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Adjective? Quiz (EnglishClub) 1. An adjective is a word Adjective Gradability Quiz (EnglishClub) 1.

I am _____
that tells us more about a) a verb b) a noun 2. In the happy to see you. a) virtually b) a little c) very 2. The
language of grammar, adjectives ________ nouns. a) cat was _____ dead when the vet arrived. a) extremely
modify b) activate 3. "These flowers are beautiful!" b) fairly c) completely 3. To make tea, the water should
Which is an adjective? a) these b) beautiful 4. "His new be _____ boiling. a) slightly b) - c) very 4. Well done!
apartment's nice, but it's a bit small." How many Your homework is _____ excellent. a) very b) - c)
adjectives are there? a) two b) three 5. An adjective almost 5. Don't see that film! It's _____ awful! a)
usually comes BEFORE a noun or AFTER a) a verb b) a absolutely b) nearly c) extremely 6. Hundreds of _____
noun 6. In which sentence does a verb come between a terrified people ran for their lives. a) completely b)
noun and the adjective that modifies it? a) The movie extremely c) fairly 7. I am reading a _____ good book.
was boring. b) It was a boring movie. 7. Adjectives a) nearly b) completely c) - 8. Are you sure? / Yes, I'm
modify nouns, and they can also modify a) verbs b) _____ certain. a) nearly b) quite c) intensely 9. It's
pronouns 8. "She's very smart, so the exam was easy _____ cold outside. In fact, it's nearly freezing. a) quite
for her." Which modifies a pronoun? a) smart b) easy 9. b) really c) fairly 10. The country is in a _____ ridiculous
Which endings are often found on adjectives? a) -able, situation. I laugh so much! a) - b) very c) reasonably
-ful, -ous b) -ness, -ment, -ity 10. "This quiz is harder
than the others." The adjective "harder" is a) Adjective Gradability Quiz:
superlative b) comparative 1. very
2. completely
Adjective? Quiz: 3. -
1. a noun 4. -
2. modify 5. absolutely
3. beautiful 6. completely
4. three 7. -
5. a verb 8. quite
6. The movie was boring. 9. really
7. pronouns 10.
8. smart
9. -able, -ful, -ous
10. comparative Adjective Order Quiz (EnglishClub) 1. Andrea had a
________ in her hair yesterday. a) nice yellow bow b)
yellow nice bow c) bow nice yellow 2. She lost a
________ . a) small white cat b) cat small white c)
white small cat 3. I bought ________ oranges. a) great
some big b) big great some c) some great big 4. We met
________ people at the conference. a) very smart two
b) two very smart c) very two smart 5. The clown was
wearing a ________ hat. a) big green-yellow b) big
green and yellow c) yellow and green big 6. The cookies
that you ________ . a) smell delicious baked b) baked
smell delicious c) delicious smell baked 7. Is it ________
? a) cold getting outside b) getting cold outside c)
getting outside cold 8. The course you are ________ .
a) taking sounds interesting b) sounds interesting
taking c) interesting sounds taking 9. My uncle wore a
________ to the wedding. a) silk blue tie b) tie blue silk
c) blue silk tie 10. Have you met that _____ next door?
a) cute boy new b) cute new boy c) new boy cute

Adjective Order Quiz: 1. nice yellow bow

2. small white cat
3. some great big
4. two very smart
5. big green and yellow
6. baked smell delicious
7. getting cold outside
8. taking sounds interesting
9. blue silk tie
10. cute new boy