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The killing field

Is the U.S. powerless to stop mass shootings?

OCTOBER 13, 2017 VOLUME 17 ISSUE 843


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Editors letter
Again. This week, we once again took part in a distinctly Amer- Since the Columbine attack 18 years ago, The Washington Post
ican ritual, cycling through the shock, the sadness, and the cyni- recently calculated, some 135,000 American students have expe-
cism that accompany a mass shooting. The half-life of these trag- rienced a shooting at school. How will surviving these nightmar-
edies grows ever shorter, as the country collectively acknowl- ish events shape their sense of security, and echo throughout the
edges, a little faster each time, that little is likely to be done to rest of their lives? Mass-shooting survivors have described grap-
prevent the next massacre. We cringe at the footage, look for pling with recurring nightmares for years, obsessively searching
some explanation in the shooters background, and mourn the for exits in every room they enter, and being haunted by guilt for
deadbut we move on, knowing that well be here again before having made it out alive. So when we recall the terrible drum-
too long. The time between these mass attacks is now measured beat of recent mass attacksVirginia Tech, Fort Hood, Aurora,
not in years or months, but weeks and days. As defined by gun Newtown, Charleston, San Bernardino, Orlando, Las Vegas, and
attacks in which four or more people are shot, Las Vegas was the hundreds of others that dont make the national newswe
Americas 337th mass shooting this year. cant limit the casualties to those the bullets found. The cost of
Consider for a moment the survivors of these rampagesthe this national insanity also includes a traumatized army of peo-
thousands of Americans who have seen friends and loved ones ple with wounds that we cannot easily see. They, too, need our
fall, and have crouched on a floor slicked with blood to avoid attention and help. Their number jumped by Carolyn OHara
whizzing bullets while wondering if this day will be their last. 22,000 this week. Managing editor

4 Main stories
A gunman massacres Editor-in-chief: William Falk
concertgoers in Las Managing editors: Theunis Bates,
Vegas; Trump visits Carolyn OHara
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devastated Puerto Rico Deputy editor/Arts: Chris Mitchell
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6 Controversy of the week Dalenberg, Andrew Murfett, Dale Obbie,
Hallie Stiller, Frances Weaver
Will the Supreme Court Art director: Dan Josephs
take action on partisan Photo editor: Loren Talbot
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gerrymandering? Researchers: Christina Colizza, Joyce Chu
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THE WEEK October 13, 2017
4 NEWS The main stories...
The massacre in Las Vegas
What happened occurred in the past decade,
The nation was left reeling this said USA Today. After every one,
week by the deadliest mass shoot- the gun lobby insists various gun
ing in modern U.S. history, after control measures would not have
a gunman on the 32nd oor of a stopped that particular shoot-
Las Vegas hotel shot dead 58 peo- ing. But thats not the point. In
ple and injured 527 others at a countries such as Australia and
country music festival across the Britain, mass shootings prompted
street below. The massacre began legislative action that signicantly
at 10:07 p.m. on Sunday night, reduced rearm deaths. In the U.S.,
when 64-year-old retiree Stephen the Second Amendment protects
Paddock smashed out two win- the right to bear arms, but al-
dows in his suite at the Mandalay lows for reasonable regulation.
Bay Resort and Casino and began We could limit future carnage by
raining down bullets on the 22,000 adopting universal background
festivalgoers. Using semi-automatic checks on buyers, and banning the
ries tted with bump stock kinds of assault weapons, bump
Concertgoers fleeing as the bullets rain down
accessorieswhich increase the rate stocks, and high-capacity maga-
of re to nearly machine-gun levelsPaddock spent 11 minutes zines Paddock used to turn Las Vegas into a killing eld.
spraying the crowd with bullets as they dove, hid, and ran for
cover. I stepped over a guy with blood pouring out of his head, What the columnists said
said Craig Herman, 57, a survivor. I saw maybe 15 others like Stephen Paddock is a frightening enigma, said David Graham
that. Ive never seen so much blood. When a SWAT team stormed in TheAtlantic.com. Though solitary and itinerant, he was rela-
Paddocks suite, they found Paddock dead from a self-inicted tively wealthy, relatively old, and apparently unafliated with any
pistol wound. He had an arsenal of 23 guns12 tted with bump extremist groups. He ts into none of the obvious mass-shooter
stocksand had set up three remote cameras to watch for police. proles. If an apparently ordinary guy is capable of an act this
monstrous, what hope can there be to identify suspects like him
Investigators said they were bafed over what motivated Paddock. before they attack? If Paddock had been a Muslim, then Trump,
A retired real estate investor who lived in Mesquite, Nev., he often Congress, and many Americans would be in full panic mode
traveled to Las Vegas to gamble large sums on video poker. He had and demanding drastic action, said Adam Gopnik in NewYorker
no criminal recordthough his father was a bank robber who was .com. But because he was just one more American psycho with
once on the FBIs most-wanted listand seems to have bought his an arsenal of killing machines, Republicans disingenuously insist
weapons legally. Paddock had no ties to international terror groups, theres nothing at all to be done.
and was described by family and neighbors as a loner with no obvi-
ous political or religious views. Police were hoping to learn more Sorry, but the fact that we are still overreacting to Muslims
from his Filipino girlfriend, Marilou Danley, who left the country because of 9/11 doesnt mean we should also overreact to mass
two weeks before the attack but returned to the U.S. on Tuesday. shootings, said Nick Gillespie in Reason.com. If gun control is the
answer, why did rearms crime and homicide rates drop signi-
President Donald Trump, who called the shooting an act of pure cantly between 1993 and 2015a period when it became much
evil, traveled to Las Vegas to meet survivors and rst responders. easier to acquire guns in most states?
Amid calls from Democrats for stricter gun laws, the president said
he was open to a discussion on that topic at some point perhaps. This idea that gun control doesnt work is a pernicious lie, said
Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy in The Washington Post. Since
What the editorials said my state of Connecticut responded to the Newtown massacre of
The massacre in Las Vegas was hor- 20 schoolchildren by expanding back-
rifying, said NationalReview.com, the What next? ground checks and requiring issued
reaction to it dispiriting. Progressives Before the massacre, House Republicans had handgun permits, gun crimes have
made the usual calls for commonsen- been poised to pass legislation that would dropped by 40 percent.
sical gun control measures, none of make it easier to buy gun silencers, said Tara
which would have helped in Las Vegas. Golshan in Vox.com. But while Speaker Paul The debate over gun control runs
Paddock would have passed any back- Ryan has pushed that bill to the back burner for much deeper than policy specics, said
ground check. The sobering fact is that now, it is expected to pass when it does come Anne Helen Petersen in BuzzFeed.com.
mass murders have become an ordinary to the floor. Democrats are pushing for a ban on Liberals intrinsically believe it is the
part of our cultural landscapeand bump stocks, but are deliberately employing responsibility of the group to protect
unless we want to seize all guns and tamer tactics than usual on gun control, said individuals, even if that entails indi-
convert our country into a police Heather Caygle and Elana Schor in Politico.com. vidual sacrices. Conservatives think
state, we will remain vulnerable to They think the Republican-controlled Congress is everyone has the right to make deci-
acts of mass violence. almost guaranteed to do nothing about itand sions for themselvesand that the
that focusing too much on the issue ahead of sacrices liberals propose are simply
Four of the nations deadliest mass next years midterms could repel the very voters not worth the compromise of their lib-
shootingsVirginia Tech, Newtown, they need to woo to regain control of Congress. erty. With each mass shooting, these

Orlando, and now Las Vegashave now oppositional philosophies harden.

Illustration by Howard McWilliam.
THE WEEK October 13, 2017 Cover photos from AP, Newscom, Everett Collection
... and how they were covered NEWS 5

Trump lauds relief effort in devastated Puerto Rico

What happened ing about protesting football players and
President Trump sparked a fresh backlash ignoring pleas from Puerto Rican ofcials
during his visit to Puerto Rico this week, for broader government assistance. When
when he appeared to downplay the de- an earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, President
struction caused by Hurricane Mariajust Obama had 22,000 U.S. troops on the
days after attacking island ofcials who ground within two weeks; eight days after
criticized his administrations response to Hurricane Maria, just 4,400 service mem-
the natural disaster. More than two weeks bers were participating in efforts in Puerto
after the Category 4 storm pummeled the Rico. Trumps personal attack on San
U.S. territory, almost all of the islands Juans mayor was equally shameful, said
3.4 million residents remain without power The Dallas Morning News. To criticize
and about half lack access to clean drinking Cruz from the comfort of his luxury golf
water. Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossell resort while she was chest-deep in ood-
said the death toll stood at 34, but that Trump: Delivering aid in his own unique style
water isnt just bad optics; it is chilling.
number was expected to rise; ofcials said
morgues across the island were full. Trump met with storm victims What the columnists said
and repeatedly praised his administrations incredible response, If the visit was intended to reverse the impression that Trump has
telling Puerto Ricans they should be very proud that thousands not taken Maria seriously, then it failed, bigly, said David Graham
of people didnt die in Marias wake as they did in a real catastro- in TheAtlantic.com. When our president wasnt demeaning Puerto
phe like [Hurricane] Katrina. Ricans by lobbing rolls of paper towels like basketballs into a
crowd of storm victims, he was making tone-deaf comments, such
Before his visit, Trump lambasted San Juan Mayor Carmen Yuln as complaining that the relief effort had thrown our budget out
Cruz after she pleaded for more help from Washington. You are of whack. Weve long wondered how our impulsive, unfocused
killing us with the inefciency, said Cruz. Other ofcials accused president would manage to handle a real crisis, said Matthew
the federal government of doing far more to help Texas and Florida Yglesias in Vox.com. Now we knowand its appalling.
after hurricanes Harvey and Irma. In a urry of 18 tweets, Trump
called Cruz nasty and complained that Puerto Ricans want ev- Trumps critics are eager to blame him, said Liz Peek in FoxNews
erything to be done for them. Following his visit, Trump shocked .com, but where were they during Puerto Ricos decades of corrup-
Wall Street by saying the islands $72 billion debt will have to be tion and collapse? Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle stood by
forgiven. Were going to have to wipe that out, said Trump. as the territorys debts ballooned and gross mismanagement led to
closed schools and collapsing infrastructure. These conditions were
What the editorials said devastating; Hurricane Maria made them life-threatening.
Its ridiculous to claim that Trump ignored Puerto Rico, said the
Richmond, Va., Times-Dispatch. Federal and military aid was both With any luck, this catastrophe might force long overdue political
swift and large-scale, but ofcials have had to deal with the mon- change, said Steven Cohen in NewRepublic.com. Before the hur-
strous destruction left behind by Marias 150 mph winds. Within ricane hit, half of Americans didnt even realize that Puerto Ricans
days, the Federal Emergency Management Agency had delivered were U.S. citizens. The islands residents have second-class status:
4 million meals, 6 million liters of water and other supplies to San They lack voting representation in the U.S. Congress, and their lead-
Juan airport. But pallets upon pallets sat on the tarmac because ers, while elected, cant exercise autonomy over the territorys bud-
there are so few working buses and few traversable roads. get and laws. Maria should force the U.S. to reconsider its peculiar
relationship to the island out of simple compassion. But if that
After the hurricane devastated the island, said The Washington doesnt do it, the thought of 3.4 million potential climate refugees
Post, Trump spent four days at his New Jersey golf course tweet- arriving on the mainland may be enough to inspire action.

It wasnt all bad QThey call him the ICU Grandpa. After retiring from his QA network of daring volunteer pilots
marketing job in 2005, David Deutchman visited the Chil- has been helping Puerto Rico recover
QWhen a gunman opened fire drens Healthcare of Atlanta hospital to see how he could from Hurricane Maria, risking their
on a country music concert in Las help out. Struck by how parents lives over the island after the storm
Vegas this week, a Marine veteran of premature babies were terrified knocked out many traffic-control ra-
jumped into action to help the to leave their newborns alone in dars. One of those amateur aviators is
wounded. After climbing over a the hospital, Deutchman volun- Connecticut-based investor Paul Weis-
fence to escape the gunfire, Taylor teered to be a baby buddyand mann, who within hours of getting
Winston began checking nearby provide sick kids with comfort a call for help had packed his private
AP, screenshot: Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta

trucks for keys. The Iraq vet, 29, and when mom and dad cant be plane with supplies and taken off.
a friend quickly commandeered a around. Twelve years later, On the way back, he flew vulnerable
vehicle and began loading injured Deutchman, 82, still spends two evacuees to safety in Florida. Weis-
concertgoers into the truckbed. In days a week in the neonatal and mann is part of Patient Airlift Services
two trips, they transported about pediatric ICUs snuggling babies, (PALS), which mobilizes volunteer
25 people to the hospital, likely a technique thats been proven to pilots during natural disasters. Its
saving several lives. We tried the help nurse fragile infants back to just human nature to try to help, says
best we could, says Winston, to health. I get puked on, I get peed another PALS pilot, Bob Lambert. We
get as many as we could. Deutchman at work on, he says of his job. Its great. can literally respond in minutes.

THE WEEK October 13, 2017

6 NEWS Controversy of the week
Gerrymandering: Should the Supreme Court intervene?
Donald Trump was right, said The New York Times that lean Republican. Unable to woo rural voters with their
in an editorial: Americas political system is rigged. policies, Democrats are now essentially asking the Supreme
One primary way the rigging is accomplished is Court to undo natural self-sorting. District-based rep-
through partisan gerrymanderingthe practice resentation is a bedrock principle of American poli-
of redrawing electoral districts to favor one political tics, said John Ryder in The Wall Street Journal.
party over the other. This week the Supreme Court Replacing it with what Chief Justice John Roberts this
heard oral arguments in a landmark gerrymandering week called sociological gobbledygook about fairness
case that could transform the American landscape. The is a line the high court shouldnt cross.
case of Gill v. Whitford concerns Wisconsin, whose GOP-
controlled legislature redrew boundaries with such blatant Crossing that line would lead to unending litigation,
partisanship that even though Democrats won 51 per- said George Will in The Washington Post. Drawing elec-
cent of statewide votes in 2012, Republicans took 60 Wisconsins assembly toral districts has been a partisan process since the
of 99 seats in the state assembly. And Wisconsin is no districts in 2016 beginning of our republic. If courts intervene on the
aberration. Nationally, recent Republican gerrymandering helps basis of an efficiency gap, both parties will sum-
explain why the GOP holds 10 percent more House seats than the mon dueling professors who will cherry-pick concocted metrics
Democrats (241 to 194) despite winning only 1 percent more of to insist various districts are unfair. Thats why Supreme Court
the congressional vote in 2016. The Supreme Court has histori- Justice Felix Frankfurter warned in a 1946 gerrymandering case
cally shied away from gerrymandering cases, said Noah Feldman in that the court should not enter this political thicket.
Bloomberg.com, for fear of being accused of meddling in politics.
A newly developed statistic called the efficiency gap, however, The courts historic reluctance to tackle this issue is understand-
precisely measures the effect of redistricting on parties relative able, said Edwin Chereminsky in The Sacramento Bee. But
power in a state. In oral arguments this week, perennial swing sophisticated computer programs have made gerrymandering more
vote Anthony Kennedy seemed receptive to using the efficiency powerful than ever, and when a minority of voters consistently
gap as a tool in such cases. If he upholds a lower-court ruling that wins a majority of seats, it leaves voters cynical about the politi-
Wisconsins redistricting violates the Constitutions one person, cal process. In the Wisconsin case, a federal court ruled that the
one vote principle, it would be a game-changing decision. efficiency gapwhich measures how many votes were wasted
in districts a party didnt winprovides a reliable measure of how
The Democrats problem isnt gerrymandering, said Guy Harrison districts were drawn. When a state cannot explain a major gap
and Jason Torchinsky in NationalReview.com, which both par- by natural geography or population patterns, the court ruled, its
ties practice with relish when in power. Their real problem is that fair to conclude that the districts were drawn unconstitutionally.
their voters are now clustered into coastal states and large urban If were to avoid a true crisis in our democracy, we urgently need
areas. That gives them lopsided victories in relatively few districts, to get back to a system where voters choose their elected officials,
but few voters in the many districts encompassing large rural areas rather than elected officials choosing their voters.

Good week for: Kids health-care

Only in America
Reality, after two quantum physicists published a study disputing program lapses
QFour people were arrested the fashionable notion that were living in a computer simulation
after a fistfight in an empa- Congress missed a deadline
like The Matrix. To generate the complex behavior of subatomic this week to extend fund-
thy tent at the University of particles, the physicists argue, a supercomputer would require
California at Berkeley. The ing for the Childrens Health
tent was conceived as a
more atoms than exist in the universe. Insurance Program (CHIP),
space for pro-Trump and an- Self-reliance, after an Italian fitness instructor became so frus- which provides health cover-
tifa activists to find common trated with the dating game that she married herself in a lavish age to 8.9 million low-income
ground, but passions ran so ceremony. Laura Mesi, 40, spent $12,000 to stage my fairy-tale children. CHIP, which lapsed
high last week that the tent weddingonly without a Prince Charming. Sept. 30, has broad bipartisan
was almost knocked over. support, but reauthorization
Ceasing and desisting, after Pablo Escobars family demanded was pushed to the back burner
Its tough, said tent founder $1 billion from Netflix, whose hit show Narcos is based on the
Edwin Fulch, but we do what in Washington amid GOP
we can to foster dialogue.
life of the late drug kingpin. If we dont receive it, said Escobars efforts to repeal the Affordable
brother, Roberto, we will close their little show. Care Act. Although no child
QAn Idaho woman is facing is expected to lose his or her
burglary charges after she Bad week for: health insurance immediately,
used a coffee shops fire Human dignity, after excited male visitors so badly molested a because states have reserves
extinguisher to rescue a child realistic new sex robot at an electronics festival in Austria that of CHIP funding they can draw
trapped in a burning car. she needed extensive repairs. People can be bad, said inventor on, 10 states are at risk of run-
Tequila Isaacson, 34, says Sergi Santos. They treated the doll like barbarians. ning out of money in the next
that after she broke a window Theresa May, after the British prime minister suffered a pro- two months, including Califor-
to get the lifesaving device, nia and Mississippi. Lawmak-
a police officer told her she
longed coughing fit during a speech, then saw the F and E fall off a
backdrop that read Building a country that works for everyone. ers in both the House and
would be charged with bur- Senate are now working on
glary because using a fire Pride, after an alleged dark-web drug mogul from France, Gal bills to extend CHIP funding by
extinguisher that doesnt be- Vallerius, was arrested en route to displaying his long red whiskers five years, while phasing out
long to me is theft, no matter at a beard competition in Texas. I dont know anything about a 23 percent funding increase
Loren Talbot

how good your intentions. what other stuff he did, said beard champion M.J. Johnson, but provided through Obamacare.
as far as his beard goes, its really awesome.
THE WEEK October 13, 2017
The U.S. at a glance ... NEWS 7
Seattle and Glendale, Ariz. Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C.
Football protests: Fewer pro football Benghazi trial: Survivors of the 2012 Travel bills: At least
players took a knee as the national attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, four Cabinet officials
anthem played during this weeks NFL Libya, described crawling through the were facing internal
games, burning compound and choking on investigations this
though thick smoke as dozens of assailants week over excessive
many poured onto the grounds, as the trial of travel expenses,
teams the assaults alleged mastermind began after Health
expressed this week. Ahmed Abu Khattala, a and Human
solidarity Price: Resigned
46-year-old Libyan, is accused of helping Services
through to orchestrate the attack, which killed Secretary Tom Price resigned under pres-
gestures four Americans, including Ambassador sure for spending $400,000 in public
like J. Christopher Stevens. In testimony, money on private planes. The Interior
The 49ers line up.
locking David Ubben, a State Department security Departments inspector general is inves-
arms. Fifty-two players knelt this week, agent, described dragging the lifeless body tigating Secretary Ryan Zinkes use of
according to an ESPN tally, down from of one of the Americans out of a burning taxpayer-funded chartered flights, includ-
nearly 200 players who knelt the week building and locking eyes with an attacker ing a $12,000 trip from Las Vegas to
before, when President Trump castigated armed with an AK-47 as Ubben fled in Montana aboard an oil executives private
former San Francisco 49ers quarterback an armored vehicle. We had this kind of plane. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has
Colin Kaepernick and other players for odd moment and stared at each other, reportedly spent more than $58,000 of
kneeling to protest racial injustice, call- Ubben said. Then he lifted his weapon taxpayer money on chartered and military
ing them sons of bitches. The 49ers, and started firing, the rounds striking flights since February, while Veterans
who were playing their first game since bulletproof glass next to Ubbens face. Affairs Secretary David Shulkin took his
Trumps comments, staged one of The trial is expected to last five weeks. wife on a 10-day, government-
the largest protests while facing funded trip to Europe in July,
off against the Arizona Cardinals. during which they spent half
The team lined up in two rows, their time sightseeing. Treasury
the front row kneeling and the Secretary Steven Mnuchin
second standing, with each is also under investigation for
player holding a hand over his using a government jet to travel
heart. In Seattle, where play- to Fort Knox for the solar eclipse in
ers stayed in the locker room August, and for inquiring about using a
during the anthem last week, $25,000-an-hour military plane for his
six Seahawks players sat on the European honeymoon.
bench for the entire song.
Pro-lifer abortion
Lovelock, Nev.
scandal: Rep.
O.J. goes free: O.J. Simpson was released
Tim Murphy, an
from prison in the dead of night this
ardently pro-life
week after serv-
Antioch, Tenn. Republican con-
ing nine years
Church shooters motive: The 25-year-old gressman, urged
for robbing two
black man accused of killing one woman his mistress to
sports memora-
and wounding seven others in a shoot- have an abortion
bilia dealers at Murphy
ing spree at a church near Nashville last during a preg-
gunpoint in Las
week may have been seeking revenge for nancy scare, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Vegas in 2007.
white supremacist Dylann Roofs 2015 reported this week. In texts obtained by
The former
massacre in Charleston, S.C. Emanuel the newspaper, a woman the married
Simpson signing out NFL star, who
Kidega Samson allegedly opened fire at Murphy has admitted to having an affair
was granted
the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ with took him to task over anti-abortion
parole in July, plans to live with friends in
as Sunday services were ending. Police statements on his official Facebook page.
a gated community in Las Vegas, before
later found a note in Samsons car that You have zero issue posting your pro-life
eventually moving to Florida, where he
referenced retaliation for the shootings at stance all over the place when you had no
lived before his conviction. Hes going
the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal issue asking me to abort our unborn child
to focus on kids, friends, his family, and
Church in Charleston, in which nine just last week, she wrote in January.
golf, said longtime friend Tom Scotto.
black parishioners were killed. The con- Murphy, a member of the House Pro-
Simpson left Lovelock Correctional
gregation at Burnette Chapel Church of Life Caucus who has been lauded by the
Center shortly after midnight to avoid a
Christ, where Samson had attended wor- Family Research Council, responded that
media scrum. TMZ.com reported that he
ship, is racially mixed. Investigators are his staff had written the Facebook posts
brought with him several boxes, contain-
Newscom, AP, Newscom, AP

still looking into Samsons background, and that he winced when he saw them.
ing a hot plate and several pairs of shoes,
including any signs of mental illness. Murphy co-sponsored a bill that passed
not wanting other inmates to sell them
Samson appeared to be suicidal in texts he the House this week banning all abortions
online as souvenirs. Asked by a reporter
sent to his father earlier this year. Your after 20 weeks, except in cases of rape,
at a gas station where he was headed,
phone is off, Samson wrote. I have a incest, or when a pregnancy threatens the
Simpson said, None of your business.
gun to my head. mothers life.
THE WEEK October 13, 2017
8 NEWS The world at a glance ...
Edmonton, Alberta Paris
Truck attack: A Somali refugee No whittling the waist: Advertisers in France must now disclose
was charged with five counts of whether a commercial photo has been digitally manipulated to
attempted murder this week for make a featured model look skinnier or curvier. Under what
a bloody rampage in Canada. French media call the Photoshop decree, any company that uses
Abdulahi Hasan Sharif, 30, an altered photo without attaching the label Photographie
is accused of speeding his car retouche (Retouched photograph) could be fined $44,000
straight into a police officer stand- or one-third the cost of the ad. The new regulation is part of a
ing outside a football stadium in Health Ministry push against a media onslaught of exaggeratedly
The U-Haul used in the rampage thin body images, which health officials say can contribute to
Edmonton, before exiting the vehi-
cle and stabbing the fallen cop. Officer Mike Chernyk has since eating disorders and other mental illness. Some 600,000 French
been released from the hospital. Later that evening, police stopped young people are thought to suffer from eating disorders. Models
a U-Haul truck at a checkpoint and recognized Sharif as the driver. in France now have to show medical certification that they are
The truck sped off down an avenue packed with football fans, and healthy, and some fashion brands have banned ultrathin models.
Sharif allegedly aimed his vehicle at pedestrians, hitting and injur-
ing four people. Sharif had been reported to police in 2015 for sus-
pected jihadist sympathies, and an ISIS flag was found in his car,
but he has not yet been charged with terrorism. Canadian police
believe he was a lone wolf, not a member of a cell.

Catalonia vs. Madrid: The king of Spain blasted Catalan authori-
ties in a rare televised address this week, accusing the regional gov-
ernment of showing unacceptable disloyalty by holding an illegal
independence referendum. (See Best Columns: Europe.) Catalonias
government, said King Felipe VI, have placed themselves out-
side the law and democracy, they have tried to break the unity
of Spain. He made no mention of the nearly 900 people injured
during attempts by the federal police to stop
the vote. The speech came as hundreds of
thousands of people rallied in the streets
across Catalonia to protest police brutality;
businesses, offices, and transport services
throughout the region also shut down in
sympathy with the demonstrators. Of the
more than 2 million votes cast in this weeks
referendum, 90 percent supported secession. Protesting the vote crackdown
San Salvador, El Salvador
Targeting MS-13: U.S. law enforcement and Central American
authorities have been cracking down on two of the Americas
most brutal gangs, MS-13 and Barrio 18, as part of a push by
the Trump administration to eliminate the criminal outfits. Some
3,800 suspected gang members have been arrested and charged
since March, the U.S. Department of Justice said last week, includ-
ing more than 70 in the U.S. These gang members in Central
America are not going to have a place to hide, said acting U.S.
Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Blanco. The gangs were
founded by Salvadoran and Honduran immigrants in Los Angeles
in the 1980s and have since spread across Central America.
Quito, Ecuador Bogot, Colombia
Veep arrested: A sprawling corruption scandal radiating out of Rebels stop shooting: Colombias
Brazil has now reached Ecuador, where Vice President Jorge Glas last remaining leftist rebel group, the
was jailed this week on charges he took millions of dollars in National Liberation Army, or ELN, has
bribes from the Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht. Minutes signed its first cease-fire in more than 50
before he turned himself in, Glas posted a video years of fighting the national govern-
online saying he was innocent and that there was a ment. Guerrilla leader Nicols Rodriguez Rodriguez: Cease-fire
conspiracy to seize the vice presidency. Glas, said his 2,000-strong force would halt
48, allegedly accepted bribes while serving as a all kidnappings, attacks on oil pipelines, and clashes with govern-
Newscom, AP, Newscom, AP

minister and vice president under President ment troops. The ELN has been in talks with the government
Rafael Correa, who left office this year after of Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos since February. In
a decade in power. Odebrecht has admitted return for the pause in hostilities, the government promised to
to paying some $800 million in bribes to improve prison conditions for jailed ELN fighters. Santos clinched
win construction projects in more than a a peace deal last year with a larger Marxist rebel group, FARC,
Glas: Corrupt? dozen countries, mostly in Latin America. ending a five-decade-long conflict.
THE WEEK October 13, 2017
The world at a glance ... NEWS 9
Stockholm Gaza
Americans win Nobel: Three American Palestinians try reconciliation: After a bitter 10-year standoff, the
scientists have won the 2017 Nobel two main Palestinian factions, Fatah and Hamas, have launched a
Prize in physics for the detection of reconciliation effort in the hope of eventually forming a unity gov-
gravitational wavesripples in the fabric ernment. Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah
of space-time that were predicted by held meetings this week in Gaza with officials from Hamasthe
Albert Einstein a century ago. Rainer Weiss, Barish, and Thorne militant group that took over the coastal strip in 2007 and evicted
Weiss of the Massachusetts Institute of the Fatah-led forces of the Palestinian Authority. Since then,
Technology and Kip Thorne and Barry Barish of the California Hamas has run an increasingly poor and violence-wracked Gaza
Institute of Technology split the $1 million prize for their work while the Palestinian Authority has controlled autonomous areas
designing and developing the Laser Interferometer Gravitational- in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. The talks, though, may be
Wave Observatory (LIGO), a pair of detectors in Louisiana and doomed to failure, because while Hamas is willing to hand over
Washington State. In 2015, LIGO for the first time observed governing responsibilities to the Palestinian Authority, it will not
gravitational waves produced by the collision of two black holes give up control of its thousands of rockets and mortars pointed at
a billion light-years away. The first-ever observation of a gravita- Israelone of the authoritys key conditions.
tional wave was a milestone, said Olga Botner, from the Royal
Swedish Academy of Sciences, a window on the universe. Beijing
Trump undercuts Tillerson: President Trump pub-
licly undermined his secretary of state this week,
dismissing Rex Tillersons efforts to find a diplo-
matic solution to North Koreas nuclear ambitions.
The comments came as Tillerson held talks
with officials in China, where he told report-
ers that the U.S. had lines of communica- Tillerson: Belittled
tion open with North Korea. We can talk
to them, we do talk to them, he said. Trump promptly tweeted
that Tillerson was wasting his time trying to negotiate with Little
Rocket Man, meaning North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, add-
ing, Save your energy, Rex. NBC later reported that Tillerson
had referred to Trump as a moron in front of defense officials
in July, after the president likened managing the Afghan War to
renovating a restaurant, and that he had contemplated quitting his
job this summer. In an impromptu press conference, Tillerson said
he had never considered leaving his post. He described Trump as
smart during his remarks; he did not deny calling him a moron.

Agra, India
Taj Mahal sidelined: Six months after a
Hindu nationalist became leader of Indias
most populous state, the government of
Uttar Pradesh has released a tourism book-
let that fails to mention the Taj Mahal.
Muslim Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan built
the immense mausoleum in the 17th century
Not for tourists? in memory of his favorite wife, Mumtaz
Mahal. Some Hindu nationalists believe that the ornate white
marble building is not part of Indias heritage, because of its
Islamic connection. Shortly after taking office, Uttar Pradeshs
Harare, Zimbabwe Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath sided with the hard-liners, saying
Grace under fire: One of the Hindu epics Ramayana and the Gita represent Indian cul-
Zimbabwes two vice presidents ture, not the Taj Mahal.
has accused the wife of President
Robert Mugabe of trying to poi- Cairo
Robert and Grace Mugabe son him. Vice President Emmerson Propping up North Korea: Egypt is denying a report that it tried to
Mnangagwa is seen as a potential successor to Mugabe, 93, who buy North Korean weapons in violation of United Nations sanc-
has been in power since 1980but so is Mugabes wife, Grace, tions. In August 2016, the U.S. tipped off the Egyptian authorities
52. Last month, Mnangagwa got extremely sick after eating ice that a Cambodian-flagged ship heading toward the Suez Canal was
cream from a dairy Grace owns, and had to be treated in South smuggling arms from North Korea, and Egyptian customs agents
Africa. He now says he was intentionally poisoned, but his fellow confiscated and destroyed its load of 30,000 anti-tank missiles.
vice president, Phelekezela Mphoko, said that spoiled food, not The intended buyer, though, remained a mystery for months. This
poison, was to blame, and reprimanded Mnangagwa for trying week, The Washington Post reported that a secret U.N. investiga-
to destabilize the country. Graces public image has taken a tion found that the Egyptian military was itself the buyer, and that
AP (3), Newscom, AP

series of hits recently: In August, she was accused of bursting into it had routed the $23 million purchase through various Egyptian
a Johannesburg hotel room and using an electrical cable to whip businessmen to obscure the governments role. The incident was
a South African model who was visiting her two playboy sons. one reason the Trump administration decided this summer to delay
Grace insists she acted in self-defense. nearly $300 million in military aid to Egypt, a key U.S. ally.
THE WEEK October 13, 2017
10 NEWS People
Hensons empire building
Taraji P. Henson is on a mission to become the
biggest actress in Hollywood, said Janet Mock
in Marie Claire. Youll never outwork me, not
in this acting game, she says. Never. I can do
four movies to your one in the blink of an eye.
Next year, the Empire star will play a hitwoman
in Proud Mary, a betrayed spouse in Tyler Perrys
Shes Living My Life, and a civil rights activist in
The Best of Enemies, and provide voice work for Disneys Wreck-It
Ralph sequel. Why stop now? asks Henson of her breakneck
work schedule. Ive got to buy an island. Ive got to buy a private
jet. Henson, 47, moved to Los Angeles at age 27 with $700 and
a young son in tow. For years, she shunned ghetto roles to avoid
being typecast. My mission became showing that Im a character
actress. I can give them as many different performances as Meryl
Streep. Now well-established in her careershe won critical
acclaim for playing NASA engineer Katherine Johnson in last years
Hidden FiguresHenson says she feels free to play parts like the
hip-hop matriarch Cookie in TVs Empire, though some have criti-
cized her for contributing to stereotypes. Well, those images, are
they false? she asks. You dont like the images you seeget off
your fat black ass, go in the hood, and do something about it.
Joaquin Phoenixs quiet midlife
Joaquin Phoenix lives a surprisingly low-key existence, said Bret
Easton Ellis in The New York Times Style Magazine. Most nights, Lance Armstrong, really sorry this time
the 42-year-old actor is in bed by 9 p.m., and when hes not on Lance Armstrong has come to terms with the label disgraced
set, he spends most of his time chilling with his dog, meditat- cyclist, said S.C. Gwynne in Outside. Once bitterly angry about
ing, attending karate classes, reading scripts, and hanging out with his fall from grace, the 45-year-old Armstrong now regrets his infa-
actress Rooney Mara, his live-in girlfriend. He stays off social mous 2013 interview with Oprah Winfrey, in which he admitted to
media entirely. Its been 12 years since Phoenix decided to check using performance-enhancing drugs but apologized in a sullen, per-
himself into rehab for alcoholism. I really just thought of myself functory way to the millions of fans he disappointed. When I did
as a hedonist, he says. I was an actor in L.A. I wanted to have a Oprah, my attitude was, F---ing get over it, he says. I now under-
stand that Get over it was not an option. Since then, Armstrong
good time. But I wasnt engaging with the world or myself in the
has focused on rebuilding his relationships with friends and family,
way I wanted to. I was being an idiot, running around, drinking,
even going into therapy, an idea he once laughed off. To stay busy,
trying to screw people, going to stupid clubs. Rehab was more he still rides his bike, hosts a podcast called Forward, and continues
intense than he expected. I thought rehab was a place where to meet regularly with cancer patients and survivors. Because most
you sat in a Jacuzzi and ate fruit salad. But when I got there, they of his competitors were also doping, he still believes he was treated
started talking about the 12 steps and I went, Wait a minute, Im unfairly by cyclings authorities, who stripped him of his Tour de
still gonna smoke weed. Phoenix has since given up marijuana, France titles and banned him from the sport for life. But he feels
and although he still has a drink when he flies, lives a mostly sober remorse for deceiving fans and friends about his cheating. There
existence. Theres too many things I enjoy doing, and I dont want were all sorts of people out there who had my back the whole time,
to wake up feeling hungover. Its not a thing I fight againstits just even as the smoke got thicker and thicker, Armstrong says. That is
the way I live my life. Some of its probably age. what I have to apologize for, for the rest of my life.

comments. Two days later, Kelly created part unless Warner Bros. backed her other
another uncomfortable moment when she film projects too. Kim made it all about her,
QMegyn Kelly didnt get off to the best of
pressed actress Jane Fonda, 79, to discuss claimed a source, who said the shows other
starts as NBCs new $18 milliona-year day- her plastic surgeryprompting an icy Fonda stars were heartbroken. Its over. Were
time talk show host. The former Fox News to scowl and reply, Were really going to talk not doing it, confirmed SATC star Sarah
star anchor was hired as a new marquee about that now? In just four days, viewer- Jessica Parker, who said she was disap-
talent of the 9 a.m. Today show hour, ship of the show dropped from 2.9 million pointed. Cattrall denied the reports. The
but struggled in transforming her viewers to 2.3 millionlower than last years only DEMAND I ever made was that I didnt
hard-edged news persona to the ratings in that time slot. The shows execu- want to do a 3rd film, she tweeted.
feel-good format of morning talk. tive producer, Jackie Levin, attributed the
QJulia Louis-Dreyfus has revealed that she
Kelly immediately hit a wrong note rough start to Kelly evolving into a different
has breast cancer. The Veep and Seinfeld
when she welcomed the cast of role. Megyn said the first day, This is new;
star learned the news the day after she won
Will & Grace on the showand Im nervous, Levin said.
a record-setting sixth consecutive Emmy
asked a superfan in the audi- QThe third Sex and the City movie project award. 1 in 8 women get breast cancer,
ence whether it was true you has collapsed days before shooting, after tweeted Louis-Dreyfus, 56. Today, Im the
Elizabeth Kreutz, Getty, AP

became a lawyer and you be- Kim Cattrall made outrageous demands one. Louis-Dreyfus said she has good health
came gay because of Will, the of producers, said DailyMail.com. The latest insurance through the actors union, but add-
sitcoms gay lawyer character. installment of the hit series was all set to go, ed, The bad news is that not all women are
Debra Messing, who plays Grace, but Cattrall, 61, who plays Samantha Jones so lucky, so lets fight all cancers and make
said she was dismayed by Kellys in the franchise, reportedly refused to take universal health care a reality.

THE WEEK October 13, 2017

Briefing NEWS 11

The next Korean war

With tensions running high, what would a military confrontation with Kim Jong Uns North Korea actually involve?

Is a limited war possible? and Pyongyangs major command-

Probably not. Trump administra- and-control infrastructurethough
tion officials recently said they were military experts say it would take at
working on four or five military least four days to achieve this objec-
options that would not involve the tive. If the U.S. also wanted regime
total destruction of North Korea. change, a ground war would then
One such option might be an air or begin. Former National Security
drone decapitation strike to take Council staffer Victor Cha believes
out Kim himself. But assassinating the the Pentagon would deploy combat
Hermit Kingdoms paranoid dicta- divisions of up to 120,000 troops to
tor would be extremely difficult; to supplement the 28,500 U.S. soldiers
avoid just such a strike, he reportedly already in South Korea, as well as
has 30 residences, each with its own South Koreas 650,000 active-duty
underground bunker, takes elaborate troops. But those combined forces
precautions to hide his location, and South Korean soldiers in a recent war exercise
would still be outnumbered by Kims
moves around only at night. All other million-man army, and the ensuing
military scenarios would lead to a catastrophic number of casual- battle conditions would be unforgiving, says Chaover 2 mil-
ties, according to war games staged by the Pentagon and various lion mechanized forces, all converging on a total battle space the
think tanks. Kim has one of the worlds largest artillery arsenals, equivalent of the distance between Washington, D.C., and Boston.
and would likely respond to any attack by unleashing a blister-
ing retaliatory assault on Seouls 10 million people, killing up to What else could Kim do?
100,000 residents in a day. The region could then spiral into an Some 100,000 highly trained special-operations troops could infil-
all-out, months-long war costing $1 trillion in damage and a mil- trate the South via underground tunnels, mini submarines, and
lion lives, according to one Pentagon estimate. It would probably biplanes to wreak havoc, detonating dirty bombs, assassinating
be the worst kind of fighting in most peoples lifetimes, Defense government officials, and sabotaging water plants. If he began to
Secretary James Mattis has said. fear for his regimes survival, Kim could start aiming his medium-
to long-range missiles at Japan, the U.S. territory of Guam, and
How would a hot war begin? even the continental U.S. itself. His last resort would be to go
If either Kim or the Trump administration misread each others nuclear, knowing it would prompt the immediate destruction
belligerent rhetoric or aggressive actions as a signal of an immi- of his own country in a devastating U.S. nuclear counterattack.
nent attack, it could trigger the other to launch a pre-emptive Whatever happens, Pyongyang would ultimately losebut not
strike. But many of North Koreas nuclear devices are hidden in without first causing mass destruction and death.
the mountains or buried deep underground, and it would take the
U.S. four or five days to destroy even Kims conventional artil- And after the fighting ended?
lery, according to the Nautilus Institute, a think tank. The mega- If Kims regime collapsed, a vast wave of North Koreas 25 mil-
lomaniacal tyrant would likely go into use or lose mode and lion poverty-stricken and malnourished people would try to flee
try to inflict as much damage on his enemies as possible while he the country for food and safety. Some might head south, but many
still had weapons. Even if he didnt launch some of his 20 or so would cross into neighboring China. This is the scenario that
nuclear warheads, Kim would still have some 8,000 conventional Beijing most dreads, and China might send its military to create
rocket launchers and artillery cannons a 50-mile-wide buffer zone to hold
dug into the mountains on his side of South Koreas decapitation unit desperate North Korean citizens. The
the demilitarized zone (DMZ). They South Korea recently unveiled its own United Nations Blue Helmet peace-
include 240-mm and 300-mm rocket nuclear weapon against its dreaded neigh- keeping forces would likely intervene
launchers that can reach Seoul, located bor: an elite decapitation unit whose aim is to to restore some stability, amid general
just 25 miles from the border. Some of infiltrate the North and take down Kim. In 1971, panic and anarchy. It could be the
these shells could be loaded with nerve a similar kill squad was tasked with slitting mother of all humanitarian relief opera-
gas or other chemical weapons, and if the throat of Kim Il Sung, Jong Uns grandfa- tions, says former Army Special Forces
they start plopping down in the middle ther. Formed of thugs and street criminals, the Col. David Maxwell. Meanwhile, U.S.
of the city, says Joseph Bermudez, an bandit group rebelled over how it was treated, forces would race to gain control over
analyst for the U.S.-Korea Institute, got into a firefight with South Koreas own the regimes nuclear, biological, and
there would be panic like you would soldiers, and was disbanded. The new decapita- chemical weapons, and try to prevent
not believe. tion unit is more professional, but faces long another dictatorial regime from rising.
odds against success. First, Kims assassins A 2013 Rand Corp. study warned that
What then? would have to make it into Pyongyang without U.S. troops crossing into the North
detection, and then track down North Koreas
As Seouls residents raced to the citys might trigger a military confrontation
elusive leader. Finally, theyd have to overcome
3,300 bomb shelters, the full might of with China. If we intervene and the
Kims elite guards. All in all, says Leonid Petrov,
the U.S.South Korean war machine a Korea expert from the Australian National
Chinese run into our people and if
would spring into action. The U.S. University, Kim is more likely to die of an we run into their people, what are we
South Korean command would direct overdose of expensive Cognac or cheese [than] going to do? asks study author Bruce
dozens of jets and Tomahawk missiles Bennett. All of that needs to be really

from a South Korean bullet.

into the North to destroy military bases thought about seriously.
THE WEEK October 13, 2017
12 NEWS Best columns: The U.S.
The Republican Party has a crippling identity crisis, said Rich Lowry.
The GOPs Religious extremist Roy Moores triumph over Sen. Luther Strange in It must be true...
populist Alabamas Republican primary reveals a party locked in mortal com-
bat with itself. Moore, twice removed as chief justice of the Alabama
I read it in the tabloids
divide Supreme Court for insisting that the Bible trumps the Constitution,
won a smashing victory over Strange because many conservatives are
QA history buff has upset
his neighbors by parking a
Rich Lowry furious at the party establishment, especially Senate Majority Leader World War II tank outside his
NationalReview.com Mitch McConnell. They blame him for failing to repeal Obamacare or multimillion-dollar Houston
deliver other legislative victories. But electing Moore wont get them any home. Attorney Tony Buzbee
closer to realizing their goals. Moore, a culture warrior, has a knack bought the working M4 Sher-
for the theatrical, polarizing cause but is ill-informed and unlikely to man tank for $600,000 from
make legislating his priority. President Trump backed Strange over the a French museum and got it
Trumpian Moore on the advice of his aides, but probably wont let that shipped back to Texas. But
the homeowners association
mistake happen again. So expect more Roy Moores to win primaries
in Buzbees swanky neighbor-
against mainstream Republicans. That will be a nightmare for the estab- hood is now demanding he
lishment, which has no idea how to integrate Trumpist populism into remove the armored vehicle,
the traditional Republican agenda. Republicans are now torn between claiming its a safety issue
an establishment that is ineffectual and unimaginative and a populist and impedes traffic. Buzbee
wing that is ineffectual and inflamed. insists the historic tank is an
asset to the neighborhood.
Lighten up, he said. It isnt
For the good of the country, not to mention his own dignity, Secretary
Why Tillerson of State Rex Tillerson has to quit, said Eliot Cohen. President Trump
hurting anyone.
QA Texas
should belittled Tillersons efforts at diplomacy with North Korea this week,
tweeting that he was wasting his time trying to negotiate with Kim longhorn
bull with
resign Jong Un. No other secretary of state has ever been undercut in such a
public, dismissive way. Trump has signaled to the world that Tillerson
Eliot Cohen does not speak for the administrationonly for a small, embattled cote- horns
TheAtlantic.com rie of aides in a gutted State Department. What message does this send? that span
By mocking Tillersons diplomacy, Trump has indicated North Korea 8 feet 5 inches from tip to tip
will be attacked if it doesnt cease its rapid development of nuclear was sold at auction last week
weapons that could reach our shores. If Trump is bluffing, he will have for a whopping $165,000.
shown other countries that he is a blowhard tapping out empty threats The bull, named Cowboy
on Twitter. Tillerson has reportedly called Trump a moron, but like Tuff Chex, has been bought
other spineless aides Trump has humiliated, he stays on in vain hopes of by a Texas farm, and is the
tempering this erratic presidents impulses. One of Trumps lieutenants culmination of generations
must finally stand up to him, or we will be left with a government ad- of longhorn breeding, new
ministered by moral weaklings and lickspittles. owner Richard Filip says. I
would call him the perfect
bull, the complete package,
Neil Gorsuch is turning out to be the justice his sponsors had hoped said Filip, who added that
Gorsuch and his opponents had feared hed be, said Jeffrey Toobin. The conser- the animal would be used for
breeding and treated like a
may outdo vative whom President Trump nominated to fill Antonin Scalias Supreme
Court seat has already left no doubt where he will line up on nearly VIP at his ranch.

Scalia every legal debate. Gorsuch last week chose to give a speech before the
Fund for American Studies, a conservative advocacy group, at Trump
QA British man who thought
he had lung cancer was
Jeffrey Toobin International Hotel in Washingtonwhich is the focus of several pending relieved to discover that
The New Yorker lawsuits that may wind up before the Supreme Court. He then traveled his suspected tumor was in
to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnells hometown of Louisville, fact a toy traffic cone hed
to give another speech that many saw as a victory lap. McConnell, inhaled 43 years earlier. Paul
of course, made Gorsuchs nomination to the high court possible by Baxter, 50, was suffering from
a lingering cough, and an
blocking President Obamas nomination of Merrick Garland. In his first
X-ray revealed a mass on his
15 cases on the court, Gorsuch joined Clarence Thomasthe most chest. But when doctors put
right-wing justiceevery time. He also reportedly irked his senior col- a camera down his throat,
leagues by dominating oral arguments, and by expressing ill-disguised they were surprised to spot
contempt for liberal justices in his opinions. Conservatives wanted a something small and orange
new Scalia, and in Gorsuch, they have that true ideological warrior. in his lung. They removed
the objectwhich Baxter
identified as a cone from a
Viewpoint The Trump administration resembles an American version of a monarchy.
model railway set hed gotten
[He] dominates every nook and cranny of public life like no president before
for his 7th birthday. I must
Courtesy of Bentwood Ranch

himyet is so weak institutionally that he cant pass any legislation with his party fully in charge.
The endless gossip over his family resembles the tabloid sensations surrounding the British royal have had it in my mouth and
family. White House staffers, like former Trump press secretary Sean Spicer, become celebrities in it went down my windpipe,
their own right. Now our political landscape is littered with rock stars, talk show hosts, and football said Baxter, who plans to
players rumored for higher office. Trump is a reflection of who we are: obsessed with celebrity, pass the souvenir on to my
addicted to conflict, and tribalistic in our worldviews. Josh Kraushaar in National Journal grandchildren.

THE WEEK October 13, 2017

Americas emblem
stands for great strength
and long life.

With that in mind, lets talk retirement.

Visit us at mutualofamerica.com or call us at 1-866-954-4321.

14 NEWS Best columns: Europe
Socialism has turned out to be this years surprise Conservatives, two-thirds support renationalizing
UNITED KINGDOM hit, said Fraser Nelson. Ever since Jeremy Corbyn the railways. Half the country would be thrilled
was selected leader of the opposition Labor Party to have the state take over the banks, something
Why Brits two years ago, members of the ruling Conservative
Party have treated the Palestinian-hugging, nuke-
even Corbyn hasnt proposed, so if anything, hes
to the right of the mainstream these days. Voters
now lean hating far-left politician as a historical burp, a too young to have seen images of Soviet bread lines
blast of foul air from the 70s creating a temporary have found themselves priced out of homeowner-
to the left stink in Westminster. But Corbyn has not gone ship and want the government to do something.
away and his fringy Marxist ideas are now widely Capitalism is proving unpopular among those
Fraser Nelson
accepted as reasonable. New research by a right- with no capital, and so the Conservatives are
The Daily Telegraph
leaning think tank has revealed that three-quarters now trying to appease voters by adopting Labor
of voters strongly back Corbyns plans to national- policies. Thats a losing strategy. The party must
ize the U.K.s water, gas, and electricity companies. make the moral case for small government and
Even among supposedly free marketcheering lower taxesor risk ceding Britain to socialism.

GREECE Those of us who remember the Nazi occupation genocide in killing 6 million Jews, but they shrug
of Greece are appalled at the outcome of Ger- it off as just one of those things that happens in
Germanys manys recent election, said Pantelis Boukalas. The
far-right party Alternative for Germany (AfD)
war. If these Germans treat Auschwitz as a detail,
one does not want to imagine what they think
neo-Nazis made up of the bigots, the migrant-hunters,
in short the 21st centurys Nazisis now the
of the Distomo killings, the 1944 massacre of
214 Greek civilians, when SS soldiers went door
terrify us third-largest bloc in the lower house of the Ger- to door in the village of Distomo, slaughtering
man national legislature. Its adherents, many of civilians, even bayoneting babies, as punishment
Pantelis Boukalas
them young, refuse to feel any historical guilt or for Greek partisan resistance. Greeks are now
Kathimerini sense of responsibility for their countrys horrific gripped by chills and fear as we once again see
crimes during World War II. Instead, they take the basest nationalism spreading across Germany.
pride in what the German soldiers achieved. If the AfD imposes its leadership on other far-right
AfD supporters arent Holocaust deniers: Theyre parties across Europe, the cancer will only spread.
worse. They acknowledge that Hitler committed We cannot afford to drop our guard.

Spain: Cracking down on separatist Catalonia

No one is celebrating in Catalonia in for the brutality of the crackdown. He
the wake of this weeks independence could have let the vote proceed and
referendum, said Barcelona-based La then simply refused to honor its result,
Vanguardia in an editorial. All Catalans, rather than sending police to beat up
separatist or not, are devastated about grandmothers at the ballot box.
the police brutality that was meted out
at polling places as our semiautono- Rajoys response to the violence he
mous region voted on whether to break unleashed has been shameful, said El
away from Spain. The federal govern- Punt Avui, a Girona, Cataloniabased
ment in Madrid had warned that the daily. Rajoy sounded exactly like a
vote was illegal. And when the Mossos domestic abuser, repeatedly saying he
dEsquadraCatalonias police force didnt want to hurt Catalans but that
refused to confiscate ballots or close Police push back voters at a Barcelona polling station.
he had no choice because we were so
polling places, Madrid sent thousands of disrespectful. Yet while the day of the
federal police from all over Spain to do so. While many officers vote was traumatic, it was also the first day of our new life as free
behaved honorably, others acted with real fury, and the world Catalans. We chose the ballot, not the gun, and we prevailed.
witnessed scenes of riot police beating voters with billy clubs,
grabbing women by the hair and hurling them down staircases, But we cant claim that a majority of Catalans overall voted for
and firing rubber bullets into lines of orderly people clutching independence, said Barcelona-based El Periodico de Catalunya.
ballot papers. By the end of the day, some 900 people had been While 90 percent of voters who cast ballotssome 2.3 million
injured, and at least two were in the hospital in serious condition. peoplesupported seceding from Spain, turnout was only 42 per-
cent, because most pro-Spanish voters simply stayed home. Puig-
The leaders of both Catalonia and Spain are to blame, said the demont made a serious mistake both in calling the referendum
Madrid daily El Pais. Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont should and then in immediately announcing that the results meant inde-
never have forced a vote that was so strongly opposed by Madrid pendence was inevitable. Now Puigdemont is trying to use oppo-
as well as by up to half his own people. Worse, because he had sition to Madrids crackdown to rally Catalans to independence.
at least the passive support of an armed force, the Mossos, his But lets be clear: The disproportionate police response does not
act was dangerously close to rebellion. Still, his blatant crime make the referendum legal, nor render its results democratic.
does not justify the behavior of Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Now Rajoys government is saying it might place Catalonia under
Rajoy, who first thunderously forbade a referendum and then hid federal authority, at least temporarily. The end result of this mess

behind the Justice Ministry, pretending he bore no responsibility could be less independence, not more.

THE WEEK October 13, 2017

Best columns: International NEWS 15

Iraq: Kurds desire for independence roils region

What have Iraqi Kurds unleashed? asked owy forces are at work, said Ibrahim
Mohamed Mahad Darar in The Jerusalem Karagul in Yeni Safak (Turkey). The
Post (Israel). The semiautonomous Kurdi- U.S., U.K., and other Western pow-
stan Regional Government in northern ers secretly support the creation of a
Iraq held a referendum last week on Greater Kurdistan. A terrible distri-
whether to break away from Baghdad, bution of trophies is underway in the
and nearly 93 percent of the 3.3 million region, and everybody is trying to get
voters who cast ballots backed indepen- a share in it. Turkey will be carved
dence. Kurds in Iraq cheered in the streets; up and encircled if it does not act now,
so did fellow Kurds in neighboring Turkey and decisively.
and Iran. But the central governments of
those countries, which fear losing chunks Yet after coming under pressure from
of their territory to a new nation of Kurdi- Russia, Turkey softened its stance,
stan, responded with anger. Iraq called the Iraqi Kurds celebrate the pro-secession vote.
said Ankara-based journalist Jasper
referendum an assault on its territorial in- Mortimer in Al-Monitor.com. Erdogan
tegrity and immediately began joint military exercises with Turkey initially threatened to starve Iraqi Kurds into submission by
and with Iran along Iraqi Kurdistans borders. Masoud Barzani, closing the border and cutting off the pipeline that takes Iraqi oil
president of the Iraqi Kurdistan region, wants the nonbinding vote from the Kurdish-controlled city of Kirkuk to the Turkish port of
to prompt negotiations, saying Iraq, Iran, and Turkey will have to Ceyhan. But that would have hurt Russia, which has sunk some
decide whether to address Kurds desire for freedom responsibly $4 billion into Kurdish energy projects and plans to ship large
and peacefully, or escalate tension. If the three choose military quantities of crude from Ceyhan to Europe. After President
confrontation, the outcome will be catastrophic. Vladimir Putin made a quick visit to Ankara three days after the
referendum, talk of a pipeline cut ended. But that doesnt mean
Blame Israel, said Serdar Turgut in Haberturk (Turkey). Israeli Russia supports Kurdish independenceMoscow has no desire
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu openly supports Kurdish to complicate its own relations with Baghdad or Tehran.
statehood because Kurdistan would be an ally of the Jewish state
and a weapon to be used against the increasing power of Iran. If violence does flare up, Kirkuk could be the flash point, said
Kurds regard Israel as a model for achieving their own inde- Sedat Ergin in Hurriyet (Turkey). Located on very rich oil res-
pendent ethnic homelandmany waved Israeli flags along with ervoirs, that city is home to large populations of Iraqi Kurds,
Kurdish ones as they voted. Turkish President Minister Recep Arabs, and Turkmena minority group that Turkey has vowed
Tayyip Erdogan said that such displays prove that the Israeli intel- to protect. With its volatile ethnic mix, any crisis in Kirkuk could
ligence agency Mossad was behind the referendum. Other shad- expand to the whole region in a short period of time.

Its heartbreaking to see middle-class Venezuelans on the supposed economic war the U.S. is waging
VENEZUELA begging for food, said Carolina Jaimes Branger. I against us, but we all know that exists only in
went to the grocery last week for the first time in his feverish imagination. There is no Cuban-style
Maduro has nearly a month, and the entire experience was an
agony. Of course, there was no cornmeal, no
blockade here preventing goods from entering our
oil-rich country, only sanctions against individual
reduced us flour, no milk, no coffee. Still, there were supplies members of Maduros administration. As I was
to be hadat outrageous cost. Hyperinflation has about to leave the market, I was approached by a
to beggars sent prices soaring. A bottle of wine marked 25,000 well-dressed, polite, but very thin gentleman hold-
bolivars (about $2,450) a few weeks ago now costs ing a packet of bread and cheese. Im very sorry,
Carolina Jaimes Branger
five times as much. Even if I could afford it, how maam, he said. But I need help paying for this.
El Universal
could I justify spending such a sum when there are I was overwhelmed, with sympathy for him and
people rooting through the dumpsters outside for with fury at the government that let this happen.
food? President Nicols Maduro blames the crisis No one in Venezuela should go hungry.

AUSTRALIA Residents of the Australian state of Victoria got a hours, and children are more plugged in to their
day off last week, said Sam Duncan, but all we did devices than ever. We need a holiday where we can
Why we was gripe about it. Grand Final Friday, the day be-
fore the Australian Football Leagues Grand Final
spend time together, strengthen family bonds, and
give the kids happy memories. And theres nothing
deserve match, was declared a public holiday two years
ago. People still arent used to it and seem to feel
better for bringing families together than Austra-
lian Rules football, in which some of the worlds
a footy holiday uncomfortable about doing nothing. Pundits told best athletes kick and run an oblong ball across
us we were slackers, and business leaders moaned a massive field and take down rival players with
Sam Duncan
the holiday would cost the economy nearly $1 bil- crunching tackles. With a day off, everyone can
The Sydney Morning lion. With all that negativity, its no wonder polls watch the Melbourne parade on the eve of the big
Herald suggest that most Victorians want the holiday ei- match, decked out in team colors. Footy is one

ther moved or dumped. Why cant we just relax of the most culturally significant pastimes of our
and enjoy the festivities? Australians work long state. We deserve a day to celebrate it.
THE WEEK October 13, 2017
16 NEWS Talking points
Tax reform: Who would benefit from Trumps plan?
President Trumps tax plan represents the most even attempt to factor in the growth impact
pro-growth fiscal agenda since Ronald Reagan from tax cuts. After years of stagnation
unleashed the economy in the 1980s, said Charles under Obama, Trumps plan could encourage at
Gasparino in the New York Post. Under the initial least 3 percent growth, adding some $2.5 trillion
blueprint announced last week, the number of to the Treasury. Actually, thats a long-disproven
tax brackets would collapse from seven to three, Republican myth, said Catherine Rampell in
simplifying our messy tax system, while the top The Washington Post. Recent history shows no
individual tax rate would drop from 39.6 per- evidence that tax cuts create so much economic
cent to 35 percent. The bottom rate would rise growth they pay for themselves. When Kansas
slightly, from 10 percent to 12 percent, but lower- passed sweeping tax cuts in 2012, it experienced
to middle-income folks would see their standard below-average growth, huge budget shortfalls,
deduction double, to $12,000 for individuals and brutal cuts to school funding and social ser-
and $24,000 for married couples, and enjoy an vices. Eventually, after realizing their supply-side
as yet unspecified increase in the child tax credit. experiment had failed, red-faced Republicans
Trumps plan also contains a mountain of incen- Trump: My plan is revolutionary. were forced to raise taxes again.
tives for small and large businesses, said Larry
Kudlow in NationalReview.com. It cuts the corporate tax rate from Trump is peddling another outright lie, said Seth Hanlon in
35 percentone of the highest rates in the worldto a much more Fortune.com. The president claims he and other wealthy people
competitive 20 percent, encouraging U.S. companies to expand and wouldnt personally benefit from his tax planwhen, in fact, he
hire more workers. This is a revolutionary change, said Trump, and his billionaire-filled Cabinet will enjoy a huge windfall if it
and the biggest winners will be the American workers. passes Congress. His proposal eliminates the estate tax, which
applies only to the 1 in 500 U.S. families whose assets are worth
Unfortunately, none of that is true, said David Leonhardt in The more than $5.5 millionsaving Trump and his family an estimated
New York Times. Trump insists that his plan favors middle-income $1.1 billion. It also creates a special, preferential 25 percent pass-
Americans and not the rich. But an analysis by the nonpartisan through tax for partnerships and limited liability companies;
Tax Policy Center found that about 30 percent of taxpayers earn- Trump owns more than 500 such entities. And it eliminates the
ing between $50,000 and $150,000 would see their taxes increase alternative minimum taxessentially the sole reason Trump paid
under the GOP plan. Meanwhile, by 2027, 80 percent of the plans any tax on his $150 million income in the 2005 return that was
benefits would go to the wealthiest 1 percent. Republicans howl partly leaked to the press. Trump doesnt just benefit from his tax
about the national debt when a Democrats is president, said Jona- plan, said Jamelle Bouie in Slate.com. He flourishes under it.
than Chait in NYMag.com, but dont seem to care that their plan
would explode the deficit by reducing federal revenues by $2.4 tril- Thats if Republicans manage to pass the tax plan, said Adam
lion over a decade. The GOP hopes to claw back about $1 trillion Brandon in WashingtonExaminer.com. Already, their backs are
by closing loopholes and tax breaks, including eliminating the up against the wall. Blue-state Republicans are threatening no
deduction for state and local taxes. But every existing deduction votes if GOP leaders go through with eliminating deductions for
will be vigorously defended by its beneficiaries and lobbyists. state and local taxesa change that would hurt taxpayers from
Republicans could avoid their math problem by not giving a tiny high-tax states such as California and New York. Meanwhile,
number of extremely affluent people a big tax cut in the first Republican Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee says he wont back any
placebut thats the motivation of the entire exercise. plan that adds one penny to the deficit. But failing to pass some-
thing isnt an option. The GOP has already botched Obamacare
Trumps critics must be clairvoyant, said The Wall Street Journal repeal, despite controlling Congress and the White House. The
in an editorial. Theyve denounced his tax plan even before crucial 2018 midterms are creeping ever closer. If Republicans dont pass
details are known. And the Tax Policy Centers analysis doesnt tax reform, theyre screwed.

QThe FBI is conducting about 1,000 inves- purchased by collectors as souvenirs. QMore Americans live in Puerto Rico than
tigations of suspected white supremacists The Wall Street Journal in 21 states, including Iowa, Utah, Mis-
or other types of domestic terrorists who QOnly about sissippi, Arkansas, and Nevada. The U.S.
might be planning violence, FBI Director 650 miles of the territorys gross domestic product, about
Christopher Wray told Congress this week. 2,000-mile-long $103 billion, would rank 37th if Puerto Rico
The FBI has about the same number of Mexican border are were a state.
investigations into suspects who may be now fenced. But CNN.com
inspired by ISIS. to build a longer QOne of the most expensive years for
The Washington Post border fence or wall, natural disasters on record is expected to
QAs of April, 630,019 machine guns, or the federal government would have to buy cause widespread losses for the global in-
fully automatic weapons, were registered or condemn about 4,900 parcels of land surance industry. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma,
with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Fire- aprocess that could lead to years or even and Maria and two Mexican earthquakes
arms and Explosives, including more than decades of court battles. A 2006 federal in recent weeks could cost insurance firms
11,700 in Nevada. That number includes attempt to condemn 300 border parcels still more than $100 billion, according to initial
Newscom, AP

machine guns to be used by government has 85 cases unsettled. estimates.

officials and unserviceable guns that are USA Today The Wall Street Journal

THE WEEK October 13, 2017

Talking points NEWS 17

Hefner: His impact on sexual mores Wit &

The conventional wisdom on
Playboy founder Hugh Hefner
sex and should be allowed
to show it. But Playboy pro-
is that he was a retrograde moted a patriarchal world in Anyone who has the
chauvinist, said Carrie Pitzulo which Barbie dolllike women power to make you
in Politico.coma creepy old were transformed into hair- believe absurdities has the
power to make you
man who created a sexist, less, glistening, plumped-up
commit injustices.
objectifying rag. The truth is ideals, shaped not by their Voltaire, quoted in
more complicated. Before Play- own desires but those of men. The Wall Street Journal
boy hit the newsstands in 1953, When Hefner commissioned a
It is an unwavering rule
society recognized only two hit piece on the feminist move- for those in power that,
types of women: good girls ment in 1970, he told his staff, when it comes to heads,
who married young as virgins These chicks are our natural it is best to cut them off
and had sex in order to bear Did Hef help liberate women? enemy. Hef claimed to love before they start thinking.
children and bad girls who women, said Jill Filipovic in Novelist Jos Saramago,
had sex before marriage and enjoyed it. With his Time.com, but he viewed us as objects without quoted in LitHub.com
Playmate centerfolds, Hefner rejected this con- minds or souls and promoted our freedom only Silence is the ultimate
strained vision of womens sexuality and showed insofar as it benefited mens sex livesin weapon of power.
that good girls enjoyed sex, toothat women particular his own. Rather than challenging the Charles de Gaulle,
quoted in TheBrowser.com
were as sexual as men. In the conservative notion that sex is primarily about male pleasure
postwar years, that was a revolutionary idea. and experience, he magnified it. If you say whats on your
For all his faults, Hefner fought for sexual lib- mind in the language that
eration his whole career, said Erin Gloria Ryan Hefner leaves a coarser, degraded culture as his comes to you from your
in TheDailyBeast.com. He pushed for womens principal legacy, said Ross Douthat in The New parents and your street
and friends, youll probably
access to birth control and vigorously supported York Times. He launched Playboy with talk of
say something beautiful.
legalizing abortion long before Roe v. Wade. jazz and Picasso, but ended up as a lecherous, Grace Paley, quoted in
He stood up for gay rights when most others low-brow Peter Pana leering grotesque with The New York Review of Books
didnt dare. a paid harem of fame-seeking women several
Living in the past
decades his junior. The social liberalism Hef is for cowards.
You have to hand it to Hef, spinning his com- championed paved the way for the rot of ubiqui- Football coach Mike Ditka,
modification of female flesh as a win for sexual tous, misogyny-laced internet porn, and for con- quoted in the Chicago Tribune
liberation, said Christine Cauterucci in Slate servatives unashamedly voting in a playboy as To be nobody-but-
.com. He was obviously right that women enjoy our president. That, too, is Hefs legacy. yourselfin a world which
is doing its best, night
and day, to make you
2016: How Russians hijacked social media everybody elsemeans to
fight the hardest
Social media has a Russia problem, said April tage of sophisticated ad-targeting tools used by battle which any human
Glaser in Slate.com. Twitter joined Facebook last businesses, said Elizabeth Dwoskin in The Wash- being can fight.
week in admitting that Russians used its service to ington Post. They used a Facebook feature called E.E. Cummings, quoted in
send divisive messages to Americans before and Custom Audiences to zero in on users who had
after the 2016 election, with 201 Twitter accounts already clicked their ads, repeatedly targeting them I dont like to be out of
traced to such propaganda efforts so far. Facebook with tailored messages. But until we know exactly my comfort zone, which is
has already turned over to congressional investiga- who was targeted, it will be difficult to assess the about a half-inch wide.
Larry David, quoted in
tors more than 3,000 advertisements tied to Krem- impact of the Russian influence campaign. TheObserver (U.K.)
lin propagandists. The social network says Russia-
linked groups spent $100,000 on ad campaigns Its a good time to re-examine our relationship
that were seen by an estimated 10 million people, with Facebook, said Christopher Mims in The
featuring hot-button messages clearly intended to Wall Street Journal. Social media prizes visceral, Poll watch
rile up opposing sides on the brink of Americas emotional posts because technology companies Q56% of American voters
polarized politics, ranging from support for Black need us to keep sharing and clicking so that they think Donald Trump is not
Lives Matter, third-party candidate Jill Stein, and can show us more ads. For its part, Facebook has fit to serve as president.
Donald Trump. The Senate Intelligence Committee pledged to hire 1,000 more monitors to review ad 59% say he is not honest,
has summoned both companies to testify about purchases. But thats a pittance, given its $14 bil- and 69% want him to
Russias interference in the election, and the pub- lion worth of ads last year. Facebook and Twitter stop using Twitter.
lic deserves to know exactly how it happened. have always argued that more sharing will create Quinnipiac University
stronger democracies, said Jason Tanz in Wired. Q30% of Americans cur-
Russians posing as Americans on social media Instead, social media has utterly fractured us along rently own a gun. 74%
tried on quite an array of disguises, said Mike tribal fault lines, creating opportunities for extrem- of those who own guns
Isaac and Scott Shane in The New York Times. ists, rage-filled trolls, and foreign agents to tear at say that they view that
There were fake accounts dedicated to gun-rights the social fabric. We are certainly hearing more right as essential to their
supporters, LGBT activists, and anti-immigration from one another than ever before, but no one personal freedom.
hard-liners, all buying boosted posts to help would mistake America today for a more cohe- Pew Research Center

their content go viral. The Russians took advan- sive and politically coherent nation.
THE WEEK October 13, 2017
18 NEWS Technology

Social media: Twitter expands beyond 140 characters

Twitters defining attribute has long been growth, which is now stalled at 328 million
its brevity, said Mike Isaac in The New monthly users; by comparison, Facebook
York Times. Users are limited to 140 char- boasts some 2 billion. By offering users a
acters a post and no more, giving the social little more space to share and vent, Twitter
network a pithiness and speed that dis- clearly hopes to lure folks who may not
tinguishes it from rivals such as Facebook be as great at compressing their thoughts.
and makes it a hub for breaking news. But Whining about character limits is admit-
last week, Twitter announced that it would tedly the most first worldiest of first
allow a small group of random users to test world problems, said Dom Knight in The
posts with up to 280 characters, in order to Guardian. And yet, for those of us for
eliminate what it viewed as constraints that whom Twitter is our primary interface with
kept people from tweeting more frequently. Double the space for your rants and raves whats happening in the world, its a major,
As with all things on Twitter, reaction highly undesirable change. More words
was swiftand mostly negative, said Maureen Lee Lenker in will mean more flaband less humor, less punch, and less wit.
EW.com. Many users said that increasing the character limit I understand the pressures on Twitter to make money, but it
would rob the platform of its succinct, clever essence, or give cant compete with Facebook, and shouldnt try.
online abusers double the ability to harass their targets. Others
questioned the size of the new 280-character cap, pointing out Maybe Twitter could have tightened a few rules rather than
that the 140-character limit was left over from the long-gone just loosening character limits, said Virginia Heffernan in the
days when SMS text messages had a limit of 160 characters, and Los Angeles Times. For years, users have been asking Twitter
that the new limit seemed just as arbitrary as the first. to move more forcefully against hate-mongering trolls. They
have pleaded for no bots, and begged for fewer Nazis. But in-
Its hard to overstate what a crossroads this is for Twitter, stead they get surplus characters no one asked for. No doubt
since monkeying with its character limit changes the nature of veteran users will adapt to the new format, and probably even
the service, said Pete Pachal in Mashable.com. But its all part find crafty ways to exploit it for humor, cultural commentary,
of a plan to attract more usersand perhaps one day turn a and new kinds of op-eds. But Twitter has missed an opportu-
profit. Since Twitter went public four years ago, Wall Street nity to address the worst elements on its platform. That would
has been very, very disappointed with the social networks user have been nice. And would have sufficed.

Innovation of the week Bytes: Whats new in tech

Forget the Tech giants spend on STEM attitudes, beliefs, and moods that arent writ-
sun and Some of the countrys biggest tech firms ten down anywhere, but can be inferred from
wind are partnering with the Trump administra- your online behavior, such as posts you like
evaporat- tion to help prepare more students and on Facebook, your Google search queries,
ing water workers for the jobs of the future, said and your purchases on Amazon. Advances in
could be Tony Romm in Recode.net. Amazon, Face- machine learning and neural networks make
the next
book, Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce will it easier to see patterns in this seemingly in-
big source of renewable energy, said
James Temple in TechnologyReview commit $50 million each to a new White nocuous pool of data. Companies with this
.com. So-called evaporation-driven House project to boost science, technology, information, said Kearns, can make all kinds
engines generate power from engineering, and math (STEM) and comput- of inferences about you and your life circum-
the motion of bacterial spores ing skills among K-12 students. The private stances that you may not even know yourself.
that expand and contract as they sector money will be combined with at least
absorb and release air moisture. $200 million in grants from the Department EasyJets electric dreams
Evaporation continues 24/7, so the of Education. Silicon Valleys support for the EasyJet is going electric, said Ivana Kotta-
engines, which sit on the waters initiative stands in stark contrast to the in- sov in CNN.com. The British budget airline
surface, could provide power
nonstopunlike solar panels. The
dustrys many clashes with the White House in announced last week that it was partner-
technology is still in a prototype recent months. President Trump has attacked ing with Los Angelesbased startup Wright
phase, but a new study in the journal Amazon repeatedly on Twitter, and last week Electric to build an all-electric airliner.
Nature Communications notes that suggested that Facebook was anti-Trump. Founded last year, Wright Electric has al-
the power available from natural ready designed and flown a two-seat electric
evaporation in lakes and reservoirs Tapping intimate data plane. The passenger aircraft its working on
in the continental U.S. could meet The privacy debate tends to focus on how with EasyJet would handle short routes of
70percent of the nations needs. If big companies handle private information 335 miles or lessthink New York to Boston
even a small amount of that energy like Social Security numbers, credit histories, or London to Paris. EasyJet hopes the plane
were tapped, says study co-author
Ozgur Sahin of Columbia University,
and financial transactions, said Kim Hart in will be flying in the next decade, and says the
evaporation-driven engines could Axios.com. But the most valuable informa- aircraft could cover up to 20 percent of the
make a significant contribution to tion, according to University of Pennsylvania carriers journeys. Electric planes could be a

clean-energy and climate goals. computer science professor Michael Kearns, game changer for airlines, because fuel is one
is intimate data. That includes opinions, of their biggest costs.
THE WEEK October 13, 2017
Make the expense process
painless for business and
traveler alike. Concurs live,
intuitive expense reports
While giving businesses a live
look at exactly where and how
20 NEWS Pick of the weeks cartoons

THE WEEK October 13, 2017 For more political cartoons, visit: www.theweek.com/cartoons.
Pick of the weeks cartoons NEWS 21

THE WEEK October 13, 2017

22 NEWS Health & Science
Nerve stimulation restores partial consciousness
Using a new experimental treatment, When they then stimulated this nerve
neurosurgeons in France have enabled a with tiny electrical currents, the patient
patient who had been in a vegetative state experienced increased brain activity. After
for more than 15 years to smile, cry, and just one month of treatment, he opened
show other signs of consciousness. The his eyes more often, tracked people mov-
35-year-old man had been in unrespon- ing around his room, and responded to
sive wakefulnessperiodically opening requests to turn his head. He even shed
his eyes but never awake or respond- tears on hearing his favorite song. While
ing to his surroundingssince suffering the severity of his brain damage makes
brain damage in a car accident in 2001, it very unlikely hell ever regain the abil- A depiction of increased brain activity (right)
reports NewScientist.com. A team from ity to talk or walk, the nerve stimulation
the French National Center for Scientific appears to have taken him out of a veg- forms of epilepsy and depression. But she
Research wrapped electrodes around etative state. Study leader Angela Sirigu says the findings show that brain repair
the patients vagus nerve, which extends says more research is needed into the [is] still possible even when hope seems
from the brain stem to the abdomen. treatment, which is already used for some to have vanished.

A new way of diagnosing CTE afield. The long-term base, which would
In a potential breakthrough in the study include a residence and research facilities,
of chronic traumatic encephalopathythe would also serve as a replacement for the
degenerative brain disease linked to play- International Space Station, which isnt
ing footballresearchers may have found expected to last much beyond 2028. The
a way to diagnose the condition in living new station would likely be constructed
people. CTE, which is thought to be caused from modules launched separately into
or exacerbated by repeated blows to the space in the early 2020s, laying the ground-
head, can currently be identified only in work for a mission to the Red Planet in the
an autopsy. For the new study, scientists 2030s. Canada, Japan, and the European
at Boston Universitys School of Medicine Space Agencyall of them already working
compared the brains of 23 deceased with Russia and the U.S. on the ISSare
football players who had CTE with the expected to be involved in the project,
brains of 68 deceased non-athletes, 50 of together with private space travel com-
The crack shows where the iceberg formed.
whom had had Alzheimers disease. They panies. While the deep-space gateway is
Another iceberg breakaway found that the football players had signifi- still in concept formulation, says NASAs
An iceberg four times the size of Manhattan cantly elevated levels of CCL11, a protein Robert Lightfoot, [we are] pleased to see
broke away from a glacier in Western linked to inflammation; the longer they growing international interest in moving
Antarctica last month, permanently alter- had played, the higher their levels. More into cislunar space as the next step for
ing the continents coastline and increas- research is needed to determine if a spinal advancing human space exploration.
ing concerns about rising sea levels. The tap or blood test could be used to test for
100-square-mile chunk of ice calved from CCL11 in people with warning signs of Health scare of the week
the Pine Island Glacier, which accounts for CTE, such as depression and impulsive A surge in STDs
about 45 billion tons of ice flow into the behavior. But study author Ann McKee New cases of three common sexually
ocean each year. Scientists monitoring the says the findings are the first ray of hope transmitted bacterial diseaseschlamydia,
glacier via satellite say the newly formed in the effort to understand the diseaseand gonorrhea, and syphilisreached a record
iceberg is unstable and has already broken to find a treatment. Its a eureka moment, high in the U.S. last year, reports CNN
apart into smaller pieces as it drifts out to but we dont think its the end, she tells .com. Figures from the Centers for Disease
sea. Though massive, the berg is dwarfed The Washington Post. We think its the Control and Prevention show that more
by the Delaware-sized block of ice that split beginning. than 2 million new infections were reported
from the Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica in 2016. About 1.6 million were chla-
earlier this year, reports CBSNews.com. Joint lunar mydia, representing a 5 percent increase
The new breakaway wont directly affect space station from last year, while gonorrhea and syph-
global sea levels, because that portion of As part of its ilis both surged by about 18 percent, to
Pine Island is already floating, but it may long-term aim 470,000 and 28,000 cases, respectively.
diminish the glaciers function as a plug to send humans These STDs can be cured with antibi-
Corazzol et al., screenshot: @steflhermitte, NASA

that holds back ice streams from the West to Mars, NASA otics, but drug-resistant strains of gon-
Antarctic ice shelf. Scientists are also con- is teaming up orrhea are on the rise. Complicating
cerned that these calving events are becom- with its Russian matters, gonorrhea and chlamydia are
ing more frequentand that theyre form- counterpart, often silent infections that produce
ing in the center of the glacier, as warmer Roscosmos, to no symptoms but can lead to infertility
ocean water weakens it from below. If build a space station and life-threatening complications if left
new rifts continue to form progressively that will orbit the moon. untreated. Clearly we need to reverse this
inland, says Ian Howat, a glaciologist at The two agencies want to create a deep- disturbing trend, says the CDCs Gail
Ohio State University, the significance to space gateway to act as a launchpad for Bolan. We need to get the word out that
ice shelf retreat would be high. missions to the lunar surface and further everyone needs a yearly checkup.
THE WEEK October 13, 2017
Review of reviews: Books
in City Journal. We learn that earlier in
Book of the week life May held jobs as a cocktail waitress,
Nomadland: Surviving America a Home Depot cashier, and an insurance
executive, but we dont hear how she
in the Twenty-First Century lost themthough a mention of troubles
by Jessica Bruder with alcoholism and drug use provides
(Norton, $27) a clue. Another subject confesses to hav-
ing amassed $30,000 in credit card debt.
You can call them houselessbut dont Bruders itinerants are not Okies fleeing
you dare call them homeless, said Rachelle the Dust Bowl. Many are victims of
Bergstein in the New York Post. Journalism their own poor choices.
professor Jessica Bruder spent three years
getting to know some of the tens of thou- By some measures, theyre the lucky ones,
sands of Americans who have given up on said Parul Sehgal in The New York Times.
the dream of a traditional home to live in The workampers take backbreaking
RVs or vans and travel the country picking Workamper Linda May outside her home work and live without a safety net, but
up seasonal employment. Known variously they enjoy advantages over the majority
as workampers, vandwellers, or rubber As a reader gets to know them, its hard of Americas 3 million migrant workers.
tramps, theyre often older Americans not to be struck by their resiliency and Only at the end of Nomadland does Bruder
whose finances were devastated by medical humor, said Kim Ode in the Minneapolis mention that virtually all workampers
bills or the 2008 financial crisis, and they Star Tribune. The new nomads boast of are white, a phenomenon she shrugs off
flock to short-term gigs at farms, campsites, owning wheel estate, and form friendly without considering how the allure of the
and the warehouses of Amazonwhich ad-hoc communities, sharing potluck road might be dimmed for anyone under
aggressively recruits workampers for the dinners and swapping money-saving the threat of racial violence or deportation.
run-up to Christmas. Many members of this tips. The veritable star of Nomadland, However much you worry about the wan-
new breed tell Bruder that they enjoy being a spirited 64-year-old grandmother who derers Bruder so gracefully portrays, you
free of mortgage payments or rent. Still, its calls her rig the Squeeze Inn, is a hoot. also ache for the ones without even this
a difficult existence, and not the life most But Linda May is also an example of the option, the ones who dont even merit
of these Americans had imagined. books blind spots, said Steven Malanga a mention.

An Odyssey: A Father, a Son, the classroom scenes, said Jonathan Russell

Novel of the week and an Epic Clark in the San Francisco Chronicle.
Manhattan Beach by Daniel Mendelsohn Jay Mendelsohn, a supremely intelligent
retired scientist, initially agrees to be a
by Jennifer Egan (Knopf, $27)
silent observer. But he breaks his promise
(Scribner, $28) What catches you on Day One, immediately objecting to his
Jennifer Egans fiction keeps taking off-guard about this sons characterization of Odysseus as a hero,
her (and the reader) to new places, memoir is how mov- which sends the classs younger students
said Francine Prose in The New York ing it is, said Dwight into fits of laughter. Jay takes the study of
Review of Books. In the case of her Garner in The New Homers epic poem seriously, though, and
ambitious, engrossing fifth novel, York Times. The soon Odysseus winding path toward a
that place is 1930s Brooklyn, where setup sounds like
11-year-old Anna Kerrigan watches
reunion with his son begins to parallel the
light comedy: Critic growing understanding between the two
as her dockworker father and a rack-
eteer confer on a beach over matters
and classics scholar Mendelsohns.
she wont fully understand for years. Daniel Mendelsohn
When the story jumps ahead to war- teaches a seminar Like The Odyssey, Mendelsohns book
time, Eddie Kerrigan has disappeared, on The Odyssey to can be leading to only one ending, said
leaving Anna to care for her disabled teenage undergradu- John Freeman in The Boston Globe. Less
sister. Anna will become a Navy diver ates, and one winter his vinegary 81-year- than a year after taking his sons course,
and also inch closer to discovering old father asks if he can sit in. If you know Jay Mendelsohn dies. By then, Daniel has
the reason her father vanished. A de- Mendelsohn, you also expect hell know gained a fuller appreciation of his father
parture from the postmodern razzle- his Homer. But he exceeds expectations. his humble Depression-era childhood, his
dazzle of Egans Pulitzer-winning A Combining classroom comedy, biographical autodidactic mastery of mathematics, his
Visit From the Goon Squad, Manhattan memoir, literary criticism, and even a related devotion to rigorous studyand those
Beach is slowed by tweedy histori- account of being trapped on a theme cruise, discoveries have deepened his understand-
cal accuracy, said Ron Charles in The ing of Homers text. The elder Mendelsohn
hes written a book as warmly layered as
Washington Post. But theres much to emerges as having been a hero in disguise,
savor here, with Egan blending a jazzy a Rodgers and Hart song. And though its
a mentor ready even in death to counsel
Courtesy of the author

range of tones, from noir to melo- often amusing, it has many complicated
drama. And her ending, hopeful yet things to say not only about Homers epic any son willing to go in search of him. An
credible, dares to satisfy us in a way poem but about fathers and sons. Odyssey shows us how necessary this edu-
that stories of an earlier age used to. cation is, how provisional, how frightening,
The books most entertaining passages are how comforting.
THE WEEK October 13, 2017
24 ARTS The Book List
Author of the week Best books...chosen by Bren Brown
Bren Brown, a research professor at the University of Houston, recently followed
Attica Locke up her books on shame and vulnerability with Braving the Wilderness, a new best-
Theres a reason Attica Locke seller about courage. Below, she names six books that inspired her to be braver.
started regularly wearing
cowboy boots a few years Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson (Spiegel & Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull (Random House,
ago, said Dwyer Murphy in Grau, $16). This book is a call to individual $28). I opened this book seeking answers about
LitHub.com. Though shes and collective courage. Stevenson, founder of the relationships between creativity, vulnerability,
lived and worked in Los the Equal Justice Initiative, writes, Each of us and courage. I didnt expect it to profoundly
Angeles for two decades, is more than the worst thing weve ever done. change the way I work. This is one of the most
the novelist and television My work with the poor and the incarcerated has important leadership books of our time.
screenwriter persuaded me that the opposite of poverty is not
is an East Teaching to Transgress by Bell Hooks (Rout-
wealth; the opposite of poverty is justice. His
Texas native ledge, $37). This book sat next to my bed the
work changed me.
who dreamed entire first year I taught at the University of
up her first Why Wont You Apologize? by Harriet Lerner Houston. Hooks idea of education as the
stories during (Touchstone, $16). Lerners books have shaped practice of freedom shaped who I am today.
long drives my life and my career. I thought I was good at Whenever difficult conversations about race,
to visit family apologizing and making amends, but this book class, or gender begin to surface, I remember
along a rural
challenged me in an unexpected and profound what she taught me: If your students are comfort-
highway running north out of
Houston. I never really got
way. Imagine a world where we move away able, youre not doing your job.
Texas out of my system, she from blame and defensiveness and toward real
accountability. This is the road map. The Heart of Christianity by Marcus J. Borg
says. That world of red dirt, (HarperOne, $16). I jokingly call myself a Borg-
piney woods, and interracial The Book of Forgiving by Desmond and Mpho again Christian. Born into the Episcopalian
community, but also racist
Tutu (HarperOne, $16). Of all of the topics Ive church and raised Catholic, I bolted from orga-
violence, provides the setting
for her fifth novel, Bluebird,
studied over the past two decades, forgiveness nized religion when it got too hard to find God
Bluebird, in which a black has been the most complex and difficult. Here, when politics and certainty replaced mystery and
Texas Ranger investigates a Bishop Desmond Tutu and his daughter take us faith. Years later, this book brought me back. Its
pair of possibly racially moti- on a journey that has the potential to change a beautiful reminder of whats possible when the
vated killings on a stretch of lives and the broader culture. church commits itself to love and justice above all.
U.S. Highway 59 that Lockes
family used to drive.
Also of interest...in diseases and other contagions
Highway 59 has historic
significance too, dating to Sleeping Beauties Pale Rider
the Great Migration, said by Stephen and Owen King (Scribner, $32.50) by Laura Spinney (PublicAffairs, $28)
Rachel Martin in NPR.org.
For black folks, that was Stephen Kings first collaboration with Too often we forget the one 20th-
the road North, says Locke. his son Owen riffs on Sleeping Beauty, century event that was probably dead-
That was the road to get and its sleepy in its own right, said lier than any war, said Tilli Tansey
out of Texas. Her novels Janet Maslin in The New York Times. in Nature. In her look at the 1918
protagonist, Ranger Darren In a small Appalachian town, a virus flu pandemic that killed as many as
Mathews, like Lockes 19th- is causing women to fall into a deep 100 million people, journalist Laura
century forebears, chose to slumber and be cocooned by tendrils. But despite Spinney argues that the catastrophe faded from
make a stand in East Texas the central role given to a witchy beauty who memory because, though it burnt out, no nation
in Mathews case, even after commands an army of moths, the 700-page book could claim to have defeated it. Her account is
a law school education in is short on thrills, provocative ideas, and striking packed with fascinating detail, circling outward
Chicago. Its a quintessen-
characters. Though scores of people are intro- from three potential Patient Zeros to show how
tially Texas thing, this idea
duced, very few of them spring to life. governments failed, and what they learned.
about not getting run off,
Locke says. Darrens ambiva- The Asshole Survival Guide I Know Your Kind
lence about his home turf
mirrors the authors own. He by Robert Sutton (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $28) by William Brewer (Milkweed, $16)
feels that it doesnt belong to This is a small book, but it could William Brewers poetry captures the
its worst impulses, she says, play a big part in making us treat effects of Americas opioid epidemic
that people who hold rac- others better, said Roger Trapp in in a way that statistics, figures, and
ist views dont get to decide
Forbes.com. Following up his 2007 journalism cannot, said Mike Good
what a state or country is;
best-seller The No Asshole Rule, man- in PShares.org. The simple absence
that as long as he is present
there, too, as long as he is agement guru Robert Sutton focuses of straight narrative helps arrest the
this time on how to deal with toxic people and notion that a straight path exists between depen-
Benedict Evans, Jenny Walters

wearing a badge, there is a

chance that he can define the how to figure out if youre one yourself. He dence and sobriety. Brewers verse wanders into
state as being a place that is presents plenty of evidence that bad behavior politics, economics, and Greek myth. But he
fundamentally hospitable to spreads, and that it damages organizations and puts individual addicts front and center, and the
black life. lives. Best for middle managers, the book offers combination of a refined style and rough content
important lessons for leaders, too. creates a startling experience.
THE WEEK October 13, 2017
Healthy Body
Heart, Brain & Eye Support*

Centrum MultiGummies Multi+Omega-3
helps support a healthy body, including your heart, brain & eyes.*
Plus, they taste great too. This is no ordinary gummy multivitamin.
26 ARTS Review of reviews: Art & Music
Exhibit of the week tered wow moments in HomeSo
Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA Different, So Appealing make that uneven
Various dates and locations, through Jan. 14 Los Angeles County Museum of Art show
a must-see before its mid-October closing.
Is Los Angeles part of Latin America? And for pure pleasure, nothing beats the
asked Larry Wilson in the Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Arts Martn
Daily News. The answer, of course, is Ramrez retrospective. Ramrezs stun-
s: L.A. was founded by 11 Mexican ning drawings combine ingenious out-
families in 1781, didnt enter its Anglo sider figuration with passionately dizzying
phase for a century, and today is home patterns, and the Mexican-born exrail-
to more people of Latino descent than of road worker created them all in the mental
any other ethnicity. At long last, the citys hospital he was thrown into after becoming
art establishment is celebrating that real- homeless during the Great Depression.
ity this fall with 80 linked exhibitions, all
underwritten by the Getty Foundation, at This overdue celebration of Latin American
70 Southern California institutions. The art probably wont last, said Holland
family bond between Latin America and Cotter in The New York Times. Many art-
all of Southland from San Diego to Santa ists enjoying their Hollywood moment
Barbara feels especially strong at this politi- will fade back into obscurity, especially
cal moment, but it was always thus. In given that only a dozen of the LA/LA
the work of the 1,100 artists represented in exhibitions will travel outside Southern
the sprawling endeavor, the idea of home California. Happily, one of those shows
emerges as an overarching theme, said An untitled Ramrez: Passionately dizzying
is Radical Women, now at UCLAs
The Economist. One small show, at L.A.s Hammer Museum and heading to the
Craft & Folk Art Museum, makes the U.S.- in The Wall Street Journal. But a recent Brooklyn Museum next spring. A head-
Mexico borderland seem itself like a home- sampling suggests that nearly half offer spinning showcase of art created between
land by calling attention to the art inspired rewarding experiences: I didnt even mind 1960 and 1985 by more than 100 female
by the border among artists on both sides. that I needed three hours to drive the artists, it mixes marquee names like the
mere 30 miles between the two halves of pop-art queen Marisol with dozens of little-
Given the god-awful traffic in Southern an exhibition about how Donald Duck known contemporaries. In terms of sheer
California, almost no one will be able to reflects and embodies a history of cultural audacity, it is the single most exciting
visit all 70 venues participating in Pacific appropriation, cultural imperialism, and and hope-inspiring historical group show of
Standard Time: LA/LA, said Peter Plagens playful cross-cultural dialogue. The scat- contemporary art Ive seen in 10 years.

Shania Twain Kamasi Washington Protomartyr

Now Harmony of Difference Relatives in Descent
++++ ++++ ++++
It should come as no Though it lasts just Protomartyrs apoca-
surprise that Shania 32 minutes, Kamasi lyptic new album feels
Twains first album Washingtons new uniquely attuned to
in 15 years has a EP builds a tower- our cultural moment,
darker, angrier, sultrier ing euphoria, said said Clayton Purdom
tone than anything Sarah Lawson in in AVClub.com. The
shes recorded before, PasteMagazine.com. Detroit post-punk band
said Rob Harvilla in An ideal follow-up to has made bleak music
TheRinger.com. Since 2002s Up!, the pop- the jazz saxophonists three-disc 2015 debut, since its 2012 debut, but every song now
country superstar endured a messy divorce Harmony of Difference finds the 36-year-old is a gloaming din of guitars perfectly
from her cheating husband and contracted Kendrick Lamar collaborator and overnight matched to singer Joe Caseys weary bari-
such a bad case of Lyme disease that she superstar combining 70s funk, modal and tone voice and grim imagery. Relatives
lost her singing voice for years. But though smooth jazz, and even flourishes of calypso. in Descent is an album of apocalyptic
you wont find the bubbly, carefree Shania Across a mere six tracks, he creates a poly- vision, of late-capitalist desolation, beaches
of 2002 on Now, the album isnt the dirge phonic soundscape that is vast and ocean- full of bones, atomized discourse, poison
you might have feared. Whenever a song like, rushing at you in swells before bearing clouds and soil, and foul trumpets blasting
slips into anger, it also sneaks in a rowdy you out to sea to succumb to complete sub- like bombs. The bands first three albums
horn section and plenty of strident defi- mersion. As before, Washingtons music is drew on the post-punk legacy of acts like
ance. At moments like that, the problem both a challenge and a balm, said Mark Pere Ubu and Public Image Limited, said
is Twains singing, said Mikael Wood in Richardson in Pitchfork.com. Truth, the Jon Pareles in The New York Times. Now,
the Los Angeles Times. Her damaged voice final, 13-minute track, showcases his tal- on its fourth album, the band is moving
is lower and less flexible than before, and ent for explosively grand compositions. toward a more original sound, pioneering a
though it serves her reasonably well on Strings and choirs reach for the heavens post-post-punk vocabulary that includes
slow, moody tracks, it comes across as flat as they revisit motifs introduced earlier in relentless minimalist repetition, melodic
and robotic on the busy, uptempo num- the six-part suite. Listening to the whole (though still jagged) guitar leads, and
bers that used to be her strength. On the record in one sitting is like looking at a song structures that keep taking left turns.
party song More Fun, her exhortations sculpture from multiple angles: Suddenly Protomartyr offers no easy consolations,
prove about as convincing as an ad in an the three-dimensional form clicks in your no releaseonly tension, wound ever
airline magazine. mind, and you apprehend the whole. more tightly.
THE WEEK October 13, 2017
Review of reviews: Film ARTS 27
Blade Runner As much as the original
Blade Runner merits its
early on, one big enough to
spark war between mankind
2049 reputation as a cinematic and its replicant servants. That
Directed by landmark, Denis Villeneuves puts him on a quest to learn
Denis Villeneuve sequel could be more more and triggers a cat and
important in the long run, mouse in which hes pursued
said Brian Truitt in USA by the right-hand woman of a
++++ Today. Easily the best wealthy industrialist and even-
An android strives film so far this year, Blade tually finds Ford, who imbues
to head off a war. Runner 2049 is a super- his aging character with an
stylish and surprisingly almost relaxed gravitas.
moving sci-fi masterwork Gosling on his beat: Perfectly half-human
that repurposes the sturdy Still, even Ford cant recap-
detective-story architecture of its 1982 predecessor ture the spooky magic of the first Blade Runner,
to present a mythic tale evocative enough to change said A.O. Scott in The New York Times. As sump-
how we think about identity, memory, creation, and tuous and surprising as this 163-minute follow-up
revolution. Consider it an incredible lucid dream, is from one scene to the next, it doesnt haunt us
said Peter Bradshaw in TheGuardian.com. This the way the cryptic original did. Its a carefully
dazzling work of futurist fiction simply couldnt be engineered narrative puzzle, and its power dissipates
any more of a triumph. as the pieces snap into place. Given the movies
length, you could also argue that Villeneuve, the
Ryan Gosling proves ideally suited to play the auteur behind last years Arrival, may have fallen
storys lead, said A.A. Dowd in AVClub.com. Like a little too in love with his own creation, said
Harrison Fords character, Goslings K is a blade Leah Greenblatt in Entertainment Weekly. But
runneran LAPD cop tasked with hunting down how could he not, when nearly every impeccably
and killing androids whove outlived their usefulness. composed shot feels like such a ravishing visual
But we know from the start that K is an android, or feast? Even when it disappoints on an emotional
replicant, himself, and Goslings innate aloofness level, Blade Runner 2049 reaches for, and finds,
makes K credibly a mechanical man with some- something remarkable: the elevation of mainstream
thing stirring deep inside him. He discovers a secret moviemaking to high art.

Lucky If only every actor we loved

could leave us with a fare-
a morning coffee at the local
diner, daytime TVand a few
Directed by well film like this one, said twee plot developments, such
John Carroll Lynch Stephanie Zacharek in Time. as having an old buddy, played
(Not rated) Harry Dean Stanton, who died by David Lynch, despair over
last month at 91, had a face so the disappearance of a pet tor-
++++ radiant in its ragged beauty toise. Stanton plays every scene
A 90-year-old loner that it seemed ageless. In his beautifully, but the character is a
reckons with mortality. final star turn, he plays a frail cipher, an empty vessel waiting
and superficially grumpy old Stantons soulful curmudgeon for the moment the screenplay
man mindfully living out his fills out his backstory. Still,
final days in a dusty desert town, and the movie regarding lifes great mysteries, this humble movie
makes the most of Stantons inner light and deadpan nurtures a quiet sense of mystery, said Justin
demeanor. Alas, the film is also a painful trivializa- Chang in the Los Angeles Times. Lucky doesnt
tion of Stantons arresting persona, said Richard believe in an afterlife and scoffs at the idea that peo-
Brody in The New Yorker. It follows his title charac- ple have souls. Even at that moment, Stantons pres-
ter through his mildly eccentric daily routineyoga, ence represents a magnificent counterargument.

Is there a more monarchal colonization that the colonizers

Victoria & actress alive than Judi Dench? always like to tell, said Kristen
Stephen Vaughan, Magnolia Pictures, Peter Mountain/Focus Features

asked Mark Feeney in The Page-Kirby in WashingtonPost

Directed by Stephen Frears Boston Globe. Twenty years .com. Ali Fazals Abdul is based
after her Oscar-nominated on a real person, but his relation-
portrayal of Queen Victoria in ship with Victoria is bathed
++++ Mrs. Brown, the spirited dame in a loving, golden glow that
Queen Victoria befriends again proves she could play leaves no room for historys
a Muslim servant. Victoria in her sleep. Here, the more shadowy parts. Were
queen is nearing the end of her Dench and Fazal: Worlds collide.
even supposed to think Abdul
63-year reign when she strikes was perfectly content to be torn
up an unlikely friendship with an Indian servant she from his family to humor Victorias whims. If the art
appoints as her guide to the foreign land she leads of screen acting fascinates you, Victoria & Abdul is
from afar. Theres something for everyone in the worth seeing for Denchs magisterial performance,
ensuing blend of travelogue, costume drama, and said Christopher Orr in TheAtlantic.com. Just
comedy of manners. Its the kind of story about dont mistake it for actual history.
THE WEEK October 13, 2017
28 ARTS Television
Movies on TV The Weeks guide to whats worth watching
Monday, Oct. 9 Mr. Robot
The Big Sleep The series once widely hailed as the best show on
Humphrey Bogart is private television may be ready for a bounce-back run. At
detective Philip Marlowe, the end of a second season often muddled by nar-
hired to find out who is rative trickery, our protagonist, delusion-plagued
blackmailing an unruly hacker revolutionary Elliot Alderson, lay shot and
divorce in Howard Hawks bleeding, but surely not dead. Now recovered,
adaptation of Raymond hes ready to fight his alter ego, Mr. Robot, and
Chandlers novel. (1946) the damage that side of him has done and could
8p.m., TCM
do, while trying to advance a larger battle pitting
Tuesday, Oct. 10 people against capital. Emmy winner Rami Malek
The Big Lebowski and Christian Slater return in their starring roles.
Look for Big Sleep paral- Wednesday, Oct. 11, at 10 p.m., USA Network
lels in this comedy from
the Coen brothers about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Just when Rebecca Bunchs craziness was about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Bloom undercover
a burnout who attempts
to recoup damages when to pay off, the onetime summer camp fling she
White Famous
his rug is defiled by thugs. followed from New York to suburban L.A. jilted
Floyd Mooney, a black stand-up comedian, has
(1998) 8p.m., Cinemax her at the altar. Unsurprisingly, revenge will be
a chance of becoming white famousif only
Wednesday, Oct. 11 the theme of Season 3 for the celebrated musical
he can navigate Hollywood-style networking.
Casualties of War cringe-comedy starring co-creator Rachel Bloom.
Saturday Night Live alum Jay Pharoah stars in
Michael J. Fox and Sean Friday, Oct. 13, at 8 p.m., the CW
this promising new series, alongside Utkarsh
Penn co-star in Brian de The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) Ambudkar as Mooneys hustling agent. Jamie
Palmas chilling Vietnam Adored by audiences at Cannes, Noah Baum- Foxx, whose career inspired the show, guest-
War drama about a U.S. bachs latest movie comedy is skipping a typical stars as himself. Sunday, Oct. 15, at 10 p.m.,
soldier who refuses to par-
release to go straight to streaming TV. Dustin Showtime
ticipate in a plan to use a
captive young woman as a Hoffman shines as Harold Meyerowitz, a medi-
Other highlights
sex slave. (1989) 10:45p.m., ocre and embittered New York City sculptor Chance
Showtime whose adult children have gathered to celebrate Because the always enthralling Hugh Laurie
his career retrospective, and hes surrounded by plays the title character, this till-now-tepid noir
Thursday, Oct. 12
an all-star cast. Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler thriller series about a neuropsychologist gone
Grand Hotel
play Harolds bickering sonsone a success, one bad deserves a new look as its second season
John and Lionel Barrymore,
a spectacular failureand both actors turn in begins. Available for streaming Wednesday,
Greta Garbo, and Joan
Craw ford headline this Best
some of the best work of their careers. Available Oct. 11, Hulu
Picture winner about the for streaming Friday, Oct. 13, Netflix
goings-on at a posh Berlin Jane the Virgin
Tokyo Project Gina Rodriguez and her hit dramedy series
address. (1932) 6 p.m., TCM This half-hour stand-alone drama from Emmy- return for a new season in which single-mom
Friday, Oct. 13 winning director Richard Shepard is the movie Jane will reunite with her first love, played by
The Curse of the equivalent of finding a good bowl of ramen in Tyler Posey. Friday, Oct. 13, at 9 p.m., the CW
CatPeople a Tokyo back-alley shop. Its simple, shot on
The sequel to Val Lewtons the fly with small cameras on Tokyos streets. The Durrells in Corfu
1942 horror classic is also It contains quality ingredients that work well Star Keeley Hawes tries to peddle English cook-
an excellent stand-alone together, thanks to co-stars Elisabeth Moss and ing to the Greeks as Season 2 begins for the
thriller that vividly cap- Ebon Moss-Bachrach. And it riffs smartly on a delightful period drama based on the memoirs
tures the perspective of time-tested recipea story of a chance romance. of naturalist Gerald Durrell. Sunday, Oct. 15, at
its 6-year-old protagonist. Saturday, Oct. 14, at 10 p.m., HBO 8 p.m., PBS; check local listings
(1944) 6:45p.m., TCM
Saturday, Oct. 14
Office Space Show of the week
An IT worker leads a revo- Mindhunter
lution against workplace As House of Cards proved, Hollywood direc-
banality in Mike Judges tor David Fincher and Netflix make a powerful
modern comedy classic. team. In this somber new series set in the late
Scott Everett White/The CW, Patrick Harbron/Netflix

(1999) 6p.m., IFC 1970s, two FBI agents venture into the dark-
ness of the psychopathic mind as they visit
Sunday, Oct. 15
incarcerated serial killers across the country
Escape From New York and try to figure out how to track down others
Kurt Russell plays a tough like them. Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany
convict asked to be a hero co-star, inhabiting a world and mindset that
in a future Manhattan Fincher knows well, having terrified us with
inhabited exclusively by stylized evil before in the serial-killer thrillers
guards and other prisoners. Se7en and Zodiac. Available for streaming
(1981) 6p.m., SundanceTV Groff braves the belly of the beast. Friday, Oct. 13, Netflix

THE WEEK October 13, 2017 All listings are Eastern Time.
How Jesus Became God
Taught by Professor Bart D. Ehrman

1. JesusThe Man Who Became God

2. Greco-Roman Gods Who Became Human
3. Humans as Gods in the Greco-Roman World
4. Gods Who Were Human in Ancient Judaism
5. Ancient Jews Who Were Gods
6. The Life and Teachings of Jesus
7. Did Jesus Think He Was God?
8. The Death of JesusHistorical Certainties
9. Jesuss DeathWhat Historians Cant Know
10. The ResurrectionWhat Historians Cant Know
11. What History Reveals about the Resurrection
12. The Disciples Visions of Jesus
13. Jesuss ExaltationEarliest Christian Views
14. The Backward Movement of Christology
15. Pauls ViewChrists Elevated Divinity
16. Johns ViewThe Word Made Human
17. Was Christ Human? The Docetic View
18. The Divided Christ of the Separationists
19. Christs Dual NatureProto-Orthodoxy
20. The Birth of the Trinity
21. The Arian Controversy
22. The Conversion of Constantine
23. The Council of Nicea

Uncover the Extraordinary 24. Once Jesus Became God

Story of Jesus Christ How Jesus Became God

Course no. 6522 | 24 lectures (30 minutes/lecture)
The early Christian claim that Jesus of Nazareth was God completely
changed the course of Western civilization. For that reason, the
question of how Jesus became God is one of the most significant
historical questions and, in fact, a question that some believers have
never thought to ask. What exactly happened, such that Jesus came to
be considered God? To ask this question is to delve into a fascinating,
multilayered historical puzzleone that offers a richly illuminating
look into the origins of the Western worldview and the theological
underpinnings of our civilization.
In the 24 provocative lectures of How Jesus Became God, Professor
Bart D. Ehrman of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
takes you deeply into the process by which the divinity of Jesus was
first conceived by his followers, demonstrating how this conception
was refined over time to become the core of the Christian theology For over 25 years, The Great Courses has brought
that has so significantly shaped our civilization. the worlds foremost educators to millions who want
to go deeper into the subjects that matter most. No
Offer expires 10/27/17 exams. No homework. Just a world of knowledge
available anytime, anywhere. Download or stream
THEGREATCOURSES.COM/9 WEEK to your laptop or PC, or use our free apps for iPad,
iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire, or Roku. Over 600
1-800-832-2412 courses available at www.TheGreatCourses.com.
Food & Drink
Critics choice: Dinner with a little bit of everything
Brewery Bhavana Raleigh, N.C. bership freeze and turn Palizzi into your
On paper, Brewery Bhavana sounds new go-to for dinner, cocktails, sing-
like a misstep, said Andrew Knowlton alongs, and even house-made spumoni.
in Bon Appetit. A dim sum restaurant Who knew this old trope of trattorias
thats also a brewery, a floral shop, and gone by could suddenly be so sublime?
a bookstore? Miraculously, it works, 1408 S. 12th St.
because you can feel the team spirit
behind it the moment you settle into the Holy Roller Austin
bright, light, and cheery space. Created By going against the grain, Callie
by a brother and sister with friends who Speer has again shown us the way
brought their own passions for beer forward, said Brandon Watson in The
and floral arrangements to the project, Austin Chronicle. At a moment when
Brewery Bhavana feels like a commu- other Austin restaurateurs are playing
nity center for like-minded individuals it safe, the celebrated pastry chef has
who value diversity, open-mindedness, opened a punk-rock all-day brunch
Holy Rollers Callie Speer: Austin rediscovers punk.
and, yes, Cantonese pork buns. Any saloon, and the party feel shes created
meal you have at Bhavana should begin Social Club has been a gathering place for couldnt have come at a better time.
with a beereven if you dont drink beer. Abruzzo, Italy, immigrants and their descen- The broad, airy dining room references
The resident brewer makes wonderful dants, and chef Joey Baldino maintained rebellion everywhere: in its black-leather
sours and saisons that pair beautifully with the clubs look when he recently inherited bar stools, kitschy religious iconography,
dumplingsstuffed with corn and shrimp, it from his uncle and expanded the charter. and mammoth portrait of Iggy Pop. But the
perhaps, or with pork and snowpeas. Demand has since compelled a halt to new members of Speers all-female executive staff
Youll order too much, but thats OK. members, but if you ever get your hands are as serious about service as they are cre-
Take a deep breath and find the strength to on a membership card and get in the door, ative about sandwiches and cocktails, and
persist, because you dont want to miss the youll be transported: Live accordion music theres a sense of humor in everything they
crab-fried rice that arrives covered in an egg plays and Negronis are being mixed behind do. Sandwich fare includes an instant cult
crpe, or the whole Peking duck with text- the art deco bar. Anchovy fritters and grilled classic burger, piled high with shaved ham,
book crunchy skin and confit-like meat. fennel sausage over broccoli rabe establish hash browns, and a fried egg. You can pair
218 S. Blount St., (919) 829-9998 a theme of familiar fare done just right. that with Trash Fries slathered in gravy,
Youve had escarole and beans, but proba- cotija cheese, corn, and lime. But dont miss
Palizzi Social Club Philadelphia bly not as silky as these, and no other crab the yellow-cake pancakes topped with fried
Welcome to a South Philly time capsule, sauce over pasta in town is as profoundly chicken and Sriracha butter. Todays Austin,
said Craig LaBan in The Philadelphia steeped with briny deep-sea sweetness. It it turns out, really needed a punk-rock
Inquirer. For nearly a century, the Palizzi all makes you want to wait out the mem- diner. 509 Rio Grande St., (512) 502-5119

Wine: Chiles originals Recipe of the week

It is one thing to make world-class wine, This perfect early-fall appetizer can make even a novice cook look like a culinary rock
another to capture the worlds attention, star, said Bonnie Berwick in The Washington Post. You build it from the bottom up,
said Patrick Comiskey in the Los Angeles then invert it to serve. Packaged puff pastry dough becomes the crisped, golden base
Times. Known for producing fine ver- to a blanket of caramelized onions, sweet walnuts, blue cheese, and mushrooms.
sions of the same wines everyone else
Onion walnut tarte Tatin
makes, Chile is rediscovering whats spe-
3 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil 4 or 5 small yellow onions, halved top to bottom
cial about its village winesoften made
1 tbsp dark brown sugar kosher salt 8 oz mushrooms, preferably a mix,
from rare grapes grown on centuries-
stemmed, rinsed well, and chopped if large cup walnut halves 8 oz defrosted
old vines. Theyre rustic, but all of
packaged puff-pastry dough 6 oz blue cheese
them have a ton of character.
2015 Louis-Antoine Luyt Pipeos Port- Heat oil in an ovenproof skillet over Dot pan contents with pinches of cheese.
ezuelo ($18 a liter). Pais grapes grown medium heat. Place onions cut side down Lay dough over pan and tuck in around
Courtesy of the Holy Roller, Renee Comet/Washington Post

on 200-year-old vines create a wine in pan. Reduce heat to medium-low; cook edge of filling. Roast on middle rack of
with spicy, earthy flavors and the onions 20 minutes, until bottoms color oven until evenly browned, 25 to 35 min-
scent of dusty strawberries. slightly. Sprinkle on brown sugar; season utes, rotating halfway through. Transfer
2014 Garage Wine Co. Bagual Vine- onions lightly with salt. When pan to a wire rack for 5 min-
yard Red Blend Lot No. 56 ($33). sugar begins to melt, stuff utes. Set a serving plate over
This red blend offers flavors of mushrooms and walnuts into pastry, then carefully invert pan
dark cherry laced with tobacco. gaps between onions. Cook 5 to to transfer tart to plate. Filling
2015 A Los Viateros Bravos Vol- 7 minutes. Remove from heat. should be nicely caramelized; if
canico Pais ($20). This amiable Preheat oven to 375. Unfold not, roast tart 5 minutes more
wine offers scents of muddled pastry dough and roll out be- on a foil-lined baking sheet.
strawberry and flavors of fresh, tween sheets of parchment to a Cut into wedges; serve warm.
bright red fruit. 10-inch round. Makes 4 to 6 servings.

THE WEEK October 13, 2017

Travel LEISURE 31
This weeks dream: Kerala, the spice garden of India
I owe black pepper an apology, said morning, watch it get dried, then drink it
Kim Severson in National Geographic in the afternoon. Instead, we drive to the
Traveler. At home, the ubiquitous table edge of the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary,
spice rarely wins my attention at most where the eco-lodge Spice Village puts
meals, but on a brief tour of the land that us up in bungalows that look like tribal
made it ubiquitous, I became a true enthu- huts, and serves us coffee made with car-
siast. In Kerala, India, spice gardens and damom and black pepper.
tea plantations cover the mountains like
a tapestry, and the taste of the dried pep- Everywhere, black pepper remains the
per berries is so wonderfully complex that coin of the realm, cultivated in both
you understand why the spice was once vast plots and family gardens. I meet
more valuable than gold and why trad- an ex-policeman in his 80s who shows
ers have sought out this southern coastal me around his pepper patch. This is
region for four millennia. I arrived from Tea plantations outside Munnar the pepper people fought wars over, he
Atlanta with chef Asha Gomez expect- says, adding that soil, elevation, and cli-
ing a low-key week of exploring her Indian muggy city in a van and drive five hours to mate make the difference. At a shop at the
culinary roots. It ended up being a farm-to- the cool air of the Cardamom Hills. As we edge of the field, I buy a small sack of his
table trip on steroids. near our destination, small spice gardens, peppercorns and open it. The smell brings
each touting tours, begin to pop up like to mind fresh cedar, and when I crack
Asha was born in Thiruvananthapuram, roadside pick-your-own apple orchards. one between my teeth, it is hot on the back
Keralas capital, where we spend our first The mountaintop Briar Tea Bungalow out- of my tongue but fruity and full of charac-
night loading up on dosas at a place called side Munnar sits on 2,500 acres, and the ter. I buy two more bags: I finally under-
Pai Brothers. A photojournalist has agreed tea plants that surround the inn are so stand how pepper is supposed to taste.
to be our guide to Keralas culinary land- meticulously trimmed, they look like subur- At the Tayalar Valley Bungalow (briartea
scape, and the next morning we leave the ban shrubbery. Tourists can pick tea in the bungalows.com), suites start at $175

Hotel of the week Getting the flavor of...

Washingtons Mount St. Helens Philadelphias trailblazing penitentiary
Theres nothing quite like climbing a living Eastern State Penitentiary has been a major
mountain, said John Nelson in The Seattle Philadelphia tourist attraction almost from the
Times. Fortunately, this is the best time of year day it opened, said Jay Jones in the Chicago
to climb Mount St. Helens, the most active vol- Tribune. Built in 1829, the massive Gothic-style
cano in the Cascade Range. In the fall, theres less fortress was the largest public structure in the
competition for climbing permits (via mshinstitute country at the time, and when Charles Dickens
.org), and the footing is far better because rains visited America, he named the prison and
History with a splash of color and cold solidify the loose ash and pumice near Niagara Falls as the two places he most wanted
the peak. The 5-mile hike from Climbers Bivouac to see. But in its intended role as a humane reha-
The Lygon Arms Trailhead to the crater rim requires an elevation bilitation facility, the institution failed miser-
Worcestershire, England gain of 4,500 feet, and its by no means easy. ably. Following the ideas of Benjamin Franklin
At this 14th-century inn, Experiencing the force of nature that is Mount and other would-be reformers, the prison kept all
ghosts of the past linger, St. Helens is unforgettable, though. Its heart inmates in solitary, their only reading the Bible.
said Tom Chesshyre in The beats with earthy rumbles. Its steamy breath vents The idea was that penitence would redeem them.
Times (U.K.). Both Oliver skyward. St. Helens even speaks, with the sound Visit today and youll notice that Al Capones
Cromwell and the king he of rocks and landslides tumbling down its crater cell was rendered less spartan by oil paintings
dethroned stayed here; later,
walls. As you approach the crater rim, prepare and Oriental rugs provided by his guards. A new
so didElizabeth Taylor and
Richard Burton. Following a for an astonishing sight. The mountain blew its exhibition, which questions Americas reliance on
major redesign, the 86-room top off in 1980, but small eruptions have been mass incarceration, might seem to risk contro-
property reopened recently erecting a lava dome in the caldera ever since. versy. In this setting, it resonates with many.
with freshened rooms and
an overhauled spa, but the
old beams and sloping floors Last-minute travel deals
in the main building create a Haunted New England Cruising around Cuba One more night in Jamaica
frozen-in-time atmosphere. Tour spooky sites from Salem, Book a 2018 cruise to Cuba Through Dec. 16, the Half
Though the wine and cock- Mass., to New York City on this month and save $1,000 a Moon resort in Montego Bay,
tail bars offer light dining, a Geckos Adventures group person. Abercrombie & Kents Jamaica, is offering seven-
the main attraction is the six-night road trip for guests 11-day excursion includes two night stays for the price of six.
barand grill, with its old oil ages 18 to 29. The Halloween- nights at Havanas first five-star The resort features tropical
Alamy, The Lygon Arms

paintings and eye-catching themed tour departs Boston hotel, stops in five other Cuban gardens and a championship
antler chandeliers. on Oct. 26 and has been dis- ports, and a snorkeling outing. golf course. Doubles start at
lygonarmshotel.co.uk; doubles counted from $1,510 to $1,359. From $9,995 per head. $207. Book by Nov. 18.
from $206 geckosadventures.com abercrombiekent.com halfmoon.com

THE WEEK October 13, 2017

32 Best properties on the market
This week: Living in Wyoming
1 X Jackson Set on just
over 5 mountain acres,
this three-bedroom,
glass-walled home of-
fers 360-degree views of
the Teton Range. The
modern house features
an open floor plan,
hydronic-heated floors,
and two masonry
fireplaces. A large stone
patio includes a built-in
gas grill and granite
and quartz counter- 1, 5
tops for prep stations. 4 Wyoming
$2,795,000. Julie 2
Faupel, Jackson Hole
Real Estate/Christies
International Real Es- 6
tate, (307) 690-0812

2 W Casper Sculpted lions guard the grand front

door to the 1923 Henning mansion, in the South
Wolcott Street Historic District. Built by the towns
first millionaire, the four-bedroom brick Colonial
Revival still has a ballroom, and the original dental
moldings, plaster reliefs, French doors, chande-
liers, and roof tiles. A recent remodel replaced the
plumbing and
electrical sys-
tems, updated
five bathrooms,
and enlarged
the caretakers
apartment over
the garage.
Jeanne Gold-
rick, #1 Proper-
ties of Casper,
(307) 262-1365

3 X Cora The Rendez-

vous Ranch is a 1,200-
acre cattle ranch in the
Green River Valley with
expansive views of the
Wind River Mountains.
Its early-19th-century
log buildings include
a three-bedroom main
house, managers
quarters, and two one-
bedroom guest cabins
with kitchenettes. The
property has a trout lake,
a horse barn, corrals,
and an outdoor roping
arena. $4,950,000. Jim
Taylor, Hall and Hall,
(406) 855-0344
THE WEEK October 13, 2017
Best properties on the market 33
4 X Etna Part of the Double L Ranch
community, this four-bedroom home
sits on a 5-acre property by the Salt
River. Built in 2015 of reclaimed barn
wood and stone, the open-plan house
features a chefs kitchen with custom
cabinets, a fireplace with forged
metalwork, oversize windows, and
exposed beams, and offers mountain
and valley views. Community ameni-
ties include a saloon, an equestrian
center, a golf course, and a grass air-
strip with private hangar. $2,650,000.
Tate Jarry, Live Water Properties,
(307) 413-2180

Steal of the week

5 S Jackson This three-bedroom

house lies on 3.6 acres close to
the Snake River and Jackson Hole
Mountain Resort. The interior has a 6 S Cheyenne Dating to 1883, this three-bedroom
great room with vaulted fir ceiling, cottage is two blocks from Holliday Park and
three fireplaces, an updated kitchen, Lake Minnehaha. It retains many Victorian
and a hot tub room with glass walls features: screened front porch, hardwood floors,
overlooking the natural stream, stained-glass windows, cast-iron stove, butlers
pond, and gardens. A guest apart- pantry with built-ins, and a fretwork spandrel
ment is located down a walkway, over one bedrooms bay window. A two-bedroom
allowing for privacy. $5,450,000. in-law suite is accessible from the picket-fenced
Ed Liebzeit, Jackson Hole/Sothebys garden and yard. $399,000. JP Fluellen, The Prop-
International Realty, (307) 413-1618 erty Exchange/Coldwell Banker, (307) 772-1184
THE WEEK October 13, 2017
34 LEISURE Consumer
The 2018 Nissan Leaf: What the critics say
Wired 107, but its also quieter, helping make the
The new Nissan Leaf isnt fast or flashy; upgraded cabin phenomenally hush.
its a regular car that happens to run on Nissan focused on delivering a stress-
electricityand thats a great thing. free experience, making the Leaf easier to
Since its 2010 debut, the Leaf has racked up driveand stopusing only the accelerator
enough sales to become the most popu- pedal. Theres also an optional ProPilot As-
lar plug-in in history, and it earned that sist feature that marks a huge step toward
distinction by being reliable and affordable. bringing semiautonomous driving to the
Wisely, Nissan hasnt altered the formula masses. Even with that $2,200 upcharge,
with the cars first redesign. The new Leaf the Leaf is a heck of a deal.
adds 43 miles of range and adopts more
mainstream styling. Now thoroughly ordi- Autoblog.com A stealth plug-in, from $29,990
nary, its exactly what its meant to be. The new Leafs 150-mile range falls short of
the Tesla Model 3s 220. But 150 covers most Given that prospectand everything else
Motor Trend day-to-day driving, and a pricier battery with this vehicle gets rightits hard to find effec-
The new motor generates 147 hp, up from a 225-mile range will be available next year. tive criticism against the new Nissan Leaf.

The best of...retro tech

Super Nintendo
Polaroid OneStep 2 Big Chill Classic Edition
The Polaroid instant Tivoli Model One Induction Range Encouraged by last Qwerkywriter
camera is back. A Listening to music by Big Chill specializes in years insanely success- There are cheaper
decade after it vanished, tuning in a Tivoli analog retro-style appliances, ful NES Classic Edition, mechanical Bluetooth
the iconic point-and- radio feels alarmingly and this range has all Nintendo has now keyboards, but this
shoot is being reintro- civil. The time-tested the modern conve- released a miniaturized sturdy metal throwback
duced Oct. 16 by the Model One has tidy niences, including true version of 1990s Super offers truly old-school
Dutch company that knobs and a handsome convection and a Power Nintendo. Dont worry inspiration. It includes
bought the brand. walnut cabinet, and the Booster function thatll about dusty cartridges a stand for a tablet,
Updates include USB sound quality is great. boil a gallon of water in the console comes pre- but can also pair with
chargingand thats For Bluetooth connectiv- under 5 minutes. loaded with 21 classic a laptop or desktop
about it. ity, add $30. $4,995, bigchill.com 16-bit games. computer.
$100, bestbuy.com $150, tivoliaudio.com Source: $80, nintendo.com $249, qwerkywriter.com
Source: TheVerge.com Source: GQ.com ApartmentTherapy.com Source: Gizmodo.com Source: Popular Mechanics

Tip of the week... And for those who have Best apps...
What to buy in the kids section everything... For splitting a dinner check fairly
QClothing is much cheaper when its sold as Finally, theres a way to QSplit My Tab provides a quick, simple
childrens wear, even when itll fit an adult. coordinate your jewelry with breakdown of who owes what, and can
Women up to size 8 can buy boys tees and your water bottle. California handle item-by-item input too. If you dine
tank tops, and diminutive shoppers can jewelry designer Anjanette with a regular crowd, you can send the
branch into jeans from Gap Kids and even Sinesio recently founded breakdown to their phones with a couple of
winter coats from brands like The North Face. Gem-Water, a company that taps. ($1, iOS)
QShoes for kids run narrow, but a lot of sells a reusable water bottle QPlates by Splitwise provides a useful vi-
women can handle the crossover, which can that contains a removable sual aid: It shows plates with prices assigned
mean big savings. To get the length right, glass pod filled with opals, to them, and lets you drag the plates around
use size conversion charts like the ones at garnets, emeralds, am- a tabletop to keep track of who ordered what
Zappos.com. ethyst, quartz, or diamonds. and how it was shared. (Free, iOS)
QFurniture and other dcor items, such The company, which also QTab is ideal if youre in a hurry. Take a
as rugs, lamps, and wall art, can be really sells decanters, claims that picture of the receipt and share it with the
cuteand more affordablewhen theyre the gemstones enliven your other diners phones. Just tap the items
marketed for kids. Try Pottery Barn Teen or water, restoring its crystal you ordered and you each get a separate
Targets Pillowfort line. structure to the quality of ac- subtotal. (Free, Android and iOS)
QA smartwatch doesnt have to be super tual spring water. Whether QDivvy combines many of the functions
smart to be used for receiving calls when or not you believe in the already described, and its great for dealing
youre out running or hiking. Consider the transformative energy of crystals, theres no with complications like a large party that
$79 GizmoPal 2 from LG a discount Apple denying their accessorizing potential. includes individual payers as well as couples
Watch, and your gateway to toy-style tech. From $78 to $340, gem-water.com who wish to pay together. ($3, iOS)
Source: Lifehacker.com Source: Los Angeles magazine Source: Bustle.com

THE WEEK October 13, 2017

The news at a glance
The bottom line Autos: GM and Ford shift to an electric future
QThree-quarters of the General Motors outlined GMs rival Ford also
worlds food today is derived a fundamental shift in its announced plans this
from just 12 crops and five
vision for the future of the week to develop electric
animal species. Scientists
fear a mass extinction event auto industry this week, vehicles13 new models over
could devastate global food announcing a plan to vastly the next several years, said
supplies. increase its fleet of all-electric Phil LeBeau in CNBC.com.
The Guardian vehicles, said Bill Vlasic Alongside that push, Ford
QNearly two-thirds of in The New York Times. will shift its focus away from
congestion-related traffic Americas largest automaker passenger cars and sedans to
violations in downtown San said it plans to build 20 new A global scramble to develop clean cars its more profitable and popu-
Francisco between April 1 all-electric models by 2023, lar SUVs and pickup trucks,
and June 30 this year in- including two in the next 18 months. Although which this year composed 76 percent of Fords
volved Uber and Lyft vehicles. electric vehicles are currently just 1 percent of sales in the U.S. Balancing that dual focus
San Francisco Examiner
the U.S. car market, China and several European electric cars of the future and the big vehicles of
QThe median net worth for countries have announced that they will eventu- todaycould prove challenging. The decision to
Americans with a college de- ally ban gasoline-powered cars, which has set change is not easy, said new CEO Jim Hackett.
gree is $292,100, compared off a scramble by the worlds car companies to But past approaches are really no guarantee of
with $67,100 for those with
embrace electric vehicles. future success as the car industry transforms.
just a high school diploma,
according to the Federal
Finance: Former Equifax CEO faces questions The curse of the
Qz.com Blade Runner cameo
Equifaxs former CEO Richard Smith was grilled by U.S. lawmakers this
QThe average cost of a week over the companys massive data breach, which exposed sensitive With the sequel to Blade
withdrawal from an out-of- Runner now in theaters,
data for more than 140 million Americans, said Hamza Shaban in The
network ATM now exceeds talk has returned to the
$4.50, according to a new Washington Post. Smith, who retired from Equifax last week with an odd curse that afflicted
BankRate.com analysis. In $18 million pension, began his appearance before the House Energy the brands featured
1998, the average was $1.97. and Commerce Committee with an apology before asserting that an in the original 1982
Bloomberg.com employee at Equifax was to blame for the breach, saying the person sci-fi classic, said Don
failed to observe security warnings and patch vulnerabilities. Smith Steinberg in The Wall
declined to name the individual or say if he or she remained employed. Street Journal. Set in a
Economy: GDP shows solid growth dystopian Los Angeles
in the year 2019, Blade
The U.S. economy just got upgraded, said Martin Crutsinger in Runner featured cam-
the Associated Press. The Commerce Department last week revised eos by a host of then-
its estimate for GDP growth in the second quarter to an annualized thriving companies that
rate of 3.1 percent, the fastest pace in two years. Consumer spending, all seemed to go bust
which accounts for nearly 70 percent of economic activity, helped fuel after appearing in the
QAdvances in 3-Dprint- the upward revision, growing at a solid 3.3 percent between April and film. Atari, whose logo
ing could wipe out nearly a June. But growth is expected to slow sharply this quarter in the wake was shown prominently
quarter of cross-border trade of a string of devastating hurricanes. on screen, held 80per-
by 2060, according to an cent of the home video
analysis by the financial firm Aviation: Airline closure strands 110,000 passengers game market in 1982;
ING. About half of all manu- Britains fifth-largest airline collapsed this week, leaving 110,000 pas- within a year, it was
factured goods could be sengers marooned in Europe and North Africa, said The Economist. dumping truckloads of
printed by then if investment Low-cost carrier Monarch Airlines, which specialized in vacation unsold games into a
in the technology continues packages to the Mediterranean, is the biggest U.K. airline failure ever. New Mexico landfill.
to grow at the current rate. Founded in 1968, Monarch has faced stiff competition in the no-frills Headphone maker Koss,
European flight market. The British government has organized more displayed in an electron-
QIf Amazon were a U.S. than 30 planes to repatriate vacationers stranded abroad; another ics store in the film, was
state, it would rank fifth in 860,000 customers will lose their booked flights. bankrupt by 1984. Two
terms of job creation in the others with screen time,
12 months ending in June. Tech: All 3 billion Yahoo accounts breached RCA and Bell Telephone,
The company employed Yahoos colossal data breach from 2013 was much worse than first were defunct within
382,400 people in June 2017, reported, affecting all of its 3 billion user accounts, said Robert a few years. By 1991,
an increase of 113,500 from McMillan and Ryan Knutson in The Wall Street Journal. The figure is when featured airline
12 months before. Only three times the number of accounts that Yahoo said had been affected Pan Am filed for Chap-
Texas, California, Florida, ter11, the jinx led movie
and New York added more
when it revealed the breach in December. Yahoos new parent, Verizon,
reported this week that it discovered the breachs full extent after receiv- magazine Premiere
jobs over that time period, to run an article titled
according to data from the ing new information from outside the company, but declined to
The Curse of Blade
Newscom (2)

Bureau of Labor Statistics. explain what the information was. In March, the Justice Department
Runner. Premiere
Money.com indicted four men, including two Russian intelligence officers, in con-
folded in 2007.
nection with a 2014 Yahoo breach that affected 500 million accounts.
THE WEEK October 13, 2017
36 BUSINESS Making money

Equifax breach: Should you lock your credit?

Equifax is finally taking real steps to help per instance, so even if you need to apply
consumers affected by its catastrophic data for new credit repeatedly, the cost will
breach, said Jeff John Roberts in Fortune still likely be less than paying Experians
.com. Nearly a month after the credit agency monthly fee indefinitely. Some will argue
revealed that hackers had gained access to that locking is more convenient than freez-
sensitive financial data, including Social ing, said Ron Lieber in The New York
Security numbers, for as many as 143 mil- Times. Credit locks can be lifted instantly
lion Americans, the companys interim CEO from a smartphone app, whereas thawing
announced last week that it would offer con- a freeze can sometimes take several days.
sumers a lifetime of free credit locking begin- That scares plenty of people off, but Ive
ning Jan. 31. Credit locking can help protect had my credit report frozen for a decade
your accounts by preventing fraudsters from and have always found the thawing to be
opening new accounts in your name, but instantaneous and the process painless.
consumer advocates are already concerned
over the unknowns, said Katie Lobosco After Equifax, consumers need to be vigilant. Overlooked in all of this is the fact that
in Money.com. While a credit lock is very locking or freezing your credit will not
similar to a credit freezeboth can be unlocked or thawed so you prevent the most common type of identity theft, said Lauren
can apply for a new credit card or loanlocks have fewer legal Lyons Cole in BusinessInsider.com. Credit locks and freezes
protections. Its not yet clear, for instance, if enrolling in Equifaxs prevent only new accounts from being opened in your name,
new service could limit your rights to sue the company later. which affects just 4 percent of identity theft victims each year. Far
more common is theft and fraud involving current credit cards
Given the choice, a credit freeze is better than a credit lock, and bank accounts. To protect your finances, monitor your ac-
said Octavio Blanco in ConsumerReports.org. Credit freezes are counts daily or weekly and use secure passwords and two-step
typically covered by state laws, so you are protected from any verification whenever possible. That sounds time-consuming, but
financial liability. Youll probably also save money with a freeze. the truth is, Equifax just changed the rest of your life, said Liz
Equifax and TransUnion offer credit locking for free, but lock- Weston in the Associated Press. There are just so many ways that
ing down only two of the three main credit reports isnt enough, bad guys can use the information that has been stolen to wreak
and Experians locking service can cost up to $24.99 a month. By havoc in your finances. As long as your Social Security number
contrast, thawing a frozen credit report is capped by law at $10 is the key to your identity, youll need to be on guard.

What the experts say Charity of the week

Employees get ID theft protection matrimonial lawyers found that 62 percent
More employees are likely to see a timely had seen an increase in the number of couples
new offering when they choose their benefits in seeking prenups; 51 percent noticed more
a month or so: identity theft protection, said Millennials requesting the agreements. And
Suzanne Woodley in Bloomberg.com. Some prenups arent just about protecting assets. In
70 percent of companies say that the service an era of rising student loan debt, the agree- Hurricane Maria has devastated the
could be on their benefits menu by 2018, ac- ments let young couples say up front how U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. Hundreds
cording to brokerage firm Willis Towers Watson, they would like to separate their debt loads in of thousands of residents lack power
up from 35 percent in 2015. Corporate interest the event of a divorce. and clean water, and tens of thousands
more have been left homeless by the
in ID theft protection began to pick up follow- storm, which hit just two weeks after
ing the massive data breach at insurer Anthem Simple strategies to boost savings Hurricane Irma blew through and
in 2015 and surged again after the recent hack Most Americans admit theyre bad at saving caused up to $1 billion in damage. To
of Equifax. Employers have a strong interest in for retirement, said Gail MarksJarvis in the help the island, the Hispanic Federation
(hispanicfederation.org) has partnered
their workers using the service. A 2016 study Chicago Tribune. Nearly 70 percent of respon- with civic leaders in New York to launch
found that 56 percent of ID theft victims asked dents to an Employee Benefit Research Insti- the Unidos (United) relief fund. The
for time off work to deal with the issue. tute survey confessed that they could put aside New Yorkbased Hispanic Federation
more but dont. The trouble is that people has spent more than 25 years providing
Millennials in love with prenups disaster-relief assistance inside the U.S.
make too many financial commitmentsa car and across Latin America. One hundred
The prenuptial agreement is starting to lose loan, gym membership, housing that they percent of donations to the Unidos fund
its taboo among Millennials, said Jonnelle cant really affordthat sabotage their ability will go to community and civic organiza-
Marte in The Washington Post. For genera- to save. They need to follow some rules of tions in Puerto Rico carrying out hurri-
cane relief and recovery work.
tions, the agreements have been a sticking thumb to keep them out of a financial strait-
point for couples who deem them unromantic. jacket. Among them, spend no more than
Each charity we feature has earned a
But because Millennials are getting married 30 percent of income on housing. Consider four-star overall rating from Charity
later in life than earlier generations, they are a 50/30/20 budget. Fifty percent of pay after Navigator, which rates not-for-profit
more likely to have their own careers, busi- taxes goes to necessities such as mortgage organizations on the strength of their
nesses, and property. And that, financial or rent, insurance, food, and student loans. finances, their governance practices,
and the transparency of their operations.
advisers say, has made them more protective Thirty percent goes to wants, like gyms and Four stars is the groups highest rating.

of what they have built. A 2016 survey of vacations, and 20 percent goes into savings.
THE WEEK October 13, 2017
38 Best columns: Business

Issue of the week: Ikea jumps into the gig economy

For those left baffled by the assembly get to charge more for an added
instructions for an Ikea cabinet, help is service and access a new set of cus-
on the way, said Zlati Meyer in USA tomers who want to buy big-ticket
Today. The Swedish furniture giant an- items but dont want the hassle of
nounced last week that it has acquired assembly. Plus, theyll have fewer
TaskRabbit, a San Franciscobased returns, because people are less likely
startup that connects consumers with to send something back once its built
on-demand workers willing to do odd and installed. Being able to rely on
jobs around the house, such as fixing a gig workers helps the bottom line, too,
broken toilet, hanging curtains, oryou said Leonid Bershidsky in Bloomberg
guessed itassembling Ikea furniture. .com. TaskRabbit workers are freelanc-
Ikea, which didnt release financial details ers, so the company wont have to
about the deal, said it hopes to use Task- offer them overtime or pay for their
Rabbits 60,000 freelancers in 40 U.S. No DIY skills? No problem. benefits. Ikeas move is also a bid
cities and London to make it easier for to hang on to the crucial Millennial
customers to put together its shelves, sofas, and beds. Analysts market. In a recent poll of 2,000 U.S. Millennials, 3 in 5 said they
praised the deal, saying that consumers might now choose Ikea struggle with basic DIY tasks. Ikea understands that message
over competitors solely because the assembly service is practi- loud and clear: More and more customers will be put off by the
cally built-in. This is Ikeas first foray anywhere near Silicon need to assemble furniture, and unless Ikea gets in on the assem-
Valley, said Saabira Chaudhuri and Eliot Brown in The Wall bly business, it will miss out on revenue.
Street Journal. Many large, established companies are grappling
with big changes brought on by digitization, and they are turn- Theres another not-so-obvious reason that Ikea wanted an
ing to service-oriented tech firms to help their business grow, or army of handymen, said Sonya Mann in Inc.com. The retailer
slow their decline. conducts extensive ethnographic researchstudying peoples
morning routines and what makes a home feel like a homeand
Ikea isnt the first furniture company to team up with a handy- then shapes its products accordingly. But while Ikea knows
man marketplace this year, said Adam Rogers in Wired.com. In a lot about what products people are willing to buy, it doesnt
May, Wayfair, the worlds largest online-only furniture retailer, know as much about the services they are willing to pay for. Enter
announced a partnership with Handy, a platform that connects TaskRabbit, whose huge trove of data about the domestic jobs
people with repairmen and cleaners, to offer one-click installa- people are eager to outsource will help Ikea fill that gap. Theres
tion and assembly at checkout. This gig-plus economy has a no market research like going into peoples homes and seeing how
ton of upsides for big retailers such as Wayfair and Ikea. They they live.

A decade on from the financial crisis, the bank- through the biggest banks was devoted to new
Where ing industry has lost its core purpose, said Rana business investment. Today, lending to Main Street
finance Foroohar. It isnt serving us, were serving it.
While the biggest banks can credibly claim to have
commands just 15 percent of what financial firms
do. The rest of the money exists in a closed loop
went wrong improved their balance sheets and off-loaded the
risky assets that helped fuel the crash, their busi-
of trading and corporate deal making that works
solely to enrich the already rich. It has proved to
Rana Foroohar ness model has become fundamentally disconnected be an incredibly profitable strategythe financial
The New York Times from the very people and entities it was designed industry provides just 4 percent of U.S. jobs, while
to serve. Economist Adam Smith, the father of taking a quarter of the corporate profit piebut it
modern capitalism, simply wouldnt recognize to- doesnt help consumers much. Until we talk about
days big banks, which he envisioned as partners how to create a financial system that really serves
for industry, rather than an industry unto them- society, the big banks will be our masters, rather
selves. Forty years ago, most of the money flowing than the other way around.

The economic truths of the past may not be so true stubborn lack of inflation is not just a short-term
Why inflation anymore, said Zachary Karabell. Since the economy blip? Thanks to technology, the cost of most of lifes
may be began to recover from the 2008 crash, officials at the
Federal Reserve have been puzzled about why infla-
necessities, from food to clothing to shelter, has
stabilized or fallen over the past two decades. Cars
long gone tion hasnt risen as their models predicted. As the
economy improves and companies start hiring, wages
are more fuel efficient, and smartphones put incalcu-
lable reams of data into our pockets at cheaper and
Zachary Karabell are supposed to go up, which pushes up prices, spur- cheaper prices. Tech-driven efficiencies are all around
Wired.com ring inflation; thats when the Fed steps in to slow us, from the app economy to the electrical grid. That
things down by raising interest rates. This process surely affects inflation, but in ways that are still little
has always been at the core of the central banks understood. The Fed needs to begin formulating
mission, and for the past several years, the Fed has models that consider how technology has restructured
assumed that some economic conditions were simply the economy. Otherwise we risk making policy

taking longer to return to normal. But what if the geared toward a world that no longer exists.
THE WEEK October 13, 2017
Obituaries 39

The Playboy founder who brought sex to the mainstream

Hugh On a winters night in 1953, Hugh in an editorial: We enjoy mixing up cocktails...and
Hefner Hefner stood on a Chicago bridge won- inviting in a female acquaintance for a quiet discus-
19262017 dering where his life had gone wrong. sion on Picasso, Nietzsche, jazz, sex.
Twenty-seven years old, he was unhap-
pily married and working as a circulation manager at The first print run of 53,000 copies quickly sold
a childrens magazine. I felt as if I had successfully out, said the Los Angeles Times. Hefner soon began
become my parents, he recalled. Tears filled my using nonmodels for the Playmate of the Month
eyes. It was at that moment Hefner decided to start a centerfold spread, prompting ecstatic responses
magazine that, he said, would thumb its nose at the from readers. Sandwiched between the nudes was
phony puritan values of 1950s America. Combining high-quality writing, with contributors including Jack
photos of naked women with high-minded journalism, Kerouac, Norman Mailer, and Vladimir Nabokov,
Playboy would prove enormously popular with aspi- and interviews with luminaries such as Stanley
rational young menand teenage boys. The magazine Kubrick and Martin Luther King Jr. As the magazine
became a cultural wrecking ball, propelling nudity and sexuality grewits worldwide circulation peaked at 7 million a month in the
into the American mainstream and helping usher in the sexual revo- 1970sHefner astutely diversified his brand, said The Guardian
lution of the 1960s. Hefner came to embody the sybaritic lifestyle (U.K.). He hosted TV shows about his life, and opened Playboy
espoused by his magazine, sleeping with hundreds of women and Clubs and casinos around the world. Often criticized by feminists
hosting wild parties at his Playboy Mansion. I dreamed impossible for exploiting and degrading women, he argued Playboy treated
dreams, and the dreams turned out beyond anything I could possi- women as sexual beings, not as sexual objects.
bly imagine, he said. Im the luckiest cat on the planet.
Having divorced his first wife in 1959, Hefner became famous for
Born in Chicago to an accountant father and a teacher mother, his lavish and lascivious parties, said The Times (U.K.). At the
Hefner grew up in what he called a conservative household of Playboy Mansionfirst in Chicago, then in Beverly Hillsscantily
rigid Protestant fundamentalist ethics, said The Washington Post. clad bunny girls mixed with A-list celebrities, while butlers served
Drinking, smoking, and swearing were forbidden; sex, he said, was recreational drugs on silver trays. Hefner kept a harem of nubile
a horrid thing never to be mentioned. After graduating from the playmates-in-residence and presided over the decadent scenes in
University of Illinois in 1949, he married his college sweetheart, his trademark silk pajamas, a pipe clenched rakishly between his
Mildred Williams. Just before they wed, Williams confessed that teeth. His fortunes slumped in the 1980s, when Playboy started
shed had an affaira revelation that Hefner said shattered any losing readers to more sexually explicit competitors, said BBC
illusions he held about the virtue of women. He went on to work .com. He suffered a stroke in 1985; four years later he passed con-
in a series of publishing jobs, and tried to make a living as a car- trol of the business to his daughter, Christie, and married 26-year-
toonist, before plotting his own magazine, said The New York old Playmate Kimberly Conrad. When that marriage foundered in
Times. Financing Playboy with $600 of savings and $8,000 from 1998, Hefner surrounded himself with a half-dozen or so live-in
investorsincluding his disapproving motherhe bought the rights female companions and extolled the virtues of Viagra. He married
to a nude calendar photograph of Marilyn Monroe and made again in 2012, to a Playmate 60 years his junior, but chose to be
the emerging starlet his first cover girl. He had his art director draw buried in a crypt next to that of Playboys first cover star. Spending
a tuxedoed rabbit for the logo and described the Playboy lifestyle eternity next to Marilyn, Hefner said, is too sweet to pass up.

The Heartbreakers frontman who rejuvenated rock n roll

Tom Tom Petty was sitting in the back- combined the jangling guitar of the Byrds, the
Petty yard of his parents Florida home swagger of the Rolling Stones, and the soul of
19502017 on a sweltering summer day in 1961 Ray Charles. With their stripped-back sound, the
when his aunt popped by and asked group was a breath of fresh air amid a rising
the 10-year-old if hed like to meet Elvis Presley. His tide of corporate rock bands, such as Kansas
meeting with the King, who was shooting a movie and Foreigner, said the Los Angeles Times.
nearby, was brief. He sort of grunted my way, Heartbreakers songs, including Listen To Her
Petty recalled. But for a kid at an impressionable Heart and Refugee, quickly became staples
age, he was an incredible sight. The next day, Petty of Top 40 and FM radio playlists.
swapped his slingshot for a pile of his friends Elvis singles. And
The mid-80s would prove to be tumultuous for Petty, said
that, he said, was the end of doing anything other than music
RollingStone.com. The Heartbreakers 1986 album, Let Me Up
with my life. Petty would go on to become an iconic rock n roll
(Ive Had Enough), was a commercial disappointment; the fol-
star himself, selling more than 80 million records as frontman for
lowing year, Pettys house burned downarson was suspected
the Heartbreakers and as a solo artist. Its a strange [thing] to say
destroying nearly all of his possessions. But he found new success
out loud, but I always felt destined to do this, Petty said. From a
with the Traveling Wilburys, a supergroup with Bob Dylan, Roy
very young age I felt this was going to happen to me.
Orbison, George Harrison, and Jeff Lynne: Their 1988 debut
Born in Gainesville, Fla., Petty was beaten relentlessly from the album was a triple-platinum hit. Petty then released his first
age of 5 by his alcoholic father, said The Washington Post. Music solo album, 1989s Full Moon Feverhome to the smash Free
offered an escape. He became obsessed with the guitar, grew his Fallinand soon reunited with the Heartbreakers. As the band
hair long in the style of the Beatles, dropped out of school at 17, completed a 40th anniversary tour this year, Petty dismissed reports
and devoted himself to playing in local rock bands. By the mid- that the shows would be the groups swan song. Why would we
Getty (2)

70s he had formed Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, a band that quit? he said. The band is playing better than ever.
THE WEEK October 13, 2017
40 The last word
Portraits of the lives lost
They came to Las Vegas from all over the countryTennessee, California, Alaskafor three days of celebration
and country music. Here are the stories of a handful of the dozens of people who perished.
ADRIAN MURFITT department at
Adrian Murfitt, 35, had been working Henry County
16-hour days all summer as a commercial Medical Center.
salmon fisherman in his home state of White House Press
Alaska. It was time for a break. Secretary Sarah
He gathered up two of his childhood friends Huckabee Sanders
and booked tickets for a country music fes- said Melton and
tival, just as he had done last year, accord- his wife had been
ing to his sister, Shannon Gothard. married only a year
He had such a great time when he went and had traveled
before, and he wanted to treat himself for from Tennessee for
a successful fishing season, Gothard said the music festival.
from Anchorage. When the bul-
Murfitt was an Alaskan to the core. Since lets began raining
he was a toddler, he loved playing hockey, down from above, Adrian Murfitt, Sonny Melton, and Sandy Casey were among
she said; he could fix almost anything Sonny shielded her
mechanical; he was devoted to his dog, from danger, selflessly giving up his life to She had a lot going for her, young and in
Paxson, a West Siberian Laika. save hers, Sanders said Monday. love, with a good family, Smith said. Its
ANGIE GOMEZ just incredibly surreal.
Gothard said the family had pieced together
her brothers last minutes from Brian Angie Gomez, 20, traveled from Southern JORDAN MCILDOON
MacKinnon, a friend who was with him at California to the concert with her high Jordan McIldoon, a 23-year-old mechanic
the concert Sunday night. He was just hav- school sweetheart to toast a new job as a from Maple Ridge, British Columbia, was
ing a good time, enjoying himself, and got certified nursing assistant, family friend among the dead, a family member said.
shot in the neck, she said of her brother. A Tyler Smith confirmed. His parents described him to CBC News in
woman standing next to Murfitt was shot She was just celebrating the music she Canada as outdoorsy, about to begin trade
in the head, MacKinnon told the family. loved, Smith said. She was a light to school, and on the trip to Las Vegas with
He watched as medics tried to resuscitate everyone in her life; she was just the best his girlfriend. They were expecting him to
Murfitt, though the medics told MacKinnon kind of person, she was what the world return home Monday evening.
to leave the scene for his own safety. needs. We only had one child, they told CBC
Sadly, he died in my arms, MacKinnon Gomez graduated from Riverside Poly- News. We just dont know what to do.
wrote on Facebook. I dont really know technic High in Riverside, Calif., in 2015, LISA ROMERO-MUNIZ
what else to say at this time. Im really the school confirmed on Facebook. A mem- Last year, Lisa Romero-Munizs husband,
sorry. ber of the schools cheer and song team, Chris, forgot their wedding anniversary.
SONNY MELTON Gomez was remembered by her squad on This year he was determined to make it up
When Sonny Melton and his wife, Heather Facebook as having a warm heart and a to her.
Gulish Melton, heard the sound of gunshots loving spirit. So he made a grand gesture, planning a
in Las Vegas on Sunday night, he grabbed In a statement to the news media, the four-day weekend in Las Vegas and buying
her and began to run. Riverside Unified School District described tickets to see her favorite country singer,
I felt him get shot in the back, Gulish Gomez as always seen with a smile on Jason Aldean. Muniz, who worked long
Melton told WCYB, a television station in her face whenever she was on campus. hours at a refinery, and Romero-Muniz, a
northeast Tennessee. I want everyone to She was enrolled at Riverside Community high school secretary in Gallup, N.M., left
know what a kindhearted, loving man he College. Thursday for Las Vegas, more than a six-
was, but at this point, I can barely breathe. Gomezs mother, when reached Monday hour drive away.
Melton, 29, was described in Facebook trib- afternoon, was on her way back to River- She was beyond excited, said Rosie Fer-
utes as a kind spirit, a registered nurse who side from Las Vegas. She was too distraught nandez, her friend and supervisor at the
worked for much of 2016 in the surgical to talk and said she and her family needed high school where they worked. For her
unit at Jackson-Madison County General time to grieve. husband to remember her anniversary and
Hospital in Jackson, Tenn. Gomez was shot three times, Smith said, do all of that, this was a big thing for her.
He was a very kind, compassionate, once in the shoulder and twice in the arm. Born and raised in the small city of Gallup,
genuine person who lived life to the fullest, Her boyfriend of five years tried to carry the 48-year-old was a mother of three
and he took great care of our patients, her out of the concert venue with the help grown children and a secretary at Miya-
said Amy Garner, a spokeswoman for the of several strangers. But Smith said that mura High School, where she was respon-
hospital. Union University, a college in the crowds and blocked-off streets made sible for disciplining students who got
Jackson, said Melton was a 2015 graduate it impossible to get Gomez to a hospital in into trouble. Romero-Muniz had a warm
AP (3)

of the school and worked in the emergency time to save her life. personality and a big laugh, and was always
THE WEEK October 13, 2017
The last word 41
teasing her co-workers, Fernandez said. Robbins grandmother Gaynor Wells said Instead, after seven years as colleagues
We were known as the two loudmouths of Monday that he will be remembered as at Manhattan Beach Middle School in
the office, Fernandez said. She knew 90 per- just a jewel. She recounted the story of California, three years as a couple, and five
cent of the kids at this school. She would talk his death as she heard it through his girl- months engaged, Willemse held Casey, 35,
to them like she was talking to her own chil- friend, who was uninjured. on Sunday night as she died of a gunshot to
dren. Id hear her saying, I know you can do her lower back.
He was the oldest of three children, a mem-
better than this. ber of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Willemse, 32, worked as a behavioral thera-
day Saints, and a student at the University pist in Caseys special-education classes.
of Nevada at Las Vegas, where he was They bonded over their love of country
John Phippen, 57, was
considering going to dental school. An avid music.
a lumberjack kind
of a guy who loved athlete, Robbins spent his time refereeing They were attending the festival with a few
music, said his best various recreation leagues in his hometown of Willemses friends, huddled in front of
friend. Still, it came of Henderson, Nev. the stage, when the gunshots rang out. They
as a surprise when He enjoyed hunting, fishing, and country all dropped to the ground, but Casey said
the general contrac- music, which is why he decided to drive to shed been hit and couldnt feel her legs.
tor belted out Shania Las Vegas for the Sunday-night concert. His Willemse stuck his finger in the wound to
Twains Man! I Feel girlfriend would later tell his family about stop the bleeding and then carried her out,
Like a Woman while two strangers, who described themselves as dodging the continuous gunfire.
helping the friend ren- a Marine and a nurse, who tried to carry When she stopped responding, he told her
ovate his bathroom. Robbins to a vehicle so he could get medi- that he loved her and that she was amazing.
It was so wrong it cal attention, even as the gunman was still
those killed. firing on the crowd. It would be hours She was just a kind soul and she was full
was funny, said the of life and loved to live it, Willemse said.
friend, Thomas Polucki, a chiropractor who before his family would find out for sure
where he had been taken and that he hadnt She made everybody smile, she was an
lives in the same Southern California town, excellent teacher, and loved the kids she
in the Santa Clarita Valley, as Phippen. survived.
taught. Everyone who meets her never for-
Phippen attended the festival with his son, SANDY CASEY gets her.
Travis. In early April, on the last day of their
Casey, who also loved yoga and the out-
10-day vacation in New Zealand, Chris-
Jake Diaz, 19, who with his mother is a doors, was originally from Vermont, where
topher Willemse and his girlfriend, Sandy
friend of the Phippens, said family members her family still lives. Willemse said hes
Casey, walked down a steep hill to a
told them that Phippen jumped on top of arranging to get her body back to her par-
lake. As she played by the waters edge,
his son when the shooting started. He ents. She wanted to be cremated, he said, so
Willemse took a ring out of his pocket.
saved his life, Diaz said. hell be able to keep a part of her with him.
When she turned around, he was down on
Polucki said Travis worked as a medic and, one knee.
Excerpted from articles that originally
even after being shot in the arm, treated At the end of this month, they planned to appeared in The Washington Post and The
more than a dozen of the injured. tour the final wedding venue on their list. New York Times. Reprinted with permission.
Polucki said Phippen actually looks like a
teddy bear and acts like a sweetheart, with Statement of ownership 2. Paid In-County
1. Statement required by 39 U.S.C. 3685 showing the subscriptions stated 0 0
a calm demeanor no matter how tense a ownership, management, and circulation of THE WEEK. 2. on Form 3541
situation. Phippen took buggies out on the Publication No. 1533-8304. 3. Date of filing: September 28, 3. Sales through Dealers
2017. 4. Issue frequency: weekly, except for July, August, and
sand dunes, and ran a company called JP December combined issues. 5. Number of issues published
and Carriers, Street
Vendors, Counter Sales,
Specialties that advertises as an all-purpose annually: 48 issues. 6. Annual subscription price: $75.00. and Other Non-USPS 5,773 5,620
7. Contact person: Sara OConnor, 646-717-9500. Location Paid Distribution
remodeling company with painting, elec- of known office of publication: 55 West 39th Street, New
York, NY 10018-3703. 8. Location of headquarters or general 4. Other Classes mailed
trical, drywall, plumbing, and flooring. business offices of publisher is same as above. 9. The names through the USPS 0 0
Polucki said that he first met Phippen about and addresses of publisher, editor-in-chief, and managing C. Total Paid and/or
editors are: Publisher: John Guehl, 55 West 39th Street, New 619,186 609,412
10 years ago after he had bought a money York, NY 10018. Editor-in-chief: William Falk, 55 West 39th
Requested Circulation
pit of a house. Street, New York, NY 10018. Managing Editor: Theunis Bates, D. Free Distribution by Mail
55 West 39th Street, New York, NY 10018. Managing Editor: 1. Outside-County as
He said Phippen helped him out. He was Carolyn OHara, 55 West 39th Street, New York, NY 10018. stated on Form 3541 3,069 3,137
10. The owner is: Executors of Felix Dennis Estate, 55 West
the guy you wanted to have a beer with, 39th Street, New York, NY 10018. 11. Known bondholders, 2. In-County as stated
0 0
on Form 3541
the chiropractor said. You wouldnt want mortgages, and other security holders owning or holding 1
percent or more of total amount of bonds, mortgages, or other 3. Other Classes mailed
to hang out with a celebrity or a politician. securities: none. 12. For tax purposes, the purpose, function, through the USPS 0 0
Youd want to hang out with John. and nonprofit status of this organization have not changed
during the preceding 12 months. 13. Publication title: The 4. Free or Nominal Rate
Week magazine. 14. Issue for circulation data below: 9/22/17. Distribution Outside 2,846 2,655
QUINTON ROBBINS 15. Extent and nature of circulation. the Mail
When Quinton Robbins, 20, first clutched Average no. of Single issue E. Total Free or Nominal
5,915 5,792
copies each issue nearest to Rate Distribution
his chest, his girlfriend thought something during preceding filing date F. Total Distribution 625,101 615,204
was wrong with his sugar levels, she told 12 months
G. Copies not Distributed 0 0
his grandmother. They were on a date at A. Total No. Copies Printed 625,101 615,204
H. Total 625,101 615,204
a Jason Aldean concert. They hadnt been B. Paid and/or Requested
I. Percent Paid and/or 99.05% 99.06%
together for very long, but she knew he Requested Circulation
1. Paid/Requested
had diabetes and thought he might need his Outside-County mail
613,413 603,792 17. I certify that the statements made by me above are correct
and complete. (Signed) Sara OConnor, EVP Consumer
insulin. She didnt yet realize that a bullet subscriptions stated
Marketing & Products
on Form 3541
had torn through his body.
THE WEEK October 13, 2017
42 The Puzzle Page
Crossword No. 427: Keep Typing by Matt Gaffney The Week Contest
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
This weeks question: After North Korean leader Kim
Jong Un called President Trump a dotard, Google saw
14 15 16
an immediate spike in searches for that rarely used word,
which means an old person, especially one who has
17 18 19
become weak or senile. If Kim were to publish a collec-
tion of creative insults to use against rivals and enemies,
20 21 22
what title could he give the book?
23 24 Last weeks contest: Actress turned lifestyle guru
Gwyneth Paltrow has opened a Goop Lab store in Los
25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32
Angeles, filled with such products as sex dust, healing
stones, and psychic vampire repellent. Please come up
with the name of another useful new product of this type
33 34 35 36
that Paltrow could sell.
37 38 39 THE WINNER: TranscenDental Floss
Carol J. Hill, Elephant Butte, N.M.
40 41 42 SECOND PLACE: Snake Oil of Olay Phyllis Klein, New York City
THIRD PLACE: Conscious Uncufflinks
43 44 45 Tim Mistele, Coral Gables, Fla.
46 47 48
For runners-up and complete contest rules, please go
49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 How to enter: Submissions should be emailed to
contest@theweek.com. Please include your name,
57 58 59 address, and daytime telephone number for verifica-
tion; this week, type Kim insults in the subject line.
60 61 62 Entries are due by noon, Eastern Time, Tuesday, Oct.10.
Winners will appear on the Puzzle Page
63 64 65 next issue and at theweek.com/puzzles
on Friday, Oct.13. In the case of iden-
tical or similar entries, the first one
ACROSS 57 Clothing store for 24 Feelings of guilt or received gets credit.
1 Special delivery? those who think hunger WThe winner gets a one-year
6 Don Draper and middle age is the 25 It brings sweeping subscription to The Week.
colleagues prime of life? victories
11 Bread spread 60 Before, in verse 26 Musical refrain form
14 Microwave oven brand 61 Navratilova rival 27 Spreadsheet name
15 Item of winter clothing 62 Students take them 28 Releases
16 Gourmet Garten 63 Teeny-tiny 29 Explorer Erikson Sudoku
17 Words spoken after 64 Train station 30 ___ Eyes Were
giving a very long 65 Message Watching God (Zora Fill in all the
opinion? experimentally Neale Hurston novel) boxes so that
20 Snake seen in Raiders expanded for some 31 Critic whose collection each row, column,
of the Lost Ark users last week of 1-star reviews is and outlined
21 Ta of Madam from 140 characters called Your Movie square includes
Secretary maximum to 280a Sucks all the numbers
22 Jazz band instruments 32 Inadvisable behaviors from 1 through 9.
doubling that inspired
23 Eye drop this puzzles theme 34 Stuttgart sausage
24 ___ favor entries 35 Brickell who sings
25 Quarterback Favre What I Am
28 Showed off DOWN 38 Watched
33 ___ Music (Brian Eno 1 Mexican peninsula 39 Compared with
band) 2 Shock jock Don 44 Lanolins frequent
34 Failed to be 3 Voice feature, partner
36 Channel that now sometimes 45 Opposite of has to
shows Sesame Street 4 Explosive stuff 47 Florida governor Rick
37 Super-utterly- 5 Play with indecision 48 Apiece
extremely happy? 6 Regarding 49 Not that many
40 Many a Keats poem 7 Pest control brand 50 Uneaten part of an
Find the solutions to all The Weeks puzzles online: www.theweek.com/puzzle.
41 Informs (about a once pitched in TV ads apple
situation) by Muhammad Ali 51 Lumberjacks target
42 Al on trumpet 8 Moana role named for 52 Word before class or
43 Slow-moving food school 2017. All rights reserved.
a Hawaiian island The Week is a registered trademark owned by the Executors of the Felix Dennis Estate.
45 Little stores 9 Go astray 53 ___-Caribbean music The Week (ISSN 1533-8304) is published weekly except for one week in each
46 Permit 10 Division for the 54 Ending for luncheon January, July, August and December.
The Week is published by The Week Publications, Inc., 55 West 39th Street, New
47 Framed Carolina Panthers 55 Cutesy, as some York, NY 10018. Periodicals postage paid at New York, N.Y., and at additional
advantageously, as a 11 Hex souvenirs mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send change of address to The Week, PO Box
press secretary might 12 Prefix with chamber 56 Expense 62290, Tampa, FL 33662-2290. One-year subscription rates: U.S. $75; Canada $90;
all other countries $128 in prepaid U.S. funds. Publications Mail Agreement No.
49 Jonah Hill, for one 13 Part of Einsteins 58 Night before 40031590, Registration No. 140467846. Return Undeliverable Canadian Addresses

52 Walks back and forth equation 59 Shocked shout to P.O. Box 503, RPO West Beaver Creek, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 4R6.
nervously The Week is a member of The New York Times News Service, The Washington Post/
18 House vote Bloomberg News Service, McClatchy-Tribune Information Services, and subscribes
54 Abbr. seen after a few 19 Bring home to The Associated Press.
examples 23 Bye, when texting

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