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World History

Mr. McNamara
Feudal Europe
Surname Research


For homework tonight you will research your surname, or last name. Look up
what the history of your family name is. For example, Robertson means
the son of Robert. People named Parker often had ancestors who tended
parks. Folks with the last name Smith often had ancestors who were
blacksmiths. You will talk to parents, grandparents, conduct online research
or use any means you like to find out what your last name means. Be sure to
include what country of origin the name is from if you can, and also any kind
of symbols or crests associated with your family (see my bulletin board for
an example of a family crest for the name McNamara). Bonus points if you
include any famous or notable peeps with your last name. Your answer
should be no more than one paragraph and possibly a picture or
illustration of your family crest or coat of arms.