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Fox and Frog

A Reading AZ Read-Aloud Book
Consonant F Word Count: 238
Fox and

Written by Joe Slade Illustrated by Nora Voutas


Fox and High utility words:

1100 the, to, and, he(s), a, I, you, it(s), of, in,
said, his, that(s), for, on, they, with, all,

Frog is, her, there, some, go, we, can, what,

get, like, are, come, if, now, very, over,
from, want, dont, too, take(s)
101200 by, here, let(s), make, sleep, five, six, or,
off, today, must, has, funny, fast, say(s),
fall(s), far, live, wish

F words:
Fred, fox, furry, friend, Fran, frog, funny, forest, farm,
far, four, from, fit, fast, fall, fix, five, fields, flowers,
flowing, flash, for, few, foot, freezing, food, fire, fry,
fish, feed, fresh, fruit, forget, fine

Other words:
name, miles, maybe, set, cross, hay, river, hop,
across, Mr., crawl, log, hoppity-hop, rocks, steps, half,
way, hits, moss, lands, splash, wet, tired, hungry,
needs, back, day

Fox and Frog

A Read-Aloud Book
2002 Learning Page, Inc.
Written by Joe Slade
Illustrated by Nora Voutas

Written by Joe Slade Learning Page, Inc.

Illustrated by Nora Voutas All rights reserved.

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Fred is a fox. A very furry fox. I dont like the forest, says Fred.
Fred has a friend. Her name is Fran. I want to live on the farm.
Fran is a frog. A very funny frog. The farm is very far, says Fran.
Fred and Fran live in the forest. The farm is four miles from here.

3 4
We are fit. The fox and the frog set off to the farm.
We can get there fast, says the fox. They cross five fields of flowers.
If we dont fall or get in a fix, They cross four fields of hay.
we can get there by five or maybe six. They must go fast to get there today.

5 6
They come to a river. Its flowing fast. The fox takes a few steps on the log.
I can hop across in a flash, says the frog. He is halfway across.
You, Mr. Fox, can crawl across that log. His foot hits some moss.
Hoppity-hop, over the rocks. He falls off the log.
The frog is across. Now for the fox. He lands with a splash.

7 8
Lets go back to the forest.
We can make a fire. We can fry a fish.
The fox is wet. Hes freezing too. We can feed on fresh fruit.
Hes tired. Hes hungry. We can sleep all day. Thats what I wish.
He needs some food. Forget the farm. The forest is fine.

9 10