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FE Commissioner visit feedback:

Please be aware that this feedback was verbally given at the close of Stocktake visit on 19/10/2017.
The language and tone might change when the official feedback is reported. However the content
should remain the same.

The leadership at EFC has established a special culture at EFC where staff are confident, knowing the
challenges and very keen to get things right. There is clear sense of determination to achieve and
continue with the improvements. The college is in line and aligned for its planned merger.

There is much improved use of data and staff stand the tests and scrutiny on learner performance
and KPIs. Governors, despite being new, show very good understanding of the challenges and add
value. There are no further concerns about governance, clerking or the senior team structure. The
main report will highlight all the positive messages observed today.

Due to the management accounts not being available (due next week) the FEC team will have an off
line conversation and further discussion. They requested for the accounts to be sent when available.
However, because the report will not focus on finances it may be feasible that it can be compiled
without this information as sight of the management accounts might not impact on the
recommendations included in the report.

The following recommendations were made:

1- The college should continue to improve and raise learner attendance, particularly in maths
and English, to ensure learner outcomes improve
2- The college needs to continue to raise the quality of learning, teaching and assessment
across all learning areas concentrating in particular on the pockets that require
3- The college needs to continue to refine the presentation of KPIs to the board to enable the
board to more easily analyse the information
4- The college needs to monitor the risk associated with full cost and commercial delivery and
monitor the performance in this area closely.
5- The board needs to ensure the planned land disposal reaches and achieves best value.
6- Since the colleges merger progress and the actions necessary to improve the financial
position of the college are monitored by monthly case conference a further stocktake is only
necessary if there is an issue of the pace related to completion of merger by the end of
academic year.
7- A final stocktake to be arranged after the colleges full re-inspection in 2018.

What they were impressed with:

etrackr, Dashboard, MIS reports

Staff knowledge of the challenges and willingness to do the work

Knowledge of staff about students who were withdrawn

Governance and Leadership

Students and staff positive attitude

College atmosphere