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Title: Thor: Ragnarok Action, Adventure And Thriller

Year: 2017

Director: Taika Waititi

Narrative: Imprisoned, Thor finds himself in a lethal gladiatorial contest against the Hulk, his
former ally. Thor must fight for survival and race against time to stop Hela from destroying
his home and the Asgardian civilization.

Characters that appear in the trailer:

Thor Valkyrie Hela

Heimdall Loki Odin
Hulk Grandmaster Volstagg
Surtur Skurage

Enigma Codes:

In the teaser trailer that is released there are a lot of questions that the audience such as
where is Odin (Thors father), how does Doctor Strange come into the film, what happens to
Mjolnir (Thors hammer) as in the opening of the trailer Hela destroys it. There is also many
other questions Marvel fans should have such as what has happened to Heimdall as he has
this rugged huntsman look in the teaser trailer and one of the most wondered question is
how has Thor ended up in the fighting pits and why is he so angry towards Thor.

The trailer opens with non-diegetic music playing in the background as well as Thor in chains
where his voiceover also known as a sound bridge tells the audience I know what youre
thinking. How did this happen? This automatically gains the audiences attention as they
would be wondering what has happened to Thor. As the audience is paying attention they
will also notice that Thor is surrounded by fire and darkness which appears to be Marvels
concept of Hell. This sets up why he was sent to Hell which the audience will realise once
a full trailer or even the film is released.
Speaking of hell, the villain of the film is set to be Hela who is holding Thors hammer
which in the Marvel universe means that she is incredibly strong. This is further shown by
how she destroys Thors hammer sending a huge pulse of energy through the city. Hela is
the daughter of Loki but not the one that appears in the film, a previous incarnation of Loki.
Thors father Odin named Hela Goddess of the Dead and gave her dominion over two
realms. Hela has always wanted to possess the souls of the Asgardians, especially Thor and
Odins. This may be the cause of the reason why Hela is the villain of the film and it is Thors
and Asgards aim as a whole to stop Hela.

The teaser trailer then goes to a shot of Asgard where Hela is supposed to be where we see
the giant tower and the bridge connecting the portals to Asgard. Hela has arrived and there
are many Asgard soldiers ready to fight and defend their home. However the next scene is a
wide shot showing Asgard in flames and ruins suggesting that Hela was victorious in her

We are then reintroduced to Thor who is surrounded by ships that are looking for parts and
competitors that could fight in the gladiatorial arena. He is then captured in a net to be
delivered to the Grandmaster by who appears to be Valkyrie. Valkyrie was transformed
from Samantha Parrington into a raging, man-hating facsimile of the Asgardian warrior
goddess Brunnhilde the Valkyrie by Hulks enemy Enchantress.
We then return back to Thor who is being dragged to be locked in a chair where he will
receive a makeover by the Grandmaster who is related in some form to the collector in
another Marvel film, Guardians of the Galaxy. The Grandmaster runs the gladiatorial arena
where Thor would be sent to fight in the pits.

As Asgard is falling, there are noticeable characters that the audience will be wondering
what has happened to them. One of which being Heimdall. Heimdall is the guardian of
Asgards Rainbow Bridge defending the citys gates from any intruders and a loyal servant to
Odin. Heimdall has the ability to see everything and we see him fighting creatures in the
woods which appear to be him on the run within Asgard to provide a last stand against
Helas armys. There is also a theory going on about Heimdall possessing the Soul Infinity
stone. Infinity stones are: Tesseract (Space Stone) Aether (Reality Stone) Orb (Power Stone)
Loki's Sceptre / Vision (Mind Stone) Soul Stone and the Time Stone.
We then see Hela appear to take her Goddess form and fight against the Asgard soldiers and
this seems to be occurring when Thor has been exiled and Hela sees this as an opportunity
to take and destroy Asgard. Hela can also use her head piece as a weapon and manipulate it
to her own will.