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Should Schools Ban Homework?

Homework can be characterized as outside the school activity which the students
are assigned to do. According to the name itself, homework it is usually done by the
students at home, with or without the supervision of their parents. But do the students
really do their homework at home? Or do they do their homework at all? Does homework
really deprive the students in doing their past times?
I actually love doing my homework when I was in grade school especially in English
and HeKaSi as my favorite subjects but Mathematics is one of the subject which always has
homework to do. I spent most of my nights doing it with my grandmother on my side
teaching me. I hate it because I missed my favorite cartoon on TV and playing with my
friends outside. Also my mother always guards me whenever Im done eating snack to
check on my notebooks for any homework to do. Then I started hating doing my
Conferring to the article, homework was depicted as a sin according to the
Reformers in the Progressive Era because it deprived children of their playtime. See, I also
felt that when I was young. The time I should have spent playing, watching tv and doing my
hobby was dedicated in doing my homework. The study conducted in 2007 called the
Trends in Math and Science Study (TIMSS) said that there are only 7% of Grade 4 students
who said they did no homework. They also found out that homework at a national level is
not related in achieving high academic success. However the study was not made to
interpret if homework really helps or hurts the overall academic performance of the
The impact of homework to kids was alarming as what the study also found out. It
caused them to lack the right amount of sleep and stress due large amounts of homework.
It also affects their physical health. My parents always scold me when I dont do my
homework right away and when I lied to them that I dont have any homework. The study
revealed that when parents and their children conflict over homework, it generates a
strong negative emotion which also has a negative association with academic achievement.
I personally do not want homework but I am not really into banning it from schools.
If the education sector would just reform the existing order about schools giving too much
load on homework it would somehow change my view against it. Let us not forget that
homework is an important component of education, maybe if it will be given for once a
week or every Fridays since students spent most of their time at school, it would be better.
Teachers should be responsible in assigning homework that is not burdensome to the
students. They should also inform the students and their parents that homework is not just
for the sake to have a grade for them not to pressure their children in doing it.
Homework is not an alternative for teachers to make up to what could not be
covered in the class. As much as possible it should be an interactive activity that would
engage the students to the lesson or the subject and would promote their learning without
compromising their social activities, health and relationships to other people.