an aprox.107kPa)

N' = N'( G column ) *(0.7/po+0.7) ( Validity of Peck, Hanson and Thornburn's SPT correction
method and soil pressure chart

Dr relative density after Tolia (1971)= [2.8/(po+0.7)]*N( H column )+30

angle of internal friction , after Tolia's correction method = [7/(10*po+7)*N' ( G column ) +28

kp =tan ^2(45+/2)- Meyerhof 's bearing capacity equation( 1963)- passive earth pressure
ko- at rest earth pressure coefficient = 1-sin()

Rankine active and passive earth pressure coefficient for the specific condition of a
horizontal :
(Active) Ka = (1 sin()) / (1 + sin())

(Passive) Kp = (1 + sin()) / (1 sin())

Sq -shape factor , from Meyerhof's bearing capacity equation (1963) = S= [1+0.1 kp*(B/L) , if
B- width of footing
L- length of footing

Cn after Liao and Whitman ,1986-> = (95.76/po)^0.5

p0 (incremental earth pressure)= Ko *q ( where q = 4500 kN/31 m)

pore water pressure =depth* unit weight of the water (9.801)