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Sandra Urista

Cycle 38

25 September 2017

Content Specific Formative Assessment

Title: The Transformation of American Society


US.29(G) identify and support with historical evidence a point of view on a social studies
issue or event
US.29(H) use appropriate skills to analyze and interpret social studies information such
as maps, graphs, presentations, speeches, lectures, and political cartoons

Content Learning
Students will
o Explain how immigration changed during the late 1800s and describe the
challenges immigrants faced as they settle in the United States.

Formative Assessments

Lessons include the oral presentation summarizing new content. Following the lesson, I
will ask questions, input, and feedback by randomly selecting students. This is primarily
formative assessment to see if students understand the lesson/lecture.

Homework: Following lesson 2 and 3, homework will be assigned to give student.

Students will scan newspaper, magazines, or digital format for articles relating to current
immigration issues. Students will write four paragraphs regarding their findings of
current immigration issues.

T-Chart - Despite these harsh conditions, many immigrants clung to the hope for a better
life. Students will write down a list of harsh condition; the other side students will
characteristics of a better life.

Harsh Condition Characteristics of a Better Life

Organization Chart Old Immigrants / New Immigrants students will describe the
differences and similarities of old immigrants and new immigrations

The New Immigrants

Student will associate current immigrants with past immigrants. (Analysis)

Through the use of an organization chart students will describe the differences and
similarities of old immigrants and new immigrations. Student will find connection with
current immigrants to immigrants of the past.

Old Immigrants New Immigrants