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2 Manage classroom activities

4.1 Support student participation
Demonstrate the capacity to organise
Identify strategies to support
classroom activities and provide clear
inclusive student participation and
engagement in classroom Teacher Reports
activities. from I would organise students to work in
Professional groups, sometimes by abilities but
I support student participation by
more than often with mixed abilities,
using ICT, planning lessons that Development
giving ownership back to students to
link to other key learning areas.
perform. Using paddle pop sticks
Working one on one or planning Standard 4
randomly to ensure all students
whole class activities
participated and answered questions

4.5 Use ICT safely, responsibly

4.3 Manage Challenging
and ethically
Demonstrate an understanding
Demonstrate knowledge of
4.4 Maintain student safety of the relevant issues and the
practical approaches to manage
strategies available to support
challenging behaviour. Describe strategies that support students
the safe, responsible and
wellbeing and safety working within school
Throughout my practicum I and/or system, curriculum and legislative ethical use of ICT in learning
would use a punch card reward requirements. and teaching
system and table points, as the
My classroom routine consisted of talking ICT was used every lesson, I
class really enjoyed outside
about my expectations during every lesson. learnt a lot from my students.
activities this also worked really
We would talk about safety,
well. After explaining, if students still misbehaved and consequences were in
I would follow the schools protocol and
place for not following
follow through with student consequences.
During assemblies and playground duties I
would follow school rules