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Vol. 1. No.

Season's Greetings


"As W e Build Churches, W e W ill Also Build People

The Builder

Vol. i, No. 5 D ecem ber, 1961

Editor George R. Biesinger

Managing Editor Vernice G. Rosenvall
Associate Managing Editor Ruby R. DeBry
Layout, Art and Photography Thomas R. Winkel
Proof Reader and Consultant Hazel Jackson
British Area Correspondent Pearl Moore
Germanic Area Correspondent Vera Gygi
Scandinavian Area Correspondent Reba Winkel


Vernice G. Rosenvall Amersfoortsestraatweg 166

Bussum, N.H., Netherlands
Telephone: Bussum 112 42

Pearl Moore No. 3 The Ridings

Epsom, Surrey, England
Telephone: Epsom 30 01

Vera Gygi Zum Jungen Strasse 14

Frankfurt a/m, Germany
Telephone: 59 57 79

Reha Winkel Herdersweg 1

Laren, N.H., Netherlands
Telephone: Laren 24 97

BRITISH AREA: England, Scotland, Ireland

and Wales
GERMANIC AREA: Germany, Austria and
SCANDINAVIAN AREA: Norway, Sweden, Denmark,
Finland, Netherlands, Bel
gium, France and the
D m k : v a n G estel & Z o o n French speaking part of
L aren Nh., N etherlan ds Switzerland

By President David 0. McKay

F rom T h e Instructor, D ecem ber, 1958

T this season of the year wherein w e celebrate

A the birth of our Lord and Saviour, I send my
lov e and blessings to m embers of the Church and
to kind friends throughout the world.
I am grateful for true m embers of the Church
everywhere, and com m end our fellow w orkers for
their loyalty manifest in their ready response to
every call, and in their faithful perform ance of
every duty, as a result of which the w ork of the
Lord is prospering in all stakes and missions.
Therefore, with gratitude in our hearts, let us
read again that beautiful story of the birth of the
Babe of Bethlehem, for the true spirit of C hrist
mas should radiate the spirit o f the teachings of
Him w h ose birth w as announced by heavenly
m essengers '
"And there were in the seirae country shepherds abiding
in the field, keeping v/atch over their flock by night.

And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and
the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they
were sore afraid.
A nd the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold,
I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to
all people.
For unto you is born this day in the city of David a
Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.

And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the
babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.

And. suddenly there was with the angel a multitude W ith the announcement of the angels m ore than
of the heavenly host praising God, and saying 19 centuries ago, there w as given a m essage

G lory to G od in the highest, and on earth peace, good which, if heeded, w ould unite peoples of all na
will toward men. tions in a friendliness that w ould bring not sus
"And it came to pass, as the angels wrere gone away
from them into heaven, the shepherds said one to an picion and fear of the possibility of atomic war,
other, Let us now go even unto Bethlehem, and see this but confiden ce and resultant peace.
thing which is come to pass, which the Lord hath made M any and sw ift are the changes that have com e
known unto us. to the peoples of the w orld during these centuries;
"And they came with haste, and found Mary, and
Joseph, and the babe lying in a manger. but the principles announced by the heavenly
"And wThen they had seen it, they made known abroad hosts remain changeless and ever applicable and
the saying which was told them concerning this child. essential to the happiness, salvation and exaltation
(Luke 2:8-17.) of the children of men. T h ese principles, as sum
That is the sw eetest story ever told the story marized, are:
of the com ing of the Christ Child, through w h ose 1. Faith in G od ( glory to G od in the high
perfect life and by com pliance with w h ose teach est).
ings all may find p eace of mind and soul content 2. P eace through brotherly love ("peace on
ment. earth).

3. G o o d w ill and fellow ship (
g o o d will am ong U nder this divine authority, Jesus the Babe
m en"). o f Bethlehem, w ho established H is G osp el am ong
N o w orry or anxiety over the ch oosin g and men, w ho w as crucified, resurrected and w ho lives
giving of gifts, no enjoym ent of holiday feasts, no today again established H is Church that all
decorations how ever m odern or attractive, no mankind might hear H is w ord and receive eternal
social parties how ever jovial, should ever ov er blessin gs through obedien ce to the laws and or
shadow the fact that Christm as is the celebration dinances o f the Gospel.
of the birth of Jesus Christ w ho cam e to give life, Therefore, let your gifts to one another carry
light and p ea ce to all mankind, and w ho marked with them a reminder of the F ather s gift of His
the w a y by which these eternal blessings may be O n ly B egotten Son, w h o in turn ga v e to all the
obtained. Let us ever remember that . . . G od gift of the G ospel; let the pleasures of the season
so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten be subordinated to the true spiritual meaning of
Son, that w h osoev er believeth in him should not this greatest of all festivities the birth of our
perish, but have everlasting life. (John 3 : 16). Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, fo r there is none
T h is love of our Father has been m anifested other name under heaven given am ong men,
ever since H e gave free a gen cy to man, and w as w hereby w e must be saved. (Acts 4 : 12.)
particularly made know n during the earthly life M ay the p eace of our Father in heaven abide in
of Jesus by His teachings, death and resurrection your hearts as you draw near to Him in prayer
in the first century follow ing H is birth in m or and in praise this Christmastide. M ay the sick be
tality.To H is disciples in that day H e said:
T h ese restored; the sorrow in g be com forted; the lonely
things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye have their hearts lifted; and the w eary be rested;
might have peace. In the w orld y e shall have tri the n eedy be fed; may the doubting receive as
bulation: but be of g o o d cheer; I have overcom e surance; and may evil and design in g men be con
the w orld. (John 16 : 33). founded.
T his love w as again dem onstrated eighteen W ith all my heart I wish the members of the
hundred years later when the Father introduced Church o f Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in all
the Saviour to the you ng man, Joseph Smith, the world, and mankind everywhere, the joy s of
T h is is M y B eloved Son. H ear Him! the Christm as season.

Lappeenranta, Finland Chapel

Bij President E. Albert Rosenval
On October 10, in company with President Mark E. An that country, their national flag was raised on the roof, in
derson and others, I visited the site of the new chapel at dicating to all that this had been accomplished.
Lappeenranta, Finland. They had reached the stage in their At 3 p.m. everyone quit work and gathered in a section of
building where the roof was on. And, as is the custom in the building where tables had been set up and food had been
prepared by members of the Relief Society of the branch.
In attendance at this meeting and dinner, were members of
the local press, the city architect, the chief of police, the
chief of the fire department, and representatives of building
supply houses who had supplied materials for the building.
Also present were mission, district and branch officials of
the Church, as well as all who had worked on the building.
The number of those present was approximately 75.
Brother Arne Ojala, chairman of the branch building com
mittee, conducted the program. Brother Aalto, representing
the mission building committee, spoke at some length and
bore solemn testimony to all present that the Church had
brought great blessings into his life, and would do the same
for all who would receive it.
I was given opportunity to explain the principles and ob
jectives of the Church Building Program. They all seemed
to listen with great interest. About half of those present were
not members of the Church.
I was thrilled to see the wonderful spirit of cooperation that
was shown by the members of the Church. Not only were
the branch members working well together on their building,
but members of other branches took time out to come and
help. One branch in another city rented a bus and took
members over to work on a Saturday.
This is the real value of the labor missionary program. It
helps the saints to learn the joy of service, and to realize the
benefits that come to all when they work in cooperation
together. It is for this reason that the European Building
Department has chosen the slogan:
As we build churches, we will also build people.
P R O G R E S S CHART September,1961
10 20 30 <0 50 60 70 80 90 100

__ .
2 B R IT IS H N E. A Y G L IF F E N TH . B R IT IS H J. SPA RK S 27 M a y 61

3 B R IT IS H ROGHDALE M A N CH ESTER L. W ORTLEY 10 J u n e 61 : ________ ________

4 B R IT IS H R E A D IN G B R IT IS H C. E R IC K S O N 12 J u n e 61 ________ ________ _____ ____-

5 B R IT IS H LEED S LEEDS C. H A R R IS 17J u n e 61

6 B R IT IS H YORK NTH. B R IT IS H L . H IA T T 2 4 J u n e 61 ________ ________

7 B R IT IS H W. H ARTLEPOOL N TH . B R IT IS H R. LANE 1 J u ly 61 __


9 B R IT IS H L IV E R P O O L M A N CH ESTER 0. G R U N D V IG 2 2 ju ly 61 _
11 B R IT IS H SU N DERLA N D N TH . B R IT IS H M. H A R D IN G 12 A u g 61

12 S C A N D IN A V IA N O SL O I N O R W E G IA N P. H A N SEN 12 A u g 61
29 Aug 99
13 G E R M A N IC V IE N N A A U S T R IA N F. W ALLN ER 2 2 A u g 61

14 B R IT IS H M E R T H Y R T Y D F IL CEN. B R IT IS H A. A N D ERSON 24 A u g 61 I ..

15 G E R M A N IC H E ID E NTH. G E R M A N W. KRAM ER 31 A u g 61 - ------

16 G E R M A N IC W IL H E L M S B U R G N T H .G E R M A N J. TANNER 1 S e p t 61 ------- -

17 B R IT IS H DEW SBU RY LEEDS R. S M IT H S O N 2 S e p t 61 *

18 G E R M A N IC K A IS E R S L A U T E R N W E ST GERM AN F. B IE S IN G E R 15 S e p t 61 _ ___

B R IT IS H CRAW LEY LONDON M. M OORE 16 S e p t 61 1 -

_ _

20 B R IT IS H LOW ESTOFT C E N . B R IT IS H D. W OODBURY 2 3 S e p t 61 r --------

. ------ --

- .


Ground Breaking
North Gjerrnan mission
Mis s i
Hamburg, Germany, was the scene of the ground breaking cere
monies for the Wilhelmsburg Branch chapel, held September 1, 1961.
Prior to the ground breaking ceremonies an orientation meeting was
held with the branch members under the direction of North German
Mission President Howard C. Maycock. Opening prayer was offer-
ed by Brother P. Mbssner. Elder Glen I. Crandall then explained
the labor missionary program and the duties of the members thereto,
and charged them with the responsibility of a good performance.
Elder Kenneth Biesinger, labor missionary supervisor, welcomed
the opportunity of being present and of being active in labor mis
sionary work. Branch President Fricke admonished the members to
be faithful and reminded them of their responsibility. Mr. Miin-
chow, the architect, presented the plans. President Maycock testified
to the importance of the work and upon vote the plans were
approved by the members. Brother H. Heese pronounced the

Scandinavian Area Supervisor

E. Albert Rosenvall
A nd Family

in the North Central States and in Canada. The last year of

his mission he served as President of the Manitoba District.
Many years of Church activity have been devoted to youth,
of whom many have become leaders and filled missions as a
result of his teachings. In recognition of this service he was
presented the Honorary Master M Man Award just before
leaving for New Zealand.
Sister Rosenvall also has a background of many years of
activity in the Church. She is happiest -when teaching the
gospel in ward or branch organizations. (Her first teaching
assignment was a class in Primary at the age of twelve).
She has taught in all organizations; was a counselor in stake
Relief Society for three years, and a ward or stake teacher
trainer for twelve years. She is also co-editor of a publication
called W heat for Man, W hy and H ow . This publication
has sold more than forty thousand copies, and is published
in two languages. At the present time she is managing editor
of The Builder.

Erick Albert Rosenvall was born August 7, 1904, in Gunni

son, Sanpete County, Utah, a son of Erick C. Rosenvall and
Anna Sophia Thunnison; the fifth child of their family of
seven. The family moved to Salt Lake City after the death
of their mother in 1917. His father was a building contractor,
When E. Albert Rosenvall, with his wife, Vernice, came to
and President Rosenvall received much early training from
Holland in May 1961, to take up his assignment as super him. His maternal grandparents pushed a handcart across
visor of the Scandinavian Area Building Program, he brought the plains, having been converts from Denmark. His father
with him the experience of many years in Church service, came as a boy from Sweden.
as well as experience in the construction business.
Vernice Gold Rosenvall was born April 26, 1907, in Salt
The Rosen vails were recently released as New Zealand Lake City, the daughter of Cyrus William Gold and Annie
Temple President and Matron. During the time of his pres Peck, and comes from pioneer ancestry on both sides of her
idency in the temple, Elder Rosenvall was ordained a stake family. She is next to the oldest of fifteen children. Her
patriarch, and had the privilege of giving blessings to over mother died when she was twelve and soon after, her father
sixteen hundred people living in the South Pacific. married Edith Benfell, who is affectionately called "Mother
Edith. She is the mother of six of these children, though
Prior to that time, Elder Rosenvall had spent three years as they are never referred to as half brothers and sisters. Elder
a labor missionary supervisor in that beautiful land, super and Sister Rosenvall were married in the Salt Lake Temple,
vising the construction of the temple, as well as twelve motel February 14, 1928, and from this happy marriage has come
units used for staff housing. He was also a member of the five children, Mrs. Jean (Richard S.) O'rgill, Mrs. Anita (J.
Directing Council of the New Zealand Construction Project. Roger) Mills and Lynn A. Rosenvall of Salt Lake City and
While serving as labor missionaries, Elder and Sister Rosen E. Alan Rosenvall of California. James S. Rosenvall is with
vall did much missionary work and Elder Rosenvall had the his parents in Holland aw'aiting a call for a proselyting mis
privilege of baptising seventeen people during that time. At sion. Lynn and James both accompanied their parents to
this same time Sister Rosenvall edited a recipe book, with New Zealand, where they attended school and worked as
the help of the Relief Society sisters. This book helped many labor missionaries. Lynn fulfilled a proselyting mission in
American sisters especially, to adjust to new ways of cooking the South New' Zealand Mission. Elder and Sister Rosenvall
in a new land. It also helped in raising funds for the Relief are the grandparents of eleven fine grandchildren wrhom they
Society. miss very much.
When asked about "hobbies", Sister Rosenvall said her
Before going to New Zealand, Elder Rosenvall had been the forced hobby was letter writing, but she did enjoy people
bishop of Jordan Park W ard for nine years, and was a and sewdng. Elder Rosenvall said when time permitted he
member of the stake high council on three different occasions. enjoyed camping, hunting and fishing - especially deep sea
Previous to that he had assignments as stake Sunday School fishing - and would love a deer hunt with his sons, but his
superintendent, counselor in a ward bishopric, district scout favorite pastime was studying the scriptures.
chairman, explorer leader, choir leader, as well as several
other callings dnd assignments. He enjoys singing and has The Rosenvalls express appreciation for the opportunity of
given freely of this talent. He has been director of several working in the European Building Program, thereby helping
mensand Womens' choruses. He served a two year mission to further the Lord's w'ork.

Scandinavian Area Treasurer and Office Manager
And Family
James John DeBry, a high priest from
the Monument Park Second W ard in
Salt Lake City, is the son of Frank and
Lena Brouws DeBry, converts to the
Church from Holland. Born in Salt Lake
City, August 3, 1912, he spent his youth
there until called on a mission to the
Netherlands at the age of eighteen. He
has two brothers living in California.

Elder DeBry's mother was the first in

a family of nine to join the Church. At
eighteen she emigrated to America where
she worked to pay the wray for her
family to immigrate. In order to leave
Holland she had to hide in the hold of
the ship among the baggage, as her
father was planning to stop her from
going. Her future husband, whom she
had not yet met, was also aboard.
He was a musician in the Queen s band
and was getting a royal send-off, stand
ing on the bridge of the ship, while the
band was on the dock cheering him fare
well with their music. He was unaware LDS immigrants and as many as five and Mary 17, are living with their grand
that his future bride was hiding in the different languages were spoken in the parents in Salt Lake. Pat is attending
hold below. shop. In addition to the fabrication of the University of Utah and working part
light structural steel for such projects as time at Z.C.M.I., and Mary is attending
Sister Ruby Robison DeBry was born the new BYU buildings, the plant manu East High School. Mark 17, Mary s
in Fillmore, Utah, September 24, 1916, factured a complete line of metal fur twin brother, is living in Holland with
the third in a family of six children born niture. This furniture was created and his parents. He is a labor missionary in
to Parker Pratt and Florence Johnson designed by Elder DeBry and had na the architectural department, and taking
Robison. She is American back to the tional distribution, going into such stores his schooling by extension from the Uni
pilgrims. Her ancestors on both sides as Marshall Field, Barker Brothers, W. versity of Utah. Mark is second coun
joined the Church at the beginning, and & J. Sloane, City of Paris, etc. His ori selor in the Sunday School in the Zeist
were among the first settlers of Utah. ginal designs won awards at both the American Branch, Last year Mark and
She is a great-granddaughter of Parley Los Angeles and San Francisco furniture Mary attended school in three countries,
P. Pratt, who, with his brother, Orson, markets. America, England, and Germany. Pat
were two of the original twelve apostles went to Grenoble University in France.
in the latter days. His greatest interest in the Church is
Since the age of twelve she has lived in missionary work and this is his fourth All three boys are athletes, and the girls
Salt Lake City, where she attended East mission. His one hobby is flying. At like to sew. Jimmy won outstanding
High School, University of Utah, and home he had his own airplane and flew athletic awards for basketball in Utah
L.D.S. Business College. During her himself to the large markets around the and has played exhibition games in Hol
school days she sang, played the piano country. He would rather fly than eat, land. Paul was a member of the Univer
and violin. that is really saying something. sity of Utah tennis team, and has won
By profession, Elder DeBry is an ac many intermountain as well as local
Elder and Sister DeBry met while both championships. He is the only boy in
countant, having had his own practice were working for the Utah State Tax
for over twenty years. He has been a Utah to win the McIntosh Award twice.
Commission, and much of their courtship Mark has won both doubles and singles
state income tax auditor and bank took place at the beautiful capitol build
examiner for the United States govern county championships and was on the
ing. They were married May 3, 1938, tennis team in Wiesbaden, Germany.
ment. He has also taught accounting at in the Salt Lake Temple, after which
L.D.S. Business College. they lived in Logan, where Elder DeBry
had charge of the Tax Commission audit Elder and Sister DeBry have always
Along with his practice he owned and office there. They returned to Salt Lake been actively engaged in Church work
operated a real estate brokerage firm and the following year. and at present he is serving on the high
a building construction business. Prior council of the Holland Stake and she is
to his present mission, he was president They are the parents of five children.
first counselor in the mission Relief So
and general manager of a light steel James Jr. 22, and Paul 20, left the Uni
fabricating plant. An interesting sidelight versity of Utah to serve proselyting mis ciety, and associate managing editor of
of this operation is that he hired mostly sions in the Netherlands. Patricia, 19, the Builder.

Germanic Area Real Estate Representative

And Family
daughter, Norma Jane, married Gerald
Alma Gygi, son of Elder and Sister
Alma E. Gygi. They are currently vi
siting in Germany and bringing much
happiness with them.

Before coming to Germany, Ken was in

the building business for many years.
He studied building construction and ar
chitecture in Utah, Indiana, California,
and Nevada. He built many homes and
commercial buildings in Utah. He was
chief county building inspector in Salt
Lake County for two years, during
which time he greatly increased the
quality of many homes.

Elder Biesinger fulfilled a former mission

in Germany. His grandfather, Thomas
B., filled four missions in Germany, and
his father, Thomas K., filled four mis
sions, one in Germany. His Church as
signments at home included being one o
the presidents in his seventiesquorum
first counselor in the Sunday School
T. Kenneth Biesinger and his lovely wife, che daughter of Robert C. and Alice J.
superintendent of the YMMIA, and h
Edna, have been in Germany since the William Steward. They are the parents
of four sons and one daughter. Kenneth has served four home missions.
middle of May, 1961. Much of the time
has been spent in Hamburg, where Elder E. has his master s degree in fisheries
Biesinger was actively engaged in as and wildlife management and works for Elder Biesinger is very humble in th
sisting with the preliminary work of the the United States Government in Alaska. new position and is putting forth ever
Church Building Department and also Joseph R. is a builder in Salt Lake and
effort to do his very best.
searching for and helping to procure has just given a diamond ring to lovely
property in Northern Germany. On Miss Joann Beckman. They will be
September 16 he was reassigned to married in the spring and the Biesingers
Frankfurt as real estate representative are very happy to have this sweet girl
for the Germanic Area. for their new daughter. Thomas William
is a musician and composer and teaches
music in the Springville High School,
While in Hamburg Ken was senior fie also has twenty-three piano students.
member of the new district high council, Jean L. Christiansen, a talented soprano,
which gave him the opportunity of visit
is his wife, and they have a beautiful
ing and speaking at the various branches baby son. J. Robin, office manager for
and becoming acquainted with many fine the Rocky Mountain Bank Note Com
German Saints. pany in Salt Lake, is married to Bonnie
J. Fish and they have three beautiful
Elder Biesinger is the son of Thomas K. children, one of whom the grandparents
and Ida C. Free Biesinger, and Edna is have never seen. Their sweet, lovely
British Area Assistant to the Area Supervisor

And Family
The call to serve in the British Isles came as a thrill to visor. Prior to his call he had erected the Edgemont Second
every member of the Carter family! There were no tears and Third W ard Chapel, the Oakhills First and Second, and
nor regrets. It had been the secret desire of the entire family had started the new Provo Tenth and Nineteenth W ard
to serve in this capacity for many years. Chapel.
During this period the Carters were active in Church affairs.
The day they were set apart for this call by Elder Spencer He served in the Sunday School and MIA before the ward
W. Kimball, they were involved in a terrible car accident as was divided, and was called to be bishop of the newly
they were on their way home. The entire side of the car was created Rivergrove Second Ward. While he was bishop, a
new chapel and a new stake house were erected. At the time
of his mission call, he was serving on the high council of
W est Utah Stake. In civic affairs he was a member of the
Provo City Board of Adjustment, where he served for the
past four years. Sister Carter has worked in all auxiliary
organizations of the Church and at the time of their departure
was Stake Sunday School Coordinator.
Brother and Sister Carter are the parents of five children,
and they claim three other boys who have lived with them,
and who are like their very own.
Their oldest son, W esley Kent, is now serving a proselyting
mission in the Western States, and is located at Laramie,
Wyoming. Their daughter, Carol, is married to John Buckley
and lives in Salt Lake City. Marilyn, 16, and LeAnn, 15,
attend an English school, Roseberry Grammar School, in
Epsom. They wear the school uniform and have made many
friends. Billy D'avid, 6, is going to the Church of England
smashed in, and they were covered with glass, but they knew
Infant School and likes it fine.
the Lord was watching over them as none were seriously
injured, and they felt very grateful for the recent blessings W es loves to hunt, and the family hunting dog, Henry, was
like part of the family. Everyone felt badly when they had
given them by Brother Kimball.
to part with him. He had also started a day cruiser boat and
was just getting it to the finishing stages wrhen the call came.
Their married daughter, Carol, had a fine little baby boy
The Carters report that all other members of the Building
just two weeks before the Carters left home, and they were
happy to be there to see their first little grandchild. Every Committee and their families have been wonderful to them.
thing seemed to work out just fine. They feel that this will indeed be a spiritual feast for the
entire family.
W esley C. Carter was born December 25, 1917, at Eureka,
Utah. His parents were Edward F. and Annie Blake Carter.
He was the seventh child in a family of nine. When very
Talk given by Billy David Carter, 6, at the Carter s farewell
young he moved to Provo, where he obtained all of his testimonial, in the Rivergrove Second W ard Chapel, Sep
schooling. He played on the Provo High School basketball tember 10, 1961. Billy is a little Scotch Irish Cherokee Indian
team, and was chosen for All State. boy whom the Carters adopted when he was two years old.
"Spencer W. Kimball is a prophet of God! He is the one
who sealed me to my parents in the temple many years ago.
He married Mary Hall in the Salt Lake Temple. She is the He is also the one who set my parents apart for their mission.
daughter of }. Laning and Caroline Ferguson Hall of Lake After he had set them apart, he asked me if I had started
Shore, Utah. my missionary fund yet, and I said, N o.So he took out his
wallet and gave me a dollar bill to start my missionary fund.
When I go on our mission, when people ask me what kind
W es has worked in the construction business ever since he of a boy I am, I will say, I am a Lamanite.' When they
was a boy. He was in business for himself sixteen years be say, W hat s that?I will say, You can read all about that
fore going to work for the Church as a construction super in the Book of Mormon.

British Area Labor Missionary Supervisor
And Family
on stake boards, and as a teacher in
every class. She was counselor in the
Relief Society, choir president and mem
ber of wrard choirs and Singing Mothers
wherever she attended. She loves to
serve the Lord in any capacity.

Working together in geneology is Steve

and Sylvia
s greatest joy, and they fully
believe that the hearts of the fathers
have been turned to the children to open
up this great missionary movement
Stevenson McDonald, son of Francis and many chapels. All of his life Steve has throughout the world.
Rozella Stevenson McDonald, was born been interested in water problems and
August 15, 1904, in Holladay, Utah, on was a director in the Bell Canyon Ir Together they claim thirty grandchildren
the farm which is his present Salt Lake rigation Company, Holladay Water
(soon to be thirty-one), fourteen boys
residence. He is one of eleven children, Company, and vice president and ma
nager of the Upper Canal Irrigation and sixteen girls.
seven girls and four boys, all living. He
was educated in the Salt Lake City Company in Salt Lake County. As a
schools and the University of Utah. member of the Lion s Club, he was ac Their two youngest, Irene and Edward,
tive in civic affairs and has a record of came w-ith them, and since arriving,
It seems most fitting that Steve should many years of civic and political service. Irene has been called on a mission to
be called to build the first chapel in Steve; as a high priest, can hardly re
labor in the North Glasgow Area and
Scotland, for it was here his father heard member not being engaged in the Lord's
and accepted the gospel and from where work. W hile still in his teens he was Edward has enrolled in the John Nielson
he left for America to join the saints Sunday School superintendent and since School in Paisley. Both are happy and
when he was seventeen years old. that time has served as seventiespre
sident, Aaronic Priesthood secretary,
In 1927 Steve married his childhood stake mission president, MIA superinten
sweetheart, Elizabeth Andrus. T o them dent, high priests secretary, Genea There is no greater joy than that found
were born eight children, four boys and logical Committee chairman, and has in serving the Lord and building His
four girls. Shortly after the birth of their held many other positions of service in
kingdom on earth. The Steve McDonald
last son, Edward, Elizabeth passed the Church.
away. Nearly two years later he married family feel that truly their cup runneth
Sylvia R- Ball. Her family of two girls Sylvia, daughter of Doctor Jefferson R o over!
and his eight children united, and both binson and Sara Roe Cunningham, was
parents equally claimed their family of born in Mesa, Arizona, August 6, 1908,
ten. The words stepson or stepdaughter and has been a member of the Church
are never used in their home, and those since February 1, 1942. She claims that
not knowing cannot separate them into date as her real birthday, for life began
families. to have its true meaning from that day
Steve and his brother, Joseph, have been
builders since 1930 and for the last ten While on a stake mission Sylvia met
years have been McDonald Brothers Steve, and on June 15, 1949, they were
Inc. He has been on the ward building married in the Salt Lake Temple.
committee and was a supervisor on the
Holladay Eighth Ward. Through the Sylvia has served largely in the Y W
years he has assisted in the building of MIA, in ward and stake; in presidencies,
Scandinavian Area Labor Missionary Supervisor
And Family
Everything was different, the language,
the work, social customs, the history of
the country, etc. But everybody was
friendly in that wonderful country where
even the lowest paid worker says, H i
to the boss.
Elder Lagerberg found employment as a
construction helper. He felt fine, and
right at home with the friendly Americ
ans. Right from the start, he could see
the wonderful opportunities his new
home country had to offer for the per
son who was willing to work hard. And
work he did. He went to night school
and learned the English language.
Through correspondence courses and
finally at the University of Utah, he
received training enabling him to be
come a construction manager. Along
with experience and technical knowledge
came the opportunities for a better job.
At the time of his mission call to the
Building Program in Europe. August
1961, he was a district manager for one
of the largest construction firms in Utah.
Elder Lagerberg is a high priest and
has served in the elders' and seventies
quorum presidencies, as a stake mission
ary, in the Sunday School superintenden
cy and as superintendent, as finance
Karl Gustav Lagerberg was born forty-two years ago on the shore of the Baltic Sea chairman, and in the MIA superinten
in a little village called Rimbo, the second son of the fisherman, Karl Johan Edvin dency, working especially with the Boy
Lagerberg, and his wife, Linnea Dorotea. Karl gave his parents much trouble even Scouts. He worked also in the Utah
from the beginning, for he climbed high trees and learned to swim before the age of National Parks Council, Region 12. In
four. civic service he is a Rotarian.
The Lagerbergs were blessed with five children before the mother, only thirty-two He has been a professor at the College
years old, passed away. Karl was eight at this time. His father never remarried. The of Southern Utah in Cedar City. He
children had their own chores to do, and most of the time they had the necessities taught building construction, wood-work,
of life. and blueprint reading. He also instructed
winter sports there.
Karl started early in trade school and became skilled in woodwork. During the war
Sister Anna Lagerberg, his good wife,
he worked in a little bakery, but the army took most of his time. He then started
was born in Vasteras, Sweden. She had
night school at the age of eighteen, and later went to college, graduating as a gym
her early schooling in the same city and
nastic teacher at twenty-two.
at the University of Uppsala. She gra
Early in life he appreciated all kinds of sports and competed in orientering, skiing, duated as a laboratory technician, and
ice-skating, cross-country running, and gymnastics, becoming a champion in several worked at the Bacteriological Laboratory
sports. of Sweden.
In 1940, Elder Lagerberg moved to the little city of Ludvika, in the middle part of The Lagerbergs served in many positions
Sweden. Here, the most important event in his life took place. He already was a in the Church before emigrating to Ame
person at whom common people shook their heads, for he was a vegetarian. In rica.
Ludvika, he met a man who had him beat by a long way, for this man was both a In America they were very busy right
vegetarian and a Mormon. His name was Elder Lundgren. Before this time, Karl had from the beginning in various Church
not heard of the Mormons. Elder Lundgren and Karl became very good friends. activities. Sister Lagerberg served in the
After one year of investigating the gospel, Karl joined the Church. In 1940' there were MIA in several wards and as secretary
only five baptisms in the whole land of Sweden. in the Sunday School. She was also very
Elder Lagerberg served in the Swedish Army for five years during the war as a active in Relief Society and Primary.
medic and as a gymnastic and swimming instructor. They are blessed with three children,
Cathy 11, Patsy 9, and Peter 6. All are
In. 1944 he met his wife-to-be. She was an L.D.S. Swedish girl. They were married doing fine in the Swedish schools. They
in 1945 in Stockholm and their marriage was later solemnized in the Salt Lake are happy to meet their relatives and
Temple. For many years they saved money for Karl to start a business of his own. to make friends.
Then the Church called him on a mission to Finland. He and his companion were
the first missionaries to serve in the Finnish Mission. Before 1946, Finland was a As a family they express happiness to
district of the Swedish Mission. During his mission in Finland, he spent the money serve a full-time mission. Elder Lager
he had saved for a business. berg says, "W e all have a strong testi
mony of the gospel, and are happy to
In Finland, he worked with an elder from Salt Lake City. This young companion have this opportunity to show our faith.
was the first real American Karl had ever known. They became great friends. Con It is a wonderful experience to work with
sequently, at the end of his mission, Karl had all the necessary papers ready for such devoted men as we have in the
emigration. In July 1948, he and his wife were on the ship, M/S Gripsholm, bound Building Department Elder Menden
for America. hall, with his enthusiasm and foresight,
They soon found that all Americans wrere just as nice and fine as that young Mormon Elders Biesinger, Rosenvall, and the area
elder. Brother Lagerberg says,
A fter thirteen years in the great land of America, staff members, and all the fine brothers
I have only thankfulness in my heart and soul for this great and wonderful country and sisters involved in this very im
and its fine people. portant work.
British Area Labor Missionary Supervisor
And Family
David O. W oodbury was born at Salt Ogden, Utah, has three young daughters
Lake City, Utah, April 30, 1895, to John and has been a teacher in the Ogden
T. and Mary E. Evans Woodbury. His school for the blind. Erma W. Stott is
father was born in St. George, and is a the wife of Dr. Deraid Stott, who is
descendant of William W oodbury who doing research for the University of
came to America from England in 1627. Arizona in the field of dairy physiology.
His mother was born in Rowington, She is the mother of six children. Dr.
Warwickshire, England, February 2, David Merrill W oodbury recently gra
1862, and emigrated to America with duated with a D D S degree from the Uni
her parents when she was only three versity of California Dental School and
months old. is the father of three sons.
Elder W oodbury is a high priest and
Elder W oodbury is the sixth of nine was just released from the high council
children, eight of them living to maturity. of the St. George Stake to accept the
He has lived most of his life in St.George. mission call. He has been the stake Sun
He graduated from school there, and day School superintendent and a coun
from the Dixie Junior College and the selor in the St. George Third W ard
University of Utah. He taught school in bishopric, along with other positions. In
the mechanical arts department at Bear 1957, after completing the annex on the
River High School for one year and at Sc. George Temple, he was called as an
Dixie College for ten years. He then area supervisor for the Church Building
changed from school teaching to the Committee over eighteen stakes in South
building construction and lumber yard ern Utah. This position he held until the
business. program was changed.
family of seven. She obtained her Elder W oodbury has been a director of
In 1920 he was married in the St. George schooling in St. George and served as a the St. George Savings and Loan As
Temple to Laura Snow, daughter of Ed typist in the St. George Temple. She sociation for 23 years. He resigned from
ward H. Snow and Hannah Nelson. She has taught classes in Primary and Sun this position to come on his mission.
is a granddaughter of Erastus Snow, day School and has been active in Relief Fishing and hunting are his main hobbies.
the apostle who was sent to Dixie to Society. The W oodburys are very happy to ac
establish the cotton mission. Sister cept the call of labor missionaries. They
W oodbury was born March 9, 1897, at T o the couple were born two daughters realize it will be quite strenuous but
St. George, Utah, the fourth child in a and a son. Virginia W. Salvesen of know the Lord will provide a way.

British Area Labor Missionary Supervisor

And Family
On September 14, 1946, Colleen Ane Colemand and I were
married. She is the daughter of Earl H. and Venona M.
Gleason. She has one brother, Jimmy Earl, also of Provo.
W e have two children, M. Douglas, 12, and Debra Ane, 7,
From childhood I have been interested in Church activities.
Coming up through the priesthood as a boy, I have always
enjoyed the brethren in the Church and all priesthood ac
tivities. I am a high priest in the East Sharon Stake. I have
taught in Sunday School, priesthood quorums, served as a
stake missionary and counselor to the stake mission president,
and also as a president of the 399th Quorum of Seventy. My
last assignment before being called on this mission, was
counselor in the Edgemont First W ard bishopric.
M y business at home is building construction, and I am also
associated with Payne Real Estate Company.
My son and I enjoy outdoor sports in season and our keenest
interest is in the archery hunt in Utah. My wife enjoys the
culinary arts and has a keen interest in sewing. She has
been active in all the ward organizations, but her greatest
I, Maurice George Moore, of Provo, Utah, was born Septem
interest is in the Primary.
ber 24, 1928, in Salt Lake City, the son of Thomas George
and Louise P. Moore. I have one brother and two sisters. All W e are thrilled with the Church Building Program and the
my life has been spent in Utah. I went through public- reception w-e have received. W e feel it is a great privilege
schools at Milford, and the Junior College of Southern Utah to labor with the Lord's people in this part of the world, and
at Cedar City. I also served a full apprenticeship under the we are impressed with the fine attitude of everyone. Already
G.I. Bill of Rights. we have had choice experiences to be remembered always.

British Area Labor Missionary Supervisor
And Family
Sweden and migrated to Salt Lake City. The maternal great-
great grandparents accepted the gospel during the lifetime
of Joseph Smith. Austin s great-great grandfather, Moses
Clawson, spent a period of time in the Liberty Jail with the
prophet, during the great persecution of the saints. Austin's
parents have given a lifetime of service to the Church,
holding practically every position in it. Their later years
have been spent as genealogy workers and officiators in the
Idaho Falls Temple. This they loved most of all.
Austin met Beth Nyman in January 1935, at a ward reunion.
They were married the following October 7 in the Salt Lake
Temple. They have three sons, Dennis Austin and Jon
Douglas of Moab, Utah, and Craig Nyman 11, who is with
them in Wales. He is attending school at Abermorlais, and
enjoying his many new friends. They also have two grand
Elder Anderson is a high priest and has held many positions
in the Church. Some of them are counselor in the bishopric,
Sunday School superintendent and teacher, ward teacher,
priestsquorum advisor, eldersquorum presidency.
In 1945 he began working for himself as a contractor, build
ing homes and commercial buildings. W hile serving in the
bishopric he was given the opportunity of completing his
own ward building in Pocatello. This started him in the
Austin Hardy Anderson Jr. was born in Butte, Montana, Church Building Program about five years ago, in which
July 13, 1915, to Austin H. and Hazel Clawson Anderson. He capacity he has been serving since as construction super
is an only son in the family of six children, two older sisters visor. His last building completed was for the Moab and
having died in infancy. His mother and three sisters live in Moab Second Wards, from which he was called to serve as
Pocatello, Idaho. His father passed away May 23, 1961, labor missionary supervisor in the British Isles.
shortly after his call to come to the British Isles.
Sister Anderson has served as Primary and Sunday School
When Austin was three the family moved from Butte to teacher, drama director, work director in the Relief Society
Pocatello, where he attended school for the first four years. and in the Relief Society presidency. Her greatest hobby is
The family then moved to Burley, Idaho, for two and a half sewing of all kinds.
years, and again returned to Pocatello where they lived until
1931. Flathead Valley at Charlo, Montana was the next Both Elder and Sister Anderson feel it a privilege to be
move. It was here in 1933 that Austin graduated from high assigned to Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, the birthplace of the
school. Again the family moved to Pocatello, where his father mother of President David O. McKay, and especially because
worked as a contractor and Austin attended I.S.U. for a short the building site was dedicated by him. They find the people
to be very warm and friendly and enjoy hearing them sing
with their naturally beautiful voices. They hope that the
Parents of Austin were both life-long members of the Church, new chapel building will help to bring many more of these
his paternal grandparents having accepted the gospel in wonderful people to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.


Passing the Christmas season in an T o America the Dutch brough t their On a clear Christmas night more than
Italian hamlet in 1223, St. Francis of wooden clogs and a lively affection for 400 years ago, the imagination of Martin
Assisi brought to the villagers all the St. Nicolaas. On St. Nicolaas Eve, a Luther was fired by a stately pine
wonder of the Nativity. When they saw local burgher acting St. Nick tiptoed stretching skyward, the very stars seem
his reproduction of the Manger, with through hushed homes, leaving gifts in ing to hang from its branches. With a
real animals and a village baby, they tiny clogs set by the fire to dry. The wreath of candles, such a tree became
burst into song*and the first carol was transition from shoes to stockings came Luther s Christmas gift to his family, and
born. naturally. to all mankind.

Germanic Area Labor Missionary Supervisor
And Family
Walter E. Hertig Jr. was born in Z u
rich, Switzerland, April 4, 1908. He emi
grated to America with his parents and
five brothers and sisters when he was
fifteen. They established themselves
there and were always active in the
Church. When he was eighteen he went
to Los Angeles and San Francisco for
four years, where he worked and studied.
Elder Hertig married Gertrude M. Hertig
November 28, 1936. She was born in
Salt Lake City, January 12, 1910 and
has six sisters and one brother. She gra
duated from Granite High School in
1928, had two years of college, and
taught school for seven years before
being married.
The Hertigs have four children, Lorene,
Lynn, Dan and Mark. Lorene graduated
from the University of Utah and married
Walter A. Heyman in the Salt Lake
Temple. She taught school for a year
and a half before a daughter -was born.
They are living in the Hertigs home in
Salt Lake. Lynn has attended the Uni
versity of Utah for two years, studying
engineering. He and Mark are with their
parents. Dan passed away two and a
half years ago of Hodgson s disease.
Elder Hertig is a high priest. He has
taught in Sunday School and been super
intendent. He has been a bishop s coun
selor and was on *the high council of the
Granite Park Stake. Sister. Hertig has
worked in all the organizations. She has
been a teacher, counselor and president
of the Primary, Relief Society, MIA, and
Junior Sunday School. They both be
longed to the Granite Park Lions and
Lady Lions Civic Club.
They were called to the building pro
gram in August, 1961 and feel it is a big
challenge, but will do their very best to
help in this great work.

President Moyle Visits Germanic Area

When President Henry D. Moyle visited in German, gave the audience a wonder manic area staff with their wives were
in the Germanic area he not only spoke ful message. happy to be there.
to the congregations in German, but On October 23, an open house was held The next day a special meeting was held
requested all members of the building at the European Mission Home in honor in Frankfurt with over 700 present. El
staff to do likewise. Accompanied by his of President and Sister Moyle and their ders Biesinger and Andrew were there,
wife and two daughters, he arrived in two lovely daughters. A buffet supper and most building staff members were
Berlin, October 17. On October 18, a was served and entertainment was fur called upon to speak. All speakers ad
missionary meeting was held and over nished by two elders singing and playing hered to the rule of speaking in German
600 were in attendance. Elder Alma E. the piano. After dinner President Moyle without the aid of a translator. Other
Gygi of the Germanic building staff, was spoke and mentioned what a large group areas such as Dusseldorf and Stuttgart
present. President Moyle presented a of Latter-day Saints from America were were also visited.
strong plea for support of the building located in Frankfurt. He told missionary
program. On October 20, a special experiences he had while laboring in Sunday, October 29, at a special con
meeting was held in Hamburg with over Germany fifty years ago. Fllder George ference in Bern, Switzerland, President
700 present. President Moyle, speaking R. Biesinger and members of the Ger M oyle dedicated the Bern Brapch Chapel.

British Area Labor Missionary Supervisor
And Family
James Allen Morse, his wife, Ruth, and four children, Donna, help of the Lord to keep the work moving. When the sky
Jimmy, David, and Terri, arrived in England September 30, clouded up at Victoria, the Mexican laborers began gathering
1961. They were all born in a small town near the Atlantic up their tools to get them out of the impending rain. He told
Coast in North Carolina. His first assignment here in Eng them to keep right on working because it would not rain
land is in Southend on Sea, so they should be very much at where they were. The rain fell right up to the property line
home there. on one side, jumped the Church lot and fell again on the
They feel that their life began when the missionaries knocked high school lot next door. This happened so often that the
on their door down in Norfolk, Virginia, and brought them science teacher brought it to the attention of his class as a
the precious truths of the gospel. They were baptised three freak phenomenon.
weeks later and from that time on have been the happiest The Morses feel their greatest work while on this earth is to
people in the world. Brother Morse served as ward clerk, serve the Lord in whatever capacity they are called. They
counselor, and then bishop during the time he was in Norfolk. know that they can never repay Him for all the many bless
Sister Morse served as Primary president, Relief Society ings He has given them since becoming members of His king
teacher, and had various teaching jobs in Sunday School, dom here on earth.
Genealogy, and teacher training since that time.
They have had many experiences since joining the Church,
but one of the most wonderful was that of going to the
temple to be sealed to one another. From the time they joined
the Church and were taught the principle of eternal marriage,
they had a strong desire to go to the temple. They made
plans to go a year after they were baptised and had their
two week vacation scheduled for that time. On the morning
they were to leave, all four children broke out with the
measles. Knowing that time was short and they had a 5000
mile trip ahead of them, they made a bed in the back of
their station wagon and left Norfolk as planned. This was
on a Friday, and by driving day and night, they arrived in
Salt Lake the following Monday. When they took their
children in the temple next morning, all their spots had
disappeared. They felt this was a test of their faith and
knowing that it would be another year before they would be
able to make the trip, they put their trust in the Lord and He
did not fail them.
Brother Morse gave up a prospering business to fulfill a
desire to work for the Church. He first assisted on the Nor
folk, Virginia chapel where he was bishop, and then the
Jackson, Mississippi project. In subsequent assignments he
served as construction superintendent for the Victoria,
(Texas), Bogalusa and Baker, (Lousiana) chapels. The last
three first-phase expandable type buildings were all com
pleted within one year. On all his projects, he asked for the

School Children Help to Build a Church

From Yorkshire Post - England, All were volunteers, offering their help some dirt,said Elder Hiatt, the Ameri
3 August 1961. to build Y ork
s new 78,000 Mormon can, who has been sent to this country
Church. The Mormonspresent church is by the Mormon movement to act as clerk
in an old building in Holgate and they of works for the building.
The youngest group of builderslabour have some 90 families in their commun
ers that York has seen was hard at work ity.
on a site alongside Acomb Road yester The church, which W'ill seat more than
day. Boys and girls, some only seven 600 people, will be completed in 12 to
years of age, were wielding picks and The children have volunteered to help .14 months. Professional builders will be
shovels under the guidance of a mus dig out the new church foundations called in for the skilled work but much
cular American. during the holidays. "And can they move will be done by the Mormons themselves.

British Area Labor Missionary Supervisor
And Family
terior decorating. Robert likes model
building, reading, swimming, basketball,
hardball, and skating.
Elder Smithson has been in the Church
Building Program off and on for ten
years, working on churches at Lovell,
Wyoming, and supervisor on chapels at
Meitiese, Wyoming, Spokane, Washing
ton, Middleton and Salmon, Idaho.
The Smithsons were called to serve their
labor mission in February, 1961, but
having an assignment to finish, were
unable to go until August. They wrote:
"No words can express our thoughts
when we received our call. Sometimes
we have to pinch ourselves to make sure
s true. W e pray our humble efforts
will not be in vain and with the L ord s
blessings, we are sure it will be the hap
piest three years of our lives.

Robert E. Smithson was born March 7, After attending an Easter service in

1912, at Cleveland, Ohio, to Thomas which their small daughter was particip
ating, they realized they were adrift
Albert Smithson and Cinderella Cecilia without any ties and decided to investig
Harrold. He was the third of four sons. ate the Mormon Church, of which
During his younger years, Robert lived Brother Smithson knew a little. On their
in Winchester, Illinois and Marion, return from Portland, Oregon, where
Ohio. they were employed in the shipyards
Elder Smithson was married in 19.37 at during the war, to Lovell, Wyoming,
Cody, Wyoming, to Mary Edith Smith, they started in the contracting business
who was born February 27, 1912, at and joined the Church.
Dixon, Wyoming, to John Martin Suby Elder Smithson has been ward mutual
and Nina Livesay, and was later adopted president and advisor in the senior
by Fred D. .Smith and Marion S. Wright Aaronic work. He has filled four stake
of Winchester, Wyoming. She received missions and been in the bishopric in
her schooling at Worland, Wyoming. Coeur d alene, Idaho. Sister Smithson
The Smithsons have two children, R o has been a Primary and Mutual teacher,
berta, 21, and Robert, 15. They were Relief Society counselor, stake Mutual
converts to the Church in 1945, and president, and has filled two stake mis
baptized by Carmen A. Black of Lovell, sions.
Wyoming, then bishop of the Lovell Elder Smithson s hobbies are fishing,
W est Ward. In 1947 they were married skating, and swimming, while his wife
in the Logan Temple. enjoys painting, drawing, sewing and in

British Area
Local Labor M issionaries
GORDON EDW ARDS ever, at eighteen, I was conscripted into readily, and we were baptised soon after.
the Army in the Royal Corps of Signals At the time of our baptism most of the
I was born February 21, 1935, at Cum- where I worked at W ar Offices London, saints were emigrating to Zion, and see
non, Oxford. When I was a few months and Gloucester, attaining the rank of ing none of the wonderful organizations
Lance Corporal before my release in that I had been told about, I promptly
old, my family, consisting of father, 1955. fell away.
mother, sisters Peggy, Joan, and Brenda, One evening, while I was in my sixteenth During the next eight years I went
moved, lock stock and barrel, to Bir year, a knock came on the door and my through life pretty well the same as most
mingham, where we have resided ever eldest sister, Peggy, informed the family people, but one day, I met a young lady
since. After completing my education at that two young Americans, claiming to who was destined to become my wife,
the local grammar school, I joined a be ministers, required admittance. My and that s when I started to think about
building firm where I intended to learn father invited them in and the gospel the Church again. I had never lost my
the practical side of the business before was introduced into our home. All, with testimony but like a lot of people, I
joining the administrative staff. H ow the exception of dad, accepted the gospel wasted the gift that G od had given me.

but here was someone different, and only sons, I was baptised. It seems very dif R A Y M O N D M A R SH A LL
the best was good enough. Doreen in ferent now to look back and see my past I was born on the eleventh day of April,
vestigated the Church and liked what childhood and how my life has become 1944, at W igan in Lancashire. My pa
she saw and heard and two months later, fertile toward God. rents names are Thomas and Barbara
we were married in the Mormon Church. I was born March 27, 1942. I have one
Marshall. I have nine brothers and sis
Since that time, neither of us have looked
back, and I have been privileged to serve
I have been a member of the Church of
in various callings, ranging from Sunday
Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for just
School superintendent to stake mission
one year and am the only one in my
ary. I think the finest lesson I have
family who belongs to the Church.
learned since returning to activity can
I went to a big Church party to have a
be summed up in this year's MIA theme
bit of fun and enjoyed myself so much,
which can be found in First Nephi 3-7:
1 will go and do the things which the and became acquainted with everyone
Lord hath commanded, for I know that so quickly, that I soon was attending
the Lord giveth no commandments unto church regularly. In about two months I
the children of men, save He shall pre was baptized at Manchester. I enjoyed
hearing about Joseph Smith and believed
this was the true gospel. A couple of

sixteen year old sister who is also a

member of the Church.
My parents were Roman Catholic and
had the desire to bring me up in that
faith, but after an argument with the
Mother Superior at school, the faith
which they carried was renounced. This
was to show in later years as an advan
tage to me.
All his life, my father wanted to find the
true Church; but on marriage to my
mother had turned to her faith, but now
once again he started searching. In school
I, too, found a natural leaning toward
religion and joined in the search.
The neighborhood in which I was
months after I was baptized I heard
brought up was very much the same as
President Ross speak about the Church
other English surroundings. The people
Building Program and became interested
w'here I lived believed in God, yes, but
in it. Last week he asked me if I would
attended church, no. That is, except for like to be a labor missionary and I ac
weddings, funerals, etc.
cepted the call. I was set apart on the
Why, I ask myself many times, have I ninth of September, and entered the mis
so many blessings. I think of my girl
sion field on the same day. I am now*
whom I left to come on this mission. W e
working on the York Chapel.
have known each other for almost two
years, and have a delight in discussing
the gospel together. In entertainment we
have also learned about each other s ALLEN M U N N
activities. Margaret taught me (believe
pare a way for them that they may ac it or not) to row. I taught her to play I was born in Trelwis in March, 1942,
complish the thing which He command- cricket, to a degree. She has a little and when only a few months old, my
eth them. nephew whom we love to take shopping, parents and I moved to a lovely village
Now I have been called on a labor mis and other places, especially to parks, in Somerset, called Shippham. After the
sion which means that my wife and I boating, and for walks. W e find him war, we moved to Bristol, where I re
are apart for a short while, but from the enchanting, and don t want him to grow ceived my education.
bottom of our hearts, we thank our up at all. His antics are all so loveable When I was 11 years old, the mission
Father for allowing us to serve Him in and sweet. He's a quick little fellow' and aries called to see our family. W e all
any capacity. I pray that I may fulfill so cute. listened to them with a great deal of
this and all other callings with honor. For all my blessings I have to thank my interest. I became baptised, but it was
Heavenly Father, for I know without not until 1960 that my parents joined
PAUL E M M E R SO N His help, I can go nowhere in this world. the Church, although they always sup
At the age of sixteen I was introduced The reason I have accepted this calling ported me in my Church work. When
to the Mormon missionaries, but, unfor is to try and repay Him for His love to I was 16 I bought a motorcycle and be
tunately, it was a year before the seed me, and for the joy He has brought into came almost inactive in the Church, but
they planted took root. After three les my life. with the efforts of missionaries and

branch members, I regained my testi PE TER L A W R E N CE H A TCH ~ mar school, which is equivalent to high
mony. From here I progressed and even "Having been born of goodly parents in school in America. I have always been
tually became an elder. Whitechapel, London, England, the interested in sports. I was captain of my
For some time I was first counselor in desire arose early in me to seek God and school football team, also the basketball
the MIA. One day, out of the blue, I was His Church. After searching a goodly team, and represented my school at
asked to become MIA superintendent, time, it was my great privilege to meet cricket and senior basketball.
which I did. I had several other offices, the elders who wrere going out to labor
but enjoyed MIA work best of all.While m New Zealand and Australia. At this
in Bristol I had a wonderful time. I was lime I was serving in the Merchant
parents, Frank and Nora Blease, ac
Navy. It soon became obvious that what
cepted the gospel a fortnight after I did,
these young men had was different, and
on July 9, 1960. Their acceptance was an
I was baptised in Bankstown, Australia,
answer to my prayers. I hope my bro
November, 1956. Shortly afterwards I
ther, David, who is not a member, will
journeyed to Utah, the beautiful. Thence
come around to wanting the same won
to New Zealand where I labored on the
derful spirit the rest of our family
temple and college project until after the
shares. I have lived in Ashton all my
dedication by the Prophet. This really
life. I attended three schools, one being
was a blessed time. Later I was called
as a proselyting missionary, for which I Ashton Secondary Technical School,
am very thankful. which gave me a higher standard of
"Upon being released from the latter education than the normal secondary
schools. I ran for the school cross
mission, the way was opened that I
country running team and soon became
might see the people of the Isles of the
Pacific, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji. These has been the greatest coach and given
people really are close to our Heavenly me the most encouragement that I have
Father, and it is a real testimony to see had."
the Church there. Not having seen my
people for four years I returned home
KEITH HULSE - "My parents are
Edward and Alice Senior Hulse. I have
six brothers and three sisters. I became
converted to the Church through play
ing softball with two Mormon elders, and
was baptised shortly after this. My girl
friend is an active member of the Church.
My hobbies are football, rugby, swim
ming, and music.
very fortunate in being in such a fine
branch with such great support from
everyone, and with the love, kindness,
and understanding of my family. I was
also blessed in having a great little "Part of the magic of Christmas is the
brother in the Church. way it brings 0111" the best in people.
When I was first called on my mission, Louis E. Thayer.
I did not want anything to do with it.
But with prayer, I decided to go and
give a little of my time to the Lord and CHRISTM AS AGAIN!
do my part. The rest of the story is in
the future, and I pray that I might By Percy B. Prior
endure to the end.

Christmas again! And our spirits grow

Note from the editors; Down drops each selfish, conventional
There is a saying "Better Late than harrier,
Never. That is the way we felt when Hearts beat more lightly and footsteps
we received the histories of five British grow airier,
labor missionaries after we had printed This is the glorious period when
short sketches on them in last month s All round the planet, whatever latitude,
magazine. W e are, therefore, going to Mortals are glowing with love and with
fill in a few more details: last April through the Panama. It is my gratitude.
testimony that this Church is true, that Life for the moment is full of beatitude
Joseph Smith was and is a Prophet, as Christmas again!
BRIAN ROPER My father and I David O. McKay is today. Seeing the
were among the first ten members of the Isnt it good to he friends with humanity,
Church in different parts of the world Preaching something like true
branch. It is now two wards of two has greatly strengthened my testimony.
hundred fifty members each. I have a Christianity?
It is a privilege to be engaged in this Must we go back to the greed and the
strong testimony of the gospel as my work and at this time.
father has, and I know this mission will vanity
be a very great blessing to me. I received Which have made sorrow and woe
a good education at grammar school and JKOFFRET ROBINSON < ' There are among men?
at Newall Green Secondary Modern. I nine children in our family. W e are all Christmastime spirit how splendid a
was head boy at my school for twelve members of the Church. I have a sister, thrill it is!
months. After finishing school I became Let us preserve it, with till our abilities:
Sylvia, who is on a full time mission.
an apprentice draughtsman with a heat I am the fifth member of our family to Hold to it, practice it, live it, until it is
ing and ventilating company. serve as a missionary. I attended a gram Christmas again!

0 9

"E V E R Y M E M B E R A we are finding just as easy to love as SISTERS SOB CORNER - by Haze!
we do our other brothers and sisters.
M IS S IO N A R Y " W e have been back several times and
each time are able to explain further our
beliefs and teachings.
Elder Glen Lybbert, his wife, Annie, and At our first meeting we were taken
their family, have truly been mission aback, wondering if we really had any
thing to add to their quiet happy lives.
aries since coming to Holland. Sister O f course, we realize, with their plain
Annie is a native Hollander and speaks simplicity, if the security and far-
both Dutch and English fluently. Elder reaching eternal principles of the gospel
Lybbert filled a mission here in his were added, the DeW itt family would
be among the truly happy, contended
youth. This combination is just about people of the world. Our prayer and
perfect, as they have the knowledge and sincere desire is to be blessed with wis
understanding necessary to approach the dom and judgment sufficient to meet the
challenge and thus help the DeWitts, as
people of the Netherlands. W e asked
well as many others, to find a testimony
Elder Lybbert to write of his association of truth as it has been revealed.
with the DeW itt family, and this is his
Others of the boys have opened their
story: doors to us and the same friendly whole
some atmosphere prevails in each home.
Upon arriving in Holland we spent some W e also had a meeting with the father
time looking for the old familiar land of this fine family. He is an honest,
marks places that in our memories sincere man with a clear mind and a
had become quite important. Next, we will of his own. He is not afraid to con
went to the Sunday services in the tradict his minister if he feels the
teachings are not true.
church building on the Weteringschans,
which for some reason, seemed to be not Let no pleasure tempt thee,
half as long nor nearly so wide as it was A typical example of the love and res No profit allure thee,
when we left twenty-three years ago. pect this family has for each other was
shown when one of the brothers was No ambition corrupt thee,
After a few weeks of fascination, seeing asked, "Is he your big boss?" "Oh, no," To do anything which thou knowest to
beautiful flowers, meeting old friends, he said, "we are brothers. be evil;
helping with the remodeling of the newly So shalt thou always live jollily;
purchased building in Alkmaar, we did At the present time we are holding cot
some remodeling on the Jackson home. tage meetings weekly with this wonder For a good conscience is a continual
Soon after starting on this project we ful Christian family. Through our as Christmas.
met a family of painters named DeWitt. sociation with these "brother painters
After working with them and having we also met a sister. Her one big ques
numerous opportunities to talk briefly tion seemed to be, "W hat is the attitude
about our building program, and some of your Church regarding the Sabbath?
things peculiar to our Church, Annie and When this was explained to her she
I were invited to their homes. seemed to be very satisfied.

Our first visit was a revelation. Walter, Our prayers are that this family will STAR-SHINE
the youngest of the five brothers and accept our message.
five sisters, invited us to his home first. By Alice Mackenzie Swaim
W e were very warmly received and
their five darling children, with their
sweet, frank simplicity, opened their Christmas is love, and the chance to
hearts to us and let us see clearly that show it;
they had been taught G od loves and Christmas is joy, and the grace to
watches over all. After proudly showing know it;
us their newly finished home and telling
us goodnight, each knelt by his or her Christmas is memory, hope and desire.
bed and sang a beautiful, sweet, good Sister Blythe Andrew has been in a Loving hearts at peace round a glowing
night prayer. Another family habit is to Frankfurt hospital for the past two fire.
read at least once each day from the weeks. She was released November 1 Christmas is star-shine in every man s
bible. and is now feeling much better. It w asn
easy for her to go into a hospital where sky,
The only anxious moment of the evening she did not know the language, but at Laughter and wonder in every ch ild s
was shown in their concern as to what least she came out knowing many more eye:
they could offer us for refreshments, German words than when she went in Shepherds and angels carolling clear,
inasmuch as they knew we didn't drink and made a lot of friends doing it. Our
Heaven brought down for a moment
tea or coffee. This was easily overcome best wishes are for a complete and
and we now have a family of friends speedy recovery. each year.